Nimbuzz Poll results: 41% of Nimbuzz users have an unlimited data plan


Results are in from our blog poll (see question and results above). Thank you for your time and for your votes.

41% of the voters use mobile internet with an unlimited data plan and 28% have a prepaid connection.

I remember reading a ComScore report back in March, saying that “the number of people who accessed news and information sites from their mobile phones in the U.S. more than doubled from January 2008 to January 2009“.

Mobile internet usage is growing really fast at the moment and with over 4 billion mobile subscribers at the last count,Vic Gundotra (Vice President of Engineering for Google’s mobile and developer product) predicts that for the first time ever, half of all new connections to the internet will come from a phone in 2009.

Great news for us here at Nimbuzz. We believe that the mobile internet is the future and we are happy to see these statistics and predictions. The fact the majority of Nimbuzz users have an unlimited mobile data plan (41% ) indicates the demand for and the value of mobile internet, further supporting the above predictions.

If not on an unlimited data plan, the poll results show, our voters are using a prepaid plan (28%).  While the unlimited option is ideal, I know that not all of us have the option of using this type of connection, but it shows the demand of people wanting to go online with our mobile phones.

The option I thought would be your first choice (because it’s free), Wi-Fi, was actually the last. 25% of you are using mobile internet over Wi-Fi. I believe that Wi-Fi connections will be used more and more in the future. Nowadays the chance that you will find this type of connection is pretty high: in restaurants, bars, fast-food places, cafes,hotels, or public parks.

Also, choosing unlimited or pre-paid data plans doesn’t  necessarily exclude the fact that some of the you also “cruise” on Wi-Fi when it is available. I know that I do :D !

For all the Nimbuzz users we highly recommend to get an unlimited data plan, as this means endless fun on Nimbuzz without worrying about incremental data charges from yourprovider.

What is a data plan? A data plan is a monthly/yearly mobile interent subscription which specifies that maximum download limit and the price to be paid.

Curious where the votes came from? Check out the voting map below!

Also, a new Poll is live for you in the right sidebar of the Nimbuzz Main Blog:  “I’m connected with Nimbuzz on:” Go ahead and vote. Tell your friends to vote too!


58 thoughts on “Nimbuzz Poll results: 41% of Nimbuzz users have an unlimited data plan

  1. I have a problem in connecting with facebook, i couldn’t connect to face book. I would be glad if you could help me. Thanks.

  2. Is there an issue with calling skype or MSN contacts in the USA using local dial-in? Dialing goes well but then get a message ‘you call could not be completed’. Pretty annoying! (can’t even call the helpbot) Also the bug with the country-settings page is still not fixed, correct?

  3. @Rik
    We are not aware of any issue related to the US land line used to place Dial Up VoIP calls.
    Can you let us know were are you located in US and your provider?
    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

  4. hi there,

    why did you downgrade the updated version of nimbuzz application (for s60) in your website??? (from version 2.0.2 rev. 1442 back to version 2.0.0 rev. 1276 again)

    for safety reason, do i need to re-install again to version 2.0.0 rev. 1276?

    please answer it or at least to my email!

    thank you :)

  5. Really number of U.S users has double? But i rarely meets american there. Specially in chat rooms. I would classify it as:
    1. Indonesian
    2. Indian
    3. Egyptian
    4. Pakistan
    5. Philippino
    6. Iraqian i think?
    I’m not sure but U.S very least people. There’re more british than american?… However, its true nimbuzz is expanding in new territories, hope we get to meet new people around the world… japanese perhaps? Eh! I must be dreaming…

  6. Nimbuzz is doing great efforts to make this software even better but sometimes it takes lots of time…

  7. I have a problem in connecting with facebook, i couldn’t connect to face book. I would be glad if you could help me. Thanks in advance.

  8. @Anonymz03*
    The map above represents the location from the people who voted to this poll.
    But we are happy to know that Nimbuzz has users everywhere around the world.
    Thanks for your comments and support!

  9. @AcaHari
    We are currently experiencing some issues with the Facebook Gateway.
    Our Team is already working on it in order to solve this issue as soon.
    We will announce it as soon as it is available.

    Some of our users reported bugs and issues which were not happening on the previous release, that’s why we rolled back the version to be downloaded from our site.
    We are already working on those reported issues and we will have a new update soon.
    Thanks for your interest!


