Bridging the 3G VoIP gap on the iPhone: instant messaging and VoIP deluxe

We have just released our new iPhone version of Nimbuzz to bridge the 3G VoIP gap, and also turn the iPod Touch into an iPhone.

With free Wi-Fi calls to instant messaging buddies already available, we have added a full dial-pad, and the ability to make VoIP calls to landlines and mobile phones at significantly reduced rates with NimbuzzOut, and via our 10 VoIP partners including Gizmo5, Vyke, sipgate and A1.

Turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone! Make calls over Wi-Fi via NimbuzzOut or via your VoIP provider. You can even see the available NimbuzzOut credit you have directly on the dial pad! Just use the Apple headset with a microphone.

If Wi-Fi is unavailable you can make VoIP calls to Nimbuzz buddies using Nimbuzz Dial-Up VoIP in over 50 countries.

P.S.: We are experimenting with Twitter, and you can post to Twitter via the Personal Message feature! Try it. Your comments are always welcome, so please feel free to give feedback.

Below is a breakdown of all the features and fixes we made.

Complete VoIP package:

  • Make calls to mobile phones and landlines at significantly reduced rates via NimbuzzOut or via our VoIP partners: Vyke, Gizmo5, SIPGate, A1, and many more.
  • VoIP over 3G with Nimbuzz Dial-Up VoIP. International calls at national rates. Available in over 50 countries.
  • Turn your iPod touch into an iPhone! Make calls over Wi-Fi via NimbuzzOut or via your VoIP provider.


If you are looking for cheap international calling from you mobile and you end up here :D, I would like to introduce you also to NimbuzzOut. NimbuzzOut lets you make incredibly cheap international calls from your mobile, to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world. To see how cheap it is and how much you can save take a look at the NimbuzzOut  Rate Calculator ;).

Additional features:

  • Broadcast your activity and your Twitter status with the Personal Message feature.
  • Add New Buddies: You can now add individual buddies from AIM, Google Talk, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), MySpace, Yahoo!, and Nimbuzz, of course.


  • Facebook names are displayed
  • Mobile Me usernames with a dot are now supported
  • Improved stability

117 thoughts on “Bridging the 3G VoIP gap on the iPhone: instant messaging and VoIP deluxe

  1. Great update, gives nimbuzz a real edge on Fring. Next we need free internet SMS support. Also, i am also having some stability problems, it seems to get hung up a while at times, but doesn’t crash. If i wait a minuet, it resumes. I would also like to have url link support in chats. I can’t wait till iphone 3.0 rolls out with push support!

  2. if i don’t have wi-fi i cannot call on mobile phone. screen shows this function support only nimbuzz boddys.
    when is nimbuzz will support all contacts?
    tnx =)

  3. Nice update. However, I noticed two issues with this version. Both of them relate to the phone call tab:

    1. When I use Skype, it shows coins followed by 0.00. I’m assuming that’s my balance being reported? If that’s the case, it’s a bug. I know for a fact that I have $10.00 credit on it.

    2. I cannot use Skype Out on my contacts list that isn’t already in int’l prefixed mode. It’s not an issue for me since I have lots of minutes with AT&T (I hardly call or get calls), but there should be 2 additional options in Settings:
    – “Add Default International Prefix” (defaults to +1)
    – “Ignore Initial Prefix” (defaults to blank).

    The latter could be useful for several EU countries like UK and Sweden that use an initial ‘0’ within the country, but omit it for incoming international calling. Then, you would have a killer VoIP app for iPhones all over.

  4. @chic, we are considering the SMS support in the future.
    thanks for letting us know about the stability issues, we are going to look into it.

    @vasilmann you can actually call your buddies from Nimbuzz, MSN, Gtalk, Skype.
    Please send us a mail to if you have issues with the calling feature.

  5. @sixception Thanks for reporting this issue, we will try to reproduce it at our offices and solve it.

