The Best of Nimbuzz

The best of Nimbuzz

I’s Friday! Which means a quick trip around the world to check out the best from the Nimbuzz local blogs this week:

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Nimbuzz Argentina
¿Cuántas aplicaciones argentinas tenés en tu iPhone?

Nimbuzz Germany
Datentarife gesucht und gefunden

Nimbuzz France
Le Motorola Milestone (Droid) est lancé en France

Nimbuzz India
Uninor starts mobile services in India

Nimbuzz Indonesia
Paket internet Prabayar

Nimbuzz South Africa
The battle of the smartphones!

Nimbuzz Russia

Nimbuzz USA
New Section: Best or Worse of 2009?

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147 thoughts on “The Best of Nimbuzz

  1. Hi Nimbuzz team, i hope u read my msg .. I have deleted some files from my online gallery ana i want to redownload them .. How can i restore them again ?

  2. the weakness of nimbuz:1.Loading friendlist takes too long time.2.Friendlist usually fail to be loaded.3.Emoticon for ym different from its original.4.No sign out menu for each messenger client.

  3. hi nimbuzz team ,
    just i want to ask if there are any apps for chinese phones like “bluetooth and sannyo and tv mobiles” which don’t accept “java or symbian” apps

  4. @Daniel
    Thanks for your offer, unfortunately we do not have plans yet for a Guatemala edition of our Blog.
    Kind Regards

  5. @Ahmd
    If you have removed them from your Online Gallery we cannot provide you with this files again, since they are only stored locally in your Online Gallery, not in our database.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  6. @ibnu hady
    Thanks for your comment.
    We kindly ask you to write in English in order to gather your feedback.

  7. @Mel
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Are you not able to see your contacts? From which community?
    Did you have problems registering that community account?
    Let us know!

  8. @jeff
    Thanks for your comments.
    We will take them into account as per future improvements.

  9. @chichi
    Currently via Nimbuzz you can remove/delete Nimbuzz contacts, but not contacts from other communities.
    You will have to remove them directly from its own IM client, in this case Yahoo or Facebook.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  10. I’m having issues with my Facebook contacts, I am not able to see any of them online… Tried deleting the Facebook account from Nimbuzz and registering it again, but I still have the same problem. Any other suggestions?

  11. Ur New Nimbuz version 2.02 is look in Good, But it is complicated for chating, and ur new Nimbuzz cant do Signout in my Nokia n73. And also there taking more delay while chating with different persons. So we hope u can rectify this problems in next version

  12. @Yunus
    You can still logout from Nimbuzz if you go to Me> Status> Sign out
    Instead of exiting the application, without closing totally.
    Let us know if you have more questions

  13. @Lucy
    Can you let us know if you have accepted the new privacy settings of Facebook or have to skip that and left as previuosly?
    Let us know!

  14. I checked the new privacy info, but left everything with the settings I already had (which are pretty restrictive). What setting should I change?

  15. @Andri [m~pratz]
    In order to gather your feedback and comments could you please write in English?
    Thanks & Regards

  16. @osamahadi
    Please let us know which message do you receive.
    Remember that to send a Buss, your contacts have to be offline, and have enabled the option “allow other to buzz me” as well as his phone number registered.
    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

  17. i am alao experiencing problems with facebook on nimbuzz mobile. the contact list does not load most of the time… plz help… and i haven’t changed my privacy setting on facebook and also note that the contact list does load sometimes…

  18. @Yousuf Ali
    We are investigating this issue and we will come back to you as soon as we have some more information.
    Kind Regards

  19. I am having the same problems with Facebook chat as mentioned by many above. My Facebook chat contacts do not load.

    I had kept “keep old settings” when the Facebook privacy popup had loaded.

    I also noticed that in the list of authorised apps in my Facebook settings, Nimbuzz is not present.

    Please help.

  20. Kindly pls send me the link of ur latest nimbuzz version on mobile. I want to download it on my phone. Thank you.

  21. hi
    the message is ,unknown service provider error .
    خطأ غير معروف لموفر الخدمة
    some times i can send buzz and another can not

  22. For some of us, its useless to have nimbuzz on our phones if we cant chat with our facebook friends. My facebook contacts have not been showing as online for the last 2 weeks n i have not changed my facebook settings. Whats goin on? Nimbuzz used to be fun n reliable but now all thats changed.

  23. Dear Nimbuzz team recently i buy Nimbuzz-Out I love Nimbuzz service but unfortunatly when ever i tried to call it is showing connected ..but from both side we are not get Voice….
    My Name is Syed Zaghum Abbas …From Unite Arab Emirates
    and i am using Nokia E-51..and some issue faceing on PC too.
    Kind regards.

