Nimbuzz wins “Best for Social Networking”

Thanks to the Sunday Times, Nimbuzz wins “Best for Social Networking” in their review about mobile VoIP applications!

In their own words:

Nimbuzz, a new service, offers free calls but includes much more than Voip, with instant messaging and group chat from various providers, plus 23 social networking sites. This is for the hardcore networker.”

We are very proud to have received this honor by one of Britain’s most trusted and respected publications. Thanks!

Nimbuzz works on around 1000 types of mobile phones worldwide, delivering mobile VoIP to a vast array of mobile phones, including the latest Nokia lineup of N96, N78, E71 etc. so give it a spin and let us know what you think as well.

Nimbuzz offers a social interaction service combining presence, Instant Messaging, and VoIP. The free application is available on the mobile, PC and Web, for (group)calling, instant messaging, location sharing, (group)chat, file sharing across popular IM communities, including  MSN, GTalk, Yahoo!, AIM and Twitter, plus 23 social networks including Facebook and MySpace.

In July 08, Nimbuzz has been recognized by industry experts at AO Stanford Summit as part of the Global Top 250 technology companies for game-changing technology and market value, and won Best Mobile Startup in its category at Mobile 2.0 Europe.

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