Nimbuzz 2.0 for Symbian!


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Up until now, the Nimbuzz for Symbian‘s Menu button layout was the central connection point for any buddy, feature or setting.

2.0 has a brand new interface and features. Download it now!

You’ll notice the new design with Tabs. Quickly switch between your favorite features by browsing through the 4 tabs: Nimbuzz (buddy-list), Chats, Phone Calls, and Messaging.

But there is more! We have a huge list of updates for you this time:

  • Sort your buddy-list by favorites. People you communicate with most, appear at the top of your buddy-list.
  • Choose your favorite ringtones for new chats, messages, and calls.
  • Directly make NimbuzzOut calls from the Phone Calls tab; always see what your current NimbuzzOut credit and username are.
  • Pressing the red “hang-up” button now hides Nimbuzz instead of exiting.

Chats - Quickly accessible from a separate tab; scan new incoming messages in chats, group-chats, and chatrooms. Active chat messages are displayed using Nimbuzz-style tabs (with username titles) and in summary view.

Groups - Display one contact group at the time. Switch fast between groups by clicking on the active group header. Start Conference

Profiles - Now include location. Check out how the display-picture zooms in and out! See your buddy’s location by moving to the location tab in the profile (available for Nimbuzz users on a supported phone.

IM Buddies: Add contact, Sort (also new Group viewing), Show Offline Contacts, and General Settings

Settings - New settings screen, organized in a more intuitive way.

Phone Calls – Clearly see which (VoIP) operator you are using for your calls to landlines and mobile. Switch between operators and call type. Make calls to the contacts on your phone or by choosing dial a number. Send your contacts a free SMS-invite!

Improved SIP performance – SIP provider support has improved and network/firewall problems reduced. Also, battery life has increased when using SIP calling.

New connection management -Start Nimbuzz without having to choose your access point. Set your default access point and select to automatically use one of your (pre-configured) Wi-Fi access points.

As always, let us know what you think! We want to hear from you.

Download the new Nimbuzz for Symbian here and tell your friends!

228 thoughts on “Nimbuzz 2.0 for Symbian!

  1. hi, my first impression after update nimbuzz 2.0(symbian s60v2) it’s not as good as Nimbuzz 1.01

  2. Nimbuzz 1.1 = Win XP
    Nimbuzz 2.0 = Win Vista
    it uses more ram and it has useless menus :/
    Can i downgrate to nimbuzz 1.1???

  3. Nimbuzz 2.0 symbian. This is what Nimbuzz needed to beat fring. Skype out calls and a great interface on my Nokia E71. Incredible list of communities. Go ahead make every bodies day a Nimbuzz day!

  4. I like the tab ui. Have been hoping for it, good work. Kudos for skype out calls. I like it! Thank you

  5. Well, it seems to be a little clunkier in terms of responsiveness, e.g. There is a small delay in writing when there is a new incoming message.

  6. I’ very impressed about the new skypeOut connection to the device phonebook – that’s what i have been waiting for!

    2 small bugs:
    – SIP is not possible since v2.0
    – numbers containing spaces are ignored while trying to skypeOut from the phonebook

    Hope you can fix that soon, or do i have to go thru my whole phonebook and to change every number?

    But: great job!

  7. Exactly! upgrade. Really well put together. Shows that you guys are in the game. You know what your users want and you respond. Fring is cool, however NimBuzz is great! Love you work. I will keep my Fring as I am able to use Voipstunt from it. Older version of Nimbuzz worked fine, somehow all is lost in v2. I’m sure your on it.


  8. 2 Probleme beim 5800 XpressMusic:

    – Dateien können nicht gesendet werden. Beim durchsuchen des Handys hängt sich Nimbuzz auf

    – Dateien können nicht empfangen werden. Es erscheint zwar ein Link, aber man kann diesen nicht markieren oder öffnen

    Ansonsten funktioniert er richtig gut.


  9. THIS VERSION is really GREAT ! the new TAB system, PROFILE and MESSAGING is so nice :)
    NIMBUZZ is the BEST MESSENGER undoubtly, but it can be much better if :
    1. nimbuzz needs DATA COMPRESSION like Slick and Ymtiny and Talkonaut. if u compare nimbuzz with them, for example when i chat(private chat) with nimbuzz for 1 hour, it uses at least 400kb of data, meanwhile slick or YMtiny or Talkonaut use less than 150kb for 1 hour. i have to pay much for data usage, so if the programmers add data compression to nimbuzz, it would be much better.
    2. I cant understand why nimbuzz programmers dont add MORE SMILES to this application. Is it very hard for them?! nimbuzz really needs more smiles, lots of my friends complain about that.(SPECIALLY KISS AND SHYNESS SMILES)
    I would be so happy if u add these features to nimbuzz :)
    I’m from IRAN, nimbuzz has a lot of users in iran, at least 300 people ONLY in chatrooms any time of the day!! you can search IRAN in chatrooms to understand that.
    so BRIEFLY add:


  10. bug on N79 (s60 v3.2):
    messages -> send file -> choose target & OK -> scroll down the list make nimbuzz always crash

  11. Hey there, tobias or support there are a little translation misstake in the profil of the users

    The Line with the birthday
    Your wrote “Geburtstat” and u mean “Geburtstag” ;-)

  12. Of course ‘battery life has increased when using SIP calling’…it does not works at all!!
    Please fix it as soon as possible as it is(was) one the best things in nimbuzz.

  13. I dont like V2.0 since it doesnt have the feature of calling GTalk users…like the earlier version v1.01

  14. MAJOR FAIL!!!
    SIP is NOT working!!!!!
    Give me back my 1.1!!

    It’s like Nimbuzz isn’t even checking whether SIP is possible… as soon as you click a provider it tells you it’s not available.


    Where can I get 1.1 back??

    I don’t need Nimbuzz if I can’t use SIP, might as well free up some space on my phone and get Fring instead.

  15. I dont see Nimbuzz http access anymore. Has it been removed. If yes, then its very disappointing since my ISP does not allow connection over any other port other than 80. I am unable to do socket connection.

