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ambassador-spotlight_may-candidatesMay’s Ambassador Spotlight is here! 2009 is flying by, and we’re happy to present the 2 Nimbuzz Ambassadors to highlight to the rest of the global Nimbuzz community: Please welcome Thomas, from Germany, and Bagus, from Indonesia!

Visit Thomas’ XING profile (in German and English) to read how he’s become an expert in international mobile telecommunication and in avoiding roaming fees.

Bagus is an active moderator for a large Nimbuzz fan community in Indonesia with a forum (in Indonesian and English) called, going strong with over 1,500 members.

We asked Nimbuzz Ambassadors Thomas and Bagus to explain how Nimbuzz saves them money. Here is what they had to say:Thomas, (pictured on left) who runs Nimbuzz on his Nokia E63 saves money with VoIP Calling: “After using PalmOS PDAs and Smartphones for more than 10 years now, in January I chose my newest phone model because of its ability to use mobile VoIP. Now I’m a very happy owner of a Nokia E63, a phone which fulfills all my expectations.  Before I bought it, I tried out especially Nimbuzz v1 on friends’ devices and seeing it work perfectly, with my SkypeOut, made the decision clear.

As a mobile nomad, in every country where I own a local SIM card and have mobile internet access, I feel at home. Why? Using my local German, Swiss, Austrian, UK and US landline numbers from SIP operators + Skype (where my friends and customers can call me as if I was there), and any of these calls just ring on my Nimbuzz wherever I am.

And not to forget using my 10,000 free SkypeOut minutes Europe wide with Nimbuzz in crystal clear quality (not like other mVoIP apps on the market) to stay in contact with friends and maintain my business. Yes indeed, Nimbuzz enabled me to switch completely to mobile VoIP for my business communication too!”

Bagus, (pictured on the right) who runs Nimbuzz on his Sony Ericsson P990i saves money with instant messaging: “In Indonesia, you must pay IDR 350/SMS, while GPRS costs IDR 5/kb, and with Nimbuzz, I can send so many messages for only one SMS cost. So, Nimbuzz  helps me save money to communicate with my friends. Moreover Nimbuzz is also connected to another IM as Yahoo! Messenger and GoogleTalk. And also, the Buzz feature allows me to invite my friend to get online in Nimbuzz in real time way. That’s why I always recommend Nimbuzz as the best and the cheapest IM for mobile phone to my friends.”

(If you want to reach out to them, we are sure there is enough space in the comment section for additional information and feedback )

Currently, this section is designed for our Ambassadors and their opinions, suggestions and experiences about Nimbuzz – for their continuous help with improving our product. Want to become an Ambassador and see yourself on the Nimbuzz blog and newsletter? Send us an email, to find out how.

Nimbuzz has been asked by Skype to remove support for all Skype services, effective October 31st.  For free and cheap international calls from your mobile you can still use Nimbuzz and NimbuzzOut ;).

More information you can find here.

16 thoughts on “Nimbuzz Ambassador Spotlight

  1. “And not to forget using my 10,000 free SkypeOut minutes Europe wide with Nimbuzz in crystal clear quality (not like other mVoIP apps on the market)”

    Uuuh, did i miss something? 10 thousand free SkypeOut minutes with Nimbuzz? Anyone care to explain?


  2. @Neomotion
    The minutes that Thomas (our Ambassador) is talking about refer to his own SkypeOut subscription which he uses via Nimbuzz.
    Let us know if you have more questions.


  3. @Nimbuzz Support

    Thanks for clearing that up. I really thought i had missed something.

    Really love my Nimbuzz+iPhone combo. :-)

  4. @sajinseethi
    If you want to make calls via Nimbuzz to land or mobile phone numbers, you can do it via SIP.
    a list of SIP providers can be found here
    So you can make your own account. After that:
    You can go to Options > Settings > SIP Accounts to register an account.
    After that you can place VoIP calls via the Phonebook.
    Please note that SIP calling is at the moment available for Symbian devices, iPhone and PC.
    Hope this information is useful to you, let us know if you have more questions,

  5. i installed nimbuzz in my P990i. but i can’t find way to make free skype voice call. menu selection only have chat. why? thanks for any guide

  6. @john
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz, which does not include the calling feature.

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