Nimbuzz Mobile gets Arabic Language Support

You asked. We listened, and added Arabic language support to Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian phones!

If you have Arabic as a default language on your Symbian mobile phone you can update Nimbuzz and it will automatically install in Arabic, complete with text displayed from right to left.

As this is our first try with Arabic language support, we would like to get your feedback. Please leave a comment below and tell us what you think?

!too Arabic in it leave can You

Hint: read the last sentence from right to left, makes more sense!  ;)

92 thoughts on “Nimbuzz Mobile gets Arabic Language Support

  1. Can you listen to my demands? :) can you add all the 26 official Indian regional languages to Nimbuzz mobile for all platforms next time. Lol :d :d :d

  2. Leeve what you’re seeking here is too much. :d But i belive, atleast they will add Hindi in near future. :d :)

  3. Well the new version does some justice to Semic Language (Right to left – Arabic,Hebrew),
    When even the English version shows Hebrew and Arabic correctlly, even when using English and Hebrew in the same chat screen.
    Unfortunately, Some communities suffer from the new changes, as Hebrew text transforms into Question Marks on every attempt to tap into FACEBOOK chat, both on Symbian and PC version…
    Please fix this major problem :(
    Thanks in advance

  4. Hello,

    i have an other question, when will you publish the mac version of nimbuzz?

    It would be great to get some information!
    Best regards

  5. If i am not wrong.i belive, plethora of Indians use Nimbuzz. Why it is bitter for you guys to release a Nimbuzz compatible with Hindi language?

  6. Hello, Thanks for all your comments and feedback!

    @Ramzy: iPhone does not support Arabic itself, so we cannot do it as well, we will study the possinility to support it as soon as it is available on the iPhone.

    You can still our iPhone application, avialable on the App store for free!

    Let us know if you have more questions.


  7. Hi>>>
    I can’t to sign in by my username : ¥sarah¥ on Nimbuzz for PC beacause of there are characters . ¥…
    the letters show : username is incorrect
    I want to sign in by ¥sarah¥ (username) on Nimbuzz for PC . How ?


  8. @Nabil
    Did you create this account from our website or from the wap site (on your phone)?

    Which error message do you get when trying to log in?
    Remember that you can also contact our Support Team by mail to

    Kind Regards

  9. Hi >>>>
    thank you Andi for you interested
    yes , I created my account on my phone
    Error message : Username and/or password incorrect
    but my password is correct , and my username contians on character ¥.
    please , i want to sign in by my usernames (¥sarah¥ ,¥nabil99999¥) on Nimbuzz for PC , beacause i want change my password.

    Kind Regards

  10. Thanks for supporting Arabic language, It’s too great in my phone.
    Thank you all team nimbuzz.

  11. I’m having a problem with Heberw, where all my recieved messeges from MSN messenger appeared in reverse form, e.g “you are, hi?”.
    Is there a possible fix for that?

  12. @Ron
    Could you let us know which Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Do you experience this issues just when chatting with MSN contacts or also when chatting with other contacts from a different community?
    Let us know.

  13. Am using Nimbuzz v. 1.4.0 (1811).
    The problem occures with all my used clients: MSN messenger, Google talk & Facebook

  14. @mohammed
    The Arabic language is supported on Symbian based phones, your device is using a Java version, which does not support Arabic yet.

  15. @abood baloushi
    Thanks for your comment, could you please write in English in order to get your feedback?

  16. I installed the latest version on my Omnia. It will display the proper arabic text when I get a text chat message from any of my yahoo messanger contacts (at the contact page), but once I go into the chat screen, the arabic text change into ??????? characters only. That is a problem I see when the arabic characters are sent to my mobile in the wrong encoding format.

    My phone fully support arabic, I can read and write and also browse internet pages …

  17. @Shakoosh
    Currently is not possible to create an account with arabic characters.

  18. Hi

    thanx for nimbuzz , Great Program

    But why in Sony Ericsson W800i don’t support Arabic

  19. hi . . . i need create account for nimbuzz in thise form

    if some body can help me just add my emil

  20. @~βŁДcķ*ŁíģнŤ~
    Currently it is not allowed to create an account using non alphanumerical characters as you request.

