Nimbuzz USA & Nimbuzz UK – welcome everybody

Nimbuzz USA UK

We are taking some big steps in expanding our global presence.  Today we are announcing the opening of our local offices in the USA and in the UK.

Tobias Kemper will now head up our US office in Palo Alto, CA, to better support and respond to the needs of our growing user base in the US.  We have also just published our Nimbuzz USA blog, which Tobias will be posting on to keep you in the loop about what hot and what’s not on the West Coast.

From our UK office in London, right by the Silicon Roundabout, our CMO, Neal Fullman and Business Development Head, Geoff Casely will manage global marketing, communications, design and business development efforts.

The new US & UK offices join our growing international network comprising headquarters in Rotterdam, offices in India, Argentina, Brazil and local representation throughout Europe, the Middle East, South Africa & Asia. Make sure to check our local blog news by selecting from the country flags on top of the right-hand sidebar.

We look forward to meeting some of you guys in person, especially because we will start having local Ambassador meetings at the offices. Stay tuned to the blogs for those. A UK blog is coming very soon as well.

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45 thoughts on “Nimbuzz USA & Nimbuzz UK – welcome everybody

  1. great, hope it will be written by native american english speaker, instead of the google translate version from the other blog

  2. It’s about time to set our flag out of the philippines who uses nimbuzz around. We are hoping that you could also show our flag and as one filipino who wants to represent our country, i would like to make a request that if it is posible, we want also want our flag be shown. Thank you

  3. @manilal
    SIP calling is mostly used to make cheap international calls.

    Choose one SIP provider.
    After it you can go to Options > Settings > SIP Accounts to register an account.
    After that you can place VoIP calls via the Phonebook.
    For the SIP settings please check with your SIP provider team.

    Please note that currently we don’t support SIP calling on Nimbuzz mobile for Java , Blackberry and Android devices.
    Let us know if you have more questions.
    Kind regards.

  4. @Beeper Jay Estimada
    Thanks for your comment.
    We appreciate your support, and sharing Nimbuzz in Phillippines!
    The flags represent the local Blogs we host (from different countries).
    We currently do not have plans to have a Philipines Blog in the near future, but we will consider it.
    Kind regards.

  5. Ow. That’s c0ol. H0ping that there will be a philippine bl0gs here, is maybe i wish t0 be fully acc0unted to ur upc0ming pr0ject in the near future.

  6. Many many thanks to Nimbuzz management for yours that softwere . Its a very very use full soft to us. I am bangladeshi user. I want to say nimbuzz management for update this soft in bangla. And when i use this soft with my n 70 mobile with my yahoo id i can not talk my friends. Please see that. Its my requst to nimbuzz management. Thanks again. . . .SAIF from Bangladesh.

  7. @VJ
    At the moment there are no plans for a Philippines Blog.
    But we will consider this to be added in the future.
    Thanks for your comment.
    Are you experiencing any issue while using Yahoo via Nimbuzz?
    Please be more specific on your query:
    Do you get disconnected?
    Are you not able to chat or call your friends?
    Do you get any error messages? If yes, which one?
    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

  8. Nice info, really waiting nimbuzz have their head office in #Indonesia :D
    one time later i ‘ve invited to nimbuzz ambassador, i hope can giving some idea to nimbuzz Indonesia blog.

  9. Thank you for rec0nsidering our request. We are proud of nimbuzz management who fullfil our dreams. Nimbuzz will be the best all in on international messenger around the globe.. Wish u the best and continue to have a blessed years of serving people and us teens. Its easier 4 us n0w to establishd c0municti0n with our l0ve 0nes in abroad and meet new friends. Thank u.

  10. @Vj
    Thank you for your feedback! :)
    Greet to know you enjoy Nimbuzz and that you are more connected to people now!
    Please let us know if you have any question or suggestion!
    Kind regards.

  11. @FreeZonal
    Thanks for your interest!
    Please send an email to us at
    Kind regards.
    Do you want to know how Nimbuzz works? Do you already have Nimbuzz?
    Please let us know exactly which doubts you have and we will come back to you.
    Kind regards.
    Thanks for your feedback!