  16. guys great program but unfortunately it still kills my phone after 4 hours, while FRING runs for days, you have to improve battery life.

  17. Tested Nimbuzz updated version and found that IM connectivity is better now but still missing Sync feature which Vopium is offering.

  18. @dhang
    Did you get any error message while downloading the new version?

    Which device (make and model0 are you using?

    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

    @Hetz Ben Hamo,
    You can download the latest version from your phone browser at or from our website
    Let u sknow if you still face issues while downloading the new version.

    Thanks for your feedback and comments.
    We have had some issues with the SIp gateway this weekend, but you should be able to log in and call without problems.

    Let us know how it works!

    Kind Regards

  19. @logofreax

    Thanks for your feedback, we actually do not officially support this device.

    If you are refering to the Beta testing, we would appreciate if you can send your feedback to the Ambassadors Team



    We are working in order to have a Nimbuzz version for Nokia 5800 soon.

    Stay tunned we will announce it as soon as it is available!


    We apologize for the SIP errors occurred this weekend.

    Part of the weekend the SIP server was unavailable.

    However, all SIP services are now functioning properly.

    Please retry your registration.


    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions; in regards of the data counter, we are considering the idea of adding this in future but we cannot fix a date for it yet to be done.

    About the emoticons: at the moment you can use while chatting on your mobile 11 different emoticons, while you are typing your message, you can press on options> send emoticon.

    We will also add more emoticons in the future.

    Thanks for all your comments!


  20. @carlo

    Thanks for letting us know, we will investigate this issue.


    Thanks for your interest, but unfortunately we do not support video calling yet.

    It is on our road map, but we cannot fix a date for it to be done.

    We will announce it as soon as it is available

    @Silvano, @Puffpuffgive

    We apologize for the SIP errors occurred this weekend.

    Part of the weekend the SIP server was unavailable.

    However, all SIP services are now functioning properly.

    Please retry your registration.


    Gtalk calling is enable d on this version, can you let us know if you get any error message when trying to call a Gtalk buddy?

    Is the calling option greyed?

    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.


  21. @xfahrulx

    We actually have 11 different emoticon, but we will add more in the future!


    We will look into this issue and come back to you as soon as we have some more information.


  22. Hi,
    There are so many comments :) about bugs.
    I want to add another one.
    I have never take photo with nimbuzz 2.0 (s60v2).
    When i try to shot a photo with nimbuzz’s take photo option. Nimbuzz closes itself :( sometimes my phone restarts. I don’t have any memory issue it has about 4mb free ram.

  23. @zee we are busy with it. stay tuned we will announce it as soon as it is available.

    @TOME can you please be more specific?

    What is exactly not working? Do you get any error message? when exactly does this happen?
    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

  24. @boo
    Thanks for your comment and feedback.

    We will look into this issue and try to solve it as soon as we can.

    Thanks for letting us know!

    Kind Regards

  25. Nibuzz No longer connects via my provider access point :( My provider has limited web access and version1 was able to connect (unlike Gizmo and the other applications). Nibuzz Team could you please implement a low bandwidth mode (or whatever method you used for v1 on the N95)? Is there a way to get v1 back?? Please let me know thanks.

  26. @Ichen
    Version 1.1 supported a protocol that worked with operators that support only web (http) connections. However we removed this, as there were a lot of issues with this method.

    We will consider adding this feature back in the future.

    Kind regards

  27. Many problems there are.
    Avatar support not working for live, google, facebook, skype (only works for nimbuzz)
    Personal message updates not shown at pages.
    Offline messaging is impossible for all communities except nimbuzz. It works for nimbuzz but it shows wrong time!¿

  28. I am using sony ericsson S500i and i have nimbuzz 1.1 every time i try to download 2.0 version it takes me back to the old version please help me .

  29. Hello! Im currently exploring the new version of nimbuzz on my Nokia E65 fone (im lovin my fone and nimbuzz now… hehehe!). And i have to say that this version is really kewl and neat…better than the first one. I have tried voice calls and file sharing and was using lynksys (wifi)…. also, luv the community features…im a twitter and yahoo user as well…so all came handy for me. Thanks! Keep up the good work…and hopefully more people from my country, Philippines would discover and enjoy ur services as well! You bet im gonna invite more and more friends to use this too…;)

  30. i’m using 2.0 on e71 and the vibrate alert doesn’t work with incoming chats and there is no alert on the home screen when a chat comes in. Does anyone know how to activate these features?

  31. The new version does not connect with my Internet connection.
    It asks me to try a different access point, or use Nimbuzz Web.

    Where can I download the old version back to my phone?

  32. I love the new behavior of the hang-up button.
    One feature I’d really like is to be able to open web links sent to me in messages with the phone’s browser. Could you look into this for a future version?

  33. @Sepehr3 We are working on a specific version for Nokia 5800. We do suggest you to wait until we release the suitable version for your device, which will be released soon.

    @Alex bigadic Thanks for letting us know this issues related to the Windows Live Messenger community.
    We will investigate them and solved them as soon as we can.

    Thanks for keeping us updated!

    @John khoele Your device should use a Java version of our application, not teh New Symbian.
    We suggest you to download the version built for your device available on our website or directly from your phone browser at

    Let us know if you have more questions.


  34. @Daniel @jhanz
    Thanks for your comments and feedback, we really appreciate that.
    We are glad to read that you the new version and that works fine for you!

    Feel free to let send us your feedback to our support mail address as well:

    Thanks & Regards

  35. @kest009 On the Main Menu g o to Options> Settings> Notifications and make the changes needed.

    Let us know if you have more questions.

    @Amit due to technical reasons we do not provide older versions to our users.

    The newest version does not support HTTP connection and that might be the issue with your device; check with your provider which type of connection does your contract /monthly package support.

    @ Setve thanks for your suggestion we will consider that for future versions.

    Kind Regards!

  36. Gr8!

    finaly we got what we wanted.
    perfect connection managment!
    I can swap fring to nimbuzzzzz, yipppiiii:)

  37. @rakshith The SIP gateway is working fine; in order to solve your issue, can you let us know the following:

    which device are you using?

    Which SIP provider do you have?

