Welcome to Mobile Freedom!

Nimbuzz - join Mobile FreedomWe’ve started a Nimbuzz blog for people like you, where we will be announcing new features, releases, fixes, and “did-you-knows” for you to feast on.

Also, please use this blog as a chance to tell us about how we can improve Nimbuzz. If you ever have an opinion or valuable feedback, just leave a comment.

It’s all about Mobile Freedom for us, and that’s a never ending mission. So keep checking our blog for the latest and greatest in what Nimbuzz has to offer.

Download Nimbuzz and check it out on your phone.

Nimbuzz lets you use MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, AIM and many more on your mobile phone. Call, chat, and send files! – Its all free and you just need an internet data plan or Wifi.

18 thoughts on “Welcome to Mobile Freedom!

  1. I just ask. When we chat using nimbuzz app, why there is no offline option.
    Second is why we cant add friends in yahoo IM using nimbuzz. Thanks.

  2. First of all, nimbuzz is so far the best mobile chat apps.
    But, theres still some minors need to be fix.
    First the yahoo-cant-add-friends trouble.
    and the second, about nimbuzz for PC. why PC version didn’t support skype like mobile nimbuzz?
    And, it doesn’t work in internet connection through non-transparant proxy..

  3. Nimbuzz on s60 (on my nokia n80) don’t have room modarating opition. Please make it. i can’t kick unwanted users from my room:(

  4. Hi Guys, we are working on an Ignore function for the chatrooms and adding friends is also something that you will be able to do in the near future.

    The PC client is getting ready for a serious upgrade so stay tuned to this blog for more.

  5. Cool, having a blog is a great idea to maintain us up-to-date with all news about Nimbuzz!.
    Congrats and thanks for making Nimbuzz a reality!!!.

  6. hey…am waiting for more features….plz launch an updated verisn…….nimbuz s lagging now. Abt chat room, damn waste these days…,nd u cn reg any no of nicks. Thz a gr8 disadvantge

  7. hey i want more features and fastest nimbuzz coz its getting dissconnect and taking time to connect and please give more efficent version of java

  8. heey….. was asking how one chats with a friend from facebook and the other communities and also if all phones are enabled to send files cause mine cant send and its a samsung phone SGH 700…….

  9. @riq
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    which contacts do not appear?
    Are they all from the same community? Which one?
    Are those contacts offline?
    When is the last time you faced this issue.

  10. In your page “Nimbuzz Provides Government Compliant Communication Solution for Saudi Arabia BlackBerry Users” (http://blog.nimbuzz.com/2010/08/06/nimbuzz-provides-government-compliant-communication-solution-for-saudi-arabia-blackberry-users/), you mention that Nimbuzz uses XMPP.
    I can only wonder why is it that you just don’t support the very genuine XMPP implementation (Jabber), which is, on top, open source. You wouldn’t even need to pay fees for it.
    How come you support XMPP implementations like GoogleTalk and Facebook but not the basic one?

  11. @civico
    Due to technical reasons and limited usage we permanently disabled the XMPP/Jabber Gateway. We will continue to focus on providing Nimbuzz users access to the highest quality gateways and networks.

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