Smartphone Web Traffic – October 2009

Smartphone Share Worldwide

AdMob,one of the biggest players in the mobile advertising industry (recently acquired by Google ), has just released its monthly report and there are some really interesting numbers in there!

Here are the main points:

  • Droid represents 24% of all Android requests worldwide
  • Android has a 20% share of the smartphone ad request market in the US
  • Apple has a 50% share of the global smartphone ad request market, up from 43 percent the month before
  • Symbian has a 25 % share of the global smartphone ad request market
  • The top 20 Symbian phones are all manufactured by Nokia

Below is the share of the global smartphone ad requests by top manufacturers worldwide and top handsets worldwide.

wwchart - Oct

We would like to remind you that here at Nimbuzz we have developed some glamorous applications for the top smartphones out there :) . So if you want to get the best mobile messenger for your device you can download it via or iTunes, Ovi Store or  Android Market (search for Nimbuzz).

More information on the AdMob report can be found on the AdMob blog.

6 thoughts on “Smartphone Web Traffic – October 2009

  1. Great read. I have a Nokia N85 running Symbian and for the most part I like it. Can’t stand the touch screen devices= too difficult to text or e-mail on. I like to ‘feel’ the keyboard. Nimbuzz is an awesome platform. I can’t wait for them to release video over IP. Also, I’m wondering what the best strategy is for VOIP using Nimbuzz. Do most people pay into Skype or are you using the Nimbuzz proprietary VOP or is it SIP? Check out my twitter- I tweet a lot about mobile video and online video platforms.

  2. @Brent
    Thanks for your comments and feedback.
    We currently do not have video call, but it is our ambition to have this feature in the future.
    Kind Regards

  3. @laura
    Currently we do not support Palm OS.
    We will consider supporting it in the future.
    In the meanwhile you can still use Nimbuzz via our Wap version!
    Going to on your phone browser
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  4. Hey guys. I was at first disappointed with these statistics the first time I saw them because my favourite OS, Symbian, was doing badly in my books. However, it recently dawned on me that most of this traffic is generated by residents of the US and probably Europe. In Africa, Symbian is king by a mile! If all users in Africa also used to use Google or Wi-Fi I think Symbian would even have above 65% of the market share in all statistics. Symbian rules in Africa and I don’t see it changing any time soon. Unfortunately, I also don’t see us using internet that much for some years yet

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