Say hello to cheap international calls with NimbuzzOut!


Today is a very exciting day at Nimbuzz HQ – we are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new product, NimbuzzOut!

NimbuzzOut lets you make incredibly cheap international calls from your mobile, to landlines and mobiles anywhere in the world.

It’s the first pay-as-you-go product that we’ve ever offered, and it will transform your mobile into the cheapest way to make international calls – who would have thunk it?!

From today, you can purchase NimbuzzOut credits direct from or your Nimbuzz mobile app and save up to 95% on the cost of a traditional international mobile call!

NimbuzzOut is currently available for Symbian, iPhone and iPod Touch handsets, but we will be rolling it out to other handsets later this year.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Download the latest version of Nimbuzz from iTunes, the Apple App Store or your favourite Symbian app store such as Ovi or Getjar – NimbuzzOut is automatically included.
  2. Purchase NimbuzzOut credits
  3. To make a call: go to the “Call” tab > Click on the top bar on the “Call” tab > Select NimbuzzOut as your VoIP provider > Go back to phonebook > Select a contact from your Nimbuzz phonebook and click on it. The call will start immediately!
  4. Make calls and save money!

There’s no need for a new account –everything is included in the Nimbuzz app. We also have a video explaining it ;) .

YouTube Preview Image

For all the info you need visit the FAQ page at – and stay tuned to the blog as every day this week we’ll be highlighting the great features in NimbuzzOut and showing you how to make the most of it!


Have you used NimbuzzOut? Where did you call?  We would love to hear your feedback – please leave your thoughts and suggestions below!

63 thoughts on “Say hello to cheap international calls with NimbuzzOut!

  1. It so glad 2knw the lounch of nimbuzzout. I hav alseady download new version. But sad 2say that i hd encounterd a problem wit my msg menu. Msg menu doesnt open anymore on my nokia N80 . Phone book appears on both phone book menu and message menu. Please help me!!! Good luck for the new job!

  2. I am a nimbuzz user from Dubai, today i purchased usd 10 from nimbuzz calling out, and when i was trying to make calls from my iphone 3gs its showing my cal is connected, but i cant hear any sound from there, and the otherparty cant hear my voice also,but am loosing money from my account, when i try to configure another sip account same result i am getting, Please help me

  3. hi, i’d taken 10$ for start. That works wel but 2 problem :

    1- we must pay per min, this mean for example we need 20s comunication we must per the hole minute. Thats no matter for cheap countries like usa. But is is for iran

    2- plz tell us the setting , with i can fix the internet call on my smartphone without nimbuzz.

    With regards

  4. today i download the nimbuzzout and bought the credit also, but it nt working properly,when i call some body after the dialore tone i cant hear anything and i lost almort 2 dollars, pls make it cleart for me

  5. @tim hufton
    Thanks for your comment.
    Nimbuzz is still free of use and download, we are now offering paid services so you are able to call landlines and mobile phones.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  6. @jaffer,
    Please do contact our NimbuzzOut Support Team.
    You can send a mail directly to with the following information:
    Your Nimbuzz username (e.g. Username123)
    Nimbuzz client and version in use (e.g. Symbian 2.2)
    Destination number and country that you are calling or trying to call (e.g. Spain +34957989709)
    Date and time when you experienced this problem (e.g. 25/07/2009 10:30 AM)
    Any error message you received, and when this message appeared. (e.g. Call Unavailable)
    Kind Regards

  7. I was one of those who tested this before release but I still have not received my extra $5 calling credit promised after giving feedback!

    The new version is very good, and includes not only NimbuzzOut but also a lot more emoticons in chat, the ability to edit your phonebook in Nimbuzz and be able to see the call rate before making a NimbuzzOut call. It also includes the ability to click on weblinks in chat. Although call rates are cheaper than SkypeOut the mobile call rates are still too high in my opinion, though call quality I find to be reliable and good.