    Could you make SIP calls before updating to version 2.0?

    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.


  38. The new nimbuzz is much better. Why not introduce the feature that when we get a message from another nimbuzz buddy, the message gets delivered right to the phone without us having to open the app. Would be much cooler, i guess. But you guys totally rock. Great stuff guys

  39. nimbuzz 2.0 does not support http connection, is it a problem os am i only the person facing it??

  40. please inform when are u going to add the http support back, until then i guess i have to carry on with 1.01 as my service provider only supports http connection.

  41. @JayRulz
    Thanks for your suggestion we will investigate if that is technically possible.

    Let us know if you have more comments or suggestions via mail to

    @dantrolene Due to technical reasons we have removed the Http connection from the symbian 2.0 version

    We will consider the possibility of adding it back again in the future.


  42. Please put back the http connection because we are many who cannot use socket connection. If i cannot use nimbuzz with http then it is really useless….

  43. @Alex
    As said before We will consider the possibility of adding back the Http connection on the application.

    Unfortunately we the New Symbian 2.0 version does not support this type of connection.

    Thanks for your feedback.


  44. I’ve to say the new version is really cool but I wish for a few more improvements and the below bugs to be fixed.

    – ability to have a dial pad to send tones while in a call I can’t call numbers with interactive voice menus atm.

    – ability to forward/transfer calls to a phone number or to another contact on a community that supports this like skypeout -> skype contact.

    – Ability to open web links from chat windows in default browser.

    – Voice calls use really huge bandwidth amount compared to others. for example I’ve made a 45Mins skype call it used 25MB download and almost same amount for upload while the other party used only around 4MB using another software this always raises my concern while using nimbuzz over packet data as I don’t have an unlimited plan.

    * Some bugs I’ve noticed:

    – Skype Contact names doesn’t show up.

    – Facebook profile names Doesn’t show up only the phone numbers.

    I use it on Nokia E71

  45. @Kasai
    First of all, thanks for your feedback, we really apprecaite that.
    We are constantly working in order to improve our application and products, and we are already working in some of the improvements that you mention related to the dial pad.
    The clickable links option is on our roadmap and ww will implement this in the future.
    In regards of the bandwudth, we will investigate it and find out how to improve that.
    About the bugs mentioned:
    We are aware of some issues of Skype contacts showing as numbers instead of names, and we are already working on that.
    We have had some issues with the Facebook gateway in the past, but they have been solved. Please try to register that community again on your Nimbuzz account.

    Thanks & Regards

  46. Hello

    I have a Nokia E66 phone, with the latest firmware and NB 2.0

    The application is GREAT and voice quality over Wi-fi is very good.

    I faced a few issues on Skype and would appreciate if you can help me

    a. Skype Contacts

    I have over 173 of these contacts, only 13 are shown.

    No matter how I tried to scroll up and down, go left & right. Something missing here ?

    b. Skype contact names display

    It only shows Skype USER ID , not the name that it is saved under / displayed on normal skype (PC)

    Eg ID is john1234, display name is 0 John (buddy)

    Only “John1234″ is displayed.

    c. Incoming skype call ringing.

    I did not hear anything. Only a flashing screen got my attention and an angry caller (my girlfriend) at the other line saying taht i did not want to pick up the call.

    My notification for Incoming call is set to ON for sound and maximum volume.

    Hoped that it you can direct me as to how to overcome these issues.

    d. A bulletin board forum for us to refer and discuss. It will also help your support team to reduce the number of us asking for the same issues to be resolved. (i think).

    Look forward to your patches and ver. 2.1 upgrade soon :-)

    Keep up the good work.



    Thank you.

  47. Hi Jimmy Ng,
    Thanks for your feedback and comments, we areally appreciate that.

    First of all, let you know that we have a Nimbuzz Forum, where you can post and read other’s post and share your experiences and knowledge about Nimbuzz.

    You can post your comments there as well,

    In regards of the issues reported:

    a. We are aware of this issue, normally if you have less than 150 Skype contacts, you should not have this issues, and we are working in order to solve this issue for users that have a large contact list.

    b. We were not aware of this issue and we will look into it in order to solve it in upcoming releases.

    c. This is a client issue which we are investigating and expect to have solve in nexts upgrades.

    Thanks for your comments, we also have received your mail and we will also respond to it.

    Kind Regards

  48. I am using nimbuzz version 2.0 on Nokia E51, the problem still exists in this version is that Skype contact name does not show. Where is the option of changing ringtones or chat alert?

  49. iwas usig sip (my web calls .com)until i downloaded the latest version of nimbuzz on my nokia e71 phone 0n april 6… till now it has not been rectified. i used to type the settings in “others” of the sip if i do in the others it shows the adepto provider as active…may be both are sipagate but before i never encountered such problems

  50. There are a couple of things I would share.

    1. The battery life still needs to be revisited. This is the first thing I noticed.
    2. During SIP call the dial tone has been changed to a nimbuzz default, it was far better in old version where you got the original tone (It helps to identify whether the other party got the ring or not)

    v2.0 as such has many good features as well. At last I can change ringtone.


  51. @yasm61 We are aware of this issue and our developers are working in order to get this solved soon.

    @rakshith SInce the last Symbian upgrade we are experiencing some issues with specific SIP proiders.

    We are investigating this issue, Please confirm which SIP provider are you using so we can investigate further.

    @Abhi, Thanks for the feedback. We are already looking into the battery life issue and we expect to improve it in upcoming releases.
    In regards of the dial tone, we will investigate if this can be changed back.

    Thanks & Regards

  52. OMG!
    I’ve been wating for ages for the red hang up button to be fixed

    restarted Nimbuzz tomuch times thanks to that button

    great update!
    I’m sure 3.0 will be above expectations! (if there will be!)

  53. Hello,

    Congrats on new release!

    Can you please make somehow option to have multi account via same IM network. Like to have 2-3 ICQ accounts online at same time, and 2-3 GTalk accounts.

    This is something which is hugely in need in this arena, Agile is doing it.

    Thanks for great product!

  54. Good job, guys! The interface has leaped light years in terms of improving the user experience (I know, since I’m an interaction designer myself!)

