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Thank you for giving us such great feedback lately, especially about our iPhone app! We’ve listed our favorites to keep you up to date…

Mashable calls Nimbuzz the industry leading IM and VOIP app, specifically for the iPhone! They say our simplistic interface is pure fun to use.

It is Tech N’ Marketing‘s all time favorite iPhone app – “going where no other app has gone before”.

People seem to also love our landscape-mode chat functionality, ReadWriteWeb said that having the ability to use the wider keyboard made sending messages even easier, and that it is “the thing that sold me on Nimbuzz“!

“Overall, the interfaces are clean, responsive, and well-designed and the app in general has a slick, professional feel” says The Apple Blog.

MacWorld calls us, “A great messaging application; probably one of the best text chat applications I’ve used on the iPhone. Voice chats worked great, making Nimbuzz a very viable Skype telephone.”


Nimbuzz has been asked by Skype to remove support for all Skype services, effective October 31st.  For free and cheap international calls from your mobile you can still use Nimbuzz and NimbuzzOut ;).

More information you can find here.

There isn’t really anything to add here, other than THANK YOU ALL!!

Stay tuned for our next iPhone release – it will be even better!  ;)

16 thoughts on “Nimbuzz in the News – iPhone app

  1. Great stuff! technmarketing is the shizz.

    I love Nimbuzz- the ONE thing I would change is a dedicated button to going back to the chat screen when in a chat window…

    That’s all!

  2. I have had very great trouble accessing SkypeOut for voice calls on my iPhone.
    Is that supported? Can you give me advice on how to make it work?

  3. @EdwardFeigenbaum actually Skypeout calling is only supported for contacts/numbers that are saved on your contact list as buddies.

    We are currently working in order to improve that.

    @kay, we will add this feature in the future, unfortunately we cannot fix a date for it to be done yet.

    We will announce it as soon as it is available.


  4. New version is available in the AppStore – yiiipiieee. Very snappy and MobileMe is working – great job Nimbuzz Team!

  5. Nimbuzz is really good.I am using the ipod touch, so for calling to landline or cell phones I just need a head phone + microphone kit? Because I have been trying to make calls without that but there is no way for my friends to hear me when calling. Thanks for your answer.

  6. @Gustavo you need a headset with microphone incorporeted, otherwise you will not be able to send sound to your friends and they will not hear you.

    Any headset with microphone incorporeted should work fine.

    Let us know if you have more questions


  7. Actually i have no issues or complain but i just wanted to thank nimbuzz team coz they really work hard and they doing their best to facilitate nimbuzz for us that besides they are very very very polite team and supportable .. i really wanted to thank you really guys many times i had questions and in the seconde day i found your answers solving my problem .. Really thank you once again . please keep shining :) .
    Yahia .

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