Choose to see, and NOT be seen – “Invisible” status

At times, we can all sympathize with the author, Danielle Steel’s quote, “It’s hard being visible, so I’ve made myself invisible.” In case you ever want to be there (from a distance), and just observe, Nimbuzz understands.

With the new “Appear Offline/Invisible” login option, your status will be changed to offline/away automatically, without any extra clicking.

Unfortunately not all communities are created equal, so this setting will not create the same effect on each community. Your status will be “offline/invisible” on Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu and MySpace; and “away” on Nimbuzz, and all other communities (Facebook, Hyves, StudiVZ, AIM, ICQ, etc.)

From now on when logging-in to Nimbuzz you can choose from either: Online, Away, Busy, and Appear Offline/Invisible. Can’t make up your mind? There’s no pressure, switch at anytime, just go to:

  • Nimbuzz Mobile – Menu/Options > Me > Status
  • Nimbuzz PC – Click on the dropdown menu below your Nimbuzz ID (at the top)

126 thoughts on “Choose to see, and NOT be seen – “Invisible” status

  1. Gadu-Gadu contacts import is far far away from stable and usefull :( I hope it will be better soon, because it is the biggest IM network in Poland. Gadu-Gadu now have IM client for mobile but with very limited functionality, so Nimbuzz could be a good alternative for all GG users in Poland.

  2. I’m using Nokia N85 and have just downloaded Numbuzz for my phone but somehow, the Appear Offline/Invisible mode doesn’t work with Yahoo!Messenger.
    When I logged in using my phone with Appear Offline/Invisible mode activated, my friend’s contact list still showed me online with the status “Busy”.

    Any hint how to fix this? Thanks!

  3. @meo123 Please make sure that you have the latest version of Nimbuzz installed; the invisible mode shows you as offline on Yahoo while away on Nimbuzz.

    Please let us know if you have issues with this.

    Remember that you can also contact us via mail to


  4. When l sign in using status “appear offline” lam still seen as online in my friends’ contact lists
    “appear offline” mode does not work
    pleare help to fix that

  5. @Aerafa, Note that you will appear as offline on the follwoing communities: Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu and MySpace.
    While you will be appearing as “away” on the following: Nimbuzz, and all other communities (Facebook, Hyves, StudiVZ, Skype, AIM, ICQ, etc.)
    Let us know in which communities you are having trouble to show your status properly.
    Thanks & Regards

  6. I have imported my skype account to nimbuzz, but my skype contacts always have “offline status” – even when i am sure, that they are online – it’s possible to chat or call, i am “available” at this moment in my friend’s skype communicator, but i see only offline status of them. What;s the point?

  7. @Kris
    We are aware of some issues with the Skype contact lits. Please contact our Support Team by mail to and let them know:

    How many Skype contacts do you have (including Skype Out contacts).

    How many you can see when logged in with Nimbuzz.

    How many of those contacts show the status correctly.


  8. so my understanding is that even if you set your status as invisible others with nimbuzz mobile will be able to see you as being online? I had my status as invisible and my friends were still able to know that I was online. Is there anyway that I can actually be invisible or appear offline to them?

  9. Hi, I have installed Nimbuzz in my Nokia N85. and have registered terrasip as for VOIP calling to reap services of cheap internet calling.

    I am able to call any other mobile/landline no. through it but the problem is after connection none of ours voices gets transfeered. I am not able to talk with them.

    Kindly suggest me any upgradation or other setting which Needs to be performed

  10. @Jitendra
    We do not proxy SIP Voice Streams, which means that Nimbuzz just connects you to the Sip server and the audio and voice connection is managed by your SIP provider.

    For the proper SIP configuration we recommend you to contact your SIP Support Team.

    Thanks & Regards

  11. I really liked your posting about this, and I’ve seen a few more like it recently – the best part about yours is, it’s very informative and useful and full of good information without a bunch of usless rants and BS!

    I’ll be sure to give this URL to some friends

    Thanks Again

  12. @myspace train
    Thanks for your feedback and comment!
    We are glad you enjoy reading our Blog!

  13. With Nimbuzz on my WinMo phone, I can login in Appear Offline mode just fine, but only after a while it will change to Online mode automatically. Even if I change it to Appear Offline manually, it will change back to Online again. How can I prevent this to happen? Otherwise this is a very useful function. Thanks.

