Nimbuzz mobile social messaging for Android – LIFTOFF!!


We have a liftoff  –  [Nimbuzz for Android is ready for download!]

Unique for all Android users, we are introducing…

  • a smart buddy list layout,
  • a time-sensitive user interface (!),
  • home-screen notifications,
  • auto-reconnect,
  • and clickable URLs

… to make Nimbuzz the most sophisticated mobile social messaging application for Android handsets.

Update: Thanks to Hillel for helping us out spreading the big news. Read more on his blog

The smart buddy list layout displays information in an intelligent way, combining avatar and presence information in one, with community icon and resource information (if your buddy is online on the mobile or PC) in the same line.

The time sensitive UI is a favorite :D .  It  detects how long you press on a buddy’s name. A light touch opens their profile and a stronger touch instantly starts a new chat!

Home-screen notifications alert you on the home screen of activities such as incoming chats while Nimbuzz continues to run in the background.

Clickable URLs make for a multimedia rich chat experience so you can share YouTube videos and Wikipedia information during your chat. A browser window will open from which you can seamlessly switch back and forth to Nimbuzz.

Auto reconnect is also very useful!  For example,  I often leave Nimbuzz running in the background while connected to a Wi-Fi network and before I know it I’m out of range and offline to all my friends. To prevent this, Nimbuzz detects whenever you are out of range, and if there isn’t a known Wi-Fi network available it connects you via 3G, and vice versa.

OK, enough talking! Download Nimbuzz now and please let us know what you think in the comment section!

If you want to use the bar code scanner to find Nimbuzz in the Android Market please use the image below!nimbuzz-bar-code-for-android-market

279 thoughts on “Nimbuzz mobile social messaging for Android – LIFTOFF!!

  1. I was waiting for it so I can do voice chat threw it. Hope u will develop that feature to as in the other mobiles

  2. I am a big fan of nimbuzz I m already using it in S60
    But in android virsion I can’t find the voice feature
    Why !

  3. @All

    Thanks for the comments guys. We are adding the VoIP feature very soon. At the moment we could only offer a dial back option on Android, that’s all. Rest assured we are working on this, but did not want to keep you guys waiting nay longer with the existing chat version.

    Hope you like the product as is and please stay tuned because the next update is never far away! We are listening to your guys and the feedback does not get unnoticed!

  4. Fantastic, Nimbuzz on Android at last – it was the app I missed most when I switched from my Nokia 5800 to HTC Hero a few weeks ago.
    It works great too – I’m not bothered too much by the lack of voice yet.
    The only critique I have is that when choosing the chat notification sound, the options listed are the phone’s ring tones, rather than the phone’s notification sounds, and so if I select one of those it last’s too long when played.

  5. @Dave
    Thanks for your comment and feedback! Much appreciated!
    Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider adding different type of sound as new chat messages alerts.
    We are working in order to make calling option possible.
    Stay tuned to our Blog, we will announce it as soon as it is possible!
    @ @Darytas
    Thanks for your comment!

  6. Does anybody know how to turn off the vibration for chat notifications on Android? I can’t even find the settings menu for it. This vibration stuff is annoying. :(

  7. @Dandandin
    Thanks for your interest!
    We are working in order to implement the internet calling feature in a near future. We will announce as soon as available.
    Thanks and regards!
    Thanks for your feedback! Please let us know if you have any suggestions or questions!
    We are working in order to implement VOIP calling in a near future but we still can’t provide the complete details about it. We will announce as soon as available!
    Kind regards.

  8. @Wonko
    Thanks for reporting to us!
    To turn off the vibration on your mobile please follow these steps:

    On your Nimbuzz
    Press the key “menu”–>settings–>sounds–>turn off phone vibrate.

    Please try it and let us know in case it doesn’t work.
    Kind regards.

  9. Cool! I was waiting for this, but where is the voice functions ? I’ve used S60 version of Nimbuzz it works excellent, if they add voice in Android “it will rock”

  10. A feature that I miss: I cannot change the [displayed] names of my contacts. It wold be nice to have the names editable.

  11. @Voy@ger
    We are working in order to implement VOIP calling in a near future but we still can’t provide the complete details about it. We will announce as soon as available!
    Thanks for the suggestion!
    We will explore the possibility of adding this in future releases.
    Thanks & Regards

  12. Oh my god! Nimbuzz is growing fast! Sweet screen by the way… My hopes for S60v3 phone nimbuzz improvement.
    (Also) BIG CONGRATS TO NIMBUZZ TEAM FOR THE “AUTO KICK” FEATURE. Because in this way, the room will always have space for new users. And people who don’t chat & occupying space uselessly would get kicked. Thats a great feature, even those who don’t like it, better think well. Wish some similar great feature. Even i got kick once lol… Remaining silent. Wish nimbuzz never remove this feature!!

  13. Hi i m a Chinese user of android version, i just wanna know that can u plz allow the QQ for Chinese user, QQ is a wide use IM client for Chinses, the website is, if u could do it, i will appreciate for ur work, thanks a lot.

  14. Application instal unsuccesful

    Application instal unsuccesful

    Application instal unsuccesful
    It is the only thing I see. What is up?

