The winner of the iPhone 3GS is…


Before announcing the winner we would like to thank you all for taking the Nimbuzz survey. The response rate was awesome and we have learned a lot about what you think of Nimbuzz and how we can make it even better. Thanks!

As promised we have picked a winner as soon as possible: her name is Elisabeth Briganti and and she is from Italy!

We hope Elisabeth will send us a picture with herself and the brand new iPhone 3GS as soon as she gets it.


We have received a picture from Elisabeth and she wrote us a short note, we would like to share with you:

Hello to Everybody!

Finally this morning I’ve been able to “hug” the fantastic iPhone.  It’s been short since that, but now I feel literally in love with it. I’m really grateful to Nimbuzz for this contest and I’m also grateful to everybody for the nice congratulation posts on the web.

I hope that Nimbuzz will do another great contest soon, so somebody else will became as happy as I am with my new iPhone.

Thank you so much!

Elisabeth Briganti

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Congratulations to Elisabeth!!

181 thoughts on “The winner of the iPhone 3GS is…

  1. congrats Elisabeth. You are one lucky girl. Take care of that iphone well. We all loved it so much.

  2. Thanks to you all! I still can’t believe it! I’m so happy and I want to thank you all! :-)
    As soon as I get the phone, I will post the happiest picture you’ll ever see!!
    I Love Nimbuuuuuuuuzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I Love Youuuuuu!!!!!!!!

  3. This totally blows! Im poor and I have done everything short of paying $700 for an iphone, and now Elizibeth from Italy wins the thing!?!? Who needs it anyways!!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  4. congratulation to Elisabeth, I wish your share your happiness to me, dungnhim ( nimbuzz user )

  5. Elisabeth???? Mannn…
    Anyways,congratulations Elisabeth.. Hope, Nimbuzz team will put many such contests in future too….

  6. @sinyonakano
    Thanks for participate!
    The winner was chosen randomly.
    Don’t worry, there will be more opportunities for you to join other Nimbuzz surveys and contests!

  7. @elisabeth
    Thanks Elisabeth for replying to the comments!
    We are looking to see the pictures with your brand new iPhone! :)
    Kind Regards

  8. @bülent
    Thanks for your comment.
    Could you please write to us in English, so we can help you with your issue?

  9. Congrats to Elzabeth…
    I hope this isn’t the last present you offered to us, it will be great to get further quiz…

  10. The name and his surname isn’t italian!

    Congratulazioni Elisabeth! Goduto il tuo nuovo iPhone!

  11. Hahah I’d have be surprised of being the winner as a Rwandan even though i tried my best n’ we(Rwandan) r strong in such contest…Anyway”Ababurana ari babiri umwe abayigiza nkana” which means”when there r two contestors there must be one winner” Congratulation Elisabeth..Have fun with it n’ take care…

  12. Hey lucky Elisabeth cangratulation from the deepness of my heart for 3G. Realy u r lucky. Wish that much more nd more successes come in ur life, nd god give u all cheers of life. 1nce again congratulate u.
    Keep it up.

  13. Just one IPhone? How generous….How was choosen this “Italian (!?)” Elisabeth girl ? Her name is from a tale? mmmm….nimbuzz…too many misterious…….

  14. Hey how come nobody told me about this survey? Elisabeth bring me back my phone or i am comming to get you. Congrats

  15. elisabeth u have to believe u have a lucky charm and a guardian angel who is truly doing his or her job very well…Congratulations!

  16. congrts swty. i didn’t participate coz already i have 1 iphone 3g n 3 3gs.well it’s a great phone u will fall in love with the cam quality. n please tell which 1 u got 16 gb or 32 gb.*from india*

  17. @dongzhenping
    Thanks for your comment.
    We kindly ask you to please write in English next time so everyone can understand it.
    Kind Regards

  18. Congratulations to you all for participating. There could only be one winner. As for the lucky Elisabeth…can I get your contacts? I will soon be in Rome.

  19. Congrats!!!!!I never knew about this competition bit oh well!!ull have fun with it!!!I have a touch!!!AWESOME!!!!congrats again!!!

  20. Congratulations!, if its a Unlock Factory phone :P!

    please for next survey send me a Nokia N900 :P it has a same CPU :-” But its linux i love it :D! im waiting for next :D!

