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If you’re running an old version of Nimbuzz, now is the time for your free upgrade!

Over the last few months we’ve updated all of our clients, enhancing security and adding lots of great new features.  Here are just a few of the things you can expect to find on the different mobile platforms once you upgrade…


  • NimbuzzOut
  • Clickable URLs
  • More languages


  • NimbuzzOut
  • Video sending
  • New languages


  • Touch improvements
  • Kinetic scrolling

Windows Mobile

  • NimbuzzOut
  • Search in contact list


  • Chat history
  • Search contacts
  • 24/7 connectivity


  • Native functionality
  • Push notifications
  • Integration with sound profiles

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65 thoughts on “Have you upgraded?

  1. hey guys, what about adding proxy server functionality over wifi?? I’m dying to use Nimbuzz again but cant becoz my connection is thru a proxy server.

  2. I logged into the web version of Nimbuzz this evening because my Lady friend was using my phone. I logged out and now my mobile version isn’t working. It hangs upon “Connecting” again. I’m using a Nokia E63, mobile WAP. Mid-west united states. I’m not sure why I’m having problems, but I imagine an Auto reset of the account after logging out may help? I don’t know, but I would like to thank you very much for keeping on top of things for us. Your app is excellent and your service is outstanding, thank you!

  3. @sushant
    Nimbuzz does not currently work with Proxy connection.
    We are working in order to be able to do so in the future.
    Kind regards

  4. I thought the problem occurred last night when I had accessed the web edition of nimbuzz, but apparently it’s doing this on several phones… not sure what the problem is, we can log in fine the first couple times then we are booted out and can’t log back in, or we log out and can not get back in. Just to recap we are in the mid-west United States using mobile WAP “Viaero” Most of us are on the new Nokia E63’s. Just trying to help work the kinks out, I apologize for being annoying, We do love the program and anxious to use it again. Take care and happy holidays!

  5. Nimbuzz is the best social network applet in mobile that i’ve ever used. But i couldn’t find any java version for nokia s60v2. It seems symbian applications are not working in wap connection. If you could release a version which support the wap connection it’ll be great. New nimbuzz is really nice with lot of emoticons. Earlier we had a facility to browse profies. If you could enable it again that will be really good. Also we are unable to send messages or view profiles until they accept our request. Instead of this if you can enable this send message or view profile option along with a” block buddy” or profile privacy (to decide whether others can view their profile or not. Like the location sharing option ). I hope these suggestions will be included in upcoming releases. Great work.

  6. Ok, so this new whatever enhance mediocre version of nimbuzz crash too much on my mobile nokia 5700. I feel like nimbuzz developer doesn’t listen to me at all. Previously i have mentioned to crashing problems but nothing has been done. Now its crashes more than before. For example, right now i got an inbox message, when i open it everytime it crashes. Now how the hell am i gonna check this inbox message. Please check this mediocre version. Its need improvement badly, another thing is that. The display picture doesn’t load well. Most of the time it doesn’t load it.
    Places where nimbuzz crashes:
    1) when adding friends in room (everytime)
    2) in online gallery, while loading (no pity, everytime)
    3) when network re connects (oh man.. Everytime)
    4) when people adding you (rarely)
    5) while viewing another user profile (everytime)
    6) while in private chat, you chat normally after is crashes (often)
    These crashing problems makes me feel like nimbuzz is not a secure place at all…
    Will developers do something…
    I’m wondering something, these version are release after the testing done on mobile phones. But don’t developers notice any crashes during testing process? Oh man…

  7. Hi, my Blackberry 8310 can’t download the new version. Probably because the phone’s “IT Policy” doesnt tolerate it (used to be my work phone). I unfortunately already deleted the previous version from my phone, which was working well. Can we still download the previous version? Cheers

  8. @Anonymz03*
    Thanks for your detailed information.
    We do take into account your comments and reports, we have forwarded your comments to our Tech Team and we will try to reproduce this issues at our offices.
    Kind Regards

  9. @Londoner
    We recommend you to try to download the application from your phone browser going to get.nimbuzz.com
    Let us know if you have any issues installing, any error message?

  10. @sadia
    Could you be more specific in your query?
    Which error message do you get?
    Are you having trouble registering your Skype account?
    Since when are you facing this issue?
    Let us know!