  8. I dnt know if i am the only 1 experiencing this but i downloaded the latest nimbuzz (as it tells me wen i check 4 updates) but there is no nimbuzzout and all the other sip accounts dissapeard, even my phonebook doesnt show if its cellular, skypeout, it just shows contacts. N i want to make calls :(

  9. @Mike

    Thanks for reminding us.
    We will follow up with you about the promised reward via mail

  10. Hello,
    NimbuzzOut and VoIP calling is currently available for Nokia Symbian devices that have symbian S603rd generation except for the following models: Nokia 3250, 5500, E50 and E62.
    This Symbian based devices such yours which do not include the VoIP functionality due to technical reasons and that’s why you receive that error message and you are not capable of calling.
    Thanks for your comments.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  11. where’s the update with nimbuzzout for android? or is nimbuzz only interested in putting new features on ancient, less-capable phones?

  12. Tried making a NimbuzzOut call today after installing the new version and although I could hear clearly, the receiving party could not make out what I was saying. I even made a call to my own answerphone to test it and the quality of the recorded message was very poor, with drag too of about 3 seconds. This is not what I experienced in the beta version when call quality was fine.

  13. i am tambsam1
    i subscribed nimbuss out on my N95 mobile n i am in saudi arabia now so how can i get the credit for international calling. can u please suggest me the way

  14. Hi there. Can you please tell when wether is there any new version available for my Nokia 9300. And the second thing is that I am experiencing problem with my N91. I do have Nimbuzz but the problem is that I dont see any options that enables me to chat in CHAT ROOMS but with my N9300 I am able to enter rooms and chat.

  15. Greetings
    I see that people are experiencing the same problems which were reported during the beta tests via the ambassador program,namely that connections are established for a few seconds and afterwards dropped,during which the parties can’t hear eachother. Of course,the user is charged,because the connection was succesful and alive for 2 seconds.
    As for the beta +5 usd,neither did I receive it.

  16. @HOPE4JOY
    Both devices have access to Nimbuzz Chatrooms.
    On the N91 try to: Chat TAb> Options> chatrooms>
    In regards of the 9300 is using a Java version of Nimbuzz that does not have calling feature enabled.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  17. @robert
    NimbuzzOut is currently supported on iPhone and Nokia Symbian devices with OS S60 3rd generation and above.
    It is our ambition to be able to support it in more devices in the future.
    Thanks for your interest and comments.
    Kind Regards

  18. The audio problem also exists for SIP calling now as well as for NimbuzzOut calls. I can hear clearly the other recipient of my call, but they cannot decipher what I am saying. Never had this problem before and calls are made on a strong 3g connection.

  19. @Mike
    Please report this issue directly with our NimbuzzOut Support Team via mail with the following information:
    Your Nimbuzz username (e.g. Username123)
    Nimbuzz client and version in use (e.g. Symbian 2.2)
    Destination number and country that you are calling or trying to call (e.g. Spain +34957989709)
    Date and time when you experienced this problem (e.g. 25/07/2009 10:30 AM)
    Any error message you received, and when this message appeared. (e.g. Call Unavailable)
    Kind Regards

  20. @ tim hufton
    I don’t trust nimbuzz call services…
    You can still use other free VOIP Apps…to make free calls
    But i guess what nimbuzz is offering is a better quality service call.
    However there are apps made specially for free VOIP Calls

  21. i am using nimbuzz and always gettin msg tht nimbuzzout is available upgrade it, but when i try to upgrade, it says site is blocked, i m in dubai, can anyone help me to upgrade

  22. @qaid
    Have you tried to download the application from or if you are using a Nokia device from the Ovi Store?
    Are you not able to download from
    Let us know

  23. hi i m sajid from kuwait .i m download tha latest version of Nimbuzz out on my mobil N95 8Gb n so how can i get tha credit for international calling .can u please suggest me tga way ok by

  24. Dubai may be like Saudi Arabia in that the government blocks all voip calls. You need to check – don';t buy any credit unless you know you can use it.