  24. i want to know that once a file is sent to another contact how long does it remains in the nimbuzz storage? also if we delete the sent file msg from nimbuzz will it still be stored in tha database and accessed through a link? thanks.

  25. @Omer
    If you send a file to a Nimbuzz contact this will be stored in your Online gallery and it won’t be removed by Nimbuzz.
    If you remove/delete a file from your Online gallery, there is no possibility of recover it afterwards.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  26. @Syed Zaghum Abbas
    If you have audio issues while using NimbuzzOut we highly recommend you to contact directly our NimbuzzOut Support Team via mail to
    Do not forget to add the following information:
    Your Nimbuzz username (e.g. Username123)
    Nimbuzz client and version in use (e.g. Symbian 2.2)
    Destination number and country that you are calling or trying to call (e.g. Spain +34957989709)
    Date and time when you experienced this problem (e.g. 25/07/2009 10:30 AM)
    Any error message you received, and when this message appeared. (e.g. Call Unavailable)

  27. hi nimbuzz team! I am sry 2 say but who bastord make this nimbuzz! Some1 gus my nimbuzz id pasword n open my id! And now he changed pasword also! So i can not use my id! I lose that celphone numbr which was i used 4 make that id! So i can not use forget pasword! I ned help! If nimbuz tean cant help me! So where is ur privacy and safty? Who bastord make this nimbuzz! If u can not help people so closed this nimbuzz! Who bastord siting there nimbuzz custmer care! If u can not help people! So what ar u doing there! If i want my lose id so what problm? Mybe that person can rong use of my id.

  28. :) i love the option of getting email notifications everytime someone sends you a file thru nimbuzz. in the past, i could also download the file [eg. pics] from my email. now i notice that it doesnt allow that anymore. why? :( some files i cant download thru nimbuzz but i always had the option of downloading them from my email so pls pls pls bring that back – if you even know what im talking abt. hehe.

  29. Suggestion : could we have more status options besides just online, away, or busy. more fun and descriptive ones like : on the phone, on the toilet, eating, gone shopping, sleeping, taking a bath, reading etc. etc. etc. I sometimes have nimbuzz on while im doing all of those things lol and it would be cool if my status could show that. if im the first to suggest it, hope others will say ditto to me :p . Ps. I love nimbuzz !

  30. i used ym n fb account n signed in from nimbuzz. how can i sign out my fb, without sign out from ym? pls answer to my email. thx….

  31. Does anyone have a solution for me. Nimbuzz displays the list of facebook contacts but every time I try chat with a contact on facebook, I get a “send destination not online” even if the user is listed as online……
    Please help

  32. @bond
    You can sign out from Facebook on Nimbuzz if you unregister your Facebook credentials from Nimbuzz.
    Go to Menu> Communities> Facebook and unregister.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  33. @ricky
    Nimbuzz does refresh your contact list every a short-time period, sometimes while the list of contacts is refreshing might show that one of your contacts is online when it is not. Then when you send him/her a message and they are offline this message will appear.

  34. I need help with contacts. I’m registered on windows live and I can’t see all contacts online when they are online… plz help me I realy need that cuz i can’t see my girlfriend online when she is… And one more problem, when I’m chating with contact and he get disconnect, and than he come back online I’m sending him messages but he don’t recive, than I must relog. Plz help me giving me a solution or fixing it in new version. Everything else is great and working fine for me. Thank you, it is better than ebuddy ;)

  35. @Filip
    Thanks for reporting this.
    Could you let us know if the contacts you are not able to see online are using MSN or any other third party application to login?
    Which status are they displaying?
    Let us know!

  36. It doesn’t matter what they use or where they log in, i tried to log in every where and nothing, my girlfriend can’t see me online when she is on nimbuzz and when i am on nimbuzz or when i am on ebuddy, computer…

  37. @Filip
    Are your friends not able to see you online?
    From which community? Are they also Nimbuzz contacts or from another community? If yes, which one?
    Which status are you displaying when this happen?
    Are you using Nimbuzz in which client? Mobile, PC or webchat?
    Let us know!

  38. Yes, my girlfriend is not able to see me in windows live comunity while she use nimbuzz on mobile. I’m using it for mobile too, I don’t know which status are they displaying becouse I don’t see them, like they are offline. I don’t understand english so good so I don’t know how to explain better.

