Superstars Of Nimbuzz – Ranking as on 15 July, 2015

As promised, we are back with all new list of Nimbuzz’s rich and famous for the period July 1 to July 15. We are glad to present last fortnight’s numbers to show who is leading in the July leaderboard.

Top Ten Nimbuckz Consumers

Nimbuzz users who have spent plenty of Nimbuckz on virtual gifts, boost commands, stickers, avatars etc. win this category. Till now Nimbuzz user ph.ohh.1985 has consumed 330,850 Nimbuckz and is leading the race. Dear ph.ohh.1985, we are proud of you!

Top Ten Richest Users in Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz users who have bought the maximum number of Nimbuckz in this period stand a chance to win this category. –kasr-kasr– who has spent 146 Euros on Nimbuckz from July 1 to July 15 is currently leading this race. Trust us, –kasr-kasr— you are special.

Top Ten Boost command users

This category can be won by Nimbuzz users who send out the maximum number of Boost commands. Currently, ph.ohh.1985 who sent out 194 boost commands between 1 July to 15 July is leading this fight for chatroom popularity.

Top Ten Buyers Of Virtual Gifts

Nimbuzz users who constantly bring smile on the faces of their loved ones on Nimbuzz, stand a chance to win this category. The current leader is the interestingly named % who has given away virtual gifts worth 102,000 Nimbuckz. To see the complete list of super stars of Nimbuzz leading the race in the month of July, Click Here. If you are not in this list, don’t get disappointed. Buy a lot of Nimbuckz, spend a lot of Nimbuckz and be the winner!

The Superstars of Nimbuzz – June, 2015

At Nimbuzz we have always loved and cherished our users and that is why today we are happy to showcase a few of our SuperStar users.

We are very proud to present:

trophyTop Ten Nimbuckz Consumers
Nimbuzz users who consumed the maximum number of Nimbuckz on Chatrooms, Virtual gifts, Avatars, Stickers etc

Top Ten Richest Users in Nimbuzz
Nimbuzz users who have spent maximum number of Euros on Nimbuckz

Top Ten Boost Command Users
Nimbuzz users who have used the maximum number of Chatroom Boosts

Top Ten Buyers of Virtual Gifts
Nimbuzz users who have gifted maximum number virtual gifts to their friends

To see the SuperStars for the month of June 2015, Click Here

Didn’t find yourself in this list? Don’t worry… a lot of Nimbuckz and indulge in various activities. We will be publishing the Top Ten list for July 2015 shortly.

Free Mobile and Landline calling to Nepal using NimbuzzOut


We at Nimbuzz have decided to do our bit for the people affected by the massive earthquake in Nepal. Being a calling app, we have decided to make all calls to Nepal free – from anywhere in the World.

If you have a friend or a relative in Nepal whom you want to talk to….download Nimbuzz, buy some credits and start making free calls.

This is a small gesture from us to help connect people in Nepal with rest of the World. We sincerely hope that this move will help you reach out to those in need during these tragic times.

To start calling Nepal for FREE, please visit

Nimbuzz’s Holaa Adds Hoodle, Your Phone Fitness Partner

Holaa has launched a brand new feature – Hoodle. Don’t have Hoodle yet? Download now!

Hoodle is a self-learning feature that ascertains user characteristics basis their calling activity. Call data (or call logs) on a smartphone is a treasure trove of user’s context with respect to time and his phone contacts. Hoodle uses this call log and helps reveal interesting and sharable insights from a Holaa user’s life.

Hoodle has following four sections, which are designed to keep user enchanted:

My Hoodle score
Hoodle relates your calling spree from a wide range of parameters and reveals your calling lifestyle. You could be – The Listener, The Silent Monk, Sweet Talker, The Speaker, or The Chatterbox based on how active you have been via-a-vis previous week.


You could be the avid listener, who is always around family & friends to console & cheer, or may be a Silent monk who defines life as karma. You may also be a sweet talker- sweet as sugar, pleasing to the ears or even a stellar speaker who believes that the world is your playground. You might be perplexed, when your Hoodle score rates you as a chatterbox, but that just describes you as chirpy like a bird, someone who loves to share happiness☺

My Nirvana time
If Hoodle score defined you basis your call time, Nirvana is just across the spectrum. Nirvana defines your time away from calls. It also allows you to maximize your time away from calls by setting challenges to ensure you lead a more disciplined lifestyle.

Nirvana Time

My Favorite people
Hoodle identifies the loved ones you call frequently and lists them. It also reveals the time spent speaking to your favorite contacts.


Holaa understands your calling patterns and provides reminders for when you stray from your calling patterns. For example, if you call your friend every day at 7 pm and miss to call him/her one day…Holaa will be there to prompt you, so you don’t miss those intimate moments.

Get Holaa from the Play Store now and share your Hoodle Experience in the comments section below.

Nimbuzz! launches select Hi-Art sticker packs on N-World

Now make your conversations on Nimbuzz more exciting and expressive! Selected Hi-Art sticker packs are now availble on the sticker shop at N-World on Nimbuzz!

