Nimbuzz is “working on it”!

Hi Everyone,

Unfortunately our systems went down and we are working with our service provider to fix it.

This means that you are unable to use Nimbuzz.  Our team is doing their best to get everything up and running again as soon as possible.

Sorry about this, bear with us!

We’ll keep you posted on our Nimbuzz blog.


143 thoughts on “Nimbuzz is “working on it”!

  1. Good or bad news, i can’t say. It all depends on the experience on nimbuzz. But this news atleast shows a sign of hope. Tonight i will log onto nimbuzz and see the difference…

  2. You know, i thought because of this economic crisis that nimbuzz gonna close down..pheww…

  3. @All We are working with our service provider to resolve these connection issues we are having. Rest assured our team is working non-stop on this and that this is not a denial-of-service attack.

    We will be back up soon. Sorry about his and thanks for your patience!

  4. Hi, I entered to my widget this morning an the option call me was not there!!!, and I am reading that it is not available any more, please!! I need to use the call me option from the widget, How can I have that option again?
    Thank you for your time … :(

  5. @Alejandro Pinedo
    Thanks for your interest!
    Due to user feedback and technical reasons we decided to remove the widget calling option and we don’t have plans in a close future for it to be implemented back.
    Please let us know if you have more questions.
    Thanks and regards.

  6. Thanks for the answer, and I do have another cuestion, can I pay for the calling widget option?.

  7. @ori
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Are you using Nimbuzz on PC or mobile?
    Which version?
    Which communities do you have saved on your Nimbuzz and from which of them you are not able to see the avatar pictures?
    Please let us know and we will come back to you.
    Kind regards.

  8. Thought it wise to inform the community that once you install this software:

    A) any files, photos and such send via nimbuzz is stored on thier servers

    B) any files sent (and thus stored on the servers) are 100% public, unprotected, unsecured, unencrypted, accessable by anyone.

    I am currently viewing random people’s photo’s by entering random hash urls

    Thanks for your interest!
    For which device do you want a new version? And which improvements do you expect?
    Please let us know.
    Kind regards.

  10. @astoka
    Thanks for your interest!
    We are working in order to implement always the best based on user feedback.
    Let us know if you have suggestions.
    Kind regards.
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Can you please let us know some more information in order to investigate this issue?
    Which internet connection are you using?
    Are you using Nimbuzz on PC or mobile?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Do you get any error message?
    Please let us know and we will come back to you.
    Kind regards.

  11. I download .JAR and .JAD files for my Motorola RAZR V3, via your site choosing the brand and the model of my mobile phone. The problem is this. I can install Nimbuz and I pass the connection test and i got to Log In screen. I got an account too. But when I enter my login id and password and then when I hit the Sign In button, I got this message: “Application Error” and it closes the program. My RAZR V3 is unlocked and debranded, I got total memory space of 10MB and a free space 7.6 MB. All programs on my Motorola are working, like Opera Mini v4.2 and Opera mini v5, Email Sender, and a few more who uses my default Internet Web Session with no problem. I got a friend who is on the same mobile provider T-Mobile Macedonia, and he got Nimbuzz on his NOKIA working.
    So, I pass the test connection, Application starts, shows the Log In screen, we enter ID and Pass and when we hit the Sign In button I got “Application Error”.
    I install Nimbuzz 1.5 through a special program for installing JAVA applications on Motorola cell phones.
    I need Nimbuzz for the Skype mostly, cuz Skype Mobile is not supported by Motorola RAZR V3.

    Thank you in advanced.
    Boris, The Republic of Macedonia

  12. @Boris
    Thanks for reporting this.
    Could you let us know the exact error message you receive?
    Did you have any issue while downloading the application?
    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

  13. No not at all. I don’t have any download problem.
    I try downloading Nimbuzz through my cell phone. The application downloaded and installed without problem.
    I try through PC, not problem at all.
    The application installs without problem both ways.
    It runs without problem. As I said:
    – I start Nimbuzz without problem
    – I pass the connection testing, no problem
    – I got to Login screen
    – Put my Nimbuzz id and password
    – The moment I hit the Login button, I got message from my mobile phone “Application Error” nothing more. Or sometimes it shuts down it self without error message.
    And other thing is that after every error login it takes little amount of my internet mobile credit. Like, I got the Application Error message and after that I got something like 3500 bytes spend. It is a very small amount but it takes however.