    In regards of the prefixes we will take your ideas into account but adding a prefix by default might be not so handy if you want to call to other countries.

    But thanks for the suggestion!


  6. @Zameer Try to reboot your iPhone and try again.

    If the application still does not open, can you let us know if you get any error message?

    Contact our Support Team via mail at if you still face the problem.


  7. great update. nimbuzz is far better an more stable than fring now.

    but i still miss the invisible mode for this app

  8. Using Nimbuzz on an iPod Touch. Love the new Skype feature but 3 things. When I go to call a contact, you get the annoying message of needing to add a +1 before the number… if this is standard then why do you not make it automatic? It would be a pain in the ass to have to retype +1 to all my contact numbers. Second, when you have the number typed in and perhaps realized that one of the digits is wrong, you shouldn’t have to delete back to the wrong number but just move a cursor to the wrong number and correct it. Third… and this is a big one… when you call somewhere and they have an answering service saying “Press 1 for…” WHERE is the keypad?! But all in all, things looking good and your program seems to have the least latency in the audio.

  9. New version of Nimbuzz also crashes my iPhone. Rebooted several times, didn’t help. When I tap the Nimbuzz icon it launched the app and shows the Nimbuzz top orange bar for some seconds and then returns to the iPhone home screen, 100% of the time. Can’t use it anymore.

  10. I agree with the requests to have an option to auto-add +1 when dialing from your contacts. Maybe this wouldn’t be good if you are trying to call another country, but that is why it should be an option and not forced. Plus, this seems to be an issue for quite a few people based on multiple people requesting the feature here and based on MANY people requesting the feature on the reviews on the iTunes App Store. Why not make it an option at least? Without the this optional setting it is useless to be able to call from your contacts since no one I know has the full international number stored in their contacts.

    Also I second the idea that there should be a keypad to enter touch tones during a call so you can navigate touch tone menu trees.

    Adding these two features would make it almost seamless to use this as a replacement to making calls over the cell network.

  11. Great update. 2 questions. Do you plan to add a way to display only a certain group from your iPhone contacts? Any plans to add Colombia to the voip phone out service? Lots of iPhones in Colombia since it has 2 carriers selling it.

    This app rocks!

  12. This new update also crashes on my iPhone 100% of the time and is unusable. Rebooted several times and reinstalled several times. Same symptoms as Ricardo.

  13. Hi, just loved this update – Nimbuzz is by far my favourite instant messenger on the iphone. Just one suggestion: add an option to add a default international prefix to the skype out numbers (ex. add +351 if you are on a portuguese phone).

    Thanks, Ivo

  14. Hello all,

    First of all, thanks for all the commnets, feedback and suggestions.

    @eyerhyme, thanks for your suggestion we are going to figure out a way to have a prefix code default.

    @Brent Bettis, thanks pointing the keypad to enter touch tones during a call, we will have that into account for upcoming releases.

    @Alejandro Gonzalez, You can hide your offline contacts, going to your settings > contact list> hide offline contacts.
    We do not have a land line in colombia yet, but we are working on it.


  15. @Lloyd we are investigating this issue, rebooting the iPhone right after installing the applictaion should improve the stability.
    Thanks for letting us know!

    @Ivo Daniel thanks for the idea we will take it into account for upcoming updates.

    Thanks & Regards

  16. As suggested, reinstalled once again and rebooted right after installation, before opening the app. Same symptoms, still crashing 100% of the time, same behavior. Pleeease fix this, I can’t live without Nimbuzz anymore!!

  17. Im just trying to use the skype out function i have credit on there. i dial to Lithuania form the us via wifi on my iphone and i start the numbers with 011 and so on. it just hangs, rings but hangs i dont here anything. Should I be hitting any numbers before the 011. Rember im on wifi in the US calling skype out with credit to Lihuania. Any help is appreciated

  18. Can we receive calls through skype. I have a online number with skype and if anyone calls that number, i can get calls on skype. will that work with Nimbuzz too?