    Keep up the good work!


  55. but how to change our IM “status” (busy, appear offline, away, etc) after log-in???
    i can’t find the option for that….

    and where is the buzz (for ym!) or nudge (for msn) button???

  56. @rakshith
    Thanks for letting us know our Team is working in order to solve this issue as soon as possible.
    Remember that you can also contact Nimbuzz SUpport Team via mial to or at our Nimbuzz Forum

    Thanks for your feedback, we really appreciate that!
    We are constantly working in order to improve our application and add more features. Definately there will be more Symbian versions after the 2.0!

    Indeed this feature is not implemented yet, but we are considering adding it in the near future.

    Thanks for all the comments!

    Kind Regards

  57. there is one loss why you can’t use nimbuzz as a substitutes for your normal connection.
    that is that you can’t sent sms.
    then you can use nimbuzz whith a internet annual season ticket and you can make phone cals and sent sms for nearly nothing.

  58. @Bugge
    Stay tuned at our blog, we will announce it next week as soon as it is available to be downloaded!

    @Johny Stulic
    Thanks for your feedback, we really appreiate that.
    At the moment it is not possible to be logged in with 2 or more accounts per protocol, only one.

    Our team is studying the possibility to add this feature but unfortunately we cannot fix a date for it to be done.

    Sending Nudges to Windows Live Messenger contacts is not possible yet with Nimbuzz; we will let you know as soon as this is available.
    In regards of the status, you can change it on your Symbian device:
    Go Nimbuzz Tab > click on the Profile bar
    On the “Me” Tab scroll down and clcik on the Status, you will now able to selectbetween : Online, away, busy, appear offline and sign out.


  59. hi… 1st thing nibuzz is superb…
    but i got a problem..
    while im using nibuzz….if i got a call.. nibuzz is disconnecting then its not connecting even after hang the call… and saying connection faid…not even htttp connection also…. so now im unable to use nibuzz in my nokia 5320xm edition….

    i use both 1 and 2 versions also… same problem im facing…

    pls help me

    my network is vodafone … im from india

  60. السلام علي ماتبع الهدي
    بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    استفسار عن برنامج يم باز المشغل علة جهاز الكميوتر هل يوج في شات ام لا وشكران

  61. Hello, I am been wondering when you could apply touch support for Java version? I have an LG dare and a little familiar with the phone. I might try testing making my own touch support for it. Although there is also some issues with some softkey buttons.

    The right action menu like mostly its Cancel doesn’t work. That is very unfortunate because that forces me to close the program all together just to re-open it. Now Nimbuzz is by far amazing so I don’t expect it to be perfect anyways. In my eyes it already is. Just tackling some minor issues would help out as well.

    I would like touch compatibility with the Lg Dare (VX9700), and also fix the keys. I assume touch compatibility would eliminate the key function errors.

    Above all the applications is superb and works like a charm.

  62. Can you add some smiles in the next version and fix the problem about battery life?…and why i cant add only a skype contacts?

  63. @narasimha
    In regards of yoru comment:
    -Due to technical reasons we have removed the Http connection from the symbian 2.0 version

    We will consider the possibility of adding it back again in the future.
    -About Nimbuzz crashing when receiving a call, can you please give us more details about it? are you using SIP calling?
    In which language are you using the application?

    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

    In order to help you to salve your issue and get your feedback, can you please write to us in English?

  64. @Squalo
    Stay tuned to the Blog! We will be announcing it this week here!

    The application should be hiding and running on the background when you press the red button.
    We will look into this issue to test if it is not working properly on your device model.

    Kind Regards

  65. @HellaTruvios
    We actually do not officially support your device, since we do not have a version for it.
    Currently your device is using LG’s Operating System which we do not support.
    It might be possible that the device works fine with the version from another device, but we can actually not recommend any compatible version.
    We will let you know if we support this device in the future.

    About the emoticons, at the moment you can use while chatting on your mobile 11 different emoticons, while you are typing your message, you can press on options> send emoticon.

    On the PC client you can type yourself the emoticon, and it will be converted into a happy face or the one you typed.

    We will add more emoticons in the future.

    Let us know if you have more questions,


  66. @G.I.O
    Actually it is not possible to add Skype contacts via Nimbuzz.
    Our Team is woking in order to add this feature in the future.
    Thanks for your comment.

  67. since my webcalls is not working on nimbuzz can i use the other accounts like voiphit or voiceglobe on nimbuzz. are they working fine

  68. can any one tell me which is the cheap and best sip provider on nimbuzz.have been trying 2 sip providers to use on my nokia e71 without sucess..these where working fine in the previous version of nimbuzz.. dont no why nimbuzz had to change a perfectly working version with a version which doesnt work at all..

  69. can you add a function of bloging? That user could have his nimbuzz blog…and to let other users view his/her blog right in the program

  70. @G.I.O.
    Are you thinking about an specific device? let us know and we will informyou if that device will be supported in the future.
    In regards of the add a function for blogging, it seems an interesting feature suggestion which we will consider in teh future. Thanks!

    Thanks for your comment we are glad to read that the application works fine for you!

    @R.C hidayat
    Can you let us know if you get any error message when trying to send a file?
    are you trying to send the file to a contact from another community or to a Nimbuzz contact?

    Let us know and we will ocme back to you as soon as we can.

    Kind Regards!

  71. no,not any specific device…..its just nimbuzz 2.0 uses more ram and kills my battery in (max. 4 hours)and would be nice if you add Data compression …it wastes more trafic

  72. Look, it have no error message. Just cant read my files from phone memory & memory card so i cant sent any files or take any pictures from my phone camera.
    One more thing i cant change the avatar also.
    I think its doesnt support my handset yet….
    What shall i do?

  73. @G.I.O
    Thanks for the feedback! we are constantly working in order to improve our applictaion and we will make an effort to improve the baterry life consumption in upcoming releases.

    @R.C hidayat
    Sony Ericsson P1i has a Symbian Operating System UIQ that we actually do not officially support.
    we have Java version for it but it can have some small bugs.
    We will take your issues into account for next Java releases.