    So, the login screen is as far I can go with Nimbuzz.
    I got a friend who instal Nimbuzz, the same version as mine (the last one) on his Nokia and runs it without problem. I got another friend who has Motorola Razr V3xx, and he got the same problem with the last version of Nimbuzz as me.
    If I may suggest something:
    Nimbuzz is great application, All in one. But sometimes, some people doesn’t need all those messinger, but they need, lets say, only Skype and MSN, or only Skype, or only MSN. So it would be great, like for us users and for the population of the Nimbuzz to make separate versions of Nimbuzz for every messenger you support, like some kind of Nimbuzz Lite versions (Nimbuzz for Skype, Nimbuzz for MSN, etc), understand? And ofcorse the main All-in-one version should be the Main application still.
    All other application on my Razr V3 runs without problem with my internet connection or data package (like, Opera 4.2, Opera 5 beta, Bolt browser, etc.)
    I got other program something like Nimbuzz, it is called WeBuzz, works the same as Nimbuz, but only supports MSN Live, Yahoo and GTalk. I can login to WeBuzz without problem and chatting with friends as long as I want. But the main thing is that I want it for Skype, cuz I use Skype a lot. It is for chatting (like most of the people needs it than for calling from it), than for calling phones.

    Best regards.
    Boris, Republic of Macedonia

  14. @Boris
    We will try to reproduce this issue at our offices and come back to you as soon as we have some more information.
    In regards of your suggestion, every user can just register in the IM community desired, one two or all of them, there is no need to create as many application as combinations of IM communities possible, when it is not mandatory to be logged in all of them.

  15. Oh really? Than thats cool. I didn’t know that cuz I didn’t manage to run Nimbuzz to see it’s performances, cuz of the problem I write you above this.
    Thank you for the quick response, I hope u guys will solve this problem, cuz I realy want Nimbuzz on my phone.
    However is there any Lite Version of Nimbuzz? I’m just asking in case, cuz maybe the original version of Nimbuzz is too much for my RAZR V3. In my opinion I don’t think that the size of JAR file of Nimbuzz is problem, cuz the WeBuzz I use on my RAZR V3 is almost the same size as Nimbuzz and that application works on my RAZR V3. I just need to ask this, sorry if I’m asking too much. :))))

    Best regards.
    Boris, Republic of Macedonia

    P.S. Anyway, I use to translate various programs on my native lanugage “macedonian”. So if there’s of need to translate Nimbuzz on Macedonian Cyrillic, I’ll be glad to translate the program.

  16. @Boris Macedonia
    While we are investigating and solving this issue, we recommend you to use the Wap version on your phone browser go to:

  17. Ok, that suggestion of yours worked on my V3. I used Opera Mini 4.2 to login into my nimbuzz account and I succeed it, thank you. When I try to login with my default V3 browser I couldn’t login, says Page cannot display. But when I try with Opera Mini 4.2 I did it.
    Thank you. :))

    So far this will do the job, I’ll wait for you to solve the problem with the JAR/JAD file.

    Best regards.
    Boris, Republic of Macedonia

  18. Oh, one more thing, through my PC browser I manage to add contacts from Live Messenger (MSN) and Yahoo Messenger, but I could not see where to add contacts from Skype, it isn’t on the list like the rest of the messengers and it says on the page that Nimbuzz supports skype too.

    Any help here?

    thank you :))

  19. @Boris Macedonia
    We currently don’t support Skype on the desktop versions including the Nimbuzz Webchat. Currently you can use Skype on Nimbuzz Mobile only.
    Please let us know if you have more questions!
    Kind regards.

  20. @Boris Macedonia
    Could you please let us know if on your V3 default browser are you able to navigate on internet on another websites?
    Please let us know.
    Kind regards.

  21. I guess u read my previous post above. I explain everything. But. yes I can navigate trhough my mobile default browser to other sites. I got today through the default browser to “” to try to download and try again the Nimbuzz. I get to the page and the page recognize my RAZR V3 as RAZR V3xx, but I’m sure that mine is RAZR V3, it is visible from it’s design. RAZR V3xx has a different design. So I hit download link provided for V3xx, I downloaded the application, and couldn’t install it, it says “bad file”. So I get again on the download site, changed RAZR V3xx into RAZR V3, downloaded the Nimbuzz and installed. After I install Nimbuzz, I run it, pass the Connectivity Test and I get to the Login screen. I enter my Nimbuzz ID and Pass, and the moment I hit Sign In, the program shuts down applying “Application Error” message, and after that I got a “3380 bytes spend” from my internet connection.
    Also through my default browser i can go to other sites like Facebook Google, Yahoo, etc.