  11. @Vivek
    Thanks for your comment and feedback.
    We have for some Symbian devices a Java version available, depends on the model.
    In regards of the Wap connection, Nimbuzz does currently do not connect with Http connection, if youw data plan just allow you web browsing you won’t be able to connect to Nimbuzz. We recommend you to check this with your Network Provider.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  12. @ali wakas
    Do you get any error message?
    From where are you trying to download the application?
    Let us know!

  13. I installed Nimbuzz on my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music, it was successful but when i tried to make call using Nimbuzz, i got a message on my phone screen saying “NimbuzzOut: An error occurred.

    Solution will be highly appreciated.

  14. @Stan Wang
    Thanks for reporting this to us?
    Do you have enough NimbuzzOut credit to make a call?
    We recommend you in order to get a faster reply to contact our NimbuzzOut Support Team directly via mail nimbuzzout-support@nimbuzz.com
    Do not forget to mention the following information on your mail:
    Your Nimbuzz username (e.g. Username123)
    Nimbuzz client and version in use (e.g. Symbian 2.2)
    Destination number and country that you are calling or trying to call (e.g. Spain +34957989709)
    Date and time when you experienced this problem (e.g. 25/07/2009 10:30 AM)
    Any error message you received, and when this message appeared. (e.g. Call Unavailable)

  15. Hi there.. I’m using Nokia E71-1 with latest nimbuzz version including nimbuzzout.
    Ive noticed some possible features that can be added on this IM client :
    1. retention of a long conversation and ability to save as a text/html on external memory .
    2. Ability to use phone’s front/back camera as a webcam (this would be great)
    3. Ability to connect to a wlan network via proxy server.

  16. @Parvinder
    Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
    In regards of your suggestions:
    1. We are considering the option of including Chat history in the future.
    2. It s our ambition to add Video calling in the future.
    3. We are working in order to support this feature for Nimbuzz on PC
    Let us know if you have more comments!

  17. also, i have problems connecting nimbuzz on nokia e71 via Wifi with a proxy server.. my institution uses proxy server for wifi connectivity.. im unable to connect nimbuzz thru it …

  18. I have realized that if you take the auto-connect, auto sign in off, and do it all manually you will not have problems. I haven’t had any problems the last week. Perhaps you guys should try that.

  19. I’ve verified that on Wifi (also on EDGE):
    =Symbian v3.2 Nimbuzz Mobile
    SkypeOut works well.
    Skype-to-Skype voice chat works well.
    Gtalk-to-Gtalk voice doesn’t even pass through the chat request. (Could you fix this?)

    =Nimbuzz Web
    Chinese display ok for contact list, but no Chinese is displayed in chatting windows — this makes it unusable for the huge number of users who receive/send Chinese characters. Could you please fix this in your flash-based Nimbuzz web?

    Thanks for bringing this great product!

  20. Don’t bother downloading Nimbuzz if you have a Nokia E51, T9 predictive text is blocked, which makes it kinda useless for IM.

  21. @Steviant
    Thanks for your comment.
    The application is not compatible with T9 but we will consider making this possible in the future.

  22. @Mailxiaodan
    Could you please let us know which Nimbuzz Mobile version are you using?
    When exactly did you experienced this issue with the Gtalk community? (please let us know the approximate date/time).
    In regards of the Webchat issue, could you please send us a screenshot of it via mail to support@nimbuzz.com ?
    Thanks for your collaboration & time

  23. @kristen
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Are you having issues while using an specific feature?
    While login?
    Do you get any error message?
    Please be more descriptive.

  24. Why my facebook having problem . . . Neither i can unregister nd it doesnt even showng my facebook contacts . . Weird . . Plz help me =_=”

  25. @Appy
    Could you please be more specific?
    Are you having trouble with your contact list being displayed or with the login?
    Let us know!

  26. Both lol :D wel listen dude it doesnt even showing my facebuk contacts and when it comes to register on fb it says am already registered . . . =_=”

  27. @lakshay
    Can you let us know if you go to Communities > Facebook, are you able to see how many contacts did get added?
    How many contacts do you have on your Facebook list?
    Let us know!