  15. Working great on the Samsung Galaxy i7500. You can add it to your list of supported devices.

    Waiting eagerly for the voice option though. Use it on the Nokia E71 and when I log in from the Android, my contacts expect that I can call :-) till I tell them that I am on the Android phone and not the E71.

  16. @Anonymz03*
    Thanks for your feedback and comment! :)
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    We currently do not support the QQ community but we will study the technical possibilities of adding it in the future.

    Which firmware does your device use?
    Please make sure you are using the latest update version Cupcake 1.5
    Check this on your device settings and let us know.

  17. @farid
    Thanks for you feedback and for sharing this solution with us!
    Could you please let us know where did you download your Nimbuzz from? Did you use a version for another phone? Which?
    About the VOIP option we are working to implement it in the future.

    Thanks and regards.

  18. @Nimbuzz Support
    Downloaded it from the Android Market over the air. Tried to download from the nimbuzz site but could not find the phone model listed.

  19. @Farid,
    The download and installation works from the Market.
    Many thanks to Nimbuzz team for the effort.
    I use it on Nokias and find that Nimbuzz have improved greatly. I had an uninterruped talk with a contact in India and more. This was via Skype on Nimbuzz to Skype on PC.
    After reading several posts about people wanting voip feature for Android platform, may I join the crown asking for this valuable feature.
    Congratulations to Nimbuzz Team.

  20. Hi, I followed the Nimbuzz support advise. Downloaded the last Android Cupcake and after that, voilá, Nimbuzz is available and working properly.


  21. @Farid
    You can download the application from the Android Market, are you having trouble with it?
    Let us know!
    thanks for your feedback, our team is already exploring the technical possibilities of adding VoIP feature in the future!
    Thanks for the update!
    we are glad you can use the application without problems!
    Kind Regards

  22. Where is the SIP integration? Sipkom is already advertising it and “selling” it to their customers. Would be nice to get that feature.

  23. @Thomas
    Thanks for your interest and suggestion.
    We will consider it for the future improvements, but no fixed date to implement it yet.
    Please let us know if you have more questions!
    Kind regards.

  24. SIP integration is a MUST.
    There are many other programs that already offer what nimbuz does; so nimbuzz for android isn’t big news.

  25. @p4inkillercom, Tell us wwhich other programmes offer what you say for Android platform? I am aware of sipdroid but it is still in its infancy. There is no Fring or Skype other that iskoot version which is expensive to run.

  26. @p4inkillercom
    Thanks for your interest and suggestion!
    We are already working in order to implement VOIP in the android client but we can’t fix a date for it to be ready yet. We will announce as soon as available!
    Kind regards.

  27. @ehab
    Thanks for your interest and suggestion!
    We are already working in order to implement VOIP in the android client but we can’t fix a date for it to be ready yet. We will announce as soon as available!
    Kind regards.

  28. There are already a lot of reconnects on my HTC Hero with Nimbuzz. In Nimbuzz you see your Contacts Online, but they see you Offline.. afer a few minutes Nimbuzz say “reconnecting”.. – Is this normal?

  29. @Joerg
    Thanks for letting us know!
    Which internet connection are you using?
    We are not aware of this issue and we would like to have your collaboration to investigate it.
    Please send to us your email address to us on and we will contact you for further information on this issue.
    Thanks in advance.

  30. Hi,
    I undestand you can not specify exact date of VOIP feature for android, but at least tell us is it a matter of days, months or years ??????

  31. It’s a great app on my HTC Hero! I’ve had a Nokia 5800 for 8 moths until a week ago. Nimbuzz was working great on 5800 but it’s a lot more better on Android. Of course, the main problem is the lack of VOIP – we really need that!
    Thanks to the developpers for this awesome release!

  32. @courious
    Thanks for your interest!
    We can’t fix a date for it to be ready yet but we will announce when released for sure.
    Kind regards.
    Thanks for your feedback and interest!
    Great to know you enjoy! :)
    We will consider your suggestion for the future improvements.
    Kind regards.

  33. Great idea to release an Android app. But somehow I fear that the lack of voice chat has little to do with Android coding, but all the more with unwilling providers. I hope I am wrong, but otherwise it might take a while before apps like Fring and others will become mainstream. In any event I will keep using Sipdroid until a better alternative comes a long. But I am glad to see Nimbuzz is making the first steps in the right direction!

  34. @Blogger
    Thanks for your feedback!
    We can’t fix a date for it to be ready yet but we will announce when released for sure.
    Please let us know if you have any question or suggestions!

    Kind regards.

  35. Some apps like bombusmod are hacking id or destroy rooms by connecting to the nimbuzz server! Please solv this prob coz They are so harmful and demage nimbuzz!

  36. @Amir
    We are currently working in order to solve problems on the chatrooms. Currently we are not aware of problem with ID hacking.
    Did you have any problem with your Nimbuzz ID?
    Can you please let us know which changes you are experiencing? Aren’t you able to login to your Nimbuzz account with the same password as before?
    When was the date and time you experienced this problem?
    Did you have any problem in the chatrooms which you joined or created?
    Please send an email to explaining more about it and we will appreciate your collaboration.
    Kind regards.