    Otherwise, the other applications on my RAZR V3 wich uses internet connection are working perfectly. Read above on my previous posts I name them.
    Also a different program, very similar to Nimbuzz, called WeBuzz, is working perfectly and I can chat with my friends but only from Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo! Messenger and GTalk Messenger. They don’t support Skype, and thats why I need the Nimbuzz the most, for Skype chatting and maybe calling, but thats rare, cuz I chat mostly with my Skype Contacts.
    Look, I can picture my problem in images and I can send it to your email to see whats happens exactly. Just tell me where to send the images.

    Best regards.
    Boris, Republic of Macedonia

  22. Hi Boris,
    We are trying to reproduce this issue at our offices.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    We will come back to you as soon as we have some more information.

  23. Look, my cell phone is Motorola Razr V3, but, I flash it with a new clean monsterpack, cuz my original software got messed up. So, here’s the details:

    Flex Version: GSMV3xxT677GA164
    Technology: Quad-Band GSM
    S/W Version: R374_G_0E.42.10R
    DSP S/W Version: 62343400
    Data Ready: Yes
    Browser Ready: Yes

    Thats why my cell is recognized by Nimbuzz as a RAZR V3xx, and when I download Nimbuzz for this version, I couldn’t install it, cuz it’s not for that version.
    But, when I download Nimbuzz version for RAZR V3, then the application got install and got worked till I got the “Connecting…” screen, when it trys to Connect to Nimbuzz servers, then I got this “Application Error”.
    Wherever I connect my cell phone to some of the programs for Motorola RAZR, my phone is recognized by the program as Motorola RAZR V3.
    I don’t know if the Flex Version got to do something with Nimbuzz, but I posted in case u need it.
    All other programs I got installed on my cell phone and uses my internet connection are working, encluding the application similar to Nimbuzz, called WeBuzz. This program connect on internet without any problem. But this program doesn’t support Skype and thats why I need Nimbuzz on my cell phone.
    Hope this help.
    God bless

    Best regards.
    Boris, Republic of Macedonia.

  24. Hey guys,
    just two simple questions:
    1.When will Nimbuzz(PC) support Skype?
    2.Can I make conferences when using the already integrated phone on Nimbuzz(PC)?


  25. @Bishop
    Thanks for your interest.
    In regards of your questions:
    1. We are not planning to add Skype on Nimbuzz for PC in the near future.
    2. Do you mean calls to land-lines and mobile phones? This can be done if you have a SIP account registered.

  26. Thank you for your fast response.
    And in regards to your answers ;) :
    1. how comes? is it that skype doesnt want to? I dont know much about programming but it seems that it shouldnt be to hard to implement if it already works on the phone?!?
    2. no I meant the feature to call MSN contacts for example.. is it possible to do a conference call? or do you plan to integrate one?

  27. @Deepak
    Could you please be more specific?
    Are you not able to listen the other person?
    Are you calling to an IM contact? If yes, from which community?
    Are you calling via a SIP provider?
    Are you calling via NimbuzzOut?
    Let us know

  28. Did you solve the problem with ‘Application Error” problem at Motorola RAZR V3?
    Some guy from Nimbuzz contact me on my email to describe the problem (for a 4th time), and I did it, cuz I really wanna see Nimbuzz on my Motorola V3.
    Is there a new version of Nimbuzz comming soon?

    Best regards.

  29. Hello guys! I´ve been having so trouble logging into my count through my cel, I have a Nokia E71 unlocked. I´ve been able to connecto to my account through my PC but not through my phone. If you could please help me out, I would appreciate it. Thank you

  30. @Fred
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Are you getting any error message wen trying to login in your mobile?
    If yes, which one?
    Are you in a restricted network?
    Which type of connection are you using?
    Let us know.

  31. Hello queralt! sorry I wasn´t more specific I´ll try this time. The error that I am getting, says “that I’ve introduced a name o password not valid” Which is strange because I can log in through my PC.
    I don’t think I’m in a restricted network. I connect through my wi-fi at work, although it does have a password, I know it.