  74. Hi all! I have problems with the voice calling (skype / gtalk). Nimbuzz is freezing on my Nokia E66. The same thing happens even when I try to call helpboot. Does anybody have the same problem? Thank you!

  75. hi everyone! the old version was much perfect. cuz sip is not working with this new one! can any body tell me how to get the old one please!

  76. @sohail
    You can type that on your Personal Message, which will update also your Personal Message in other communities you might be registered, then your friends will see you are on Nimbuzz.

    In order to help you to solve this problem, please sent an email to our Support Team with the following information:
    -Nimbuzz version in use
    -Phone model and brand
    -type of connection
    -Service proider and country
    -error message received if any

    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

    @big user
    Due to technical reasons we do not provide old versions, however we would like to help you to solve this issue, can you let us know which SIP provider do you use and which error message do you have?

    Thanks & Regards

  77. sip doesnt work on i hav shifted to talkonaut..the older version of nimbuzz was much better

  78. I can’t see my YM contact on Nimbuzz. It works well for msn and facebook. Please help. I’m using Nokia E71.

  79. @rakshith
    The SIP gateway is currently working fine can you please be more specific on your question?
    Do you have any error message? Which is the issue that you are experiencing?
    Remember taht you can also contact us via mail to

    If you want to see your contact Yahoo contact list you have to register or log in that community, you can go to Menu> Options > Communities > Yahoo

    Log in and your contact list will appear in a few seconds.

    Let us know if after that you can still not see your contacts.

    Thanks & Regards

  80. the nimbuzz is not good for me….because…..???????????????????????????????? n I wan’t to give the comment to nimbuzz but i’m sory I can’t speak english well….hehehhehehe….:)

  81. you are never respect my words.
    i have been waiting for long time for this app that support my handset.
    i was told you before.
    im using SE P1i.
    i can sent any files or pictures or capture any photos from my phone camera.
    i cant change the avatar also..
    its no error message just its doesnt support my handset yet…..
    so, what shall i do for this???
    i love this much…..

  82. sip is not working for me.. i dont no about others…i dot understand why u had to change a perfectly working nimbuzz with a version which doesnt work..

  83. @acoeybrahma
    Can you please be more specific on your query?
    Send us a mail to and we will help you out to solve your issue.
    Let us know which handset you have and the error message you receive if any.

    @R.C hidayat
    Sony Ericsson P1i has a Symbian Operating System UIQ that we actually do not officially support.
    we have Java version for it but it can have some small bugs.
    We will take your issues into account for next Java releases.

    Let us know which SIP provider do you use and which is the error message you get if any.
    Do you have problems with the audio?
    Issues when receiving calls?
    Let us know.
    Remember that you can also check our Forum to help and be helped by other Nimbuzz users

    Thanks & Regards

  84. i have given you this information may be more than 3 times..i have checked your forum too… i had been using my web calls sip provider in your previous version of nimbuzz,since it was not working on your latest version i tried voip hit,whish also was unsucessful… i dont get any error messages,i just cant make calls but can make skype out calls..

  85. iam terribly sorry…sip is working fine …it was my mistake i dint notice the icons onthe top … i regret for what i have written

  86. can you add a function..wich will inform that other user has changed status during the chat ??

  87. @rakshith
    We are glad to read that the application works fine for you!

    Thanks for the suggestion, it sounds as an interesting feature, we will consider adding this feature in future releases, however we cannot fix a date for it to be implemented.


  88. Nimbuzz works great for outbound SIP calls, but I can’t receive inbound calls. Do I have to change any of the default settings to permit inbound SIP calls?

  89. In relation to skype out. Most countries in the Mobile world is caller pays. What I would like in nimbuzz is the ability to have separate call type choices in options > settings > calls > call provider > skype out > call type for incoming and outgoing calls. For example, internet data calls for incoming calls and dial up voice calls for outgoing calls or vice versa. For example if I was using dial up voice call mode for incoming skype calls my skype account will call my australian mobile number. This number like most caller pays countries needs skype credit (which I won’t get) outside an all you can eat unlimited world subscription at US20c (AU27c) a minute to make the voice call to my mobile. I want to be contacted on my usa and aussie “virtual landline” skype in numbers instead via my mobile internet data connection at AU 0023c a min or AU 14c (US 10c)an hour. At the same time I have included domestic aussie mins to use on my mobile phone service. I want to use voice calls to call out (with an optional popup override choice to do this) for those times a 3G data connection is unreliable or not present. Please add the ability in the settings to set internet or voice calls separately for incoming calls and outgoing so i don’t need to change it all the time.. An easy way to override a internet call into a voice dial up voip call or vice versa maybe thru an optional pop up screen enabled item in the calls option somewhere. That seems to be the only thing missing from nimmuzz. Your program kicks frings butt! The only other issue i have is with the names of skype contacts. In many cases i can only see the skype name not the displayed nick as on a home pc. This can be confusing if you don’t recognize the skype name of someone you know as somebody else. And of course this definitely applies to my skype out contacts that are caller id numbers without an associated name. Fix these things and you will be invincible on the symbian platform. Arguably you are already!

  90. when will you start working on skype? I want to see what my skype friends have wrote on their status massage or their picture..will you add this function on nimbuzz?

  91. Hoped that all my 350+ contacts from Skype, MSN, Yahoo, Facebook can be shown. Now i only see about 20, and not their nicknames, tags or photos.

  92. @Cam
    Thanks for your extended explanation and suggestion.
    We will consider your suggestion and forward it to our Development Team.

    Due to technical reasons it is currently not possible to display Skype’s friends avatar or picture.

    @Jimmy NG
    Check if you have the option “show offline contacts” in Nimbuzz? Go to options > contacts, and select ‘show offline contacts’.
    If you still cannot see your contacts please let us know the following:
    How many contacts per community do you have?
    How many contacts per community are you able to see via Nimbuzz?
    Can you see the status of your contacts correctly (online/offline)?

    Let us know,


  93. im using sony ericsson p1i, i downloaded nimbuzz but it doesn’t work at all. i was using nokia n78 before, nimbuzz works well there but in my p1i, it doesn’t. please help me with this….pls pls pls.

