Nimbuzz brings free MMS to Android users!

Nimbuzz On Android - Free MMS

Great news everybody! We have just released into the wild our latest, most sophisticated update for Android that is the first to offer free MMS to Android users!! [Download link]

Starting from today you can send for free photos, videos, voice messages and music directly to all your online friends! Even better, all your received files will be stored online and you can access them whenever you sign in via your mobile or PC/Mac?

While this is a great feature, it’s not the only one.

Here is the complete list of the other great new features for the Nimbuzz for Android:

  • Free MMS : send free photos, videos, voice messages and music directly to all your online friends
  • Chat history –go back and see what you have discussed with your friends
  • Screen notification – get updates whenever you receive new chats, messages or files
  • Contact search – press the search button and type in the name of your friends
  • Groups management – create, edit or choose to display only one group of contacts
  • Quick Scroll – get the feel of native Android apps with the new scroll
  • 24×7 Connectivity: stay connected all the time, even when your phone goes into sleep mode

Nimbuzz on Android - Contact list

The new Nimbuzz for Android has also improved the first time experience with a more intuitive process on the first run and improved stability (thanks to your feedback sent via support, blog and Twitter ).

You can download Nimbuzz for Android via or just scan the bar code below to find Nimbuzz in the Android Market:

nimbuzz-bar-code-for-android-marketPlease remember to let us know what you think in the comment section :D ! Feedback is always welcome!

You can connect with us also on Twitter or via our Facebook page! See you there!

33 thoughts on “Nimbuzz brings free MMS to Android users!

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  2. Hi guys,
    i downloaded nimbuzz lite on my nokia 2600classic and it is work but there is no more features i hope u to devolpe it

  3. Now this is a smart feature, Android users can now enjoy MMS, this feature is still missing in Truphone, Vopium and in Fring Android apps.

  4. Hello Nimbuzz Team,
    I want to download a java version of nimbuzz for my Nokia 5700 XM, please provide me with a link…
    I know there’s no java version for my phone. But other java version of nimbuzz nokia phone does work. So please…

  5. @Queralt
    Its would be nice to provide both java and symbian version in the near future. Because there are few percentage of users who still use both java and symbian version. Sometime because they have multiple accounts.

  6. @Anonymz03*
    We can consider this as an option, but why would you like to have a Java version when your device is most compatible with a Symbian version?
    We would like to hear your thoughts about this!

  7. @Queralt
    I would like to use the Java version because:
    1) In chatroom when we chat, the java version works faster than the symbian version
    2) Its looks and feel is better, its not transparent like the symbian version.
    3) Its indicates you when someone chats
    4) In chatroom you can view the user profile directly with the java version
    5) It is much smaller in size, about 300 to 400Kb
    6) We can use Winrar to open the smileys and edit them to our style
    7) I feel java version takes full screen when we chat compare to symbian version its not full screen
    8) The java version feels much lighter than the symbian version, although there are times when it works slower
    9) Another reason is its been 2yrs i’m using nimbuzz. At that time only the java version was available, some i’m used to it more.
    10) Most importantly in symbian version you need to type directly in the screen therefore you cannot copy and paste, neither format your text. Whereas in java version you can copy and paste because you’re not typing your chat directly in the screen.
    I’m not saying that the symbian version is useless. Not thats not true. The symbian version is nice, cool, made for symbian mobile. But it will be a BONUS to have the java version also.
    You can use your Nimbuzz symbian to log your first account
    You can use your Nimbuzz java to log your second account
    Just like ebuddy where you have multiple loggings.
    Thats it…

  8. Congratulations Nimbuzz, you lagged for so long that fring managed to be the first VoIP provider on Android. You did a great job on WM and iPhone, but alas…

  9. Great mobile app, but there seems to be a bug when running on Android 2.0. When Nimbuzz service is active auto screen timeout does not work. Any word on when this might be fixed? Thanks.

  10. @Dich
    Thanks for the feedback on the iPhone and WM versions.
    We are working to ensure quality on the Android VOIP and to have the best implementation in place before it goes live. For this reason we didn’t release it yet but we are confident it will be released very soon!
    Please let us know if you have more questions!
    Kind regards.
    Is your auto screen saver enabled?
    Which device you use specifically?
    Please let us know and we will check this issue.
    Kind regards.

  11. Device is Moto Droid. Auto screen save is enabled. Screen timeout works with all other apps. When Nimbuzz service is running screen stays on indefinitely. Killing Nimbuzz service causes auto screen save to begin working again.

    Tried it with several delays (15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 or 2 minutes). Still won’t work as long as Nimbuzz service is running in background. Comments in Android market suggest other users are experiencing same issue.

    Thank you for checking into this issue.

  12. Guys ,
    Can we use the call feature on a sonny ericcsom w800 , i have downloaded ot and there is no call for any of the Chat clients

  13. @Ash
    Your device uses a Java version of Nimbuzz.
    We do not support VOIP calling on Nimbuzz Mobile for Java devices like yours. We currently use the maximum capacity that the phone can offer but unfortunately the Java based devices can’t support VOIP calling.
    For this reason you won’t find the call option on your Nimbuzz.
    Please let us know if you have more questions!

  14. Good day. I heard so many positive feedback in using Nimbuzz, and I’m willing to try it to my phone. I am just wondering if I can use it in my country. I’m from the Philippines, and also is it free to use? (I mean the Nimbuzz service). Thanks. Hope to hear from you soon.

  15. @kitz
    All Nimbuzz products are free to download and use. Nimbuzz will never charge or bill for anything. Nimbuzz uses a data connection, and operator data costs will apply. We recommend that you use an unlimited (flat rate) data plan, which you can get from your operator.
    Calling landlines and mobile phone numbers via NimbuzzOut will have some costs which you can check directly here:
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  16. @santiemanuel
    The chatroom feature is available on Symbian and Java versions of Nimbuzz Mobile.
    We will consider adding it to other platforms in the future.

  17. I have HTC Magic mobile i have installed nimbuzz but there is no sip calling option found as i have use it in my nokia e66 earlier plz suggest & help to get it thanks nimbuzz.

  18. @Kash
    The Android version of Nimbuzz does not include the SIP functionality yet.
    We are working in order to include it in future versions.

  19. Guys, fring has got video calling (still very buggy, though), you need to hurry up! Don’t let them beat you!

  20. @Dich
    We aim to support video calling in the future.
    We will inform you as soon as we implement it.

  21. Please help me i want to learn more about nimbuzz so that i can download a video,photo from my phone,and chat with my friends.

  22. @Cinpell – Thank you for sharing your feedback. We are looking into the key points you have suggested and we will strive to improve our services in subsequent releases.

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