    Thank you for your quick response.

  32. @FredDoes your password or username contain non alphanumerical characters?
    PLease check the spelling and make sure you are typing the correct username & password combination.
    Note that the password is case sensitive and differentiates between capital and non capital letters.

  33. Queralt both, my username and my password contain alphanumeric characters. I’ve checked many times my cases just in case and I stil have the same problem.

  34. I’m using nimbuzz in my pc for last one year. 2 days before when i’m calling through nimbuzz the other party didn’t hear me as well as me. i’m not gettin sound. whats happening?

  35. @saji p s
    Could you please let us know more information in order to investigate this issue?
    Were you calling to landline numbers or to IM buddies?
    If calling to landline numbers, which call provider did you use?
    Which internet connection type are you using and on which country are you located?
    Were you able to have audio on your calls before when using the same internet connection you use now?
    Please let us know and we will come back to you.
    Kind regards.

  36. Nimbuzz on Vista Home Premium — logs me out after connecting for only 45 seconds! Makes it useless. Just upgraded from your last beta to 1.0.1.

  37. @emunch
    Vista users should upgrade the PC client while running in Administrator mode. To do so, first exit Nimbuzz by right clicking the Nimbuzz icon in the system tray and selecting “Exit”. Next, locate the Nimbuzz icon on your desktop, right click and select “Run as Administrator”. Nimbuzz will now start and once you sign-in you will be able to upgrade.
    Let us know if you still experience some issues.

  38. I already did that, I’m running the latest version of Nimbuzz. Even in administrator mode, Nimbuss never stays online for more than 45 seconds

  39. I installed nimbuzz in my mobile. During test connection takes more time and finally it stops testing and becomes idle.(No response from application at all)
    My phone is LG KE850. My data connection working fine in WAP and java programs like opera mini.

    Please help on this to solve this problem.

  40. @HelloTech
    Could you let us know which type of data plan do you have?
    Some Wap data plans allow you to browse internet and use applications that require internet connection, but use Http connection.
    Nimbuzz uses Socket connection, if your provider just allows you to connect to Http pages/applications you won’t be able to connect to Nimbuzz.
    Please try to use the wap version of Nimbuzz on your phone browser going to and let us know!

  41. i have the same problem that emunch have. but emunch is lucky because he can stay at least 45 second, in my computer Nimbuss never stays online for more than 10 seconds. i’m using Vista ultimate SP2…. anyone…. please help us…

  42. @sam
    Have you upgrade the PC client while running in Administrator mode?. To do so, first exit Nimbuzz by right clicking the Nimbuzz icon in the system tray and selecting “Exit”. Next, locate the Nimbuzz icon on your desktop, right click and select “Run as Administrator”. Nimbuzz will now start and once you sign-in you will be able to upgrade.
    Do you have any network restrictions?
    Let us know

  43. Hi, i’m not able to connect to Nimbuzz,
    i downloaded the software, but when i click on it, its not connecting….

  44. @Thomas
    PLease be more specific on your issue.
    Which device are you using?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Since when are you experiencing this?
    Are you getting any error message? If yes, which one?
    Let us know

  45. I have a Micromax q3 with a pre installed Nimbuzz application. All i get is the message “testing connection”… what do i do?

  46. @Sagar
    Q3 does not support EDGE but supports GPRS. Nimbuzz handset application on Q3 should work on “un-restricted” Access Points like “Airtel Mobile Office” or “Vodafone Mobile Connect”. On restricted Access Points like “Airtel Live” and “Vodafone Live” please try to use Nimbuzz directly from your handset browser by logging on to and let us know of your experience.

    For Aircel Pocket Internet users, Nimbuzz Application should now work on both Access Points: “Aircel GPRS” and “Aircel Pocket Internet”. If somebody is still not able to use Nimbuzz handset application from Aircel Pocket Internet please let us know which Aircel Circle you are from.

    For any Micromax handset related query you can call the Micromax call centre on the toll free no. 1860-500-8286 for further information.

  47. Hello! I have a question. Everytime I connecto to nimbuzz through me cellphone (nokia e71) I keep getting a friends request, its always the same one and deny it everytime but keeps coming back. I can´t remember de name but I think its something like chris…. Let me know what I can do to get rid of that. Thank you!

