Win a Nokia N78! Join the Nimbuzz Nokia Symbian Week!


Welcome to the Nimbuzz Nokia Symbian Week!

If last week your were hooked on all the great news from Nokia World 2009 (NW09) next week (7-11 September) we would like to continue in a similar fashion, talking about Nokia and Symbian. That’s why we have invited some of the Top Nokia/ Symbian bloggers out there to share with us, a little bit of their knowledge, some tips and tricks on their favorite mobile phones and operating system, on the Nimbuzz blog !

Our professional guest writers are: Gerry from NokiaAddict, Mobile Jeorge from Nokia Mobile Talk, Rita from SymbianGuru and Micky from NokiaUsers.

To spread the NNSW love we are giving away a Nokia N78 mobile phone to a lucky winner. All you have to do is:

  • Follow @nimbuzz on twitter
  • ReTweet (RT) all our guest writers blog posts
  • Send at least one tweet a day for the duration of this period with hashtag: #Nimbuzz
  • Visit daily the Nimbuzz blog :D

At the end of the Nimbuzz Nokia Symbian Week we will pick one lucky winner at random from the ones that stuck to the above criteria!

We hope you will enjoy this week as much as we do! If you have any questions or suggestions please let us know in the comment section!!

Now….let the tweeting begin!!

169 thoughts on “Win a Nokia N78! Join the Nimbuzz Nokia Symbian Week!

  1. Isn’t this going a bit overboard? Follow, OK. One tweet with hashtag, OK. But one a day, plus RT all your posts, my followers are going to hate me. Don’t want a n78 that bad…

  2. @Mike
    No need to retweet all posts, just the ones from guest writers we invited for next week. The idea with the hash tag wasn’t to annoy your followers but to spread some smart VoIP, mobile, IM, and social messaging news related to Nimbuzz – hence the hash tag. Thanks for the interest, should be fun!

  3. It fantastic to have nimbuzz in mobile. Its provies faster chat service, chat rums, and intrnet calling facility, also we can use yahoo friends and orkut friends. But there is required some more emotions and simbols to make it best.
    well wishes for nimbuzz
    mukesh gupta

  4. Hy i dont know wt is this. Ase hi koi phone thoda jeet sakta h. Sab jut h. Agar i win then it is true. Nahi to sub joot

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestion!
    We are working in order to implement more emoticons in the future for all the Nimbuzz versions but there is still no fixed date for it yet.
    Currently you can already enjoy new 11 emoticons added to the Nimbuzz version for Java devices.
    @Sushil rathi
    Thanks for reporting to us.
    In order to help you to solve your issue and get your feedback, can you please write to us in English?
    Thanks for reporting to us.
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!
    Kind regards.
    Great to know you enjoy!
    Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions!
    Kind regards.

  6. 1st. What’s a cool is it, waw after l0ng time n0t c ur blog, it’s really fantastic new nimbuzz blog in mobile version, is it using wordpress mobile edition frm crowdFavorite?, yeah i like this, c0z right now i can follow your blog update everytime frm my phone ;-)

    2nd. N78 contest just follow n retweet, alright i follow the contest now :D

  7. Count me in.

    BTW. !Really need a Nimbuzz Homescreen Widget for the N97!

    Trying to use Nimbuzz again instead of OVI Contacts but miss some of the integration you get with OVI Contacts. Homescreen integration would help a lot.

  8. Guys,
    This competition looks pathetic.
    Follow us, RT us, Love us, Show us some more love, now spam your friends, now a little bit more, ok no retweet that so your followers will unfollow you, good. now you might win a phone from last year.

  9. @dedy you just need to add the #nimbuzz hashtag at the end of your tweet. Hastags are used to add additional context and metadata to your tweets, and relate it to a subject. There is now good or wrong example :)

    @Dj as always, your feedback is welcome. We are looking forward to learn from it. If you have any suggestions on how would you make this contest better please shoot.