  14. Hi

    Though the online and busy modes work fine, as soon as I come out of nimbuzz and start using some other app (on itouch) my status in gtalk changes to invisible. Is there a way to keep the gtalk status as chosen even when using other apps?
    And everytime I click the nimbzz icon it says signing in (though it doesnt ask for username and pwd), can we set it up so that i am always signed in?


  15. @mash
    Thanks for reporting this.
    We are currently experiencing some issues with the Push notification on iPhone and iPod devices.
    We are working in order to have it fixed in upcoming releases.
    Kind Regards

  16. I set my status to offline in nimbuzz, but my friend’s profile still shows me online (not idle).

    Is there any way to fix this?

    Thank you

  17. @KKap
    If you set your status as offline on Nimbuzz it will show as “Appear Offline/Invisible” offline/away automatically, without any extra clicking.
    Unfortunately not all communities are created equal, so this setting will not create the same effect on each community. Your status will be “offline/invisible” on Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu and MySpace; and “away” on Nimbuzz, and all other communities (Facebook, Hyves, StudiVZ, Skype, AIM, ICQ, etc.)
    Hope is clear.

  18. @queralt escrich: I understand that by “away” on Nimbuzz, and all other communities, you mean that I would be shown as idle on facebook right? (and not offline)

  19. @KKAp
    Your status will be “offline/invisible” on Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu and MySpace; and “away” on Nimbuzz, and all other communities (Facebook, Hyves, StudiVZ, Skype, AIM, ICQ, etc.)
    Hope this is more clear.

  20. @virus
    Can you please be more specific on your query?
    Are you not able to set your status as invisible? do you get any error?
    Remember that not all communities are created equal, so this setting will not create the same effect on each community. Your status will be “offline/invisible” on Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu and MySpace; and “away” on Nimbuzz, and all other communities (Facebook, Hyves, StudiVZ, Skype, AIM, ICQ, etc.)

  21. I also just downloaded the latest version on my blackberry bold 9000 and there are only 3 status options (away, busy and sign out)

  22. @sunny
    You have to log in first and then you can change the status into invisible, away, busy.

  23. Thanks for the reply but i still only have:

    Online (strange that it show this because my current status is Online)
    Sign Out

  24. I have downloaded via PC the latest client software for Windows Mobile (touchscreen version), and I do not see the option to change the staus anywhere.

    Can you help?


  25. @turbovin13
    On the Main page (Contactlist) Tab on your name: then you can select Online, Busy, Offline…
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  26. @pao
    If you update your status on Nimbuzz it will be updated on: Nimbuzz, MSN and Yahoo,
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  27. using bb8900 (v4.6.1; nimbuzz 1.1.0) no offline/invisible feature at login or options-> set status, just online, away and busy.

  28. I have been using Nimbuzz for the past two months.. It worked fine and now I am starting to have problems like my friends list does not show up.. Even if it does, it shows and then disappears.. I do not understand what the problem is. My data plan and everything is perfect.


  29. @Ramya Mannar
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    From which community are the contacts you are not able to see?
    Are they offline or online when this happens? Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Does it also happen when you login in a different client? Like PC or webchat?
    Let us know!

  30. @maris
    We would like to implement this in the future, however we cannot provide you with an estimate date for it.

  31. Hi I have used nimbuzz and i want to bring to your notice the following issues i faced.
    1. Inspite of setting my status as offline on gtalk, my friends could see me online. I have read comments on this page regarding this and also ur reply saying it suupports offline…but i want to let u know it DOES NOT WORK.

    2. Nimbuzz spreads SPAM. Yes if i leave the phone online at night, i get spam messages some kind of adverts or something from my known contacts. also happens when i log out and log in the next day, the spam appears as the first message as soon as i log in.

  32. @Kalyan
    Thanks for your feedback.
    In regards of your comments:
    1. Are using the “appear offline” from Nimbuzz and you still appears as online on Gtalk?
    If yes, which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Are you sure you are not logged in to your gmail/gtalk account from any other device?
    Since when are you experiencing this issue?
    2. If you receive spam messages from your known contacts (meaning they are in your contact list) we recommend you to check first with your contacts, they might have some problems in their side and send you Spam messages involuntarily.
    If those messages come from Nimbuzz contacts which are not in your contact list, we are already working in order to fix that.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  33. hi I used nimbuzz at nokia e63, I try invisible but when I check using my notebook from another account, my ID (from nimbuzz) will show online first and than offline so all my fried know I’m online