  48. @cesar
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    Which kind of issue are you experiencing?
    Let us know!

  49. request help to resolve the nimbuzz initailization error: when i open nimbuzz application it shows “TESTING YOUR CONNECTION” and it is not working.
    Pls pls help help.

  50. @jagadish
    After you installed Nimbuzz on your mobile phone you have to test the connection.
    If you receive this error message: “Testing socket connection…Failed, Testing HTTP connection…Failed” please go and check your data plan settings here and apply changes if needed.
    We recommend you to check with your Network provider as well if you are allowed on your data plan to use applications that require Socket connection.
    Some only allow Http and if this is the case you won’t be able to login on Nimbuzz.

  51. Hi,

    I am using Aircel pocket internet(Delhi Circle). On my Micromax Q3, Opera mini and MSN is working fine, But Nimbuzz and email are not getting configured.

    Nimbuzz is just keep on sticking to “Testing Connection”.
    Could you please help me to resolve Nibuzz issue. and also can you provide email setup for Gmail.

  52. Sir,i m having a prblm i m nt able to login into nimbuzz,as when i try to login it comes connecting…. But it dsnt connect. My connection is ok but i think there is sum type of prblm in the nimbuzz. Plz do sumthng as i m missing the nimbuzz fun. Reply

  53. @Raj
    Which type of connection are you using?
    Note that Nimbuzz does not work with Http connection but Socket.
    Let us know

  54. @Rustyguy780
    In order to investigate your issue, Let us know the following:
    Nimbuzz version in use.
    Type of connection.
    Since when are you experiencing this issue?
    Which network provider do you have?
    In which country are you located?

  55. @ ALL

    Nimbuzz issue sorted…
    Just ignore the preinstalled NIMBUZZ on Micromax Q3 and download latest one from
    New one is working for me without any change in setting, it is detecting my aircelgprs accesspoint automatically..hope this helps….
    Now just my email unitility is not working

  56. Hi, plz today i installed the latest version of nimbuzz on my nokia 6630 but when i open the application it starts connecting and it try to connect for several hours with no response. My connection in other appilcations as opera is ok. But with nimbuzz there is no connection. Am in egypt using etisalat wap. And socket connection in opera. Plz help me for this connection problem. Thanks

  57. Hi sir, plz where is the reply about my connection prob. I still have the proplem and can’t connect to nimbuzz through my mobile. Am in egypt using etisalat wap network. I can access the internet using socket connection in opera and mig33. And i logged in nimbuzz 3 dayes ago normally. But now i can’t and don’t know why??! Plz i’m waiting for help and reply about this issue. Thanks at all.

  58. @Mora
    We have been informed about a possible blocking in egypt.
    In order to investigate this, could you let us know the following:
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Which type of connection do you use?
    Which network provider do you have?

  59. Hello Sir,

    I am planning to buy Micromax Q3 Mobile phone i want to know that can i voice chat through nimbuzz in this mobile to other nimbuzz user or gtalk and yahoo?
    Please let me know which Micromax mobile support nimbuzz voice chat ? please reply asap.
    Thanx in advance

  60. @Deepak
    No, Micromax Q3 uses a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not support calling feature.

  61. Sir please suggest me some nokia and samsung mobile model which i can use for nimbuzz voice chat please reply me asap.Thanks for u r quick reply

  62. @Deepak
    Indeed your device does have the capacity to place calls using Nimbuzz.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  63. nimbuzz blocked by Airtel in india

    it was working a week ago and now it does not connect using airtel

  64. @Nagraj
    What makes you think that Airtel is blocking Nimbuzz?
    Could you please send us the link where you have read this?
    Which type of connection are you using?
    Since when are you experiencing this issue?
    Let us know

  65. i m using aircel net in my mobile but nimbuzz is not working on it please help me out. earlier it was working properly since last 2 months it was not working.

    please help me thanks in advance

  66. @sweta desau
    Thanks for reporting, could you inform us of which Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Please make sure you are using the latest version available.

  67. nimbuzz not working on my reliance gsm,aircel pocket internet
    but wrking well in idea,airtel,vodafone

  68. Hi shubham,

    Could you inform which device model and Nimbuzz version you have? And which error message you get when trying to connect? We will look into it.