  19. @ Ricardo thanks for letting us know.

    We will investigate this issue and solve it as soon as possible.

    @jaygo44, to use Skype out you have to dial the lithuanian phone number taht you want to call to.

    Do not forget to include the country code: +370(and the phone number)

    Let us know if you have more questions.


  20. I agree about the need for a dial pad after a call is made.

    Also, if I don’t have the country code in my address book, how can I dial a number? Is there any way to add it in the iPhone app?

    Great work, by the way. This is an incredible app.

  21. @uday, we are researching if is actually possible that you receive a call made to your skype number when connected to SKype via Nimbuzz.

    We will come back to you as soon as we have some more information.

    @andrew warner, we are already considering the option of adding the keypad while you are on a call.
    we are also working on how to add country codes in a default way, unfortunately we cannot fix a date for it to be done yet and for the moment you will have to dial the numbers yourself.

    Thanks for the comments & Regards

  22. Hi, same problem already exposed..once installed the upgrade on my iPhone I cannot use anymore Nimbuzz. It open with orange top bar then cose suddenly, several reboot, re-installation and 100% not working. Please help

  23. @Zal, thanks for letting us know.

    we are actually working in order to reproduce and solve this issue.

    we will announce it as soon as we have a new update.


  24. I installed Nimbizz on my IPhone but when i try making a call, it shows that skype is unavailable. My skype credits show up correctly, but skype is always unavailable. What am I doing wrong?

  25. I installed nimbuzz and selected voip stunt as my sip but after registering, it doesn’t seem to work. It just dials and just hangs up. I can hear the dial tone but it quickly hangs up. Frustrating. It seems like all nimbuzz, fring are all unstable. I’m wondering if it’s even worth all this trouble.

    Another thing, it would be great if you put together a more elaborate faq or tutorial on how your users can start using nimbuzz from downloading on their iphone to selecting the different sips and other voip (including skype). That would tremendously improve your stature among your competitors. Thx.


  26. Can you give a date when you expect the dial up voip to be fixed so it works? All I get is the message ” your number is in the incorrect format” and I’ve tried every format possible

  27. I have the same problem which was stated by Raybo.Dialup voip doesn’t support for UK O2network.Always diplaying incorrect number format error.I desperatly need that facility.Please give us a solution asap.

  28. Is there a way that I could retrieve my voice messages from Skype? I thought I saw it under the “Messages” icon, but not really, and not sure what this “Messages” is for now…Maybe this app is just for calling in and out, and the other text messaging stuff.

  29. Why would Nimbuzz offer this voip dial up service if it’s not available on o2? After all the large majority of iPhone owners in the UK are with o2 (1 million apparently) if this isn’t going to work I can see a LOT of people deleting this program, I don’t have wifi most of the day so it would be pointless keeping this program which is a shame. Hopefully they will find a fix very soon. I also experience the same problem with voipbuster through wifi … It rings then cuts off… Pointless having something if it doesn’t work ….

  30. @AJ please try later to connect to the Skype community. We are working in order to solve that issue.

    @Raybo We are working in order to solve the issue with some UK phone numbers.
    Unfortunately we cannot fix a dtae for it to be done, we will inform you all, as soon as we have an update.
    We do support connection from 02 services, as said, we are working in order to solve this as soon as possible.

    Let us know if you have more questions


  31. @Jay, we are actually working in order to have some Manuals and intructions to get started using the applictaion.
    We will let you know as they are available!
    In regards of the VoIP issue, can you please send more detials via mail to our SUpport Team to

    @wqwert O2 network is suported. As said by Nimbuzz Support, there are some issues with some UK phone numbers in which we are working in order to solve soon.

    Hope this information is useful to you.


  32. @S.Do You can actually listen your received messages from your Online gallery.

    Actually this feature is not available on iPhone yet, we are working in order to add it soon.

    At the moment you can check your files on the Pc client.

