Nimbuzz Personal Message – broadcast your life

Got some news to share, but don’t have the time to call all your friends or send them an email?

From now on you can use the Nimbuzz Personal Message to display your news or experiences to friends on Nimbuzz and other networks.

Give it a go and try it for yourself, or check out personal messages of friends. You might learn something new about your friends, or be surprised about who you’ll hear from next.

You can do this straight from your handset with Nimbuzz Mobile.

Simply go to:

1 – Options
2 – Me
3 – Personal Message

Type the message you want to share with your friends, and it will be displayed next to your name in your friends’ contact list.

It’s brilliant if you are traveling on short notice and want to meet up with friends around the world.

13 thoughts on “Nimbuzz Personal Message – broadcast your life

  1. Its good news that now we can chat with friends on facebook, unfortunately, when i go to settings and communities, facebook is not on my communities list. So, why is it so? I am using latest java version of nimbuzz. Thanks for helping me on this.

  2. Hello Every One!

    ‘am i frequent Nimbuzz User, i am in need of a help for a Nimbuzz Setting!

    Nimbuzz have a option of Personal Message, i want thee same personal message should also be posted on my facebook wall – Nimbuzz have that option, I am using Nokia E5 Mobile.

    Please help me with the solution for the same.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Monish B.

  3. @Monish B.
    Sorry, we do not offer this feature yet, but we will consider adding it in the future.

  4. is nimbuzz safe for personal mailing or sending message ,photos? only user can see or authority will check too?

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