  10. @mbrett
    Thanks for your suggestion!
    We will let our tech team know and they will study the possibility of adding it in the future.
    Let us know if you have more suggestions on questions.

  11. Is it true about this Blog???as far as Nimbuzz goes, I think its one of the best and fast chat zones I have ever used.Should Introduce Group Chat now. Good Luck.

  12. بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
    تم افتتاح غرفه بأسم
    الرجاء من شباب درنه الدخوله إليها وبدء الدردشه
    مشرف الغرف
    اسرة الأداره

  13. I love Nimbuzz, much reliable and faster than eBuddy and other chat programs! The N78 can be wined in Romania to? :p

  14. it is great to be using n78. I enjoy all the features it has.
    And 4 nimbuzz, i m new to use nimbuz but i forget all other sites after using it. One thing i want in nimbuzz, call to friends on mobile should be for all countries, specialy for pakistan. Thank u .

  15. K, great, both NOKIA & Nimbuzz. It would b gr8 if v could use multiple ids of the same community on Nimbuzz. &, am new 2 Twitter, dosnt kno how 2 . . . . . . perform the actions to participate in the competition.

  16. well it is faster and has more stable connectivity than other messengers,, chat to all friends in all of my accounts (a friend thought i was on pc coz i can still in touch with facebook v(~.^)
    ,,send pics directly while u chatting,, just like in the pc.

    but its not cool if people still know that i’m on the phone coz they can’t see my yahoo profile pic. and i need a timestamp of offline messages and more emoticons please neither to preview previous messages.
    i can’t send pics to other account with different email.
    and i still can’t use my skype voip call..

    btw i like the way nimbuzz has a camera feature, can not be used for video chatting though :P

  17. Is it p0sible that maybe d admin cud c0py em0tic0ns fr0m ym to nimbuz? C0z s0me em0tic0ns fr0m ym being send in nimbuz is n0t supp0rtd then they can add new em0tic0ns creatd by winnerz of em0tic0n c0ntest.

  18. I think u r making april f00l but now is september so why? If u give me so than i belive u and if no so be i cannt stop using nimbuzz

  19. it is great to be using nokia 7610. I enjoy all the features it has.
    And 4 nimbuzz, i m new to use nimbuz but i forget all other sites after using it. One thing i want in nimbuzz, call to friends on mobile should be for all countries, Thank u .

  20. Its great with nokia and nimbuzz to chat with multiple account.
    Only thing is to seperate gtalk and orkut for better function
    As those who have orkut and gtalk account with different ids. Those who have orkut account with yahoo id cant use it now
    Also rediff community cant be used in nimbuz

  21. It’s funtastic.. Nokia n78 is ok. Because it is a symbian.I love feature of symbian. And 4 nimbuz, i like nimbuzz, because nimbuzz is faster 4 chating than other.And i feel enjoy and comport chat using nimbuzz. Using nimbuzz,i always conection with yahoo massanger,facebook,my space,and other. Nimbuzz,all in one.
    Nokia n78 and nimbuzz very good 4 our pleasure and entertainment.

  22. @Mahmood Kanji
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Do you mean you want the introduction of Groupchat as a feature on the application? We do support it.
    Which device are you using?
    Please let us know!
    Kind regards.

  23. Realy thats true? Realy im big fan of nimbuzz, realy nimbuzz play imp. Role because the join true relationship n respect . And that way to make a true relation, realy thanku for that support, i love u

  24. Nimbuzz,thanx a lot 4 u,n with bundle of thanx,coz u give me so cute,great n honest frienz,realy u make da world a global village. I love u. May da nimbuzz team wil on da way of promotion n progress. Keep it up nimbuzz team,weldone,go ahead.

  25. Nimbuzz and nokia70 both are very adjustable mobile soft vs other comunication mobile soft….Very usefull for my online use with my nokia 70 mobile set….Thanks alot and hope day by day that soft willbe updated…..Saif form Bangladesh.

