Free calls, chat, messaging, and more … on the iPhone!

Yes, it’s here! Nimbuzz brings free calls, chat, messaging, and more to the iPhone and iPod Touch!

  • Landscape-chat makes it easy and fast to type
  • Call your IM buddies all over the world for free on your Wifi connection: Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Google Talk
  • Chat with social network friends: Facebook, MySpace, Gadu-Gadu, studiVZ, Hyves

You can find Nimbuzz in the iTunes App Store.

From one contact list, use your favorite IM features to connect with all your buddies from:  Yahoo! Messenger, AIM, Facebook, MySpace, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), ICQ, Gadu-Gadu, Jabber, studiVZ, Hyves and more.

Broadcast your mood, experiences, or current activity with a Personal Message, and express yourself with your favorite emoticons.

Join Mobile Freedom! Nimbuzz works on over 1000 types of handsets and computers worldwide, so you will always be able to connect to your friends – anytime, from anywhere, to anyone, for free.

UPDATE: Hold your iPhone or iPod Touch upside down and you can still chat :)

73 thoughts on “Free calls, chat, messaging, and more … on the iPhone!

  1. Any plans for adding im ‘push’ functionality anytime in the near future?? (That should wipe out competition :) )

  2. Mine gets disconnected when on sleep (without exit-ing the app off course and without the usb plugged in), is it me or do you get this too?

  3. Any plans to add VoIP in the near future?
    Numbuzz is an excelent app for the iPhone, but I just need VoIP to make it work with voipcheap, voipstunt, voipbuster or any of the voip providers there are out there…

    Nimbuzz would be a Fring killer if you just add one more thing, and that’s VoIP functionality…

  4. Any plans to add VoIP in the near future?
    Numbuzz is an excelent app for the iPhone, but I just need VoIP to make it work with voipcheap, voipstunt, voipbuster or any of the voip providers there are out there…

    Nimbuzz would be a Fring killer if you just add one more thing, and that’s VoIP functionality

  5. Hello all,
    We are very glad to read that all of you are using the Iphone application, despite of some issue that you have found.

    @jed: at the moment the application cannot run at the background, that’s why when your phone gets on sleeping mode the application stops.

    @Gaurav Jain: thanks for your suggestion, we are actually studying the possibility to add “push functionality” but unfortunately it won’t happen in the near future.

    @ Ronnie and Al_Alfy: we are actually thinking about this possibility but we cannot fix a date for it yet.

    Once more, thanks for all your comments, and remember that you can also contact us via mail to


  6. I need a dial pad to be able to dial out without using a contact lookup. Without that function, you will never compete with Fring.

  7. i dont know why but my imported contacts from skype only appear as phone numbers…. no names….nothing


    not all of the numbers came thru!

    what am i doing wrong?


  8. I have struggled with Nimbuzz for a while, and I like it. But if you really want to be competitive, read our imput:
    1)Your customer service Sucks, period. It’s terrible. you never answer back when contacted. I know you never answered back to me.
    2)People DON’T like talking to a Cyborg, or a robot. That’s stupid, and impersonal.
    3)You need a dial pad. If you don’t get one for the iPhone, “you are the weakest link…Boing! (Read Fring…)
    4)It’s impossible to change your password from within the app on iPhone, or online. -Fix it.
    5)You can;t add contacts on the iPhone other than Nimbuzz, Google Talk & Jabber.
    6)Fix your app, or stay behind. -Good luck.

  9. cannt i just use this site to send international sms through pc.
    i am a regular user of net and i relly need it.
    but i have NTC(Nepal tele. co.)card which don’t have the GPRS facility so….


  10. I can’t change the password in the iphone neither Web Nimbuzz, because the passwords fields show disabled.

  11. I can dial using SKYPE/Nimbuzz and hear the other side, but they can’t hear me. I have a microphone that will allow me to record my voice, so I con’t think the mic is the issue.

  12. I have the same problem as Doug — my skype contacts come up only as phone numbers. A big pain in the ass.

  13. you guys done a great job I love nimbuzz but there is a problem I can’t join nimbuzz rooms from iPhone and also u can’t open any received files guys just fix these problems I will be thankful to u guys make it fast an quick in new version and tell me when will be nimbuzz new version available regards ;)

  14. @ baloch We are studying the possibility of adding the Chatrooms and “received files” in the future. We will announce it as soon as it is available.
    @Christopher In order to help you please let us know if you refer to a chat message or a inbox message.

  15. I’m trying to log on to MySpace, but it doesn’t work.
    I tried my MySpace Alias and my Email Address. The password is 100% correct.
    Why doesn’t it work?

  16. @Bart Eeltink if your password contains a non alpha-numeric character this could be the problem. If not please let us know and we will investigate it.
    To be able to connect to MySpace with Nimbuzz, be sure you have logged in previously with the MySpace Messenger(this activates your MySpace IM account). Also make sure you allow anyone to send you IMs. You can do this from MySpace IM client by going to Files->Preferences->Privacy and selecting “Anyone”, under “Who can send me IMs”.

  17. Great job you guys,, voice quality is superb on this app. I can hear everything EVEN MY CAT PURRING next to my gf backhome, the only thing tho, for some odd reason, it stopped working now. voice is working well with MSN and Skype, but not other Nimbuzz users, can you please address this issue or shoot me an email when you have fixed that?

    apart for that little hikup, thank you for your great work!