    Let us know if you have more questions.


  33. I believe that “kay” and “Alejandro Gonzalez” have already alluded to this; I really miss the ability to set the Online/Away/Busy/Offline status per account.

    I would like to use Nimbuzz for AIM and Google Talk all of the time (whenever I open Nimbuzz), but only turn the Windows Live messenger connection on occasionally… by either setting it to not connect at all, or to connect as Invisible, so that Windows Live contacts can not see my presence. Palringo, while a much less polished app allows me to do all of this.

  34. Hi,

    i got one question: How can the Dial-up Voip function be used when there is no wifi connection? If i don’t have a connection, I can’t login to nimbuzz in the first place… hence, i can’t call o.O

    am i missing something here?

  35. nimbuzz have been improving a lot over the years and am happy to be a true member on the community. I love the application, hoping that you guys can add an additional feature where you upload your own aac, wav or mp3 tone as your personal notification message, i think that will be the apperciated by thousands of us ( users) and also addding a web browser built in, yeahthat will be so cool. so please consider my lol.


  37. My Skype wont activate on Nimbuzz.

    It says,”You cannot add new buddies from Skype”

    Can you suggest how to fix it? After my Skpye works, I like to try this new program

  38. I notice Nimbuzz freezes when I use MSN and/or Facebook (not sure which one, I just know it works fine when I deleted those accounts). Works fine with just skype and google talk though.

  39. Hi Nimbuzz is a great app but i have trouble with my itouch 1 generation, is seems not to support the iphone headset, the microphone is not working, i can hear other people but they cannot hear me. Is there a solution?

    Thanks :)

  40. I can skype chat using my touch but when calling I can only hear the sound on the receiving end. I have an iphone headset but it appears that mic is not capturing sound. Is there a setting that I need to change on touch or nimbuzz? I have tried several iphone headsets w/o any success. Thanks

  41. @AdamSQZ we actually do not have the invisible mode for Iphone and iPod but we will add this feature in future updates.

    Thanks for suggesting it!

    @t0pz, if you are connected on Nimbuzz and you do not have wi-fi connection to make a call, you can use the Dial-Up VoIP option which will call to a local fixed line number in your country, and then connects you.

    Hope this information is useful to you.

    @henri if your headset has a microphoen incorporated you can send also make calls via Nimbuzz, if you do not have a microphone, you will only be able to hear the other person but you will not be heard.

    Let us know if you have more questions.


  42. @sexybody thanks for all your suggestions, we will take them into account for future releases!


    @samet can you please write in English so everyone can understand you and we can help you with your query?


    @Joe Actually is possible to add new buddies to all the communities that Nimbuzz supports except for the ones that belong to the Skype gateway. We will add this feature in the future.

    Let us know if you have more questions.


  43. @jill sometimes if you have a large amount of contacts it will take longer (a few seconds more) to load all the contact list an might seem that the app is freezing.

    We will look into this issue and fix it as soon as possible.

    @Bas If the other person can hear you, the microphone works fine; please try to echo123 call or calling Jimmy the chatbot to test the audio of the calling.

    Let us know if you have more questions.

    @sl aany headset that has a microphone incorporeted should work fine, please test the calling feature calling Jimmy the chatbot and echo123.

    Let us know how it works!

    Kind Regards!

  44. Cannot connect using skype. When I dial I get a call attempt,but an immediate hang up. The screen grops back to dial pad after dialer tries to initiate call.At top of dial pad to the right of username and coins symbol,there is a constant rotating cursor,that disappears and reappears like it is loading or waiting to connect to something. I have a first gen itouch,could that be the problem? is skype out compatible with this fisrt gen unit?

  45. To use skype out, do you have to register with skype before being able to use this feature on Nimbuzz?
    Is Skype available to Canadian users?

  46. @Sam to add + on the keypad you only have to press for a few second the number 0

    @Ted You have to select your opertor SIP provider or Skype account in order to be able to use the dial pad.