  94. @meera
    the Nimbuzz Support Team will contact you via mail to help you out to solve your issue.

    We do not officially support your device.
    your device has a Symbian Operating System UIQ that we actually do not support.
    we have Java version for it but it can have some small bugs.
    We will take your issues into account for next Java releases.

  95. Hi I have 550 odd contacts on facebook but Nimbuzz imports only an exact amount of 400 contacts? Is that a norm? Or can it be increased? Moreover when i deactivated the windows live account,it failed to delele two contacts and now isn’t importing any contacts either. How do i fix this? Thank you

  96. Does it support sending SMSs through Skype using Skypeout credit (without using my mobile service provider’s network)? Because my service provider has extremely high rates for international messages (almost $1 per message).

  97. @Kunal
    We are working on the Facebook gateway and some stability issues might be experienced.
    Thanks for your patience and understanding.
    In regards of the WIndows Live Messenger reported issue, we are not aware of it.
    Can you please describe the steps you have done in order for us to reproduce this at our offices?
    Let us know if you are using Nimbuzz on Mobile, PC or Webchat and the version in use.


    We currently do not support SMS sending via Skype.
    We will study this option to be added in the future.

    Thanks & Regards

  98. Hey. I’m using NImbuzz on my mobile phone and i think its Nimbuzz 2.0 . I’ve sorted it out by deleting those two contacts on my laptop which eventually resulted in the deletion of those two same contacts on my phone. All the other contacts were synchronized perfectly after. It’s only facebook now that is not getting activated. Kindly let me know if you guys make any progress on this issue. Thank you

  99. @Kunal
    Thanks for the update, deleting contacts is at the moment just possible via the community client itself and not from Nimbuzz.
    If you have deleted those contacts they will not appear on Nimbuzz afterwards.
    In regards of Facebook, our Team is working in order to solve this issue as soon as possible,
    Thanks & Regards

  100. Having issues log-in onto MSn quite alot via WiFi in the past couple days. Issue on MSN gateway or soemthing else? Just checking as its annoying to not be able to check. Thanks

  101. @yu888
    We are not aware of any issue related to connecting your Windows Live Messenger account.
    Do you get any error message when this happens?
    Let us know and we will investigate it.
    Thanks & Regards

  102. recently bought blackberry curve…downloaded nimbuzz.tryin to call skype contacts which was not possible. want to clarify if calling is possible or not.

  103. 1) Email feature would be wellcome
    It doesn’t have to be push email,just sychronizing every-5 minutes

    2) Keypad lock is a MUST HAVE feature. When unlocking my phone going directly to Nimbuz. Fring does that, so it cant be hard

    3) I know it is to much to ask, but Can I get my sms to nimbuzz inbox?

  104. @Christos
    Thanks for your features suggestion.
    We will let our Technical Team know and we will study the possibility of adding it in the future.
    Please let us know if you have more suggestions or question.
    Kind regards.

  105. Hi there. I’ve been using Fring for a while, but this new Nimbuzz looks to meet my needs just as well, but in a different way. So I’ll use it for a bit so see how it goes. (Discovered Nimbuzz while searching through blogs for clues on the fring facebook sign-on problem.) Lookin’ good so far. Cheers :-)

    Feature Suggestions (if technically possible)

    – List Skype “Phone number” contacts with the Skype ‘phone’ icon instead of the ‘tick’ icon. (Maybe coloured in ‘Skype blue’ rather than ‘Skype green’ to make it easier to discriminate from the normal online Skype contacts).
    – Display the status of these contacts as “Phone” instead of “Offline”. If possible, list the status using the Skype configured phone number type and the actual phone number, e.g. “Phone [M] +18005550100″, “Phone [H] +18005550101″, “Phone [W] +18005550102″, “Phone [O] +18005550103″.
    – When initially populating the Nimbuzz list with these contacts, use the Skype ‘Name’ of the “Phone Number” contact for the Nimbuzz ‘Display Name’ of the contact. This would save a lot of re-editing time to the Nimbuzz list.

    List Skype “Phone Number” contacts under the ‘Phone calls’ tab instead of the ‘Nimbuzz’ tab. Better still, list them under their own tab, as they may substantially duplicate the contacts derived from the mobile phone’s Address Book contact list.

    Provide a yes/no configuration option to list Skype “Phone Number” contacts.

    Provide a yes/no configuration option to list the mobile phone’s Address Book contact list.

    – List _all_ available phone numbers for each contact derived from the mobile phone’s Address Book contact list. (This would mean including fields that commenced with the ‘label’ strings “Tel”, “Mob”, “Int” and “SIP”.)
    – Use a different icon to flag the different basic number type.
    – List the full ‘label’ together with the phone number on the status line, e.g. “Tel. (business) +18005550100″. [Note: it is possible for a contact in the mobile phone’s Address Book to include multiple fields that have the same ‘label’, but normally with different ‘value’ data’.)

  106. I just tried Nimbuzz for the first time yesterday, and it is a fantastic, fantastic service. I got a Nokia N97 recently and your App is the first one that has really made me feel like I’m getting the most out of my smartphone.

    I second the requests for sms sending: I too have a provider that charges extortionate fees for international sms.

    Sms on Skype using Skypeout credit would be the best, but even if you had SMS through SIP clients (not sure if this is part of standard protocols), I would sign up to one of them just for this functionality.

    Keep up the good work, I am spreading the news about Nimbuzz.

  107. @lesiki
    Thanks for your interest and suggestion!
    We will let our technical team know and they will study the possibility of adding it in the future.
    Let us know if you have more suggestions or questions!

  108. I’m using Nimbuzz in my Nokia E65. Up to last month I used the HTML data connection but now this is not available to me any more and I’ve left with WAP connection ONLY. My Nimbuzz doesn’t recognize wap and allways send me to the web instead of connecting through WAP as I set it. Any suggestions ?

  109. @doublem
    Thanks for reporting to us.
    Currently Nimbuzz application doesn’t work if you are using HTTP connection, and you are forwarded to Nimbuzz Wap version. We will consider the possibility of adding HTTP connection in the future but no fixed date for it yet to be implemented.
    Kind regards.