  18. @Com3 Can you tell us, when you placed a Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz call and it didn’t work correctly? If you could also mention which phone and calling method were you using (3G, WiFi or Dial In) that would be great.
    You can also do this via email support at nimbuzz dot com

  19. Help me ! Comment écouter un message vocal envoyé sur nimbuzz via skype sur mon iphone ?
    Merci de m’aider…

  20. @Clik We actually do not have the chatroom feature enabled for iPhone and iPod touch.

    We are considereing the option of adding it in the future.

    Thanks for the suggestion.


  21. We are still waiting enabling chatrooms but untill now nothing happened i hope you add chatrooms as soon as you can

  22. Why don’t have chatrooms pleas adding it as sooon as u wish anther problem why i can’ see when my friend typing and when got offline and

  23. @Shakar @Lovenimbuzz
    We are working in order to solve issues and improve the application.
    Chatrooms will be added in the future, but we cannot fix a date for it to be implemented, since there are many features to be implemented.
    Kind Regards

  24. I moved from the fully functional Symbian version to the iPhone and I seem to have lost a lost of functionality. I can’t seem to Buzz a Nimbuzz contact (the main reason why I started using Nimbuzz) and now (I think maybe it worked the first day) it is no longer showing any chats or messages that were sent to me when I was offline and later log in. In fact I don’t see the messages at all…..

  25. @Danie
    Indeed the Buzz feature is not available on iPhone devices.
    In regards of the messages sent to you while offline and receive them afterwards this has been due to technical reasons disabled for a short period of time and will be enabled back in the upcoming weeks.

  26. @Andi, thanks for the quick response! OK the technical problem is quite bad news as 99% of my use with friends is leaving either chat or messages while people are offline and it looks like all my messages then have got lost. Not sure if we all missed the notification somewhere? It seems then that only live chat is working so I’ll have to go back to e-mail until this is fixed – hopefully we get a mail to say it works again.

  27. @Danie
    Thanks, the offline messages were disabled temporary due to some technical issues.
    They have been enabled back again.
    Please try and let us know if you are experiencing still that issue.

  28. @Queralt, thanks it is working fine again now. Hopefully we still get the Buzz function sometime on the iPhone.

  29. Why won’t my Myspace load on Nimbuzz. Sometimes it says in valid user name or password, I am 100% sure my user name and password is correct. Sometime it says (You have successfully registered to the Myspace gateway. In a few seconds your Myspace contacts will be added to your contact list.) I waited a few hours even and it never worked.

  30. @Jeff
    Could you let us know if your username/password does contain non alphanumerical characters?
    Is your password longer than 17 characters?
    Note that to be able to register your MySpace account you will have to have been logged into the MySpace IM chat previously, at least once.
    Let us know.

  31. @Emily
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Are your trying to call Nimbuzz friends that are using Nimbuzz on Mobile? If yes, note that Java and blackBerry devices do not have the calling feature enabled so they cannit receive calls.
    Which status are your Nimbuzz friends displaying when you try to call them? Note that when someone on Nimbuzz is “Busy” will not be able to receive calls.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  32. Hey I have not been able to get the myspace to connect on my ipod nimbuzz app my password is entirely alphanumeric and under 17 characters i have logged onto myspace im in fact i’m on it right now on my comp and i’ve checked the email and password a number of times, they are correct, and it still won’t work. it still tells me to check whether they are correct. any help?

  33. @Topher
    Thanks for reporting to us.
    We will investigate this issue, could you let us know the domain of your registered mail address for MySpace?
    Thanks & Regards

  34. hi
    anybody tell me where can i download nimbuzz for iphone 3g version 4.0 other then itunes web site, i can’t be able to download from itunes because i dont have a credit card,
    please please anybody help me i really need nimbuzz software for my iphone
    Thanks and Best Regards
    Dawood Aslam

  35. @Dawood
    It is currently just possible to download Nimbuzz to your iPhone via iTunes and app Store.
    Please contact the Apple Support Team to sort out a way to create an account able to download applications without a credit acrd.

  36. I can’t change my password. Every time I try, it says my current password is incorrect (a password I received via email). Can someone help? Because I don’t want to keep sending emails that I forgot my password. Thanks.

  37. @ida
    You can change your password online. Go to
    Sign In > scroll down > select Settings > Change Password.

    On PC client, you can change your password by choosing:
    File > Accounts Settings > Change Password.

  38. Hw to get access to nimbuzz chat rooms on iphone 3gs.i already have installed talkonaut but it does’nt support all kind of ids

  39. @Arsal
    We do not support Chatrooms on Nimbuzz version for iPhone, just Symbian and Java devices.

  40. Hi. I wanted to know that if I install nimbuzz on iPod touch 4th generation will I be able to call a Nokia with nimbuzz installed in another country for free?

  41. @JasdeepKaur – We support the free call feature for Nimbuzz, Windows Live (MSN), Google Talk and Yahoo. In order make calls to mobiles or landlines phones across the world, you need to use Nimbuzz out after buying Nimbuzzout credits. Regards!!

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