Android mobiles to take on iPhones by 2012 but Symbian still leading the way!


A recent Gartner report, made available on Computerworld, predicts a 12% market share growth for  Android mobiles by 2012.

The impressive growth of the Google O.S. would position Android in second place in the top 7 operating systems globally. Although it is predicted to surpass iPhone in usage, the Android win is Symbian’s loss, which is predicted to fall to 39% in 2012.

The Android jump can be explained by a series of factors, but the most important ones would be the number of phones that will have Android as their O.S. (40 models and 76 million units expected to be sold) and the Android Market, their own App store.

While I’m really curious to see how close to reality these predictions will be, I would also keep a close eye on Microsoft and their soon-to-come Mobile Operating Systems. I find it hard to believe they will give up so easily, especially with the new Windows Mobile 7 [to be released at the end of 2010] and their new Windows Mobile App Store.

In any case the future looks bright for Nimbuzz, which will support more than 90% of the smartphones in the world by 2012.

So what do you think – Who will win the smartphone competition? And most importantly…why?

12 thoughts on “Android mobiles to take on iPhones by 2012 but Symbian still leading the way!

  1. I think all the platforms will serve different needs and so there won’t be a clear winner in this race. For example, the Maemo platform is raising interest now, but almost exclusively around tech-aware users that like their phones smart and capable of doing anything. Then you’e got the hip-savy people who enjoy good looks and easy usability and they will most probably turn to the iPhone OS.

    I think Windows Mobile’s days are numbered and unless Blackberry will expand radically accross the pond into Europe, the Blackberry OS will also be a less popular OS.

    Nokia will probably stick with Symbian for their low and mid-range phones and therefor it’s 5th edition will be around for the longest of the Symbian platforms.

    Nobody can deny Androids impressive stride, moving up the ladder and into people’s phones at quite an impressive pace. Only time will tell if tehre’s a breakthrough Android model, though. SO far there’s always been a little something off with Android phones.

    So I think that there isn’t going to be a single winner. I think there will be three, and they will be iPhone OS, Maemo and Android.

  2. Apple has only one design. Do you thing that people want device like most from their friends? I don’t think so. So there will be still big group of the apples funs, but it is too low for the first place.
    Symbian will be still the most popular becose nokia will give it to midle class phones and the number of this devices is so big.
    And if the android will make some good looking phones, the second place is now waiting for him.

  3. @Plina
    Thanks for your comment and opinion.
    When you say “it is too low for the first price” are you referring to the iPhone we will give as price in our survey?
    Instead, what would you like it to be?
    Let us know :)

  4. to ma21: funny…:-)
    Yes, I was talking about Iphone. But not about the first price in the survey. The big group of the apple fans is to low to beat symbian or android.
    Generally, I like Iphone. Finally it was the big bang in the mobile devices and other producers had to wake up and start thinking in another way. But I don’t like some Apples (steve job) opinions or restriction e.g. multitasking, still same design…
    In my opinion the most expecting mobile system is Maemo. If the rewievs and videos of the maemo is really so good like them seem I´m going to buy N900 imediatelly.
    So, the price in your Survey? Nokia N900…:-)

  5. @Installer
    Thanks for your comment.
    We are considering the possibility of adding this OS in the future.
    Thanks & Regards

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