  37. Otherwise seems like a nice im app but few things annoy me.

    – There’s no icon on the taskbar when Nimbuzz is running.
    – You can choose the notification ringtone only from the normal ringtone list. Not the notification list.
    – There’s really no need for the notification sound to come up when you are actively chatting with someone.

    Is there any plans on fixing these issues? Is the next update coming soon?

    Layout and other stuff really seems nice and I would be happy to use this program once these little things get fixed!


  38. I think its only promises to get voice calling option.
    we have been waiting for ever to get this option, but no
    sorry to say this guys, but its really usless without such option.
    we can use skype lite for the same option u have.

  39. I love Nimbuzz. I ran it on my Windows Mobile phone and now on the Android. What I would love to see in the next build is the ability to send images through chat like it does in Win Mobile and have it running in the status bar at the top.

  40. @Jukka@HTCHero

    Thanks for your comment and suggestions.

    We are currently working in order to improve our application for Android and we expect to have a new update soon.

    Thanks for your comment.
    We are researching the technical possibilities of adding Voice in the future, but we cannot provide you an estimate date of when will be implemented since this is still underdevelopment.

    In order to get your feedback and comments, we kindly ask you to write to us in English.

    We are working on a new release for Android and we will consider adding this option in upcoming releases.

    Kind Regards

  41. My Nimbuzz client stopped working a week back. I constantly get a forced close message, on the load screen. Is there any known workaround – I love this product.

  42. @arBmind
    Thanks for reporting this.
    In order to investigate this issue, we need to request the following information:
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Where did you download it from?
    Which device are you using? (Include Brand and Model)
    Which error message do you get?
    When does it appear?
    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

  43. @Queralt

    Could you give us please a time-frame in which the VoIP-functionality will be added to the Android version of Nimnuzz?

  44. @Atanas
    Thanks for your interest.
    Unfortunately we cannot provide you with an estimate date since thsi feature is still underdevelopment.
    Kind Regards

  45. @Queralt
    Why did you delete my last post? What’s wrong with it to to say that fring is going to launch soon a software like yours for Android?
    Afraid of competition?

  46. Hey Atanas,

    In fact thanks for letting us know :) .

    We love the competition and we do believe that this is the best way for you, or users to enjoy the best features of the Mobile IM and VoIP calling.
    This is why Nimbuzz is the best Mobile Social Messenger out there ;) .

    Please note for future reference that we don’t delete comments. However all the comments need to be moderated before they are published. Your previous comment was awaiting for moderation.

  47. Hi Andi!
    I also believe that Nimbuzz is the best Mobile Social Messenger so far. That’s why I use it (in fact I love it!)

    I just really thought that my fist comment was deleted and it felt strange, akward. Good to know that you don’t delete comments.

    Best regards

  48. Since I updated my phone to the new Android Donut 1.6 Nimbuzz sits and hangs at the splash screen and doesn’t go any further. Not sure if that is an issue do to the update, but is there a time frame on when another release will be coming out?


  49. Great app, love the way it gives me a single view of all my IM contacts, and how it can replace Google Talk and Skype Lite, as well as the Facebook integration.

    That said, I’m running into some problems using it with the new Android 1.6 images from HTC for the Android Developer Phone 1. It sometimes just hangs on the splash screen, and I get a “force close” message when selecting the option to select a notification sound. Also it seems to be a bit sluggish at times.

  50. @RA
    We will release a new update soon.
    Thanks for the feedback, we will take this into account while the new release is still under development.
    @Ciaran Walsh
    Thanks for your feedback!
    We will try to reproduce this issue and fix it asap!

  51. Hello ,

    Nica app you created , but one thing I use it with htc touch 3g and there is no vibration when message received will it be added at all?

  52. hi i have g1 phone. i like to chat with voice my family, nimbuzz is still not working voice so please if u have any voice options send me mail .
    Thank you

  53. When you send a foto to nimbuzz android you’ll get a link but it is not fully selected so you can click on it but it won’t work because the link is broken.

    When will voice be added, that is the most important feature of Nimbuzz for most people I guess!

    Hopefully we’ll have an update very soon!

    Keep up the good work you guys!

  54. @Greniesa
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Let us know if you have any questions!
    Kind regards.

    We currently don’t have the VOIP calling enabled on the Android version but as soon as we implement it we will announce.
    Kind regards.
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Which device are you using?
    Form which community was the contact which sent you the link which was broken?
    We currently don’t have the VOIP calling enabled on the Android version but as soon as we implement it we will announce.
    Kind regards.

  55. What is the hold up with voice? I loved this app on my old S60 device but although a very nice android app it is not that useful without voice and risks being out done by competitors. If I find something as good as this but with voice I will be switching.

    is the hold-up resources, technical or something to do with Google/carrier politics?

    Really disappointed that it is taking so long.

  56. @bypass
    Thanks for reporting to us and for your opinion. Currently there are no limitations from the Google side.
    We are already working to have VOIP implemented on Android version soon but we can’t fix a date for it to be release yet. We will announce when available.
    Kind regards.