  10. Lotta Thanks for Great program!! Best mobile program I had ever seen!
    Thank you for your Job!

  11. I need to know why nimbuzz simbian version have no room manager option? Do you stel working on it? Simbian is suitable for my nokia n80 phone but for managing room i have to use java version. Java is not suitable for my phone. Its take time too open. And for writing text it open notpad and that disgasting. Please make a simbian nimbuzz with room managing option. Plz plz plz……

  12. @Pavel
    Thanks for your comments and feedback!
    The managing option is currently available on Nimbuzz Java full version.
    We are studying the possibility of adding this option to Symbian devices as well.
    We recommend you to use the suitable version for your phone which you can find on our website
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  13. I’m wondering if the Blackberry version of Nimbuzz could be made to work over wi-fi, not just network data connections (i.e. GPRS or 3G)? It would really be handy to have it work over wi-fi like Instango. Thanks.

  14. @irsan_tedja
    Our Application can work on Wi-Fi
    Let us know if you have any issue related with it.
    We are working on a new Nimbuzz version for BlackBerry devices; we will announce it as soon as it is available.

  15. Hi Andi, thanks for your reply. How do you know if Nimbuzz is working through wi-fi or 3G?

    Let me re-phrase the question, how do you make sure that Nimbuzz connects through wi-fi and NOT 3G?


  16. @irsan_tedja
    Make sure you are using the manual access point selection on Nimbuzz and then select the wifi point to connect.

    Please let us know if you have more questions!
    Kind regards.

  17. @Nimbuzz_Support

    I am on Nimbuzz for Blackberry, and on Connection Type I only have the following options:

    – Socket (Recommended)
    – HTTP
    – Nimbuzz Web Client

    Could you please point me to where I could set the connection type to ‘Manual Access Point’?


  18. @Nimbuzz_Support @Andi
    Truly appreciate your replies.
    Since I am NOT on BES or BIS (only on limited data plan), could I just confirm that when “Socket” is selected that Nimbuzz will DEFAULT to WI-FI?
    I just don’t wanna rack up $2k bill because I use Nimbuzz extensively when in wi-fi coverage.
    Is there a way to check whether Nimbuzz is using wi-fi or network data (3G) at a given time?
    Thanks! :o)

  19. @Nimbuzz_Support @Andi
    By the way, I doubt that setting the connection type to “Socket” actually makes Nimbuzz for Blackberry use Wi-Fi.
    I just tested it by swtiching of voice/3G network on my Blackberry and got this message: “Connection Warning – The connection has been lost. Nimbuzz is trying to reconnect.”
    I also checked my Status, and I couldn’t set it to be “Online”

  20. @yvette
    Thanks for your interest.
    Using SIP, you can make cheap calls to a landline and regular mobile phones. With Nimbuzz SIP support, you can make Internet calls via the Nimbuzz Phonebook feature by adding any SIP provider you already use. Costs depend on your SIP provider rates.

    SIP calling is mostly used to make cheap international calls. A list of SIP providers can be found here.

    You can go to Options > Settings > SIP Accounts to register an account.
    After that you can place VoIP calls via the Phonebook.

    Hope it helps!

    @Aca Hari
    Great to know you enjoy and all is working perfect! Please let keep us updated with your opinion!

  21. Hi,

    I downloaded Nimbuzz on my Blackberry 8900. When I try to launch it, i get an error message saying that the internet connection failed.

    I do not have a date plan. However my wi-fi works fine and i can use the opera mini to look at sites. My friend who has the nokia e71 has no problem using Nimbuss on wi-fi.

    What could be the problem?

  22. @sr
    Indeed we have problems with BlackBerry devices working with Wi-Fi connection.
    We are working in order to develop a new and improved version which will allow BlackBerry devices to connect via Wi-Fi
    We will announce it as soon as it is available.

  23. hi.. im am new user of nimbuzz tx for wonderful softwear well I rote u b4 plz answer me . im useing HTC touch and I was downlod nimbuzz from nimbuzz version is 1.2.1 beta d problem is that when I was called to my friend who is useing nokia 3200 & msn is on his mobile he shown online on my nimbuzz bt when I call him he dint get any msg or link to pic a call & here in my mobile its ringing on his number plz help me out reply me on my e-mail … thx

  24. @hinoor
    Can you please be more specific?
    Are you able to place the call?
    If not, do you get any error message?
    If yes, which one?
    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.