  28. @Marcos
    Could you please be more specific?
    What exactly is wrong with the latest update?
    Let us know so we can improve!

  29. hi, i just got upgraded to version 2.2.0 rev.2246 today. really good to have the chat history. also the new layout for messages is too good. but unfortunately, in my buddy lists, friends from yahoo, skype etc. is not displaying their thumb(preview) images. also this version is getting closed without any notifications !!

  30. i can see the total number of contacts in my contacts menu but facebook contacts doesnt show sometimes and when they appear i do not get any msgs from anyone(this happens with skype and yahoo messenger also that i dont get any msgs from other person…they can see my replies but i cant see theirs). I can only see my skype and yahoo contatcs…i have 503 contacts in my list
    I am in US…if that matters

  31. The new upgrade is great – it is such a relief to have DTMF tones. THANK YOU! KHEILI MAMNUN! I am still desperate to have the ability for 2 SIP accounts (or more) to be registered at the same time… that would be sooo useful.

  32. @Jithu
    Thanks for your comment.
    Skype avatars are not supported, but the ones from your Yahoo friends should be displayed.
    In regards o the application getting closed, could you let us know if it just loses connection or if it just turns it off by itself?
    Does it happen when using an specific feature? If yes, which one?
    Let us know!

  33. @lakshay
    Due to technical limitations is at the moment just possible to display a maximum of 400 Facebook contacts per user.
    We are working in order to increase this number.
    In regards of the messages not received, could you please be more descriptive?
    Are you not able to send or receive messages? When does it exactly happen?
    Let us know!

  34. @W Cornforth
    We are researching the possibility of being able to support multiple account per protocol.

  35. Why u guys nt helping me . . . I cant registr my facebuk again huh . . Whn i go to communities i see dat am unregistrd frm facebuk but whenever i clik on facebuk it says am already registrd nd whn i unregistr again nd do da same proces again it again say am registrd nt even its showin da screen to registr again . . . I cnt c my facebuk contakts huh nd ths problem is frm half a month

  36. No I have around 350 facebook contacts and rest all are skype/yahoo contacts.
    There is error that facebook chat can’t be connected at this time. Sometimes if I leave it they come back and it functions normally but sometimes there are no facebook contacts and when i send any IM to anyone in my friend list they receive it but when they try to reply me I don’t get any messages from them(I have checked this as I can receive messages on my other phone)… this even happens with yahoo and skype contacts…
    and It would be great if you could also offer video call for skype!

  37. @Appy
    Have you accepted the new privacy settings from Facebook?
    Or do you still have the old ones?
    Let us know!

  38. @Peter
    Due to technical reasons we do not provide older versions.
    However we would like to know what you do not like from the latest update.
    Let us know.

  39. @Seaman_uy
    If the lite version does not work properly in your device, we recommend you to use the wap version directly on your phone browser going to wap.nimbuzz.com

  40. @Facebook User
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Are you not able to register your Facebook account via Nimbuzz?
    Or are you not able to see your contacts loaded?
    Are you able to see some of your contacts? but with the wrong status?
    Let us know

  41. first of all, i wnt to express my gratitude to these great application. It s a big help to me.
    I updated my nimbuzz to its newest version and my problem started.
    When im calling my nimbuzz buddies, i cnt undrstand them bcoz my voice s echoing. And also, when im trying to chat, i need to press * first so the alphabet wl appear. Bcoz its always n numeric order.
    Please tell me what to do my phone s nokia N95 8gb.
    Thanks a lot,

  42. @kayesa
    Thanks for reporting this.
    In regards of the echo while in a call, which type of connection are you using?
    Does it also happen when you try to call Jimmy the test buddy?
    In regards of the key issue, it will be fixed in the upcoming release.

  43. @antie
    due to technical reasons we do not provide older versions.
    Could you let us know why would you like to use an older version?

  44. I have a nokia e71 and we have wifi connection with a proxy server. Does the new version of nimbuzz support this feature? Thanks, Suresh

  45. @suresh
    We do not support Proxy connection yet, but we are considering doing it in the future.

  46. Hi, I allways experience a crash report when I add someone and he/she accepts the friend request. I use the PC version. Please tell me what to do!!!!

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