  39. I’ve been using nimbuzz on my n97 for a couple of months now and now i’ve got the missing contact list problem too. I can’t see my windows live contacts when I logon using nimbuzz on my n97. I’m in Mexico by the way I use Telcel. I changed nothing on my phone, the only thing I think I did to trigger this was to add my yahoo messenger account, I can see yahoo contacts, but the msn ones are gone. I’ve removed the yahoo account but still can’t see msn.

    I tried reinstalling nimbuzz, but no luck either. I hope someone can help with this as there aren’t many options for IM on the N97 and all I can find regarding this issue are questions from Nimbuzz to users with the sae problem, but no answers yet.

  40. @broken_nimbuzz
    Thanks for reporting this in order to investigate this could you let us know the following:
    Are you not able to see your contacts as Offline or you do not see them at all?
    Have you tried to re-register the MSN account on Nimbuzz?
    Please let us know your Nimbuzz ID and MSN ID sending a mail to
    Have you tried to re-register the MSN account on Nimbuzz?
    Please let us know your Nimbuzz ID and MSN ID sending a mail to
    Kind Regards

  41. Yes I tried to re-register MSN account on Nimbuzz but didn’t help. We can see all contacts that we have, but some of them are constantly offline, and they are shown offline for us on Nimbuzz when they are realy not offline… I can even recive their messages when they send me (becouse they see me online) but when I answer them back they don’t recive and for me they are shown offline. :(

  42. @Filip
    Our support team has received your mail with the information.
    We will come back to you as soon as we have some more information.

  43. hi, i’m from mexico too and i have telcel too. since i installed nimbuzz, i wasn’t unable to see any of my contacts. then i delete my windows live account in nimbuzz (in my cell phone). and then i enter to my computer messenger and delete some of my contacts untl i have just 19 contacts, then i installed again my windows live account in my cell phone (in nimbuzz). and all my contacts appear.

  44. @Arjat
    Thanks for letting us know.
    Could you let us know how many contacts did you had before?
    We will try to reproduce this issue at our offices.

  45. @broken_nimbuzz

    Got the same problem aswell.
    i have the problem on the nimbuzz “msn messenger”.

    My real windows messenger shows : 58 people.
    Nimbuzz messenger shows: 52 people.

    For some reason nimbuzz doesnt show all contacts….

    I try a lot of things, but nothing would work:(

    p.s.: Im using the nokia n86.

  46. @ arjat.

    What to do if you have 400 contacts?:P

    Maybe this would help:
    What about the people that use a splitter on the modem?

    Can the contacts be appear if they have the same ip?

  47. @Roy
    If you have 400 contacts they should appear all.
    In regards of your suggestion, split the modem in 2 won’t help since all the contacts are in 1 account.

  48. Well Nimbuzz, thanks a lot, for me and my girlfriend Nimbuzz is working fine now. There is no more showing offline contacts, and disconnect bug is fixed too. Thanks a looooot!! ;)))

  49. @Filip
    Thanks for the update.
    We are glad you are not having issues anymore.

  50. i get a photo from my friend,i download & bookmark it. after that, i clear my online gallery. but why i still can view the photo by acces it’s url. how to delete it from online storage so the photo do not exist anymore?

  51. @PBK
    If your file is on the Online Gallery you can:
    On the PC client: go to Files from the Feature bar > select the file> double-click on the file to download it or remove it
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  52. Hi, I am having the same issue, I just registered and it was working fine with my skype contacts. suddenly afer upgrade all skype contacts dissapeared.
    If I login via web I can see and interact with the skype users.
    I also have msn and facebook running without problems.
    another question will blackberry have the possibility to make calls over skype user?

  53. Once i have registered with yahoo, gtalk and skype in Nimbuzz, then i changed my passwords for yahoo and gtalk.

    Now i am unable to use the both in Nimbuzz.

    can anybody advice on this, for how to change the password for each communities in Nimbuzz.


  54. @david
    Please send us the following information to our support team in order to investigate this issue:
    -Nimbuzz version in use
    -How many contacts you have on your list and how many are you able to see
    -Since when this happens
    -Your Nimbuzz ID and the ID of the community you are experiencing issues with
    In regards of the BlackBerry calling, this option is not available due to some technical limitations
    Please unregister your community accounts and register back them with the new password.

  55. @asem
    Could you let us know if you are trying to open the file from a Mobile version of Nimbuzz or PC?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Do you get any error message? which one?
    Let us know!

  56. Iam facing a problem whenever i chat to a facebook contact with nimbuzz a message comes send destination not online whats that please help me

  57. @Shiraz
    it takes a while to update and check your contact’s statuses.
    It could happen that while you see someone online and want to chat with him/her then he goes offline and then it takes a while for the application to show you that it went offline.