    Skype out calling is possible with a first generation iPod Touch as long as you have a headset with microphone incorporated (otherwise you cannot be heard) and you have the OS from your iPod updated to the latest version (you can update it syncing the iPod with your PC and the iTunes Store)

    Let us know if you have more questions.


  47. do i need Voip or a specific headset to use my skype as a phone (i have itouch) won’t let me dial out for some reason.

  48. @support: thx for the answer but how can i connect to nimbuzz in the first place when there is no wifi?? I have the dial-up voip function enabled but i can only access nimbuzz if i HAVE a wifi connection. so how can i use the dial up?

  49. Can you yet give any indication as to when the dial up VOIP service will work? I’m STILL getting the message about my mobile number being in the wrong format no matter what format I enter, why this problem?

  50. I can’t get the 3G VoIP feature to work and I’m a customer of AT&T in Kansas. I tried to call a PC in France and the helpbot. In both cases my phone dials 1 415 762 1410 and I get a busy tone. What seems to be the problem? Thanks.

  51. @Asidnbase the Dial-Up VoIP feature which works over 3g dials a local line number and then connect you to the buddy you want to call.

    We are investigating if there is any issue on our land lines.

    Thanks for the information!

    @Raybo we are actually working on this issue, the Support Team will come back to you as soon as they have some more information.

    Kind Regards!

  52. Let me give you more info so you guys can better trouble shoot. When I initiate the call my the app dials14157621410 without the + in from of it, then I get the busy tone. When my buddy initiates the call the app tries to dial +194229271514157621410 and I get a message saying the call can’t be completed as dialed. Thanks.

  53. is anyone using an over the ear headset with mic successfully with an ipod touch?


  54. Leftonred, and whoever else with an ipod touch. The iPod does NOT have a mic-in slot nor an integrated mic!!! However, Microphones for the iPod touch ARE available on the internet for low cost (+-30$). Various products like Touchmods can be bought on ebay and other stores. The mics are then inserted into the charging slot of the iPod touch. it works

    @support, could you please try to answer my question? how i login to nimbuzz to use dial-up if i have no wifi connection…
    AND why the dial-up doesnt work with skypeout and SIP contacts?? It always says, Dial-up can currently only be used with nimbuzz buddies!

  55. nimbuzz voip unavailable in 3g network
    I live in brazil, i log in skypeout and vono, so when i try connect by 3g dont work, it shows SIP vono unavailable ? how can i solve this?

  56. @t0pz there are iPod/iPhone headsets with a mic on it, this will be the most suitable if you want to call with the iPod.
    In regards of the Dial-Up VoIP;
    if you are connected on your iPhone on 3g while chatting and there is no wi-fi connection available for calling the Nimbuzz application will connect to a local line number (on your country) and connect your call.
    Actually Dial-Up VoIp for iPhone is only available for Nimbuzz buddies; we are working in order to make it available for the rest of communities in upcoming releases.

    @Bas the application works fine for iPod Touch.

    Let us know if you have an specific question.

    Kind Regards

  57. @albert
    we have had some issues in the past few days with the SIP gateway, if you are still facing this issues please send a mail with the name of your provider and an aproximate date and time of the laste time you tried to make a SIP call.

    Thanks & Regards!

  58. In fact iPod touch does NOT have the possibility to use a headphone with an integrated mic, at least not the older ones! The only possibility for iPod touch’s is buying a mic to insert into the horizontal charging slot! Many people just buy headphones with mics but that will not work with the iPod (maybe with the new one but not sure) as they have no mic-in line in the audio-jack!!


    P.S. support thx for the answer, yet i still dont understand the dial up without wifi. Does it only work if i am already signed in into nimbuzz and THEN loose the wifi connection, or can i be signed out and use the dial up when i dont have a wifi connection at all??