  57. I have same problem that Joerg on my HTC Hero. Nimbuzz is practically useless because it constantly disconnects when phone is “sleeping” (screen off). When I open Nimbuzz it says “Reconnecting…”. After that my contacts can see me online again. The newest version (1.0.0. Build 1816.3070) doesn’t fix the problem. And it doesn’t matter if the app is on foreground or on background.
    I hope you can solve that problem because there aren’t any good msn+skype-client on the market (Good == works & has message notifications).

  58. @justerr
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    We are not having experiencing issues on our side, so connection should be work properly.
    Which type of connection are you using?
    Are you getting disconnected or are you experiencing any other kind of issues?
    Let us know!

  59. My connection is working fine. And all the other programs (including other IM clients) doesn’t have this problem.

    My connection changes sometimes between 3G, EDGE and HSDPA. Could that create problems? I haven’t try Nimbuzz with wifi connection. I can try that when I find an open network somewhere.

    But this never happens when I’m messaging with somebody. Usually when Nimbuzz is running on background and/or phone’s screen is off.

  60. @justerr
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Are you using the latest Donut Update (1.6) for Android?
    Try to re-install Nimbuzz again on your device, we have updated our application to be more stable with devices that are using this Firmware update.

  61. Hey guys
    Thanks for the information.
    Could some one please send me the file to my mail?
    I cannot access the site through my ISP (UAE) as this is blocked. :-(
    Hope to get a good help

  62. @ANSAF
    Since VoIP has been blocked by the UAE’s government there is not much we can do about.
    We recommend you to contact your network provider for further information.

  63. @Thank you Queralt.
    Though VoIPs are blocked in UAE, nimbuzz is still configurable and is been used in my Windows platform (as I was able to download to my PC using a proxy to unblock the sites where from I could transfer to my Phone).
    Regarding Hero(Nimbuzz Android OS application) ,this site says download direct to mobile is only possible, which is currently a bit troublesome. :-(

    That is why I asked for a ‘Nimbuzz for Android application’ file sharing with me from any HTC Hero users or others :-).

    Hope you understood my problem.


    Take care

  64. @ANSAF
    Have you tried to download from the Android Market?
    Is it not available there?
    Let us know!

  65. Hi Nimbuzz Support,
    i tried to contact you more than one time by email without success.

    Well, i’m an italian user of Android and i’d like to offer my support to translate the interface in italian.

    Can did be possibile? If yes, can you please send me files to translate?

    Thanks in advance,

  66. @hanandego
    Thanks for your comment, in order to gather your comment and feedback, could you please write in English?
    Thanks & Regards

  67. @Gringo
    Thanks for your interest.
    We are aware that the Android application is just available in English at the moment.
    We are currently working in order to offer the Android application in many other languages as we already for other platforms.
    Rest assured Italian will be one of them :)
    Thanks & Regards

  68. Thanks for the app on android!

    I found a bug on HTC Hero, it is not possible to select “facebook” in the main menu, all other contacts/networks works.

    And I also miss being able to call with Skype and SIP :-(

  69. @fryad80
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    Which kind of issue are you experiencing?
    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

  70. @Ynge
    The Facebook gateway is currently unavailable.
    Our Team is working in order to enable it back as soon as possible.

  71. I’m really love to use Nimbuzz, Thank you for tech support.
    I’m using Nokia 5800.
    While i’m using Nimbuzz Gtalk 0r Yahoo call, I cant access the chat window.
    Can you help me to avail the option for both.
    And is that possible to make SIP, yahoo or Gtalk conference call.

    Thanks and Regards,

  72. @queralt escrich
    Well, sorry for the delay about nimbuzz :-(
    My phone came without an Android Market.
    Something that I can do to get Market installed.

  73. @Saravanan Mohanraj
    It is currently not possible to be chatting at the same time you are in a call.
    We will investigate the technical possibilities of adding this in the future.
    Kind regards

  74. Sorry, but I got tired waiting for VOIP feature from NIMBUZZ. Especially that the only thing which you are saying (for three months now) is boring: “We are already working to have VOIP implemented on Android version soon …”. I think you are loosing competition with Fring, which has just released first Alpha version (for Android) WITH real VOIP feature included, thus showing real progress.

    Shame on you, that you even do not want to specify if VOIP feature will be available this year at all.

    Farewell Nimbuzz, welcome Fring.

  75. @MarkS
    Thanks for your interest.
    Currently we do not support VoIP calling on Android, but is it our ambition to support it in the future.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  76. @ANSAF
    Have you tried to download it from if you do not have access to the Android Market.
    If you mean more than one person in a call (all from the same community) this is not possible at the moment) but we will have a look into it and check if it will be possible to implement.
    Thanks for your comments!

  77. Love the new improvements you have made to Nimbuzz. However, it keeps getting disconnected and restarting connection after phone is not in use for a few minutes. Also, I think you should add a status bar icon in one of your upcoming builds.

