WIN a Nokia 5800! Take the Nimbuzz survey


Take the Nimbuzz survey and WIN a Nokia 5800 xpress music touchscreen phone!

9 months have passed since the last Nimbuzz survey and lots has changed. With this survey we would like to find out more about you, the hyper-connected and super social Nimbuzz users out there. What impact did Nimbuzz have in your life?

As an incentive for spending 5 minutes to complete the survey we are giving away 3 brand new Nokia 5800s at random to 3 lucky winners. The lucky winners will be contacted in the week of June 15th and will get a mention on our blog as well!

This survey will end on June 15th  2009 so hurry before it is too late. Thanks in advance for all your help, and Good Luck!

68 thoughts on “WIN a Nokia 5800! Take the Nimbuzz survey

  1. I entered i recommend others entering it really helps Nimbuzz shape there application but i personally think its perfect as it is just needs to add but no big issue there but this survey takes less then 5mins so you got nothing to lose.

  2. Just took the survey and hope improvements can be made as to the direction of which I answered the survey.
    Always nice to enter something where something is on the line so it just doesn’t hurt eh..

  3. One more thing…How can i get in touch with Nimbuzz creators my email address has been written in the box where it says so if they can see that can a the creator contact me its important

  4. about 2 months ago
    i saw that mobile and loved it
    i decided to buy this mobile
    but now I’ll w8 the prize :D:D

  5. @everyone i hope i win i’ve wanted a xpress music mobile but can’t afford it.

    @nimbuzz cheers guys i got your email & will be in touch shortly


  6. @troy : “i hope i win….. but can’t afford it…..” try to get sympathy?? so what?? me too n as well as many people out there… i believe nimbuzz is a fair company… do the survey n pray harder…

  7. @Karen – Sympathy? Are you kidding me i’m stating a fact i have wanted a xpress music mobile i’ve been eyeing up all the xpress music range cause i ran a non-profit record company so the xpress music phones will work well with it & i also said non-profit which means the money has to come from somewhere & that somewhere is me hence be tight on funds & not be able to afford a xpress music mobile or a N95 or N85 i ain’t looking for sympathy ok so just wanted clear that up.

  8. & sorry i meant i run a non-profit record company
    Oh & yes i agree Nimbuzz is a company & all companys have to be fair & yes i agree Nimbuzz is one of those fair companys & how they draw the winners will be completely random i know that so no matter how much i suck up or try to get quote “sympathy” in the end the support team doesn’t pick winners based on who asks the most or who they fell sorry for its random.

  9. Got that right..
    In end all should be fair or else it wouldn’t be a competition right?
    Sure lots of people wish to walk away with this sweet little phone [my brother has one and I take it for a application ride whenever I can] but there can only be 3 and everyone has a fair chance methinks.

  10. jus took the survey:)..i have been using ♥N♥, since i bot my s60v3 device..i would like to use N on s60v5 mobile..waiting for the moment:D:D

  11. @Troy.. Just giving my 2cents heheh..

    Off topic question:how many people are fulltime mobloggers/mobile users?
    mods feel free to remove this question if it was out of line. .

  12. @Coisy – i’m one my mobile is my online internet access without it i’ll be unable to operate Sparkz or do anything i’ll be bored thats why i look after any phone i have its like a baby to me :)

    @Nimbuzz Support – I notice you put at random in bold (i don’t know if BBcode works in comments so sorry if you see things)

    @Karen – There you go Nimbuzz made it clear they don’t play favorites everyone is treated the same that is how a company is meant to run if i win, i win if someone else wins well done.

  13. @Nimbuzz Mods – please take out the second bold BBcode in my above comment i didn’t think it would work i apologise for that misuse of code

  14. Thanks for this sudden opportunity….Look forward to have my name in the lucky zone :)

  15. I love the Nokia 5800. A fabulous alternative for the overly hyped (and priced) iPhone. Camera, Audio Player, Touch screen, Nice resolution. This will be my next phone, definately.

  16. Nimbuzz is more than just a program, it is a tool to enjoy and communicate with others.

  17. this is the craziest mobile site i.e chatting site.Guys comme socialize and win the cool Nokia phone

  18. Awesome. Nimbuzz has actually made quite a few improvements since I used it last. The chance to win a drool-worthy phone is just extra incentive.

  19. how greatful can i ever be if i ever get the opportunity to win the music express phone with nimbuzz the greatest chating application

  20. I used many chatting soft like yahoo masseger,mig33,facebook etc.But I have got best pleasure by using nimbuzz.By nimbuzz massenger I can find my all friends, so it is very helpfull to is also easy make online calls.In few days nimbuzz become a unique massenger to me.
    Thanks for a nice software

  21. Remember: Nimbuzz did say within a week of the 15th so all you can do is pray & wait :) Good Luck to everyone who entered

  22. Well, the winners will be notified this week, according to “winners will be contacted in the week of June 15th”. We’re all hoping we’ve won – of course. You’ll either win, or you won’t, no point tying yourself in knots, eh? Besides, they won’t publish the names of the winners until the winners have confirmed via email.

  23. Yo dudes just to tell you that in france, if i connect thanks to “bouygues” the connection fails each ten seconds , its very weird , it might come from them…
    thanks to tell me what you think,
    if i connect with wifi , it’s fine ….

  24. @Neigebauehr
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Continue enjoying Nimbuzz and keep us always updated with your opinion!
    Kind regards.
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Great to know you enjoy Nimbuzz!
    Keep us updated!
    Kind regards.

  25. Now i have using nokia 2300 very old model,when i search mobile models in google this 5800xpressmusic has looking Romantic and stylish and i am thinking how can i buy the mobile if i have luck surly i won it the 5800xpressmusic

  26. @prabhakaran
    We already have a winner for that device.
    Hopefully you are more lucky in another contest.

  27. I enjoy reading this blog. Could tell me how I can go about keeping up to date with it? I feel I should let you know I discovered this site through Google.

  28. @giveaway
    You can subscribe to the RSS feed pressing the “subscribe” button on the right menu bar.

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