    To improve voice quality I found that uninstalling Nimbuzz and re-installing it got rid of the other person not being able to hear me. A tip: always uninstall the previous Nimbuzz version before installing the latest one.

  25. While visiting Shanghai last week I found the gov. there has blocked Skype and Fring access. At least that was my experience on the hotel wifi. Anyway, when looking for an alternative I found Nimbuzz mentioned on a forum and so downloaded it into my Nokia (Symbian S60, E71) and then bought credit by card from within the Nimbuzz app on the Nokia (didn’t have a PC with me and didn’t need one). I was then able to immediately make Nimbuzzout calls internationally through the hotel wifi. The quality was great, no noticeable delay and once again I was connected with the world. Thanks Nimbuzz! Interrestingly, my account was quickly blocked by Nimbuzz because my billing address on the card I used for credit and the country I called from first were different, but when I provided the requested verification by email the account was then releassed within a few hours. No problem for me and it was good that my credit card was being protected that way. I like Nimbuzz a lot and now use it from my home in Japan for international calls via wifi.

  26. How can we Nigerian get the all Feature of nimbuzzout. Or those it work in Nigeria, and if it work what version of phone can it work with? Though am using N70.

  27. @Danasabe usman, Nigeria
    Thanks for your interest.
    We currently support NimbuzzOut on your device, the N70. All you need is to have the latest Nimbuzz version on your device.
    We currently support calling from/ to Nigeria and you can find more informations about our rates here:
    Please let us know if you have more questions!
    Kind regards.

  28. Why NimbuzzOut? What has it to offer that Skype or SIP already provides (inside Nimbuzz)?
    I can even call with lower rates (see rates at using SIP inside Nimbuzz. Actually Nimbuzz is a great SIP client. Better than the paid ones I tried (on iPhone).

  29. @Yannick
    Thanks for your feedbcak and comment.
    In regards of the rates question, pricing in the international voice calling market varies from route to route and provider to provider. Pricing is based on a combination of factors including call volume, call quality and connection methods.
    At Nimbuzz we’ve invested in technology which promises the best voice quality and highest call connection success rates.
    We’re constantly monitoring the marketplace to ensure we remain extremely competitive on a wide range of the most popular international calling routes for our users.
    Let us know if you have more comments or questions.

  30. I am a nimbuzz user from Dubai, today i purchased usd 10 from nimbuzz calling out, and when i was trying to make calls from my nokia E71 through WIFI its showing my cal is connected and i can here the ringing in the remote place but when the person attended the callthen i cant hear any sound from there, and the otherparty cant hear my voice also,but am loosing money from my account. I send this problem to Nimbuzz support but no solution at all. Please advice ASAP.

  31. Hello,
    I’ve just installed nimbuz in my mobile phone (LG Arena) and I’m trying to make a call to one of my skype contacts, which I suppose it’s free. The problem is that I cannot find any option to make a call, just to start a chat.
    Could you please help me with this?

  32. @Amaia
    Your device is using a Java based Nimbuzz version which does not include the calling feature due to some technical limitations.

  33. @fazil
    Your devices both: Nokia 6120 and SE k800i are using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature.

  34. what should i do to get nimbuzzout on my micromax x-600 and Q7 phones? will it support on these phones?

  35. @Chirag
    Calling is not supported on Java based devices due to technical limitations.

  36. Nimbuzz in Ppc has call option I clicked it and it replied i need credit for that,i bought 90 to india but my friend in India cannot hear me and me even hears not good at all.

  37. @Emmaugoh – We request you to send your query directly to since this issue requires further followups. Please reply on the following queries in order to identify the issue efficiently-
    Nimbuzz User Name?
    Which device are you using?
    What is your current location?
    Who is your network operator?
    To which device you’re trying to place a call?
    To which country you’re trying to place a call?
    Network operator of your contact?
    Does it happen on Nimbuzz free call or using NimbuzzOut credits?
    What is the error message you’re receiving?

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