  78. Loved the application, but very disappointed to know that there is no Call (VoIP) available under Android. I’ll be waiting to hear the good news …

  79. @Muhammad
    Thanks for your interest.
    It is our ambition to support VoIP in the future on Android devices.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  80. @Progger
    The improvements have been described in this Blogpost.
    Do you have any specific question?

  81. Installed Nimbuzz on HTC Hero – with Nimbuzz running, phone won’t go into sleep mode – after a minute screen only dims instead of going black. Now is that a bug or a feature?

  82. @joost
    Could you let us know which OS update are you running the 1.5 or 1.6?
    Could you please describe how could we be able to reproduce this?
    Thanks & Regards

  83. I’m using Nokia 5800XM.
    When updated to latest version, I can’t input Chinese with Chinese Pinyin. It’ll exit from chatbox.
    But, when I type a space first and then, it’ll be normal.

  84. @JimmyFY
    We will try to reproduce this issue, could you let us know which Firmware update does your device have?
    Let us know

  85. Thank you Nimbuzz for enabling Skype VoIP!!!

    Though I have a problem since last update from yesterday:
    after making a Skype-call I don’t get chat-notifications when the display of my Samsung Galaxy is off. Sometimes chat even doesn’t function at all after a Skype-call. But Skype-chat functions perfect if I haven’t done a call before.
    I hope you fix this issue soon!

  86. I have nimbuzz in a E71 Nokia, and when it disconects it always asks what conection it should use. So I have to keep watching if I want to stay conected.
    Can’t you put an option to automact reconect whithout my intervention?

  87. Another bug found (Version 1.2.0 on Samsung Galaxy): you can’t edit the nicknames of offline contacts. It’s only possible on online contacts. Please fix this!

  88. @Ely
    Which Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Check on your device settings if you have this option turned on.

  89. @querault (dec 14th)
    Hi Queralt – a late reply to your questions regarding the ‘sleep’ mode feature on my Hero.
    I am running the latest update of the Hero’s sense UI (Dutch version) firmware – build # 2.73.405.5 on Android 1.5 that is (as HTC is skipping 1.6). It’s a non-rooted phone.
    Description of the problem –
    Without Nimbuzz running – the phone will switch to stand-by mode if you leave it untouched for a minute (as is the default setting), meaning the screen will switch off, and after sometime later also the wifi to preserve battery.

    With Nimbuzz running the screen will go to a dimmed status after leaving the phone untouched for a minute – and I need to physically (pressing the on/off button) set it to switch mode, I waited at least five minutes and the screen was still dimmed, not off.

    Personally I do not like applications to interfere with these kind of basic OS settings, (e.g. i notice fring keeps the wifi on in standby, which i don’t need/want) – without being able to switch off this interference in an applications’s settings.

    Hope this helps.


  90. @Joost
    Thanks for your comment.
    I will forward it to our developers and make the changes necessaries.

  91. Using Mytouch 3G. With Nimbuzz running, phone will not go to sleep. Screen dims but does not turn off as it should. Please fix this to allow the screen to automatically turn off as usual. Also, I am unable to import my msn messenger display picture. Other contact pictures show up but my display picture is blank.

  92. @Bryan
    Currently on Android OS particularly when you go to power saver mode you lose the connection. To avoid that you lose the connection with Nimbuzz we set the application to keep the screen always on.

    As soon as the Android OS is improved on this aspect we will change it.

    Please let us know if you have more questions!

    Kind regards.

  93. @queralt
    On Android phones you don’t loose the connection if you have ‘always-on internet’ ticked in settings. So Nimbuzz should respect the sleep timeout and not force the phone to stay awake, it can sleep and still recieve notifications. It’s very anoying having to manually put the phone asleep now. With e-buddy/gchat/fring the phone will sleep and you stay connected, if someone contacts you the notification will sound/light.

  94. @Matt
    When you are on “power safe mode” the connection is less stable .
    We will forward your concern to our Development Team in order to improve this feature.
    Kind Regards

  95. Hi, using Android 2.01, same/similar issues as others I have seen above:
    1. Without the Android screen timeout being respected when I use Nimbuzz, the phone becomes unusable because of the battery drain. I get good results with ebuddy even with the screen timeout taking effect.
    2. Constant ‘reconnecting’ messages, without Nimbuzz reporting successful reconnection. One I turn off the screen, Nimbuzz tries to reconnect when I turn screen back on, and usually it constantly reports that it is reconnecting and never completes the reconnection.

    I’m leaving the app installed so I will get notice of an update from Android market, but until this unusable for me. I like the direction though. thanks

  96. @Jeff
    Thanks for sharing.
    We will have a look into this and come back to you as soon as we can.

  97. I totally agree with Jeff. I use Nimbuzz on my Samsung Galaxy (Android 1.5) and its disconnects so often, that it makes it unusable.
    I hope you’ll bring an update soon.

  98. On Acer Liquid, when I make a phone call with Messenger or Skype they can not hear me, I hear them. When I attack on the call, the mobile phone resets.

  99. @obono
    Thanks for reporting to us.
    Are you in a restricted network?
    Are you behind a firewall?
    We suspect your network might be blocking some ports that do not allow the voice over IP.
    Please check and let us know.