  26. Keep moving forward nimbuzz…thumbz up. Always online at nimbuzz everyday and olmost a year now. Thanx a lot 4 nimbuzz.

  27. I get nimbuzz on my N73 n this is great I can chat to all my account like YM,facebook,Gtalk only in one aplication,n I think nokia n nimbuzz is best couple I have chat anywhere anytime without problem coz nimbuzz faster than other. Tribute to nimbuzz……

  28. I’m know about nimbuzz from my friend. She said that it can help to provide me. Using Nimbuzz, I can chat with my friend in any where that use facebook. I cant do it before. Frist time,I have a problem to download from getjar,but it solved. I download it from nimbuzz directly. Now,I’m using N78 and I enjoy….
    Thanks nimbuzz…

  29. For me nimbuzz, i thank u for this great application. You are realy great and i realy love u. I can use gtalk to chat with my friends, i realy love it and it is very very good and excellent application. I will be very very lucky if i win nokia n78, because i need symbian s60 series phone to gift it to my sister because she doesn’t have any handset.

  30. @Ashok
    @Sartaj khan
    @Khoirul mustofa
    @Hadi susanto
    @mohammad abdus salam

    Thanks for your comments!
    We are glad you enjoy using Nimbuzz!


    In order to get your feedback and comments, please write to us in English.


    Give it a try! and let us know your feedback!


    Can you please be more specific?
    Are you able to log in on Facebook via Nimbuzz and then get disconnected or you are not able to register your Facebook account at all?
    Let us know!

    Thanks & Regards

  31. @Dede supriadi @marzook
    Thanks for sharing with us!
    We are glad that the application fulfills your expectations!
    Thanks for your comment.
    To call your IM friends it does not matter were they are located.
    Are you having any issue while placing a call to specifics countries?
    Let us know!
    Currently copying emoticons from other IM communities to Nimbuzz is not available.
    We are working in order to add more emoticons and make your communications easier.
    Thanks for your comment and suggestions.
    We will study the possibility of adding some of them in the future.
    Thanks & Regards

  32. Hi, im from Pakistan karach, i has used various multi messenger on cell Like Reporo, mig33, ebuddy etc, but i stuck on Nimbuzz since 2005 i uses it till now it has wide range of all popular messenger..

  33. Hi, this is really great application. I’m crezy about that. It also helps to connect all my friends. I also love nokia. Its software is too good. I think both are cuple. I would like to win Nokia 78 Becz i have simbian s 40. So i want to apgred it . Thanks

  34. The nimbuzz is suit in daily life communication espicialy far lives nimbuzz simply connect lives away from someone that want to connect as also as smart phones that we use and computers espicialy nokia the nimbuzz and nokia are best partner to connect lives

  35. I here nimbuzz from my friend. When I using a nimbuzz it’s so nice….dreams came true. I don’t have any word 2 say thank. When I starting a use nimbuzz,I fell more comfortable. I luv nimbuzz.

  36. Nimbuzz is a cool application where we can exploration yourself.Application make with many support all mobile phone.Nimbuzz Go…Go…Go…

  37. I’m in indonesia n i use nimbuzz since several months ago.I think is the greatest chat application that i know.Now i’m using nokia 6600,and nimbuzz works very good for my mobile.Through nimbuzz i can back up my phone’s numbers,but not 4 other application….Thanks a lot nimbuzz,u make me always connected at anywhere,anytime.

  38. Dear users i am very happy to have nin buzz. As i can send voice messages as well as text messages to my friends. Even it calls my fiends free to come online i mean free buzz. In my view nim buzz is one of the best messenger.

  39. Nimbuzz is first class first social network. I can easilly call my buddy list all over the world with out cost. So i wish long live NIMBUZZ. Thanks nimbuzz authority.

  40. All time i use nimbuzz on my mobile phone even when my girl friend with me. And last day that time she say me nimbuzz are her main enemy. . . .Ha . . .Ha. . . .Ha…So nimbuzz management becareful…..