  58. my id has been hanged in is always remains open. Nimbuzz_wap1279362635148 << this is the recourse of my id. how can i sign out??

  59. @salman
    Could you be more specific?
    Which client and version were you using last time you logged in on Nimbuzz?
    How did you sign out? did you just exit the application or Sign out your account?
    How did you notice that your account is hanged?
    Let us know

  60. facebook chat and everythink is workin fine but its annoying me the way i cannot log out no matter what i even turn my fone off and am still online really confuses me :S any help

  61. @Ross
    Could you be more specific?
    Are you not able to log out from the application?
    Which Nimbuzz version and client do you use?
    How do you try to log out from the application?
    Let us know

  62. I Set nimbuzz version 0.77.0 on my pc but he send crash report ( ############### PC Client Log ############ )

  63. @sami
    We recommend you to download the latest Nimbuzz PC version available on our site.
    We cannot provide you support for an older version we no longer have available on our site.

  64. Hi nimbuzz team,
    i’m using nimbuzz v 2.04 on nokia e71 symbian s60. Using contacts from msn and ym. The problem is all my contacts can’t receive my IM. I can receive their IM but they can’t receive any from me.
    Pls help me about this.

  65. @gemitang
    Which status are your contacts displaying when they do not receive your chats?
    Where are they using those account? on the IM client itself or are they using an agregator client?
    Let us know

  66. All those contacts were on online status, some using the IM client itself and some were online from agregator client.

  67. @gemintang
    Thanks for reporting, we will try to reproduce the issue and find a solution for it.

  68. hello there,,
    is there any progress about my case? Or anything i can do so i can use nimbuzz again?

  69. @gemintang
    We were not able to reproduce the issue. But are working on a new update and we expect it to solve your issue.

  70. I usually get a chat ‘send destination not online’ while chatting someone even when the person is online. What’s it??

  71. @Akshay
    From which community are those contacts?
    Does it also happen when chatting with Nimbuzz contacts?
    Let us know

  72. @akshay
    The app refresehs the contact list status every some minutes, probably it refreshes the status while you send a message to someone that seems to be online, but then after refresh is offline and you get this message when sending a chat to a non online contact.

  73. dear Nimbuzz team:i’ve problem with receiving files, while i can sent it.
    when i try to open a file sent by my friend (a temporary problem, or link not available) appear on my chat screen.
    hope you understand my weak English in writing.
    best regards.

  74. @lola
    Could you be more specific?
    Are you having trouble receiving files sent from Nimbuzz contacts? or from another community? which one?
    Which exact error message do you receive?
    Which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Let us know

  75. dear nimbuzz,
    why can I not see my contacts when they are online? I leave messages and they are unable to see them, I had no issue with nimbuzz but of late its just annoying. kindly inform why is this happening.

  76. Dear Nimbuzz,

    My cousin downloaded nimbuzz to her cellular phone but is not able to create a new account and if thats not bad, she keeps getting connection failed. What the hell is going on, I really need to know whats happening please.

  77. @Lesley
    Make sure you are connected to the community you want to see your contacts.
    If you keep facing issues, please report this directly to our support team via email to Indicating which community you are referring to and when was teh last time&date you faced this problem.
    About the registration issues, try to register your account via our site:

  78. Can i any one see or stole my private file other than receiver sent by nimbuzz……??????????

  79. @peter
    Just you and the person you sent the file to has access to that sent file.

  80. How to solve your problem with facebook, 4 those whom there facebook is no longer loading on nimbuzz. Follow this step1. use (with ur phone browser), 2.Enter ur ID and password 3. Scrol to setting 4. Scrol to change your setting them click on facebook to enter your ID and password of your facebook them click ok. If u follow d above instruction your problem will be resolve inshallah. From

  81. hellow.. i lost my files after 1 jnuary 2011 aftr new year and all nimbuzz refreshed i think but now i want back some files from my files that i sent befor 2011. so wht should i do?
    thank u

  82. Hi nimbuzz.I jst want to axk u how l saw my facebook friends in nimbuzz if it doesn’t contain the facebook can i open facebook…i m using micromax x550 in nimbuzz contain many communities like yahoo etc it doesn.t contain facebook.

  83. but i dont need recived files i need sent files. those files i sent to my frinds how get them back? i sent them befor 2011 i want get them back

  84. @Inderpreet
    Note if you are using an older version of Nimbuzz (not the latest one) the Facebook community might not show up on the list, if this is teh case, we strongly recommend you to update to the latest version available on and try again.