  100. @queralt escrich
    Hello, other peolple who have Acer Liquid have the same problem. Microphone does not work and reboot the phone when end call. Instead with Fring all works well with everything so there are not network problems or firewall. Thanks.

  101. @obono
    We have received a similar report from other android users.
    We are investigating in order to solve it in the upcoming release.
    Kind Regards

  102. @free registry cleaner
    You can currently call your IM buddies with the latest Nimbuzz version.
    We are working in order to implement SIP calling in the future.

  103. This was working great, but now it will log into my Skype account. I have an HTC Magic with Vodafone here in the Netherlands. This is sooo frusterating! :(

  104. @Darren
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which kind of issue are you experiencing?
    Are you not able to register your Skype account?
    Are you not able to place a call?
    Do you get any error message?
    Let us know!

  105. Hi. Thanks for the help!
    I enter my Skype details into my telephone on the accounts screen. It tries to log into my account, but always faild.
    I solved the problem today. I uninstalled Nimbuzz and reinstalled it. I think my installation became corrupted.
    Perhaps I was hacking my phone too much. ;)

  106. The new version works just fine on my Samsung Galaxy (Android 1.5, original ROM). Nimbuzz no longer disconnects and skype-calls work fine too. Thanks Nimbuzz!

  107. Been working fine until yesterday. Would not sign me in to Google Talk yesterday, said my login info was wrong (which it wasn’t) Today, it will allow me to log into Google Talk but now wont let me log into Facebook, says my login info is incorrect, which it isnt. Unreliable.

  108. 1.3.1 is having major reconnection issues. Constantly shows it is trying to reconnect. Never had an issue like this with 1.3. Uninstalling and going back to 1.3.

  109. Hey, having same problem as Bryan… constant disconnections…
    This is a new problem… other than that.. definitely like Nimbuzz. Any help with my constant disconnections?

  110. it doesnt work with all NIMBUZZ user.sometimes i want to talk with other NIMBUZZ contact, CALL FREE invisible, so i cant voice talk. how it can solve.
    i m in saudi arabia & my friend is in Pakistan


  111. @yaseen
    The call feature is not available in all the clients / versions of Nimbuzz.
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Which device brand and model are you using?
    Let us know!

  112. Nothing but problems with the 1.4 update. Constant reconnecting. Every time I switch between chats, it goes all the way to the top of the chat list history instead of to the last message received. Wont play any notification sound when message is received. Removing and going back to 1.3, had no problems with that version.

  113. @bryan
    thanks for your feedback.
    In regards of the notifications, when are you not receiving them?
    when you get a new chat message and you have the app on the background? or you mean when you are already chatting with someone?
    Let us know!

  114. @Oreste
    Indeed we are considering translating the Android application into Italian.

  115. hello , I’m a bit confused !

    Can you actually call your bodies (SIP VOIP) with the nimbuzz android version ( htc desire) ?
    or is just an messaging application ?
    If it does or will do ( how soon ?Is it worth waiting ? )
    and finally , does it let you select wifi connection only if you want to use it abroad :( out of your network subscription)

    Many thanks


  116. @froggiedroid
    The Android version of Nimbuzz allows you to call your IM buddies.
    The SIP functionality is currently not available, but we are working in order to include it in upcoming releases.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  117. Hi dev, thanks for this wonderful application. Just one thing, is the battery draining terrible for this application? As in, if Nimbuzz were to on 24/7, will it be taxing to the battery? One more thing, is it able to receive offline messages as well?

  118. Good application, but please fix Setting > Notification on Android 2.1. The screen gets dark and later nimbuzz forces closed. I am using Samsung Spica and trying to figure out how to off the vibration

  119. @Spica
    Thanks for reporting.
    We are aware of it and our team is looking into this issue.

  120. @bryant
    Well, the device runs out of battery faster if you are always running an app on the background, but this is a normal behavior.
    If you experience any specific issue, please inform us.

  121. For some reason Nimbuzz makes my HTC Desire run extremely slowly; even after I’ve removed the Nimbuzz task.

    I would like to help fix it if possible.

  122. @Wynand Winterbach
    Thanks for letting us know, we will try to reproduce this issue, could you let us know which exact Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Also, are you running any other application on the background when this happen?
    Let us know!

  123. I got feedback from my contacts in msn. My contact name that they see in their window shows my login email address instead of my username… this sometimes causes confusion as we don’t usually remember our contacts by their email address… hope this can be fixed.

  124. hello all

    I have a HTC Desire … what version of nimbuzz I need to install??
    I don’t find in the liste of the mobile htc desire!

    please help

  125. Hi,

    I love this program as it allows me to stay connected with my friends, however one error i noticed, in my Yahoo contacts, the status message of the people seems to be mixed up. (e.g. Friend A status message is showing on Friend B status message instead) Hope an update will be released for this. Thanks!!! :D

    BTW, I have a samsung galaxy S running on android 2.1. :)

  126. @Jhovee
    Thanks for reporting, we are aware of this and we expect to have it fixed in upcoming releases.