  25. thnx andi to replying me so kind .. as I told u whenever I call to my frd its showing ringing there bt he dint get any msg or link to pic a call . and my sied no error msg just ringing . tell me 1 thing what my frd also need downlod nimbuzz if we want to talk ? tx waiting for reply .. regard’s

  26. @hinoor
    Thanks for your feedback and for reporting to us.
    We are aware of some issues when calling MSN 2009 which are already being solved and will be implemented soon.
    Thanks for the understanding.
    Let us know if you have more questions!
    Kind regards.

  27. i have a problem when i try calling my friends on yahoo mesenger, my phone is nokie E63,
    my friends say they can hear me, but i cant hear them,
    i can chat with them without any problems,my only problem is just calling,
    It there a setting that needs to be adjusted?
    Or is it that the application is not working well with my unit,
    my unit has nothing wrong with it, i can make a normal phone call and play stuff,
    so i dont know whats wrong, please help me out, ^_^

  28. @vernon
    Thanks for reporting to us.
    Which internet connection are you using?
    Please check if your wifi/operator is not blocking. Nimbuzz audio requires TCP socket connection to port 5222.
    This is a Nimbuzz requirement.
    In order to investigate this issue can you please let us know your Nimbuzz and Yahoo ID and the date and time this problem happened?
    Thanks and regards.

  29. I tried installing n running the Nimbuzz v1.5 for blackberry today but it shoots up some java.lang error. i have a bb bold 9000 and cant seem to understand wats causing this issue. could some pls help me.

  30. @Deven
    Thanks for reporting to us.
    The new Java version is supposed to be to Java devices and we are building the new version exclusively for Blackberry devices which we hope to release soon.
    For incompatibility reasons you are receiving this error message. We recommend you to get the previous version that is still available on our website on
    Let us know if you have more questions!
    Kind regards.

  31. @Nimbuzz Support

    Thanks very much for your reply. Just 1 question though, is there a site or mailing list I can sign up from where ill be updated of the next release for Nimbuzz for Blackberry bold 9000?

    The current version I have is 1.0 and it keeps asking me if I’d like 2 update to 1.5? How would I know if this particular version has been fixed or not?


  32. @Deven
    Thanks for your interest!
    Currently you can keep making use of our blog for all Nimbuzz news.
    You can also have access to test versions before they go live on our Ambassadors program.
    Would you like to participate and be an Ambassador?
    Just send an email to us at
    Kind regards.

  33. i have an unlimited data plan, and online nimbuzz 24 hours a day on my nokia E71…but i got problem,
    nimbuzz cannot instantly reconnecting whenever a connection is lost..
    is there any auto-recconection?? thx

  34. @jajano
    Currently there is no auto-reconnect feature.
    However we are working in order to have this implemented in future releases.

  35. hi, i tried to use nimbuzz in my samsung sgh g600.but when i try to usn nimbuzz it shows a message “java erorr”.so what should i do now?

  36. @sami
    Can you let us know which Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Where did you download it from?
    When does the error message appear? before or after introducing your account credentials?
    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

  37. @nyck
    We currently do not support your device.

    We recommend you to use the Wap version of Nimbuzz on your phone browser going directly to

    We will consider adding this phone to our supported devices list

    Thanks & Regards

  38. sister have a ANYCOOL T818 and she want very much to use Nimbuzz to her mobile.can she that?.thanks so much

  39. @nyck
    We do not support its OS.
    But you can still use Nimbuzz in the wap version going directly on your phone browser.
    Or in your PC!

  40. Gents,

    I have BB Bold 9700, and i try to connect to internet from 3G to Nimbuzz but it gives an error “error to connect to internet” even though i can connect to internet through the browser. Any solution for this?


  41. @Mohammad Al-Gammal
    Could you let us know which type of connection are you using?
    Which OS does your BB have?
    Let us know!

  42. @sanoj
    The SIP functionality is not available on BlackBerry and Java based devices.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  43. Hi, is it possible to make phone call using skype on a samsung jet with virgin mobile (uk) as a provider? i can’t find anywhere if the tcp port is open or not… which connection type should i use?
    thanks, franck.

  44. @Franck
    No, the Samsung Jet uses a Java version of Nimbuzz, which does not include the calling feature.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  45. That’s a shame, so there is no way to make sip or skype calls from a samsung jet…
    Anyway thanks for your quick answer!

  46. i have downloded nimbuzz but samsuog sgh g600 does not luanch as it prompts :java game error. is nimbuzz compatible with my phone

  47. @paul
    We do support this device, which exact error message do you recive?
    Form which site did you download it?
    Since when are you facing this issue?
    Let us know

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