  69. Nimbuzz is bloked by airtel..? I use mobile office plan.. It was working smoothly for long time.. But now it says reconnecting and not connecting.. Wat to do.:( its the best social networking app :) i miss it

  70. @prapanch
    We are not aware of any blocking by Airtel in India.
    We are aware of some connectivity issues in India, in which our Team is working on.
    Thanks for your interest.

  71. Hi Nimbuzz Team, Very bizzare but true, I am able to login to Nimbuzz thru restricted access i.e Airtel live.However i`m not able to do so thru Airtel Mobile Office.Please assist.I use samsung star.

  72. @Faheem
    Please check with your network provider, there is probably some restrictions on the Airtel Mobile Office Network.

  73. I bought a new micromax Q55 with pre installed Nimbuzz application with the GPRS setting my Wap site and opera mini browser works fine but when trying to connect to Nimbuzz it shows connection error… I tried to download latest file and tried to install it also but it says Default game can not be updated… How can I update that and get working or How can I uninstall that application and can again install it and get working it…

  74. @Kinjal
    Thanks for reporting this issue.
    Could you please check which Nimbuzz version you have on your phone?
    Which operator you use?

  75. @queralt escrich
    Thanks for the quick reply… The version already installed on phone is 1.5.0 and trying to install the files just downloaded from the site

  76. hey whts not able to connect to the nimbuzz since last 3 hours. nimbuzz guys pls do the needful..

    many getting anxious !!

    24.09.2010. 17:00 hrs IST.

  77. @raghavendra prasad
    We had detected some connectivity issues last friday, could you please try again and let us know if you are still facing this problem?

  78. @queralt escrich
    Hello still didn’t get any reply I am using micromax-q55 operator is Vodafone-karnataka and the version is 1.5.0 for nimbuzz but it is not connected either…Will it work on vodfone-live ?

  79. @Kinjal
    We recommend you to download the latest version available on our site. This should solve the problem.
    Since you have Nimbuzz already pre-installed, save the new update with a different name, then you will have 2 Nimbuzz icons, the last one downloaded should work.

  80. @queralt escrich

    I too have the same problem and followed the update Nimbuzz solution but it didnt work. I am using Micromax q7 with vodafone live. It try to login and later on showing the result :

    “Urgh, the connection attempt to the Nimbuzz server failed”

    i am able to connect to internet thru browser but nt able to use nimbuzz, pls help

  81. @sash
    Are you now using the Nimbuzz version 1.7.2?
    Where you abel to update the application?
    when does the error message appear? before of after introducing your username/password credentials?
    Let us know

  82. Hey M using mocromac q55 with tatadocomo m able to connect to FB,twitter,operamini but not to nimbuzz.y is it so.

  83. @Megz
    Which Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Which type of connection do you use?
    Which error message do you receive when trying to connect to Nimbuzz
    Let us know

  84. hey i m using nokia n73 having a reliance gsm connection since dis morning i m not able to make calls and calls i receive my voice didnot goes at other end
    the message im receiving on making calls is
    VoIP audio traffic may be blocked on ur current internet connection do u still want to place the call

    please help me out wat shud i do i tried reinstalling also

  85. @panks
    Which type of connection and network provider do you use?
    Since when do you face this issue?
    In which country are you located?
    Are you behind a firewall?
    Let us know

  86. i was facin this problem on Nov 12, 2010 but later resolved on its own but the issue arises is i can make calls but my voice doesnt goes on other side i cn hear the voice this is happening for gtalk calls also on yahoo neither i cn hear the voice nor the other person
    i gt one more problem my facebuk is not getting connecting i tried log out and log in again and again but status showing is connecting…,

    my country is india
    m using gsm unlimited service
    cannt say whether im behind a firewall or not

  87. @pankz
    Thanks for reproting this.
    We will try to reproduce the issue and come back to you as soon as we have some more info.
    Kind Regards

  88. Hey i’m having a lot of problem signing in to nimbuzz on my mobile, i’ve got the latest version, the internet is activated, yet it takes 10 to 15 retries before i can logon properly… please help..! I’ve got a samsung gt-m5650 handset & my service provider is tata docomo gsm

  89. @aqeel
    Your device is not listed as supported, which Nimbuzz version are you trying to use?
    We also recommend you to use the Wap version of Nimbuzz directly from our wap site going to directly from your phone browser.