  34. @Farhan
    If you login as online and then you change your status to invisible, this is normal behavior.
    Remember: Your status will be “offline/invisible” on Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu and MySpace; and “away” on Nimbuzz, and all other communities (Facebook, Hyves, StudiVZ, Skype, AIM, ICQ, etc.)
    Let us know if you have more questions

  35. I mean I need to invisible from the first time I sign in yahoo, not invisible after I’m online.
    in Nimbuzz if i choose Invisible before online, It will show online first after that offline

  36. My friends’ YM status mixed up with each other. Say, I have friends of A, B, C, and D, and they have their own status messages. When B signed off, then C will have B’s status, and D will have C’s, or even sharing the same status as A’s. I don’t know what exactly is the pattern, because most of the times it seems random. So, if I want to know their real statuses are, then I have to open my desktop, or laptop. Inconvenient… please fix this will ya…

  37. Hi Rick,

    Thanks for informing us.

    Could you also inform the device model you have and Nimbuzz version you use?

    When you started facing this issue?

    Would you mind to inform your Nimbuzz username?

    Please let us know and we will check it as soon as possible.


  38. Hi guys! I would like to point out that i have the same issue as Farhan. If i’m trying to login as Invisible/Offline from the begining, my Y!M account will first be online for a second and after which it will move to invisible automatically, everyone knowing that i’m online but hiding… I have tha latest Nimbuzz version on a Nokia n97. Thanks for the help

    P.S. Keep up the good job, I love this app.

  39. pleas help , i cant logging in with offline status
    i nned to be offline on nimbuzz communety not at yahoo or windows live or any communety

  40. @d-wayne
    We do not offer invisible for Facebook, you probably have enable that on your Facebook page directly.

  41. i am using nimbuzz 1.3.0 on my xp. facing the following problem which i faced on my mobile too with nimbuzz

    when i sign in to google talk from nimbuzz with sign in mode set to invisible, my friends on gtalk / gmail / orkut chat can see me online. (checked by signing in to my sis’s gmail/orkut and gtalk).. And to get invisible, i have to change my status to available first and then invisible which i find useless..

    hope u understand my problem and find a solution asap..

    thanking you


  42. @anup
    Thanks for letting us know, we will try to reproduce the issue and fins a solution for it.
    Kind Regards

  43. I’m using the latest nimbuzz 3 on my nokia E63 and the problem is even though i choose my status as appear offline or busy or away, in my friend list my name still shows just online, (don’t change to the status that i choose). what’s wrong? even my custom status also don’t appear when i saw my name in my firend computer…please help me…thx

  44. @David
    Thanks for reporting.
    Could you let us know if this happens when changing your status for Nimbuzz or you mena on other communities?
    If yes, which ones?
    Let us know

  45. it happen when i’m using other communities which is yahoo messenger… also I’m curious why I can’t show my avatar in yahoo messenger while using nimbuzz? is it because the nimbuzz avatar only work on nimbuzz and not to other communities? thx

  46. @david
    Which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Since when are you facing this issue?
    Let us know

  47. I’m using nimbuzz 3 on my Nokia E63. I’m facing this issue since the day I’m upgrading my nimbuzz to nimbuzz 3. thx

  48. @david
    Your Nimbuzz avatar does not overwrite the other avatrs from the communities you are signed in.
    Your Yahoo contacts should see the avatar you have last set on Yahoo itself, if you do not have any, then none will appear.
    Let u sknow if your Nimbuzz contacts cannot see your avatar either.

  49. i hope we can personalize the status just like what we can do on a PC like typing anything under the sun

  50. i’m also having the same prob btw. my avatar in yahoo is not showing neither my display image when i go to my profile. and i’m also wondering what’s the “enter message” for. i’m using sony ericsson vivaz and i have nimbuzz 3.00; thanks in advance!

  51. @faye
    Please make sure you are using the latest Nimbuzz version available 3.0.1
    Then unregister and register your Yahoo account and try again
    Let us know if the issue persist.

  52. on my phone it says 3.00(1). is it the same as the one you’re talking about–3.0.1? coz i tried to search for 3.0.1 on this site then before i install it, i checked the details then it said 3.00(1) so i think i got the latest one already. regarding the status, what’s only available are online, away, busy, and offline. can we customize it more like… let’s say we can put in our status “off to work” or anything that we can have in there. and by the way i just found out that people are not receiving my messages and i’m not able to receive their messages either so we still ended up texting each other.. i’m so sorry if i have a lot of questions..