  127. Thus is a great app but I am experiencing the hang when trying to change notification settings on my nexus one running android 2.2
    Also, there’s sometimes too much lag in Skype VOIP calls (I’m talking 10-15 seconds) which makes it impossible to have a conversation.

  128. @Mario
    Thanks for reporting; we are aware of this hang issue and we expect to have it solved in upcoming releases.
    In regards of Skype could you let us know when was the last time you faced this issue? (please include approximate date and time).

  129. I installed this on my HTC Desire and made a few calls to a friend with an iPhone 4. Call quality was fantastic (using Nimbuzzto Nimbuzz). However, as of this morning the call option has disappeared so I can now only chat, send message or send photo to him.

    It also won’t sign into my Skype account or MSN now, it shows a circle next to both spinning round and round.

    Why, what has happened?

  130. @simate
    Did the call option disappear to call the same contact?
    Was he displaying a different status like busy?
    Are you not able to place any call or just having issues with that contact?
    Still issues login to skype?
    Let us know

  131. I have installed nimbuzz in a HTC MAGIC with android 2.1. And when I try to use skype and I call, the screen gets dark and later nimbuzz is closed. Any idea??

    Thank you is a big program!!

  132. @Manuel
    Which Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Does it always happen when you are trying to place a call? or does it also appear in other situations?
    Lets us know

  133. @queralt escrich

    Nimbuzz 1.4.1. It always happens when Iam trying to place a call with skype!! It doesn´t appear in other situations. Only when I call!! I dont know what can I do!!

  134. @Manuel
    Thanks for reporting, we will try to reproduce this issue, and come back to you.
    Please inform us if the issue still persist.

  135. I have intalled Nimbuzz on my android phone (Huawei U8220) but it dosen´t work property. Installation was ok and it run, but when a call is get the mic and speaker dosent work.

  136. @Gustavo
    Thanks for reporting, could you please let us know the following:
    Which Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Are you calling to a Nimbuzz contact or another IM community?If yes, which one?
    Did you receive any error message when placing a call?
    Could you please describe with more detail the issue regarding the call.
    Thanks & Regards

  137. finally registered….
    attempted sign in….
    took battery out to get control back….
    would be easier if you just had an app that suggested power off…

  138. Just installed from the Android Market on my Samsung Galaxy S Captivate i897.
    Skype text chat works great- thanks!
    Voice calling does not work…
    Tried both skype-to-skype voice – while it shows connected, neither party can hear each other…
    Also tried skype to phone – also unable to hear each other once connected.

  139. @zzmini
    Thanks for reporting, we are aware of this issue and we expect to have it solved as soon as possible.

  140. hi to all
    anybody tell me where can i download nimbuzz for my iphone 3g version 4.0
    i don’t have a credit card so i can’t be able to download from itunes, please please please anybody tell me where can i download nimbuzz for iphone 3g version 4.0
    i really need nimbuzz
    Thanks and Best Regards

  141. am trying it on an lg gt540 optimus.for skype it says i am connected and has all my contacts but i cant hear them and they cant hear me .does this android not support it.?
    will it in the future?

  142. @Niall1973
    We have identified some issues with the audio functionality on android and we are working in order to have it fixed as soon as possible.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  143. @Dawood
    sorry, Nimbuzz for iPhone is just available via iTunes Store.
    Please contact the Apple support in order to work out a easy way to download applications.

  144. damachi (and others) said “nice work! Like the interface.
    what about skype voip? Planed feature?”

    I just installed it on my Galaxy S Vibrant, got signed up, went to Settings->Accounts, selected Skype, entered my Skype account info and rang up my home phone. If all Nimbuzz did was give me this channel through my Skype account I’d be happy with it.

  145. @Ed
    If you refer to some audio issues reported, our team is still working on them and we expect to have them fully fixed in the upcoming release
    Thanks for checking.

  146. @joe
    We are aware of this audio issues, in which our team is already working on.
    We expect to have it fixed asap.

  147. I have Nimbuzz installed on a Samsung Vibrant. Can anyone please tell me how to access the settings/menu? On the IOS platform there is a “settings” button! I keep seeing all these comments to go to settings, but there is no such button! I can choose “Contacts” “Chat” “Dialer” and “Inbox” but no “Settings”. Please help!

  148. @pharoadon
    Once you are on Nimbuzz, press Menu> Settings
    Let us know if you need to find a n specific fetaure so we can help you out!

  149. Hi there! Just wondering if it’s possible to do Skype to Skype calls (over the Internet) on an HTC phone? Would be great to be able to do calls over the Internet rather than paying for them! Thanks for your help :)

  150. @Bogdan
    Thanks for reporting, our team is aware of this type of audio problems and is working in order to have it fixed soon.

  151. If I use Nimbuzz, when I’m in Europe can I make calls back to the States over Wifi (this is disabled with Skype for the Android…) That would be a tremendous help.

  152. @Leslie
    Yes, wi-fi calls to your Nimbuzz and other IM contacts are free of charge.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  153. Hello,

    Why is there no skype account option to add since the last versions?

    Thanks in advance.
    Pasta Eter

  154. Hello,

    We Are Unable to change from Nimbuzz Out To SIP Provider In The Nimbuzz Android App Call Settings On The Galaxy S . We Try To Change But It Stays At Nimbuzz Out . Please Help Me On This .

