O2 launches Toshiba TG01 with Nimbuzz in Germany

O2 Nimbuzz Toshiba TG01 Launch

We are proud to announce that O2 is launching the highly anticipated Toshiba TG01 handset with Nimbuzz preinstalled, right now, across all O2 channels in Germany!

Toshiba’s TG01 was first unveiled earlier in the year and ever since everybody is looking forward to get their hands on the hottest 4.1 inch screen mobile out there.

It is a great achievement for  Nimbuzz to be the social messaging partner of choice for Toshiba and O2. We worked closely together with Toshiba and O2 to deliver the lifestyle communications features on the Toshiba TG01 for contacting all of your friends across multiple networks from one place. This collaboration is about enhancing the “hyper-connected” lifestyle of mobile users today.

The ultra-fast TG01, powered by a 1GHz Snapdragon chipset, with a 4.1 inch screen, is the most powerful handset on the market and perfectly suited for multimedia on the go. Matching the needs of the super connected users, it brings video, gaming and social networking experiences from the PC to the mobile.

Nimbuzz  empowers the social networking capabilities of the new device. A central icon on the main screen will launch Nimbuzz and allow the users to connect and interact with all their friends on the most popular instant messaging and social networks.

Hiroyuki Goto, Technical Director, Toshiba Information Systems (UK) Ltd, Mobile Communications Divison says: “We chose the best of breed mobile content to accompany such a strategic handset for our business and are delighted to offer the TG01 with Nimbuzz as our social messaging partner for the launch of the device with O2 Germany.”

Below is a demo video of the Windows Mobile version of Nimbuzz.


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14 thoughts on “O2 launches Toshiba TG01 with Nimbuzz in Germany

  1. It’s Interesting that the Toshiba TG01 only has two buttons on the front – the home and the back buttons – and they look capacitative at that. The dial and hang-up buttons are implemented within the soft key area which is new in a WM device.

    Share your views at http://www.TG01.org the site is only for TG01 users.

  2. Just received my TG01. Slim and sleek, the only problem I have is you cant hear the phone ring or the voice in the sat nav, I have turned the handset volume to max but still no good. Surely Toshiba hasn’t spent so much money on developing an iPhone beater to fall down by the simple fact you just cant hear the ring or media applications. Does any one know of any application settings that might solve this issue?

  3. @Jon Gilbey

    We are aware of this issue related with the sound going into the earpiece instead of the speaker.
    Our development team is working in order to solve this issue as soon as possible.
    Thanks & Regards

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