  53. hi, how do i appear offline/invisble in iphone 4? if i select the offline status i am logged out. thanks.

  54. @ibarra
    When you select appear offline, you appear offline to your contacts, but when you tap on the list to check with them your status changes to online again.

  55. Can you please help me?? I loved the new nimbuzz but there’s this thing,when i sign out i still appear online to my freinds i mean they can see me online but without the green check sign on the right!! What should i do?!

  56. Hi i have a Nokia N8 handset and i need to set my status to be “Away” on Facebook & Yahoo but i am not able to do that.
    The status is “Away” on Google & MSN which is okay but it is “Online” on Yahoo & Facebook.
    But i need it to be “Away” everywhere.
    Please help.
    (My Nimbuzz version is 3.0.1)

  57. @Rosa
    Make sure you sing out instaed of exiting the app, you might be running the app on the background.

  58. @skada
    We do not support the Away status on FB.
    We will research the possibility of implementing this in future versions.

  59. Thankyou so much!That was really quick!!

    I’m loving Nimbuzz neways-idle or not idle.Its very responsive & convenient.Thanks! :)

  60. hello, I was wondering if there is a possibility for my nimbuzz status, to put it on a sort of automatical status? With this I mean that it would always be on a certain status un less I change it. This is because most of the time I just want to use it for Twitter, and I have to change my status so that not everyone starts to talk on msn. Hope you can help me! Thanks!

  61. @Isabel
    You will be logged in with the same status as you logged out previously.
    If you just want to appear offline on some communities, you can also unregister them and enter your credentials when you want to chat with those contacts.

  62. Most of my nimbuzz friends are always offline to me and visible to other users.and some are invisible on my list.but i see them in there any way i can set my status to appear offline not away to my nimbuzz friends,while using nimbuzz.i use nokia 3120c.thanks.

  63. Hi,

  64. When i set my status as nimbuzz buddies see me as i want to appear to them as offline.any help.please.thanks

  65. @Vullness
    Which device and nimbuzz version are you using?
    To which community are you referring?

  66. @Irfan
    Indeed, our team is aware of some connectivity issues with the Yahoo gateway.
    We are looking into it and expect to have it solved as soon as possible.

  67. Hello, i didn’t understand it clearly.
    Is it that to appear offline on nimbuzz, will have to sign in as invisible. And if we set our status as ‘invisible’ while chatting then we will appear away?

  68. @Anshu
    No, If you are invisible you will appear as offline on Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk, and away on: Nimbuzz.

  69. After reading all comments, i didn’t see that people are discussing about idle status especially on fb which is extremely important function on nimbuzz. How could u missed that?ok Let me explain:

    Basically, if you open up a browser on Computer, heading to, open up a facebook chat on the right bottom, then finally u leave ur facebook inactive for at least 10 minutes, your Facebook’s status will change to idle (half moon symbol). So how about on Nimbuzz? Didnt seem it work when i didnt use fb chat on nimbuzz, it never show me as idle.

  70. @ MaXi32
    As mentioned above ; Not all communities are the same, the setting won’t create the same effect on each community.
    Your status will be “offline/invisible” on Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu and MySpace. Your status will be “away” on Nimbuzz, and all other communities such as Facebook, Hyves, ICQ etc.

  71. @Yasmin What is “away” VS “idle”. Thanks for your response. but what I meant is the automatically “idle” status on FB which appear on my friend’s chat list if I leave the FB for at least 10 minutes or more (half moon symbol on FB chat).. I don’t think Facebook can be set as “Away” manually. I’m not sure what do you mean by “away” on Facebook because there is no “Away” status can be set on Facebook but only “Idle” status is set automatically to FB which appear as half moon symbol on Chat List. And one more thing.. this is not only on FB but all communications on Nimbuzz doesn’t have “idle” status. This is very important feature. Thanks.

  72. @queralt escrich Wrote:

    Your status will be “offline/invisible” on Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu and MySpace; and “away” on Nimbuzz, and all other communities (Facebook, Hyves, StudiVZ, Skype, AIM, ICQ, etc.)
    Hope this is more clear.

    I don’t understand what does it mean by “away” on Facebook. is it the same term as “idle” ? If yes,, “Away” and “Idle” not working on Nimbuzz.