  41. I’m using 5800. I knew Nimbuzz from my friend, and I suggest my other friends to use it. Thanks there are Nimbuzz touch, but too bad there’re still not-too-much apps for symbian 60 v.5

  42. Thank u 4 fullfilling our request and rec0nsidering it.. We are pr0ud of Nimbuzz management, the ambasad0r and all staff f0r giving the best services we’ve really dream of.

  43. Nimbuzz est le meilleur logiciel de msn que j’ai jamais utilisé. I like nimbuzz! Je veux gagné le Nokia N78. Thanks

  44. 1nce again thanx a lot Nimbuzz & Nokia,coz u make our life easiar n comfortable n enjoyfull,coz u give me a lot of cute,innocent,honest n most honourable friens,brothers n sisters. I have no words to say thankfull to u. May u wil raise up n up n up n up…day to day. M proud of all A to Z nimbuzz team,n wil pray 4 u all daily. Weldone nimbuzz team & nokia,keep it up.

  45. Bonjour, je suis du Congo Brazzaville, un pays d’Afrique centrale. J’utilise nimbuzz depuis bientôt 5 mois et, je suis interessé par l’offre de la semaine. Je ne sais comment y proceder car, je suis un collectionneur de nokia. Merci!

  46. iam sorry i did not know how to do that two steps
    # ReTweet (RT) all our guest writers blog posts
    # Send at least one tweet a day for the duration of this period with hashtag: #Nimbuzz,,,i really wish to win

  47. I always stay online with this softwere any time my all friend contract with me yahoo.Google talk. Skype .facebook etc. Really its a usefull soft for our nokia n series. One things very hot things that when we chat our friends with mobile phone “wher i stay” it shear with take photo .thats a nice feelings shear with friends.. . . . Again thanks to management NIMBUZZ. . . . .Saif from bangladesh.

  48. win N78! I LOVE NIMBUZZ chatting it is different from other chatting sites.i likes service the which nimbuzz offer to their visitors.

  49. Win N78!I LIKE NIMBUZZ VERY MUCH as it is different from other chatting sites.nimbuzz provide best service to their visitors.Thanks

  50. In the name of Allah.
    In Afghanistan there was war and people don’t know,don’t have information from the outside of Afghanistan and we can’t send or tell our condition to the people which they are don’t know really thinks about Afghanistan.
    But now a days we can send our news our state to others in every where to every body in the world,we talk free with our friends with our family trees in inside and outside of Afghanistan .
    Same people may be ask me what is effected on your life that and on your commonicction ?
    I am answer theme: this fast thinks is Internat which change our commonicction.

    And Nimbuzz is the tools of connectivity between the people specially with mobile and with best mobile:
    N O K I A

  51. Win N78!I LIKE NIMBUZZ VERY MUCH as it is different from other chatting sites.nimbuzz provide best service to their visitors.Thanks

  52. I love u Nimbuzz nd Nokia,coz u makes a lot of lovely friends of mine from through out the world,nd realy u make the world a global village for us, nd meet me a lot of great,loveable nd honest friends from america, england, iraq, lebia, iran, armenia, russia, indonesia, malaisia, philiphine, singapor, japan, afganistan, china, koria, kairo,turky,kwait,kambodia,span, india nd from my own country pakistan. Thanx nimbuzz & nokia. I would like to say thanx to all my friends who give me time for chat from his busy life. Thanx a lot my all friends, here are all gud wishes 4 u. Selute to nimbuzz team nd nokia.

  53. Nimbuzz, the name imply to buzz yourself. I become an fan of Nimbuzz due to its some especiallity. Its gives an immense system to store your phone contacts as a back up. When I last time lost my mobile, I didn’t feel any tension. Simply Nimbuzz helps me to restore my phone backup from its server to my beloved Nokia N70.
    I love Nokia, I love Nimbuzz!

