Vote for Nimbuzz in the “Android Network Awards”!

Yesterday we launched the most sophisticated mobile social messaging application for Android handsets and today we’re competing for the people’s choice title! That means, you determine who wins!

Our favorite Android sites have banded together to bring us the Android Network Awards from Aug 10th until Aug 16th 2009!

If you like our Android application, let the world hear it! You can vote for us Here!

Just scroll down to the Best Social Networking App poll and Best Communications App poll and choose Other option, write Nimbuzz and hit vote!

Since we launched the app after the voting period started, we couldn’t be included on the list in time.  Thanks for your support! Let’s win this one together :D !

If you didn’t got the chance to install Nimbuzz on your Android mobile yet, you can read about it on the top industry blogs. Here are a few articles we found:

Nimbuzz Has Done It Again! This Time It’s Android – Tech N’ Marketing

Nimbuzz hits Android marketplace – Mobile Industry Review

Mobile social network Nimbuzz launches Android application – GoMo News

Nimbuzz Application For Android Launches! – Phandroid

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8 thoughts on “Vote for Nimbuzz in the “Android Network Awards”!

  1. Hello I’m enjoying nimbuzz on my phone. The only issue is it shows of application error whenever I want to send a voice message, even after confirming that my phone is enabled!

  2. @Bobolet
    Thanks for reporting to us.which device are you using?
    Let us know and we will come back to you.
    Kind regards.
    Thanks for the initiative!
    Kind regards.
    @Samman montana
    Great to know!
    Keep us updated with your opinion!
    Kind regards.

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