  59. Hi my o2 number doesn’t work what for at do I have to use for the number? I noticed above that some numbers might not work yet. Mine starts with 075 so pls try to get that prefix fixed

  60. @Machoo
    Currently we use a system where we verify the phone number based on criteria for that country. We check this using area codes and number length.

    We are changing and improving that often, so we suggest you to try again to register your phone number in case you get an error and verify as well the country you choose.

    We are aware that there are some trouble with some countries, and we are working in order to solve this issue.

    If you are still facing this issue, please send us by mail your phone number and country to
    We will test this issue with your phone number and come back to you as soon as we have some more information.


  61. im using nokia e-51 e-65 viop not working in mobile …when calling is ringing and conecting but no sound .. how can i solwe

  62. @shaahi
    Can you please be more specific on your query?

    Is the calling feature not working at all? or is the SIP functionality not able to make calls?
    When did you realized that this issue happen? Was that after upgrading to the latest Symabin 2.0 version?

    Let us know and we will ocme back to you as soon as we can.


  63. Not being able to switch to another app without Nimbuzz quitting is a major inconvenience, do you have any plans to fix this?

    I would also like to be able to selectively connect to, and disconnect from, a specific community, as well as specify which ones to connect to automatically at launch time.


  64. From what I understand there is no such thing as background tasks on the iphone so I can see why switching apps means quitting Nimbuzz. However, maybe you could cache the user’s connections on your server and keep them open for a while so that you could quickly pick them back up if the user returns before they time out. That would already been an improvement.

  65. @Arnaud
    Thanks for your feedback and comments!
    Actually running on teh background is not possible but we will support this feature as soon as Apple also supports that feature.
    In regards of disconnecting from different communities, you can always go to Settings > Communities> and disconnect from an specific community.
    We really appreciate your suggestion about connection, we will consider that as a future feature.
    Thanks & Regards

  66. I have a strange problem.
    I have an ipod touch and I can call out through skype off the buddies list and everything works fine. But if I use the dialer, the other party can hear me but I can’t hear them. So the microphone works but not the earpieces. This is on the dialer only

  67. @brian
    Can you please let us know when you use the dialer, is it from Skype Out or are you using another SIP provider? If yes, which one?
    Please let us know.
    Remember taht you can also contact our Nimbuzz Support Team via mail to

  68. hy nimbuzz support team

    when receiving a sip call the number is not shown on the display.
    would be great if the number would be shown!

  69. in My IPHONE, nimbuzz is prefectly installed..but i tried to connect the actionvoip using voip proxy, it connected. I can call now, and hear the hello.. hello from the other side.. but they cannot hear me.
    I tried the same on my PC version, which works fine and i can call just like as directly calling from actionvoip.
    Please help..

  70. @Noble
    Thanks for reporting to us.
    Which internet connection are you using on your iPhone?
    Are you able to call to Nimbuzz buddies or other IM buddies from your Nimbuzz on your iPhone?
    Please let us know and we will come back to you.
    Kind regards.

  71. Dear support,
    I installed Nimbuzz Ver 2.0 today on my Nokia E51. I tried using the app several time during the day which worked fine till i tried configuring a SIP under OTHER category. I then logged out and tried logging in again. But the nimbuzz application fails to open again and hangs up at Synching contacts.
    I did an uninstall and re install of the application but the same problem.
    Please help in resolving the issue.

  72. @kamlesh bafna
    Thanks for reporting to us.
    This is not a known issue.
    Are you able to login on Nimbuzz PC?
    If you can login to your PC can you please disconnect your SIP account on the PC and try to login again on your Nimbuzz mobile and let us know if it works?
    Kind regards.

  73. Dear Support,
    I have Nimmbuzz on iPhone 3GS in UAE , it is working great om Wi-Fi , when im using EDGE , i got message said “Please connect to a Wi-Fi netwrok.Free Nimbuzz calls are not possible on the carrier netwrok”.

    Kinldy is it related my carrier , or the Iphone or wt?