  110. Nice program, excellent sound quality when using Skype on Nokia 5800. Few bugs I discovered:

    1. Earpiece always reset to middle after start the program.

    2. Phone only ring once every 10 sec when incoming call from Skype, have to physically unlock the phone, then click on Accept to answer the call. So, if I didn’t heard the first ring, I would missed the call. It would be nice if the ring can rang continuously without the 10 sec in between, and I can click on Accept without using the slider to answer it.

    3. When MSN logged in on other machine, Nimbuzz with display the warning message. It will not give any incoming notification until I clear up the warning message first.

    4. Would be nice if it will auto sign-in again after losing Wi-Fi signal.

  111. @Ben
    Thanks for letting us know!
    We will consider your suggestions and we will try to reproduce the issues you described. We will come back to you in case we need any additional information about this or if we have any updates.
    Kind regards.

  112. hii … im useing nimbuzz since a week ,,its a gr8 one but its disconnecting every 5 or 10 min
    im using nokia 6120c

    the same proglem with friends using nokia too ..sooo i need some help

  113. Nimbuzz sip call doesnt work on nokia e66. It could connect call but no sound instead of ring sound. How to get it?

  114. @sako
    Thanks for reporting to us.
    Please check if your internet connection is stable.
    Which Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Are you having issues of disconnecting when navigating on internet as well?
    When disconnected from Nimbuzz do you get any error message? Which?
    On which country are you using Nimbuzz?
    Please let us know and we will come back to you.
    Kind regards.
    Are you able to call to your IM buddies via Nimbuzz?
    Currently we do not proxy SIP Voice Streams, which means that Nimbuzz just connects you to the Sip server and the audio and voice connection is managed by your SIP provider.
    If you have this kind of issues, please contact your SIP Support Team and let them know.
    Thanks & Regards.

  115. I have a nokia 5800 XM, i recently downloaded nimbuzz on my phone.
    Unfortunately its not working, the error message i get is “Connection failed, retry or goto nimbuzz webpage”
    I am using a vodafone connection in India, state Andhra Pradesh
    I can access internet using the phone so its not a problem of connectivity. I have looked through various forums but haven’t found a solution, plz help

  116. @Aditya
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Could you please be more specific?
    Which type of connection are you using?
    Note that Nimbuzz does not work on Http connection. Only Socket.
    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

  117. Nimbuzz still not showing skype contact names. Please fix it. I have more than 100 skype contact names. It’s very confusing when I only see the numbers. Thank you.

  118. @Jack
    Thanks for reporting this.
    We are aware of this issue and we are expecting to have it solved in upcoming updates.
    Thanks & Regards

  119. i was using nimbuzz since 4 months on my n73 i was happy but 1 fine morning i go through to its new version by mobile itself and downloaded it but it was replaced to my old version and nomw iam not able to upload my old user id and password to new version of nimbuzz 2. i still have the remaing bal of 6.5 euro in that so whats the solution for my problem. i ll appreciet if you reply as soon as possible.

  120. @kabir
    Could you let us know which kind of issue are you experiencing?
    You should be able to login without problems with your username/password.
    Do you get any error message?
    Does it appear before or after introducing your login details?
    Let us know!

  121. @M Bandhani
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which due to technical reasons does not include the VoIP calling feature.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  122. Nimbuzz work properly on my nokia N70 but badly work on my SE P1i i cant send any file or pic. and it work also on my New Nokia E72 as good as on N70……
    I want it work also on my SE

  123. @Ricky
    Thanks for your interest.
    Currently your device SE P1i is not officially supported since it uses a OS that we do not fully support.
    We have made a Java build for users like you to be able to chat with Nimbuzz, but it has a different features that the Symbian version.

  124. I have just installed Nimbuzz 2 on to Nokia E63, everything is great, using sip with my current voip provider works like a charm with minimal setup needed. I must congratulate Nimbuzz on a fantastic product!

    I would however like to know basic information regarding call data usage, i have noticed that 6-8 mins of call using sip will use around 6mb of data each way, totaling 12mb per call, sound correct??

    Thumbs Up from me!!

  125. @Darkat70
    Thanks for your feedback and comment.
    Currently the amount of data transfer for SIP calls differs from one provider to another, so we cannot give you an accurate answer.
    If you would like to know an average number, we suggest you to contact your service provider and ask them for the supported codecs.
    Send us this information by mail to and with the codecs described we can calculate, otherwise we would not know.

  126. well your nimbuzz mobile application for the symbian 60 phones is awesome .. but now i’m using sony erisson P1i mobile which is a symbian UIQ3 mobile and i did not find nimbuzz software which is compatible with my phone .. i hope U would help me out by releasing an application which supports my phone

    thanks and regards

  127. @salman
    We do not provide older versions.
    Let us know if you have any issue with the latest version

  128. Nimbuzz has stopped loading on my Nokia 5630, after loading the contacts it just disappears. I have uninstalled and reinstalled it several time but it din’t work. What to dooooooooooooo????

  129. @Yasmeen
    Could yo let us know which type of connection are you using?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?

  130. I am using the latest version 2.02 and have used both the connections, my mobile network, as well as over wifi.

  131. Its dnt work at nokia 7610 its get restart if anyone try to add you also it gets hangs when u open the inbox,its gets restart if anyone send you any thing i.e picture,voice or text messege.Hope you wil fix these issues

  132. @Xpera
    We recommend you to update the application to the latest version available on our site (2.3)

  133. Nimbuzz works a treat on my N97 for outbound SIP calls using iinet(AU) but can’t receive inbound calls? Any advice? Thanks

  134. @ausper
    We do support inbound calls and in this case, you might have a registration issue from your SIP provider side.
    For assistance about this issue, please contact directly your SIP provider.
    Kind Regards

  135. it would be nice to have an auto start option so it starts when you switch on your phone like the android phones have.

  136. @jimbeam
    Thanks for your suggestion, we will take into account for future improvements.