  90. am not able to connect to nimbuzz, I have Fly CG588 mobile. I installed latest nimbuzz version 1.90 on it. After giving username a/c details, I get connection failed with “urgh, connection attempt to the nimbuzz server failed.”.
    My network is Reliance CDMA,India. Fyi., snaptu apps works fine on the same mobile. But also worth to mention I didnt know whether my WAP through CDMA works or not.

    Let me know How I can enable nimbuzz on my mobile.

  91. @keeran
    Thanks for the info provided, our team will have a look into it and come back to you as soon as we have an update.

  92. Hey guys, thanks a lot. My mobile is now on the supported devices list. Using Nimbuzz and I’m loving it! But I can’t see the option for skype. Please help! Is voice calling via skype on mobiles possible?
    My handset is Samsung M5650 Lindy.

  93. I am not able to connect to nimbuzz, I have Fly CG588 mobile. It is preinstalled nimbuzz version 1.6.0 on it. After giving username a/c details, I get connection failed with “urgh, connection attempt to the nimbuzz server failed.”.
    My network is TATA CDMA,India. Fyi., snaptu apps works fine on the same mobile. Also No PC suit available in fly official web site.

    Let me know How I can enable nimbuzz on my mobile.

  94. @hwaghela
    Make sure you are using the latest version available for yoru device onour site. You can check that on
    Update and let us know if the issue persist.

  95. @ronak
    In order to help you out, we need some more information, like device and version in use, type of connection, exact error message, location and operator.
    Could you inform of that to our support team?

  96. I’ve been using your application since you have started out and I can say that over time your service has improved vastly and I like it better than any other for the ease of inter connectivity among the many messaging platforms. Save one, Skype which now is competition!

    Still I find myself and the parties I connect to switch to Skype for reliable voice conversation due to clinging noises at times and network congestion other times which forces to end calls and redialing in attempt to place a good quality call.
    Sometimes I have the patience to do so but at times I just give up after several attempts and switch to Skype or others. And I know that the first thing one will say is the 3g signal good – answer is T-Mobile 4G in New Jersey – Skype works as good as a land line!

    But The Most Annoying Fact is that everytime I open Nimbuzz I am greeted with contact requests that I have denied a few years ago but they keep coming back on every sign-up. And the list keeps on growing interfering sometimes with start-up, crashing the application.
    This is something that your team of “Software Ninja’s” had plenty time to address and with each revision I was hoping that it will be corrected.
    Yesterday I have downloaded the last revision 1.5 and to my surprise this issue still is on your “to do” list or should I say things to be ignored until somebody like me will spell it for you in writing.

    Like I previously mentioned I really believe that your service is world class leading when it comes to messaging across platforms and I applaud you for it, but more work is to be done to make us use Nimbuzz as #1 and/or only Application.
    When it comes to voice quality and something as simple as removing the denied requests from the users contact alerts by creating a list of unwanted contacts similar to Yahoo or MSN!

    I will wait for next revision and your software engineers to relieve the stress of having to deny all unwanted contacts over and over again.
    It makes one wonder if any of the Nimbuzz executives are actually using the service you are providing for us. It’s redundant!
    I’d ratter use multiple services than have to put up with it any longer!

    This quote from your webpage:

    “At the heart of Nimbuzz is the live Contact list – an always-on, hyper-connected, dynamic address book, enhanced with “real-time-presence”

    Please make your claims a reality in 2011!
    A “Live Contact List” with “real-time-presence” should include the unwanted contacts in “Real-Time”!

    Thank you for your attention!


  97. @adavidss
    Wow, this is by far the longest comment we ever had on the Blog.
    I have replied to you via email (the email address you added to the comment).

  98. i have installed nimbuzz . i can easily do chatting and file sharing, but cant do voice communication from nimbuzz to nimbuzz … what the problem is here plzz suggest me any thing as soon as possible :( and also let me know that
    what codecs is nibuzz use?
    its latency or jitter(delay) ?
    system requirements ?
    what destination port need to be allow on firewall?

  99. @anumkhan
    Which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Note Calling is not available on Java based devices, hence you wont be able to be called or call other Nimbuzz users.

  100. i gt a micromax phone wid nimbuzz preinstalled..i hv nt been avle to log in ever..other applications wrk well though..plz help

  101. @ Sujan
    Which device, type of connection and Nimbuzz version are you using ? Do you receive a error message? If so, what does it say ?