  12. Hello Dear
    I have been using nimbuzz on my nokia n73 but now I have blackberry 8900 curve . The problem is I have downloaded nimbuzz once on my blackberry but some days ago I received a notification that I can update to a new vesion I tried and now its not working I even can’t open the nimbuzz page. Can you help me please. Thanks

  13. @khan

    Thanks for reporting this issue.

    We are aware of this issue related with the latest Java version on Blackberry devices. Although available for Blackberry devices, the last update for java devices was not specifically build for Blackberry and for this reason this issue happened.
    Our Team is already working in order to have it solved as soon as possible on the next Blackberry native version.
    In the meanwhile we recommend you to downgrade your version back to 1.1 which is available on our website for Blackberry devices only.
    Let us know if you have any problems!
    Kind regards.
    Thanks for your feedback!
    Let us know if you have any suggestions or questions!
    Kind regards.

  14. Cheers to nimbuzz :D Maybe a blog bout iNDIA toO . . . . LoL :D nice services i hav njoyd frm ur nimbuz dat i thnk can never frm apps lyk yahoo mesengr bla bla :D i want to jst say nimbuz rocks :D

  15. I had downloaded da new version n signed up n even used ma account For long b4 i signd out,i cant sign in nw..what could be the problem? I cant even trace where 2 sign in from..please help.AKEYZ

  16. @Akeyz
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Are you using Nimbuzz on PC or mobile?
    Which device are you using?
    Which internet connection are you using?
    Do you get any error message when trying to sign in? Which specifically?

    Please let us know and we will come back to you.

    Kind regards.

  17. Congratulatns on ur expansion.had a problem with tha new phone nimbuzz with tha photoz…it heats up tha phone n consumes tha battery u may wana chek on that….im still using 2.01(0) i cn chat a whole dy n my nokia e71 battery is ok….wish it culd stop askn wether i wana upgrade coz i dnt!cheerz.

  18. @Josh
    We recommend you to download the latest version and test again.
    If the problem persist, please let us know which is the exact issue and which error message do you get, so we can try to reproduce it at our offices.
    Kind Regards

  19. hi
    i wanted to know when nimbuzz will support customized SIP for blackberry ?
    and i have 2 phone, on my nokia i see one SIP that i cant see on my blackberry! how is that possible?!!
    the SIP im looking for called gulfsip which i cant see in my blackberry but i can see in my nokia!

  20. @blackberry 9700
    The calling feature is not available for BlackBerry devices due to some technical limitations.
    The SIP feature is then also not included in the BlackBerry version of Nimbuzz

  21. Hi , I have Blackberry bold 9000 and I installed Nimbuzz.
    When I loaded up skype and chatted a little the phone started to heat up and battery goes down.
    After I uninstalled the app everything went back to normal.
    So the conclusion is:
    I won’t install it again until you guys fix your software!
    Really disappointed with this, it could have damaged my phone :S

  22. @Slavi
    In order for us to reproduce and fix this issue, we need to request some more information about it:
    Which Nimbuzz version were you running?
    When did this happen?
    were you using an specific feature? If yes, which one?
    Were you running any other application in the background at the same time?
    Let us know .

  23. It happened at May 10th.
    I was using the latest available version for download at your site.
    I was chatting with the Skype feature.
    No other applications were started at the time.
    The phone heated up above the trackball , I guess there is the CPU … no matter that I’ve stopped the application it remained heated. When I uninstalled the app and restarted the phone everything went back to normal.

  24. @Slavi
    Thanks for the additional information.
    We will try to reproduce this issue at our offices and prepare a fix.
    Kind Regards

  25. Thanks,
    if you come up with a solution, please let me know.
    I really like the app , but risking to damage the phone is not good option.

  26. Hey…. Is it possible to make free call in Bangladesh from UK…. If its which phone I need to use in UK… Can anyone explain the process for me… TX

  27. @arif
    You can call your Nimbuzz and Im contacts for free:
    To make a call:

    Select an IM buddy from your contact list (Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk, and Nimbuzz) and choose the Call option.

    Nimbuzz will connect you to your IM buddy instantly and for free.

    Let us know if you have some more questions,


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