    Does Anybody Have A Solution? thanks

  155. @Manoj
    we’ve just released a new Android version available on our Website and Android Market.
    Download the new version 2.0.3 and inform us in case you have more problems.

  156. Hi, I installed Version 2.0.5 from Android Market. My Mobile is an Sony Xperia X10 mini with Android 2.1-update1. My Problem its not possible to activate Sip. When I go (translated from german) to:

    Settings -> Set VoIP Provider -> (The Preset is Nimbuzz Out Credits $ 0.00) -> Sip-Provider (Set Account Details).

    But i see no possibility to input any Sip-Provider (in my case sipgate and login credentials).

    I can select Nimbuzz Out or Sip-Provider. I see a red exclamation mark and when I press Details I get a notice: “User Name: . Please Verify your E-Mail Adress and Password”

    Under Sip-Details I have two Buttons:
    Extended Settings: Here I can change just the codecs
    Remove Account:

    Whe I go back to (main) settings (I have Sip-Provider selected) Nimbuzz Out is always shown.

  157. @hrodeberht
    You have to choose SIP provider, and then you can introduce your account details.
    Which exact error message do you receive when trying to do so?
    Let us know

  158. @queralt escrich
    Please excuse my late answer. I didn’t got any email-notification about your entry.

    I have switched my phone to english language:

    When I choose call settings -> Set VoIP Provider ->
    I select

    Sip Provider:
    Enter your account details (and an red exclamation mark)

    Sip Details:
    Username: (empty)
    Status: Cannot sign in. Please make sure you have entered the correct email adress and password.

    Two Buttons:
    Advanced Settings
    Remove Account.

    There is nowhere the possibility to input any login-credentials for my sip provider.

    Under Settings always Nimbuzz Out is shown and when I choose i can just buy credits or see the rates.


  159. Desearia saber porque no se conecta el Nimbuzz en mi tableta Kyros Coby Mid7015. Android 2.1. Podrian contestarme y ayudarme a solucionarlo, si es que se puede? Gracias

  160. @asclepia
    We do not officially support Android tablets, which exact issue are you facing?
    Have you already contacted our support team via email?
    Let us know

  161. why my nimbuzz is no chatroom on my samsung galaxy mini? i want chatroom but theres no option for that! i want the version on nimbuzz with chatroom!

  162. @jadejhon
    We do not support Chatrooms on Android devices, we do not have plans for that to be implemented in the near fututre.

  163. loaded my nimbuzz software in uk.. passwords worked fine…

    now in france , the nimbuzz software loads but fails to connect with account…
    meantime web based pop up dialler works fine with full access…

    all passwords/ username entries triple tested , but local software wont open on password command..

    using comodo browser running vista
    please advise..


  164. @essence
    which device&Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Which exacte error do you receive? When does it appear?
    Let us know so we can investigate further.

  165. I’ve lost my password n the problem s i didnt register any e mails n as well my phone number..please help me how to get back my password..please give me other option…thank u..

  166. @yravinash
    If you have not registered neither your password or your phone number, to your account, it won’t be possible to retrieve.

  167. hi I have been using Nimbizz for the long time and I am happy with it. Now I have intalled Nimbuzz in my LG Optimus 2x. I noticed one bug into it. while typing a message if your cursor is out side the text box and you type some thing it shows only first character you typed in the text box then it does not show rest of the letters. in such case I have close chat and start again then it shows the letters to type.

  168. my nimbuzz on galaxy 5 does not connect on mobile data. it says no connection available. whereas when i select make new account it connects always.

  169. my phone is samsung galexy s2 I want cht room but thr hav no any option 4 tht ……
    Any 1 can help me ngeeeeeeeeeee

  170. @Gafoor – We are already working on introducing the chatrooms for Android devices very soon. However, we can not fix up a date for its release. Stay tuned for more news and related info on Regards!!

  171. The vibration notification isn’t working. Even when phone set on vibrate. Galaxy S3. And iPhone 4

  172. @Michael – Please check the notifications by accessing the settings. Disable it once and then re-enable the same. Thanks!!

  173. Hi,

    I just installed nimbuzz on my galaxy SIII and have issues with voip SIP calls. The other party can hear me, while it is dead quite at my end.

    Any recommendations or solution to his?


  174. @Abubakar – Kindly try to make few changes under the phone settings path in Nimbuzz provided below: Settings>>Call Settings>>Recording Sample Rates

  175. not available for samsung gt-e2252

    tried with gt-e2232 but after installation it displays java error

  176. @jkjustin – We have just released a new Java version (1.9.6). Please update the application directly on and give it a try.

  177. nimbuzz is gud i know that….
    i ues it in celkon phone…..
    but now i have an karbonn a1+…
    if i was install the nimbuzz app in my phone stops the android acore busy fore to close window shows me… i cant add contacts here… what i have to do… but i like nimbuzz i want to use it…. :'(

  178. @anupama – We request you to send your query directly to with your device details since, this issue requires further follow ups. We will respond to your query within 48 business hours.

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