  54. i am so much happy by using nimbuzz because now i can communicate with my yahoo messenger, windows live messanger, google, facebook frd. My computer damaged some day ago but i can not repair it for money. Now i have no need pc cause i have nimbuz in my mobile!!!!!!

  55. Hello, I am using Nimbuzz in my Nokia n81 Nokia 5700 nokia 3110c Nokia 6020 and in Nokia 2626 more than 2 years. Its the best chatting software that can’t be realise with other:) Its really a amazing zone. All site support software for good chat media. Which connect the world in a small space. Its timely updates inspire me more and more. I can’t leave it. I am highly obliged to my nimbuzz team for their smooth and valuable work to keep prone notice to the Nimbuzz users. Thank you all. I love you all. My best regards will remain always with you:) – DR. NURUL ISLAM , HAT-SINGIMARI , DHUBRI , ASSAM , INDIA.

  56. Hi all use ar- how r you ? Thinkes all are fine with nimbozz. I also too. . . .Oke by best of luck every body…..Take care ….Saif from bangladesh.

  57. Nimbuzz makes my dreams true. It can allow me to buzz my friend while they are in offline. But most of the time this buzz feature not works good. By the way what is the limit of buzz? Most of the time it says, buzz limit reached.
    And yes, we need more emotions and the facility of saved chats

  58. Hola.! Como estan.! Nimbuzz es una aplicación q me ah ayudado mucho, ya q con ella me a dado facilidades para comunicarme con mis amigos por diferentes comunidades siverneticas, espero ganarme el nokia y asi poder tener un buen celular. Espero q mi suerte flulla x la luz de nimbuzz.! Chao recuerden Elvin ganador de nimbuzz

  59. hi.i love nimbuzz.1st when i came to nimbuzz i didit knw any english then i met a boy and he said asl.i didit knw what that means.ha ha so now it s almost 1 year and i have 100 frends thx nimbuz

  60. @Ferdous
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Currently we have a limit of 3 sent and 2 received per day per user, and we also have a total limit per day on the whole Nimbuzz community.
    We will consider your suggestions for the future improvements!
    Kind regards.
    Great to know you enjoy Nimbuzz! Thanks for your feedback!
    Kind regards.
    For the general communication on the blog we kindly ask you to right to us in English.

  61. Hi my all respected users, congratulation to all you for using nimbuzz & nokia. Infact its the passion of all kinds of age users,n its the completion of unbeliveble dream for us to do chat, make calls, msgs,n shared file with one another in our mobile busy life,which make possible cell phone by nimbuzz & nokia. I realy love u nimbuzz & nokia. Thanx with best regards.

  62. hola! estoy contento con este gran software mobil me satisface saber que an creado un gran programa que se adapta a muchos modelos de telefonos mobiles y su resultado es muy positivo, me gusta nimbuz por todo lo que ofrece en este mundo que dia a dia crece en la imnovacion tecnologia..felicidadez nimbuzz.

  63. Its great and comfortable to use just i suggest if we have email at nimbuzz if it possible not just chating,somthing else i notice that we cant save the chating and when we return back to read it we cant just the last few lines,also if it possible to have alarm when any body get in and get out the chating appreciated rasha

  64. bonjour,je suis de la cote d’ivoire et je suis très content d’utiliser nimbuzz. J’aimerais gagner ce nokia n78 parce que je sais qu’avec ce telephone j’utiliserai nimbuzz à 100%. Merci.

  65. Nimbuzz is worlds most popular chat application. Its so useful and easy to use. Its bringing a new revolution to mobile communication world. Keep up the good work. Just one request, There’ no ignore option to block people with whom we dont want to contact or chat.
    Shishir rai, INDIA
    Greatest fan of NimBuzz

  66. Hi, i starter to rt some of te nimbuss twits, i love nimbuzz and i really want to win a new Nokia new celphone. Nimbuzz is great.