  • Tell that special someone how you feel with stickers from the Endless Love sticker pack
  • Use the crazy Green Faces sticker pack to tell everyone that you’re having way too much fun
  • Make your friends LOL and OMG with illustrated internet Chat Slangs sticker pack!
  • Let the art speak for you with Fadeproof sticker pack
  • Smokin’, drinkin’, chillin’ – the turnip is turning it up in the Turn up sticker pack

Endless Love sticker pack by Hi-Art  Green Faces sticker pack by Hi-Art  Chat Slangs sticker pack by Hi-Art

Nimbuzz announces its partnership with Hi-Art – a mobile app and keyboard available through Google Play and the Apple App Store. Hi-Art allows friends to share over 1,500 captivating digital stickers and GIFs conveying emotions, messages and thoughts through fun detailed images. Hi-Art features stickers made by artists, musicians and celebrities influential to culture worldwide, including, Ghostface Killah, Jason Derulo, Cam’ron, the Fat Jew, the Misfits, Todd James and Fadeproof.

Harsh Vardhan Thakur, Product Manager (Stickers)

Blocked: NimbuzzOut calling from India to landlines and mobiles within India

Dear Nimbuzzer,

We need to inform you that unfortunately, from November 10, 2014 you’ll no longer be able to make calls from NimbuzzOut to Indian landlines and mobiles from within India. We apologise for any disruption this may cause.

How does this change impact you?
When you’re in India, you’ll no longer be able to use NimbuzzOut to call landlines or mobiles in India.

What doesn’t change?
You can continue to use your NimbuzzOut VoIP Credit to make low cost calls to any INTERNATIONAL destinations from inside India and continue to use other GREAT features on Nimbuzz such as Chatting with friends, Group chat, Free Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calling etc.

If you live or are travelling outside of India, you can still call landlines or mobiles in India using your NimbuzzOut VoIP Credits.

In case of any queries, please feel to reach us at

Celebrate Relationships This Diwali with NimbuzzOut


The festive spirit of Diwali is finally here. It’s time to celebrate special relationships with friends and family. NimbuzzOut announces the launch of an exciting Diwali offer that allows Nimbuzz users to enjoy 1100 minutes of India calling for only $10.

Nimbuzz always makes the extra effort to be a part of your celebrations and we are confident that with this special offer your Diwali will be a lot more connected. You can get avail the special Diwali NimbuzzOut pack here.

Here’s wishing all of you a Happy Diwali!

Nimbuzz Partners Aniways to Introduce World’s First Intelligent Emoticons


If you thought the action stopped at Emojis and Stickers, think again! Today, we build on our love for expressing ourselves.

Nimbuzz introduces the world’s first intelligent emoticons – Smarticons, an entirely new and innovative way for you to add emotions and expressions to your text messages. With every word you type, Smarticons give you the opportunity to turn them into cool images.

So, if you are making a plan to go out for a coffee with your friends or to head to the movies, Nimbuzz Smarticons will make the conversation as enriching as the actual plan. Smarticons will make those chats a lot more attractive and fun, giving your Nimbuzz messages the added edge over other messaging platforms.

The new revolution of intelligent emoticons is part of our new updates for iOS and Android. Be sure to update to the new revolution as soon as it gets to you.

Nimbuzz Bags ‘Technology Enabler of the Year on Mobile’ at SMARTIES 2014

Winners at the MMA SMARTIES 2014

Winners at the MMA SMARTIES 2014

Nimbuzz’s contributions to Mobile Marketing were recognised at the Mobile Marketing Association’s SMARTIES 2014. We were awarded the ‘Enabling Technology Company of the Year on Mobile’ and also bagged awards for some of our most exciting campaigns including those for Vodafone, PepsiCo and Apollo Tyres.

The awards are a testimonial of our growing dominance as an advertising platform in India. Nimbuzz innovations including Chat Buddies, Splash Screen, Rich Media Solutions and Contextual Banners allow brands to bridge the audience gap. Nimbuzz advertising is focused on building real engagement value for both our partnering brands and users. The platform’s targeting capabilities ensure that a user rarely sees an advertisement that is of little or no significance to him/her.

The Mobile Marketing Association is a premier Not for Profit Organisation that recognises the efforts and innovations of the front-runners in the Mobile Marketing Industry. Brands and Advertising Agencies across the world aspire to make their presence felt at the SMARTIES. Here is a complete list of the awards won by Nimbuzz at this edition of the awards:

Industry Recognition

Enabling Technology Company of the Year on Mobile

Campaign Awards

Gold for In App Advertising Gold -Apollo Tyres
Silver for Best Brand Experience in Mobile Rich Media – Vodafone
Bronze for Most Engaging Mobile Creative – Vodafone
Bronze for Cross Media Integration – Mountain Dew (Pepsi Co.)

Exciting new Nimbuzz for Windows Phone


Nimbuzz has updated its Windows Phone application to introduce some exciting new features. A refreshed User Interface will ensure convenient and simplistic navigation within the Nimbuzz platform.

The Windows Phone update also integrates the expressive world of Emojis. With a wide variety of fun and exciting emoticons, messaging on Nimbuzz will make conversations more enriching. We have also worked on making the Chat Room experience much better for all of you and ensured quicker access to your private chat.

With this new update, users can also record and share audio notes with Nimbuzz contacts. Certain bug fixes and improvements have been included so that you continue your exciting Nimbuzz journey.

Update to the latest Nimbuzz on Windows Phone and let us know your thoughts in the section below.