We’re saying goodbye to Nimbuzz Widgets

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Exciting new Nimbuzz technology and product developments mean that we’ll be able to offer a range of even better communication features in the very near future.

To ensure we optimize these other great Nimbuzz features and bring them to users as soon as possible, we are saying goodbye to Nimbuzz Widgets.

So from tomorrow, they will no longer be available to download from www.nimbuzz.com.  Also, existing widgets that have been placed on the profile page of a social network will no longer work.

If you downloaded the Nimbuzz Communicator widget and are using it on Facebook, you won’t have to do anything. We will automatically remove the widget for you – and don’t worry, we won’t disturb your profile when we do it!

If, after the tomorrow, you see a white box where the widget used to be, just click here and you’ll be shown instructions on how to remove it. Full instructions can also be found below.

If you have any problems, please email support (at) nimbuzz.com.


Team Nimbuzz


  • Login into MySpace
  • Go to “Profile->Edit Profile”
  • Delete the widget’s code from any of the text boxes it may be present


  • Login into your Orkut account
  • On the left column, under the “Apps” section click the “edit” link
  • Look for “Nimbuzz Communicator” within the list
  • Click on the trash bin next to it
  • Accept the changes and you’re done.
  • Also you can remove your scrapbooks by clicking on the “Scrapbook” menu at the top
  • Look for “http://my.nimbuzz.com/<NimbuzzId>” and click delete.
  • Repeat the process for every scrapbook


  • Login into your Blogger account
  • Click on the “Edit Posts” link
  • Look for the posts containing the widgets
  • Remove the code by hand
  • To remove from the sidebar:
  • Click on the “Layout” Tab
  • Look for the “HTML/JavaScript” placeholder
  • Click on “Edit”
  • On the new popup window remove the widget code by hand


  • Login into your Flickr account
  • Click on “You->Your Profile” menu option
  • Click on “Edit your profile information” link located at the right of the page
  • Remove “http://my.nimbuzz.com/<NimbuzzId>” from any of the available options


  • Login into your Bebo account
  • Click on the “Profile” tab
  • Scroll down to the “Edit My Stuff” link and click on it
  • Delete Communicator and/or Ringtone widgets by clicking on the “Delete” link
  • Click “OK” to confirm
  • Repeat the process for each widget


  • Login  into your Hyves account
  • From the menu select “My Profile->Gadgets”
  • Look for the widget, then click on the trash can to remove it from your profile

17 thoughts on “We’re saying goodbye to Nimbuzz Widgets

  1. Hello all,
    We have said goodbye to the Widgets as mentioned in this Blogpost in order to provide a a range of even better communication features in the very near future.
    Thanks all for your feedback, we appreciate it and take your opinions into account.

  2. Thats a step back, almost a cause for me to change the messenger! Hope you offer something similar!!

  3. Can anyone suggest an alternative widget, now that the plug has been pulled in the Nimbuzz widget? I really loved the Buzz, Send File, and other features that allowed visitors to so easily interface with us through our website.

  4. I think stopping this service is a step backwards, and I think the widget was one of the things which placed Nimbuzz above other simulair software. It gave Nimbuzz just enough extra to be special.

  5. Very pity that this service has been stopped.

    I was looking for it as i played around with it two years ago and now im deploying a new business, where i could use this widget very well.

    Now ill have to look for something else, but will stop nimbuzz altogether.

    Shame really, the development team could have said; we stop innovating the tool, but we will still offer the widget. Now you took away a childs candy and dont offer anything in return.

    I dont like that.


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