  67. @Pelautbahari
    Thanks for your interest!
    You are only able to delete your Nimbuzz contacts on Nimbuzz.
    If you need to delete contacts from another community please delete them in the community application itself.
    Please try it and let us know if you have any problems.
    Kind regards.

  68. Nimbuzz c’est le resumé de tout ce ke jatendai par chat! Il complete et simplicie ma vie d’internaute. Alor je dit “longue vie a nimbuzz”

  69. Thank u 4 fullfilling our request and rec0nsidering it.. We are pr0ud of Nimbuzz management, the ambasad0r and all staff f0r giving the best services we’ve really dream of.

  70. Am realy sorry nimbuzz & nokia,coz power fail here from a long time,nd my cell’s battery low now,can’t to write ahead now. I love you nimbuzz & nokia,see u tommarow. Gudluck,bye.

  71. yeah,i really love nokia phones,cuz of its quality and duration.i really really enjoying nimbuzz on my nokia phone.nimbuzz brings me back all my old and new friends from yahoo,facebook,twitter,gmail,msn etc.its so fatastic.

  72. I feel so bad cuz yahoo messenger and hotmail dosnt work in my nimbuzz ،and i dont know why plz fix’t to me؟ so what.. Do u know somthing i desserve this mobil maby ican use yahoo chat hehehehe

  73. i like nimbuzz, my friend tell my other chatt app but when i see i don’t like menus program, but nimbuzz i see it’s cool…
    I always update my nimbuzz
    thank u nimbuzz

    how can get n78? Can i get? How?

  74. hey,nimbuzz exactly offer me convenience a lot ! It will be better if the adaption under all the tough web situation.

  75. @Saif
    Do you get any error message? If yes which one?
    Are you not able to find the Chatroom option?
    Let us know and we will come back to you.

    Joining the Symbian week you could win a brand new Nokia N78
    At the moment the contest is closed and we already have a winner.
    Check here to know more about it
    Check regularly our Blog, there will be more opportunities to participate in other contests.

    Kind Regards

  76. hii … nokia N78 best mobile … very good symbian series … N78 is equal to 1000 times greater look, style, performance ………. i like it very much .. my one aim is to buy this mobile …

  77. wow,there comes another opportunity again to stand the chance of winning nokia n78.i look forward getting that phone.lets play the game right.
    i love nibuzz.

  78. @michael
    This contest has finished.
    Stay tuned to our Blog, there will be more opportunities in the future!

  79. Hey guys.
    I’m facing a error “certification is expired ” when its trying to install after downloading it from to my Nokia 5235 hand set.Please suggest me what to be done next.

  80. @Sameer Ahmed
    On your phone go to MENU- TOOLS – APPLICATION MANAGER. Check your setting by going to OPTIONS – SETTINGS and your will see Software Certification, set this to ALL if it isn’t already set.
    And if you also see the option ONLINE CERT CHECK set it to off.
    Now make sure your phone date is correct. As the latest Nimbuzz was released about 2-3 weeks ago if your phone date is earlier then 3weeks ago you will get a certification error telling you to check your phone date or something like that.

    So just be sure your phone date is correct and that you downloaded the most recent version of Nimbuzz.

    Let us know if it works!

  81. nimbuzz is indeed the leading mobile messager ever produced.very fast and even helps you to locate your wherever you are.

  82. nimbuzz with nokia has helped in a way beyond description.the most faster messenger network.lots of entertainment….i can’t stay a day without logging on nimbuzz.keep buzzing with nimbuzz with nokia

  83. nimbuzz,yhe best mobile messenger and having this software on your nokia Nseries makes it more excitement.
    i am a proud user of nokia mobile phones…i have never used any other brand before and will never do without nokia especial the Nseries.where you can have more entertainment.

  84. Nokia & Nimbuzz are both enjoyable i wana both in one time if this new is true sure i want to be part ov it and try to get Nokia 78 Symbian…

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