  21. i cant believe this, this should have come to Ghana. Congrats Eliza. I am hoping to see your picture together with the phone here.

  22. I cant believe this!, how could nimbuzz do that? cos he told me he will be bringing the phone to Ghana straight to me. Hmmmmm!! sweet heart, congratulation for getting such a noble prize . But am still hurt for nimbuzz telling me lies.

  23. wow Congratulazioni Eliza!

    @nimbuzz team: are you planning any other such a survey in the near future? :d
    Thanks, you are the best!

  24. @Altin
    Thanks for your interest!
    Indeed there will be more oportunities for participating in other Nimbuzz contests!
    Stay tuned!
    Kind Regards

  25. Hi

    Nimbuzz is my day to day part of the life. I love helps in my business.

    Thank you

  26. congrats elisa……………do care for that phone coz its huge……lol…..thanks nimbuzz for the wonderful opportunity….

  27. To make sm1 life easier
    To make sm1 feel better
    Use the NIMBUZZ regular
    coz nxt time u cn b the Winner !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Goodluck party people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Hola, soy usuario de Nimbuzz desde hace mas de un año y quiero decir que el servicio es muy bueno tanto en la compu como en el celular, muchas gracias!!

  29. Hi, Congratulations to Eliza!

    @nimbuzz team: I’d like to know how you’re makeing the survey .
    Thanks, you are the best!

  30. oh my god, it’s wonderful, I love that, congratulations Elisabeth.
    I have a dream, I’m a winner next (^.^)

  31. Nimbuzz rocks and i cant just do without it. This app is the greatest. Thanks Nimbuzz team for such a glorious app.

  32. Thanks nimbuzz for the good serveice,it really help us to be connected with different people,but you need to improve the following
    To give us an acess of deleating messenger contact through nimbuzz,like yahoo,hotmail,gmail and other.
    Here in Tanzania we dont have large number of dealers to buy nimbuzz credit,so please increase number of dealers

  33. Nimbuzz the best media to communication both of PC to PC, PC to Mobile, Mobile to Mobile & Mobile to PC. So…….

  34. Congrats!!! Elisabeth of italy..Hope we gona win also like you…Thanks to nimbuzz for the nice and wonderful application,its very easy to use and connect to my families and friends using this apps,and now we have a chance to win that wonderful iphone..Greate! Good luck to the 5 lucky nimbuzz user.

  35. Congratulation….
    I hope I’ll be the next winner of Iphone 4
    I just have my b’day and I dream about Iphone from long time ago :) So.. Pleaseeeeeeee….. ;)

  36. hello nimbuz iam using sony eriosson p1i mobile this is avilable for nimbuz not availabble in internet and your website…….. downloaded other version in nimbuz….but not for voice calling please help nimbuz admin……………

  37. اتمنى ان اكون احد الفائزين بهذا الجهاز الرئع ولكم جزيل الشكر

  38. @lijo john
    You are using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not support the calling feature.
    What do you mena by not ale to use skype?
    Are you not able to register your Skype account?
    Let us know.

  39. Congratulations Nimbuzz Team, for this wonderful dream came true..bringing all the Social Networks together. i’ll call it “All Heads Together” just like one of the title of my paintings, when you bring people together, the World will be in harmony and a better place.
    Don’t just follow your dreams, chase them…its just like Nimbuzz..

    I wish you all my best wishes for the better future…….:-)

  40. I like Nimbuzz very much!! I have no doubt in saying that it has become a part of my everyday life. I can’t imagine life without Nimbuzz. Thanks for this wonderful application.

  41. hi i want to thank nimbuzz for the software. Is reliable and lovely. i also want to congratulate Elizabeth im very happy for her.

  42. Hambalyo hambalyo hambalyo
    waxaan jeclahay haduu alla idmo inaan ka mid noqdo guuleystayaasha inshaa allaah

  43. Congratulation nimbuzz is very good i was using nimbuzz for two years so that i like it so that i wish to win the gift of nimbuzz team if my allah wills good by good will

  44. hi friends,
    I,m using nimbuzze last one year. it is very nice. i am chating with my all friends using nimbuzz. we can chat all accounts like yahoo,gmail,facebook i like to thanks to nimbuzz.

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