  73. i’m using the last version of the mac client and i’m facing the same problem reported by @anup on October 26th, 2010:

    “when i sign in to google talk from nimbuzz with sign in mode set to invisible, my friends on gtalk / gmail / orkut chat can see me online. (checked by signing in to my sis’s gmail/orkut and gtalk).. And to get invisible, i have to change my status to available first and then invisible which i find useless..”

    i hope you can find a solution for this cause i’m enjoying the app a lot but this bug is annoying.

  74. I was glad to see that the bug I reported here (invisible login using Gtalk) was corrected in the last Mac client update, but turns out that now I’m unable to use the invisible mode on Nimbuzz. The updated version isn’t refreshing the status of my contacts when I’m invisible, so I can’t get to know the actual status of them. [I’m on Mac OSX 10.6.8, using Nimbuzz 1.7.0 only for Gtalk]

  75. naaah nimbuzz invisible status is useless because of the two check thingy.. i’ve tried it with my friend.. she sent me messages on my nimbuzz ID and she still got the two checks on the message indicating that i have received the message.. that is useless!

  76. @MJ – Invisible status is only set in order to hide your availability to others. Your contacts will see you as offline. However, since you are actually online and you have just changed your status you will continue to receive messages if someone sends you.

  77. my second reply has been deleted for some reason … WHY ? is it because i was right ?

    when my friend sends me a message he will have two checks on the message he/she sent even if i was in invisible mode and that’s how he/she knows i’m actually connected to nimbuzz in invisible mode.. THE TWO CHECKS !!

  78. I’m using version 2.1.1 on HTC wildfire (android2.2.1), I have ‘availabe’, ‘away’ & ‘busy’ options on the status.. but no “appear offline”..

  79. @Meg – Thanks for your feedback. However, we have not introduced this feature in Android as yet. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be considered for our future releases.

  80. my friend’s account shows her status as ‘available’ with a green half moon symbol,what does it mean?is she online or offline?please answer me.

  81. @anna – The Green Half Moon Symbol indicates the user in on Notifications. He/she will receive a notification if you send a message and can revert you back. Thanks!!

  82. @queralt escric,kindly help here..
    How to hide this-“Last Seen On”feature. Due to some privacy I login as Invisible and then logout after using application..but the bad thing is that friend is able to see my actual logout time even when I was invisible..plz help me to hide my online last seen on that smone can’t find my presence/absence record.. Solutions will be appreciated heartly. Thank You.

  83. @genuineaid – Thanks for your feedback. We currently do not have a solution to this. However, we will consider this to be implemented in future. Thanks!!

  84. Hi, I have been using Nimbuzz on windows vista/windows 7 from more than 2 years. My status appears as online in gtalk to my friends even though I set the status as invisible in Nimbuzz. Please let me know of how to fix this.

  85. @Rajasekhar – The status change on Nimbuzz application is for your contact list on Nimbuzz and does not apply on other communities. Thanks!!

  86. @rahul – Invisible mode is already available on main login screen of Nimbuzz. Please select the option and you can easily login as invisible. Thanks!!

  87. @yash – Unfortunately, the option to disable this feature is not available for now.

  88. My invisible status on Nimbuzz shows me ‘away’ on gmail chat, though the later does support invisible :(

    PS: I use version 3.0.2 on an iPhone.

  89. @javed561 – We request you to send your query directly to with your account details since, this issue requires further follow ups. We will respond to your query within 48 business hours.

  90. I have a Nokia N8, If I select to appear offline Facebook says away … How do I appear on Facebook chat? Online or Offline? Because as far as I know Facebook chat does not have away mode.

  91. @SHri – If you put your Nimbuzz on invisible mode and your facebook is connected, it will still appear online to your friends.

  92. @Shayan – Please ensure you’re logged in with your apple id on app store. Under nimbuzz settings turn on push notifications. Also, under notification center in your iPhone turn on Nimbuzz notification .

  93. i want to hide facebook chat friend who has the status available with half moon symble on nimbuz. And show fully online friend. Please provide me solution of it.

  94. What does offline mean in nimbuzz? Can I still send message when someone is oflline? Will that person be able to get the message later?

  95. @Natalie – You will be able to receive notification messages even if you’re offline while using an android device. Notification feature needs to be turned on in order to receive messages when offline.

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