Exciting new Nimbuzz for Windows Phone


Nimbuzz has updated its Windows Phone application to introduce some exciting new features. A refreshed User Interface will ensure convenient and simplistic navigation within the Nimbuzz platform.

The Windows Phone update also integrates the expressive world of Emojis. With a wide variety of fun and exciting emoticons, messaging on Nimbuzz will make conversations more enriching. We have also worked on making the Chat Room experience much better for all of you and ensured quicker access to your private chat.

With this new update, users can also record and share audio notes with Nimbuzz contacts. Certain bug fixes and improvements have been included so that you continue your exciting Nimbuzz journey.

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Nimbuzz Updated for the iPhone


The new version of Nimbuzz for the iPhone is out. We have included some interesting features and made platform improvements to make you want to Nimbuzz even more.

Basis feedback from our users, the new Nimbuzz update will let you store all your chat conversations and share them over an email. This way, you can be rest assured that even your oldest conversations will remain with you forever. Nimbuzz users on the iPhone can also mute individual group chats and chartrooms, making sure you have complete control on your conversations.

Additionally, we have also slightly changed the User Interface of our popular Chat Rooms to make your experience more convenient. A single tap on a user avatar or a chat bubble will allow you to block, add or view the user’s profile.

Other minor improvements and bug fixes including search in chat have been included in this update.

Update to the new Nimbuzz for iPhone and tell us what you think of it in the comments section below.

Ramadan Special: Call Pakistan & Bangladesh at 2 Cents a Minute


The festivities of Ramadan are here and there is no way that Nimbuzz would be left out from them. In an ode to maximize the festive excitement, NimbuzzOut has launched special Ramadan calling rates that allows users to call the mobile phones of their loved ones in Pakistan and Bangladesh for just 2 cents a minute.

This offer is valid for NimbuzzOut users across the world only during the period of Ramadan. Start calling and celebrate the festivities with NimbuzzOut.

Nimbuzz for Windows Phone 8 Just Became More Awesome

Exciting Update for Nimbuzz on Windows Phone 8

Nimbuzz users on Windows Phone 8 devices receive yet another exciting update. This update is a translation of our commitment to constantly build a platform that makes conversations fun and convenient. In addition to major file sharing upgrades, we have also introduced a feature that makes chat room usage easier.

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Nimbuzz for PC Updated with chatrooms enhancements

PC Clinet Image

Nimbuzz users on PC have some exciting updates to look forward to.  After the excitement of stickers, it was time to make some more upgrades that would further ensure a seamless and more fulfilling Nimbuzz experience on the PC.

Below is a list of new features that we have updated in the new build:

  • Display Avatar in Chatrooms
  • UI Enhancements in Chatrooms
  • Separate Icon for Stickers
  • Bug Fix and Improvements

Nimbuzz Download

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Stickers Make their Way to Nimbuzz for WP8!!!


There is quite some buzz going on around the WP8. Adding some fuel to the fire, Nimbuzz proudly announces the launch of the exciting world of stickers on the platform.

Windows Phone 8 users can update to the new Nimbuzz and witness the sticker revolution like never before. Right now, Nworld is buzzing with some really exciting sticker designs. While, most of the stickers are free to use, we have also added some premium designs that can be bought using Nimbuckz, the in-app currency.

Stickers on Nimbuzz for Android, iOS and Desktop have garnered much love from Nimbuzz users across the world. With this Windows Phone 8 update, we are pretty sure your conversations on the platform will be a whole lot more exciting and expressive. Additionally, we have also fixed some bugs to ensure you have a more seamless Nimbuzz experience.

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10 Minutes of Free Calling to the US with USA10

nimbuzz ip

Nimbuzz users in India are always up for surprises especially when those surprises help them connect with their loved ones overseas at absolutely no cost. To keep the excitement going, we have introduced a limited period offer that lets you call friends and family in the United States of America for free.

All you need to do to redeem this offer is to follow the link, which would guide you through the entire process. Once this is done, 10 minutes of free calling to the US would be credited to your account which you must exhaust within a limited time frame. USA10 is available for Nimbuzz users in India only.

Hello ip is Nimbuzz’s international calling platform that lets you call international destinations at extremely affordable prices. With the service, you can be assured that cost would no longer be a barrier between you and your loved ones abroad.

Have anything to share about our international calling service, let us know in the comments section below.

Say More with Stickers on Nimbuzz for iPhone

iPhone sticker

They are bright, they are vibrant, they let you express better and now they are a part of Nimbuzz on iPhone.

Yes, that’s right; Nimbuzz has introduced Stickers on iPhone so that the next time you want to greet your friend with a huge rose or say bye with a hug, you can actually do it. Nimbuzz users can send stickers in:

  • One to one chats,
  • group chats
  • community chats.

Right now, Nworld in buzzing with some really exciting sticker designs. While, most of the stickers are free to use, we have also added some premium designs that can be bought using Nimbuckz, the in-app currency.

Nimbuzz Download

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Nimbuzz and LG Get together to provide 100 Minutes of Free Calling to the US

lg 100

Do you have friends and relatives in the US who you don’t speak to as often as you would want to because of the exorbitant calling rates? Well, that’s not a concern that haunts only you but a large part of the Indian population who is forced to compromise on its relationships because of the huge costs attached to it.

With the intent to make international calling affordable, Nimbuzz recently partnered handset major, LG to pre-install the application on all LG devices starting with the L 70 & L 90. This isn’t just a regular pre-install but one that adds definite value to the lives of users. All new LG customers would get 100 minutes of free international calling to the US via the Nimbuzz app. This offer is valid for LG users in India for now.

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Exciting Update for Nimbuzz on Windows Phone 8

Exciting Update for Nimbuzz on Windows Phone 8

After a series of exciting updates to Nimbuzz for iPhone and Android, our loyal Windows Phone 8 users also have a reason to celebrate. We have added a host of new features to make your Nimbuzz experience far more enriching.

Some of the exciting new features on Nimbuzz for Windows Phone 8 include:

  • Connect to any SIP provider and enjoy extremely low cost VOIP calls.
  • Video Recording and Sharing
  • Copy/Forward functionality for chat messages.
  • Quick scrolling in chat window

Dowload Nimbuzz

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