    Kindly could you help?
    Best Regards

  74. @Ibrahim Said
    There is a limitation on the device itself to make VoIP calls trough 3g connection.
    There are also (depending on the network providers) other limitations, disallowing VoIP calling on their networks.
    We suggest you to check directly with your provider.

  75. hi,i cant open my skype account through nimbuzz and it shows this massege (currently no capcity availabel,so what do you thing i should do to get skype back ,thx

  76. @lina
    Thanks for reporting this issue.
    After checking our Skype Gateway we detected no problems at the moment.
    Could you please let us know which Nimbuzz client you use?
    Please let us know and we will come back to you.
    Kind regards.

  77. i have installed nimbuzz in my iPhone.But nimbuzz is not launch. Rebooted several times, didn’t help. When I tap the Nimbuzz icon it launched the app and shows the Nimbuzz top orange bar for some seconds and then returns to the iPhone home screen. Can’t use it anymore.

  78. @Govind Rathore
    Since when are you experiencing this issue?
    Do you have a large number of contacts on your contact list?
    Could you try to login into your account from a different client? like PC or Webchat ( )
    try to load all your contacts there and unregister some of your communities and then try again to login on your iPhone.
    Let us know if this help.

  79. hi i have problem with my VoIP when calling someone in nimbuzz account. it says; “Maybe the VoIP in your internet connection has been blocked… (which is my home wi-fi connection)”
    then what happened is that i always got kicked out of the call after 2-3 minutes connected, the phone got silence.
    what happen to my nimbuzz and what should i do?

  80. @nimbuzzuser
    Thanks for reporting to us.
    Could you let us know which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Does it happen when you call to your IM buddies or when you call to landline numbers?
    Let us know!

  81. Hi, I need some help, a friend of mine told m about using voip calls at cheap rates through nimbuzz so I downloaded nimbuzz to my iPhone. My questions are:
    1. Can I make international calls using voip service of blast voip( this company gives me the cheapest rates with couple of free calls to some selected countries)
    2. I live in Sri Lanka and I don’t have a wifi connection, but I have a 3g network provided by Mobitel. Can I make calls with above service provider?
    Looking forward for your help

  82. @Nrizal
    In regards of your questions:
    1. You can add your blast voip account:
    Options > Settings > SIP Accounts to register an account.
    2. If you are running the latest Nimbuzz version for iPhone (1.5.2) and your network provider allows that you will be able to place calls over 3g

  83. I am using action voip from nimbuzz. It was extremely working very fine before. But from past 10 days it is keep saying that the calling number is busy, even the number is not busy (I check with fring) pls give me solution to resolve this. Thanks.

  84. @Adam
    We recommend you to check directly with your SIP provider, since we do not manage the voice streams on SIP calling.

  85. Hi, I installed the nimbuzz and setup my voip provider info successfully on my iphone BUT it is not working in my ipod and Sony Ericsson Xperia. In the ipod and sony there is only one way voice (I cant hear anything but the other party can hear properly). Could anybody help please?

  86. @aneesh
    Thanks for letting us know your issue.

    We do not proxy SIP Voice Streams, which means that Nimbuzz just connects you to the SIP servers and the audio and voice portion of the call, is managed by your SIP provider.

    For assistance on this issue please contact your SIP Support Team and let them know.

    Thanks & Regards

  87. Hi,
    I am using Nimbuzz configured with pbxes and sip2sip to recieve call backs. It works great but dialpad doesnot seem to recognize my key inputs. none of the keys get recognized. Plzzzz help me. I love nimbuzz but this is the only thing which is causing problem.

  88. @jitender
    Thanks for informing us, we will check and try to reproduce and fix the issue.

  89. @melakugb – In order to configure SIP settings please procced with the mentioned steps:-
    Options>>Settings>>Calling>>Call Phone no. via>Add Account
    Select your provider and update the required fields (If your provider is not listed, select others).

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