  21. للاسف لا اعرف كيف اجعل البرنامج يكتب باللغة العربية
    علما بان جهازي سامسونج استار

  22. @علي
    Thanks for your comment, in order to gather your feedback and comment, could you write to us in English?
    Thanks & regards

  23. hello first i have an account by name mtc8407 when itry to reach my account a message appear unknown user or pass i tried to send amessage to that i forget my passward again amessage appear that there is no souch that id what is going on? help me please

  24. @mtc8407
    Please contact to check the status of your account.
    In regards of creating a new user id, it is currently not possible to use non alphanumerical characters to create a new id.

  25. but there are many account by Arabic names e.g عشرة.الحب.الاخلاص and i add these accounts to my nimbuzz by Arabic language how come u must help us

  26. @Subhash
    Thanks for your comment.
    Unfortunately your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature.

  27. Hello
    Greetings to you team
    Why I can not do account in Arabic
    With the knowledge that there are many accounts in Arabic
    Ask the team to allow the work of the accounts in Arabic
    Include Arabic characters
    And symbols such as these: ♥ ° ° ► ☼ ۩ ↓ ↑ ░ ∫
    Thank you very much

  28. @فـــــهـــــد
    Currently is not possible to create a Nimbuzz account which contains non alphanumerical characters like you are requesting.

  29. We want to know you will be given an acouunt in arabic
    inclodes arabic characters in the future
    I hope that you tell us this
    Thank you very much

  30. @fahd
    As mentioned previously is currently not possible to create a Nimbuzz account which contains non alphanumerical characvters.
    we will consider implementing this possibility.

  31. how can i change my username?my username is revendouz and i want to change it to harbyhordun. I will be glad if u can do it for me

  32. @abbey
    You can change your alias, (alias is the nickname that the other people can see when they talk to you) but not your username (the one that people uses to add you as a contact)

    If you want to change your nickname you can go to menu > account settings > and change it there.

  33. @sajid
    The application will install on the default device language you are using.

  34. @jasna
    Currently is not possible to create an account which contains non alphanumerical characters.

  35. @omarpop23
    Is currently not possible to create an account which contains non alphanumerical characters.

  36. Pls alow to make stylish ids and arabic ids i have seen most peoples usin stylish ids and they sell them as well.:) thanks. Please reply back.

  37. @M.k – We no longer support creation of Arabic usernames on Nimbuzz. The usernames which you are referring to must have been created long time back. We only support creation of alphanumeric usernames now.

  38. Nimbuzz has been asked by Skype to remove support for all Skype services, effective October 31st, 2010 after this date, Skype will no longer be accessible via Nimbuzz.

    The move is understood to be in line with Skype’s mandate to disconnect with all third party VOIP services ahead of its impending IPO. While we don’t agree with Skype’s business strategy to isolate its customers by disconnecting with Nimbuzz, their decision does not effect how people can communicate with Nimbuzz. Users can still call chat and message for free, and use NimbuzzOut for cheap international calls to mobile phones and landlines, or connect with friends and family on other networks, including Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), AIM, GoogleTalk, MySpace, Gadu-Gadu, and Hyves.

    Nimbuzz is all for openness and mobile freedom. Nimbuzz’s service is otherwise business as usual with users still being able to enjoy the same beloved communications features as before.

    You can find more information about it on our Blog:

  39. @jabir – You can update the arabic language on your Nimbuzz application by following this path: Phone Setup>Personalization>Language

  40. @hussam – Currently, it is not possible to create a Nimbuzz account where username contains non alphanumerical characters. Nimbuzz only support usernames with alphanumeric characters.

  41. @eaglexx – We do not support the creation of Nimbuzz Id’s that contain non alphanumerical characters. Make sure you use the alphabet and/or number for your username.

  42. @mohamed – We request you to send your query directly to with your account details since, this issue requires further follow ups. We will respond back to your query within 48 business hours.

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