Nimbuzz Poll results: 44% returning to find out more about Nimbuzz features


Results are in from our blog poll (see question and results above). Thank you for your time and for your votes.

44% of you return on the Nimbuzz blog to find out more about the new features and 39% were visiting the blog for the first time!

We are happy to see these results, we are constantly updating the blog with new info about our latest features and always answering your question in the comment section. Since most of you come back here,that  means we are doing  a prety good job (Just to be a little modest) :D .

We hope to see you more often in the future and remember:  Feedback is always welcome!

Ambassador Spotlight


Our Ambassadors love to help us test all our beta releases each month and we are really happy to see that they are really active. Now let’s put them in the Spotlight so everybody can meet the guys that help us make Nimbuzz better.

This month they share what are the 3 features they would add to Nimbuzz and why.

Leila, from England, who runs Nimbuzz on her iPhone, Blackberry and Web says: “The obvious choice for me would be to have Twitter integration. I am a “twitaholic”, with over 10,000 tweets in just over a year, so this would make things so much easier for me.


How students can save money traveling across the world

Stay Connected

Yey!!!  July is here and for most of the students that means that it’s time for a study-break :D .

While some of you already packed your bags, got a map and bought tickets for a nice trip across the world, others might go abroad for an internship or for a Work and Travel experience.  Or maybe you just made plans to visit a long lost relative in the Never-Never Land or at least you have a friend who might do that.

Well, I would like to tell you how you can save your money for more important things like beer fruit juice, while abroad: Using Nimbuzz.

Staying in touch with our friends and family it’s really important but the roaming fees, for a traveling student with a fixed budget, are kind of expensive.  Also taking your laptop with you just to be available online for your friends is not an option when you DEFINITELY need that extra pair of sun glasses :D!

So how exactly can Nimbuzz save you money?


Nimbuzz winner of the AlwaysOn Global 250


We are excited to share with you that Nimbuzz is in the AlwaysOn Global 250 List!

The AlwaysOn Global 250 List features the top 250 emerging private companies that are creating new business opportunities in global technology industries. The winners were decided by the AlwaysOn team with assistance from KPMG’s emerging business practice, KPMG VC practice, then consulting hundreds of venture investors, investment bankers, and technology insiders.

Being listed for the second time, after receiving AlwaysOn Global 250 award ‘ 08 (among companies like Facebook, Twitter) for game-changing technology and market value in 2008, demonstrates that we are going in the right direction!


Nimbuzz Poll results: 45% connected on Facebook


Results are in from our blog poll (see question and results above). Thank you for your time and for your votes.

45% of respondents keep up to date with Nimbuzz on Facebook, and 21% via Twitter. No surprise there, being one of the most important Social Networks at the moment, with more than 250 million active users world wide, Facebook takes more and more of our online time. We use it to share, comment and connect with our friends, get in touch with our favorite companies and see what they are up to.


Reminder: Join the EmotiContest (ends July 27th)!



We would like to remind you that there is one more week for you to submit your own emoticons in the contest! (deadline is 27th of July)

In the “Nimbuzz EmotiContest” you get to design up to 5 emoticons for Nimbuzz: Design the emoticon(s),  send it to us and we will pick a winner whose emoticon(s) will be available on all Nimbuzz clients!

Everyone is invited to participate!

Checkout all the details about the contest guidelines, dates, and details.

Help us spread the word around and tell your friends!

Nimbuzz loves Apple – NEW Mac and iPhone!

Nimbuzz Loves Mac

Yes, we do and many iPhone users love Nimbuzz too!

That is why today we are launching  Nimbuzz Apple suite, which brings Nimbuzz to your Mac [download Nimbuzz for Mac] and iPhone [download Nimbuzz for iPhone], matching the familiar design and UI style of Apple products you are used to, and unique features you haven’t seen!

Check out all the features in the video below and get more details after the jump:


Toshiba TG01 launches in Italy with Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz on TG01

After being launched in Germany, 2 weeks ago, the Toshiba TG01 handset continues its European launch and is now available in Italy with Nimbuzz pre-installed from Euronics.

That sounds like good news for the 47 million mobile users in Italy, and especially for the 25.9% that are already mobile media users (ComScore). The Italian owners of the new TG01 will be able to connect and interact with all of their friends from the most popular Social Networks and Instant Messaging communities with just one touch from the main screen.  Our partnership with adds even more local social appeal to the Toshiba TG01‘s launch in Italy, since‘s  users can connect directly with friends using Nimbuzz on the’s website.

By being pre-installed on the handset,  we aim to simplify and enhance  the daily “hyper-connected” lifestyle of the TG01 mobile user.

Curious how Nimbuzz runs on the Windows Mobile O.S.? Watch the video below:


TechCrunch Europe Awards WINNER: Nimbuzz – Best Mobile Startup

The-techcrunch-europe-awards- Winner

Great news everyone, Nimbuzz won Best Mobile Startup category at the TechCrunch Europe Awards 2009 for European and EMEA companies!!

This award is a big deal for Nimbuzz and great recognition from industry leaders, expert advisors and influencers from all over the world.

We are extremely proud of this achievement and the fact that we are welcoming nearly 1 million new Nimbuzz users per month! Everything is moving towards the top right, and that’s a great thing for everyone.

Thanks to all of you for your support and votes! Together we did a great job!! Check out the award ceremony picture with Mike Butcher and our very own Geoff Casely (courtesy of @mathys).




Nimbuzz shortlisted as Best Mobile Startup at Techcrunch Europe Awards


Last week we were nominated at Techcrunch Europe Awards, today we are happy to announce you that Nimbuzz is on The Europas Shortlist in the  Best Mobile Startup (EMEA) category.

The Techcrunch Europe Awards will honour the best tech companies and startups across the web and mobile scene from across the continent of Europe.

We achieved this with your help so: Thanks for your time and votes :D !!!

The winners will be announced on July 9 at the Europe-wide tech awards ceremony in London. Tickets, unfortunately, are sold out.