  137. hi dear sir
    i am installing nimbuzz in my nokia e65,,but when istalation complete then displays UPDATE ERROR..PLZ GIVE ME SOLOUTION FOR THIS PROBLM


  138. @m khushnood
    Could you let us know which exact error message do you receive?
    When does it appear?
    From which site are you trying to download the application?
    Let us know

  139. early i am using old nimbuzz version . it’s support skype then i update to new version but it couldn’t support skype, please can you give me a solution.

  140. I have a problem after I update in E71. It will work only once if I exit and reopen it will not work. Then I have to reinstall nimbuzz on my mobile then it willl works only once then I have to repeat the same. can you help me in this?

  141. @jijo
    Thanks for reporting.
    In order to reproduce and fix your issue, could you let us know the following:
    Which Nimbuzz version do you use?
    Do you have a twitter account registered on Nimbuzz?
    Which IM communities do you have registered on Nimbuzz?
    Do you get any error message when you try to reopen the application?
    Let us know

  142. hi
    i have a problem and need help plz
    i was on yahoo messenger last nite and my webcam was on and i didnt on my cam since and in the morning i went online for few mins and left, i came back online in the afternoon and my wife was on nimbuzz and we talked for a while and suddenly she told me my cam was on while it was off and then 2 mins later she said my cam went off, is it possible its a problem from nimbuzz that happened and that it showed my webcam on and then off witout it ever being on
    thank you
    i am sorry i didnt know where else to post :(

  143. Iam using samaung galaxy fit s5670 . I installed nimbuzz for chatting in my mobile. But i can chat with only my phone contact number friends. I dnt want this version. I want to chat with over all friends who all are in online. So which version i have to download for my mobile.

  144. @kannan
    You can download Nimbuzz directly from your phone browser going to

  145. Hi
    Am using SE P1i; after installing nimbuzz am not able to use the touch screen for creating user.. Pls. help

  146. @Sukesh
    Which exact Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Do you get any error message?
    Let us know

  147. I have updated today with version 3.01(0) and in this version when I am making SIP calling the dialer tune is replaced with nimbuzz default which will not give any idea about the status of the other party. Please advice from where I can download the older version..

  148. @Afish Ahamad
    Sorry, due to technical reasons we do not offer older versions.
    Could you specify which exact issue are you facing on the New version?

  149. my mate is using nokia5800 and using nimbuzz for int. calling but whn he try to call he just get dialing number keep hearing same tone we have tried to download it again ans store app. on phone memory also we format our cellphone too plz give us solution what to do nw….

  150. In new version of nimbuzz when I make a sip call I am hearing a nimbuzz default dialer tone irrespective of the actual dialer tone

  151. @Afish Ahamad
    could you be more specific on your query?
    Do you mean the calling ringtone is different now?
    To which Nimbuzz version are you referring?
    Let us know

  152. let me be more clear on my query
    my nimbuzz version is 3.01(0) and the problem is in this version I am hearing a default tone when I am making a sip call where in the former I can hear the actual dialing or status message(the subcriber is switched off/unreaheable etc.,).The effect is that we can hear the ringing tone even the other party mobile is switched off(please note these all are when I am making sip calls).
    I hope now the message is clear

  153. @ Afish Ahamad
    Thanks for reporting, we have addressed your issue and our dev. team will investigate it.

  154. The caller ringtone issue was not in the 3.0 but recently I updated to the latest then I am facing the same issue ie calling through sip giving defult tone while the other party switched off even we are eagarly waiting for thier responce.please look in to this bug.
    Thanks nimbuzz team for your effort.

  155. why new version of nimbuzz doesnt work on my mobile (sony ericsson, vivaz pro) ? it says certification problem, or the data is expired… something like that ! so plz help me. thanks .

  156. @hamed
    On your phone go to MENU- TOOLS – APPLICATION MANAGER. Check your setting by going to OPTIONS – SETTINGS and your will see Software Certification, set this to ALL if it isn’t already set. And if you also see the option ONLINE CERT CHECK set it to off.
    Now make sure your phone date is correct. As the latest Nimbuzz was released about 2-3 weeks ago if your phone date is earlier then 3weeks ago you will get a certification error telling you to check your phone date or something like that.
    So just be sure your phone date is correct and that you downloaded the most recent version of Nimbuzz.

  157. I have installed nimbuzz in my newly bought Sony ericsson Vivaz U5 but it doesnt support calling function. Please advice.

  158. @Afish
    We currently do not support calling on Non Nokia Symbian devices like yours, that is why you cannot finde the calling feature.

  159. @ Rifa
    Thanks for letting us know, but, due to current technical limitations we do not support calling on Java based devices.

  160. I am using nimbuzz on nokia E66 but whenever I try to call through SIP am not able to hear sound even though the call connects and destination phone rings too but am not able hear the ring too.
    I tried different SIP providers but got same problem

  161. @ehtisham
    We do not proxy SIP Voice Streams, which means that Nimbuzz just connects you to the SIP servers and the audio and voice portion of the call, is managed by your SIP provider.

    For assistance on this issue please contact your SIP Support Team and let them know.

    Thanks & Regards

  162. I have Nokia X2-01, trying to download Nimbuzz from Ovi store , says missing X transaction header ? What is this ? How to rectify it ?

  163. @DoroNokia
    If you have trouble downloading from Nokia Ovi store, please try directly from our site:

  164. @hey – We do not support your device yet. We are constantly working on new releases that support more devices.

    Unfortunately we cannot fix a date for it to be done yet, we suggest you to check regularly our website to see if your phone is listed. In the meanwhile you can also use the wap version of Nimbuzz on your phone browser at

  165. i have downloaded nimbuzz 3.60.1 in my nokia n73. Earlier everything was alright but now i could neither upload my profile picture nor send or receive any picture or video or voice mail nor any other person’s profile picture. Feeling like blind,deaf nd dumb here. Try to solve my problem user id in nimbuzz is XXXXX. reply in my email id too.

  166. link again provide me 3.60.1 for my nokia n73 which have already installed.your serious observation and honest help regardinh the specific problem is required in this regard.please avoid making generalised statement.

  167. @virendra – We request you to send your query directly to with your device and network operator name since, this issue requires further follow ups. We will respond to your query within 48 business hours.

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