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This blog post was written by our guest writer Arne Hulstein who describes himself as being passionate about people and relationships, active in marketing, sales, consultancy, innovation, entrepreneurship (Meetial founder) and evangelizing -Young Life!

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Arne was one of the first Nimbuzz Ambassadors in Netherlands and he always helped us improve our clients by offering valuable feedback. Last week, when going to Somesso he offered to demo Nimbuzz at the conference, so we lent him an iPod Touch with Nimbuzz installed. This post is about his experience there, and how Nimbuzz helped him stay connected!

As I walked through the club lounge of the gleaming Emirates Stadium in London, I grabbed my favorite communication device from my pocket. Though it would be an unusual choice for many, it was this device that had put my N95 on the backburner. I had been using an iPod Touch for the last couple of days for all my calls and I had been loving every minute of it. It had become my perfect communication device overnight without ever connecting to a mobile provider or using anything as mundane as a SIM card. All it took was Nimbuzz and Wi-Fi.

To be honest, I have known Nimbuzz for quite a while. In fact, I have used it a lot. But only on my pc and my S60 powered N95. As I left for London to visit the Somesso conference, I made a stopover at the Nimbuzz offices to grab an iPhone version of their latest software. Expecting some improvements over my own S60 version, I went on my way pleased to have a new toy. However, little prepared me for the joy the iPhone version gave me over the S60 version. Seriously, it is something you ought to get yourself an iPod or iPhone for. It is just such an improvement. Usability has improved, but the best improvement was the phone call option.

Now you can use any VOIP network you happened to be part of and make calls through it from your device. And that is what I did. As an active SkypeOut user, I could now put Nimbuzz to work for me by using it as my phone. And I did. I have made a mountain of calls to contacts all over the world through Nimbuzz over the time I was in London. And it worked great.

The whole episode of the iPod and Nimbuzz did get me thinking. What is it that I really need from my ultimate communication device? I would need something that I could use to call people regardless of their whereabouts against low cost. A device that I could use regardless of the country I would be in and that would give me the cheapest way of connecting to people regardless of where I would be. On the other hand, I would also need to have something that people could call into. The cheapest way for people from all over the world to reach me. Regardless of where I would be at the time. VOIP and its various providers would be a great way to do this.

So if I would narrow it down, I would need to be able to carry a device in my pocket that could connect to the internet from everywhere and that could access my VOIP providers. And it is possible. Nimbuzz already provides the software side to do it. And as the new iPhone 3.0 software gets released I am hoping that it might also enable me to be online in the background as my regular phone connection would allow me to. Then all that is left is affordable international roaming. In fact, right now I can say that I am almost dreaming of an international UMTS provider. A provider that would supply me with an unlimited UMTS connection at a fixed price wherever I would be in Europe and not blocking VOIP functionality.

Online all the time and allowing software like Nimbuzz to give me control over who I use for my calls regardless of where I am or who I want to call. Because in the end, it is all about providers facilitating my communication instead of me shaping my communication to suit my providers’ network.

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Nimbuzz has been asked by Skype to remove support for all Skype services, effective October 31st.  For free and cheap international calls from your mobile you can still use Nimbuzz and NimbuzzOut ;).

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