  102. im usng micromax q55 wid pre-instlld nimbuzz 1.7.2 vch aftr opening ,is nt evn displaying facebook chat itslf..nd cld nly find gtalk yahoo etc etc..plz hlp me in srtng out dis prob..asap..thank u:)

  103. @nandita:
    Because your version is a pre install, you will not be able to upgrade it. But we are looking into a permanent solution for this.

    As a workaround (for advanced users), you can try the following steps:

    1) Downloaded latest version from for your phone
    2) Open the .jar file using WinRAR
    3) Open META INF folder and extract the text file on my location. Open this file in notepad
    4) In this file rename the Midlet Name to ‘Nimbuzz 2′
    5) Add this file in .jar file in WinRAR
    6) Copy this jar file on the mobile and install it


  104. I have a Nokia 5230.
    Nimbuzz is the best but when I make a yahoo to yahoo call (from my phone using Nimbuzz to pc) when that person answers there is no sound.
    The call is with no sound.
    I tried every thing:
    Phone master reset
    Phone with / without updates
    Nimbuzz 2 versions
    Looked on the web

    Do I have to pay for a yahoo to yahoo call?

    What do I do rong please help

  105. @octavian
    Calling your IM contacts is free of charge, you do not have to pay to call your Yahoo contacts.
    Could you let us know in Which country are you located? and your Yahoo friend?
    Do you face this audio issue when calling any other Nimbuzz contact?
    Let us know

  106. I use nokia C2-00, and i reside in Nigeria. I just downloaded nimbuzz on my phone now, but its not connecting, the error message i get is ‘connection failed’. The web settings works well for other applications on my phone. My network provider is ‘Etisalat-ng’

  107. @mikkymillion
    Could you try the Wap version on your phone going to on your phone browser and let us know if that works.
    Thanks & Regards

  108. hello good morning how are you? Please i have a connection probleme with my Nokia X3 when i try to connect my phone say: Urgh the connection attempt to the nimbuzz server failed. please help

  109. i am currently using my micromax Q55 withe pre installed nimbuzz .. i have been trying to access it for days and it just doesnt work.. when it does and i try to create a new account bt after a while it says server timed out. and when i try downloading it it says it cant cause its a default game . what should i do?

  110. i cant able to access nimbuzz in my nokia c2-00 mobile ….

    i cant able to understand why its not working ..!

    can yu check out and say iz tat nimbuzz works in nokia c2-00 or not?

  111. @immaculata
    Which exact error do you get when trying to login to Nimbuzz?
    Since when do you face this issue?
    Are you able to loin on
    Let us know

  112. @Abbassdji
    In which country are you located?
    Which type of connection are you using?
    Are you able to access
    Let us know!

  113. @romith jain
    Which exact issue are you facing? Do you get any error message? Which one? When does it appear?
    Let us know so we can help you.

  114. how can i retrieve my old files from nimbuzz server? I have deleted my chat history n am using nokia5230. . .plz solve my issue

  115. @tuttu – You can view the previous chat messages by clicking show more messages which is at the top in the chat screen itself. Once you have deleted the chat history you can not retrieve the same as we do not store the chats on our servers.

  116. Hello, nimbuzz I’m having a logging problem for couple of days. have download and installed several nimbuzz file but still the same. while logging it says connection error..but i don’t know what’s that…so please solve the problem. my id is tutulb21

  117. @tutul – Would request you to please reach out to with the following details:

    – What device model and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    – What type of connection are you using? What is the provider/operator?
    – Do you get any error message?
    – When does this error message exactly appear? Are you using an specific feature?
    – From which site did you download the application?
    – In which country are you located?

  118. i already installed nimbuzz version 1.9.7 in my nokia c200,,but whenever i tried to connect it, it shows connection’s really verey sad to have such a condition…iam using vodaphone packet data connection…pls help me to get entry in the same..plss…

  119. @Aryaunnikuttan – Would request you to remove the application once and restart the device. Now download the application again from In case you face any issue please reach out to Thanks!!

  120. Installed nimbuzz in my windows mobile but when i add groups in my account, that is not connectin to server.. shall u solve this problem

  121. @Natraj – We apologize for the inconvenience which you may have faced. The issue you’re facing requires further follow ups. We request you to please send us an email at for assistance.

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