    Kind Regards

  85. hi nimbuzz my Friend brought new iphone and he uses Nimbuzz in iphone so nw he gets every detail of mine wat i chat n with whom i chat he get s every detail with exact time and date. Nw wat should i do so that he dont get my details my logs n with whom i chat and wat i chat?plz help me

  86. @rajesh
    Is your friend using your Nimbuzz account?
    If not, he just hsould be able when you are online, like the rest of your contacts.

  87. I have Nimbuzz installed on my Mobile.
    Most of my contacts are shown as numbers.
    They can buzz me but when i try to respond the dial pad just doent appear.
    Pls can u look into why it displays numbers instead of names?

  88. @ Vivian
    Which device, Nimbuzz version, type of connection and network provider are you using ?
    Do you receive an error message ? If so, what does the error message say ?
    Thanks !

  89. @tat
    We currently only support the option to delete Nimbuzz contacts. If your contact is a Nimbuzz buddy please click on the buddy name and choose delete.
    If this is a buddy from another IM community you will need to delete the buddy on the community itself first, and after it the contact will be removed from your Nimbuzz contact list.

  90. Helo nimbuzz team plz help my nimbuzz id sahilb4u i use befor one yers i dont forgate password then why no open id i will try laptop and my mobile NOKIA E71 plz help me

  91. @sahil
    Since when do you face this issue?
    What is your Nimbuzz id?
    Let us know and we will double check.
    Thanks for informing us, we will double check your account status and inform you.

  92. if we share any file, how long it will be there in nimbuzz database unless we remove manually and is there any chance that after delete/removing the file from online gallery can be accessed ?

  93. @tragedyking
    If you remove a recived or sent file is no longer possible to recover.

  94. @tragedyking
    A file will be on your recived files section (unless you remove it) a max o 6 months. Files older than 6 months get automatically removed.

  95. Dear Sir/Madam,

    With due respects I hereby write you the fact that, I have two nimbuzz accounts and want to delete one of them, so you are requested to help me out in this regards.
    Thank you in advance.

    With best regards
    Eng. Farhad ”Sahak”

  96. hey am sick of my this id so i want to delete my nim buz and create a new one can you tell me how to delete it ???

  97. Hi, is there any way to log out of a particular community, say fb, without logging outta nimbuzz? When i go to settings>communities>facebook, it says that connection is working properly or something..there was no option of unregistering!!! Im using nokia 5130

  98. Hi Nimbuzz Team,

    How do I delete my gmail, yhaoo, and MSN account from Nimbuzz as I need to add other account and do not want this account to keep active on nimbuzz please replt me via email provided above.


  99. @Nikunj – Different platforms have different paths where you can find the communities option. You can view the communities in the settings panel. Once you click on communities, you will see all the communities added in your Nimbuzz account. You can click on the community and select remove/delete account. You can follow the same steps to remove other communities.

  100. @Chandler – You can follow this path to remove your Facebook account from Nimbuzz:
    Nimbuzz Home Screen>>Options>>Settings>>Accounts>>Select Facebook>>Options>>Forget Account.

  101. hi nimbuzz
    i want to know how to refresh contacts in nimbuzz.i have formatted my mobile and i re installed nimbuzz, my acounts are on line but contacts are not refreshing…can u tell me how to refresh.
    Thank you

  102. @Roop – You can select:
    For Android – ‘All Contacts’ option from Display Group
    For iphone – Select Phonebook displayed at the top of the screen
    For Symbian – Select the Contacts>>Options>>Groups>>All

  103. I am unable to add my Yahoo account with Nimbuz. Error shown is “this service is not available”. I tried to add after changing my password in yahoo but all in vane. Any other ayahoo account other than my main account is added but my main account is not. Plz help me

  104. @Usman – Yahoo blocks access to your IM account via Nimbuzz, if it detects a lot of unsuccessful login attempts in a short period of time. You can do the following in order to unlock your Yahoo account and use it via Nimbuzz:Try to login into your Yahoo account from your web browser (, then add the Yahoo account on Nimbuzz after sometime it should start working fine.

  105. hello, I just wanted to ask how do I delete an account from nimbuzz?! like facebook, or yahoo?! I only want my nimbuzz contacts on my list and nothing else. Thanks :)

  106. @loyalty – If you want to remove your Nimbuzz Account please note beforehand that by doing this:
    • Your username will be deactivated and it won’t be possible to reactivate
    • Your friends will not be able to reach you on Nimbuzz anymore
    • You will not receive our Newsletter
    If you agree with that, please follow the instructions on and you will be able to remove the account by yourself.

  107. i have send a picture to my friend and now i dont want her to see how can i also delete the picture from her acc too or i should delete my nim buzz account ???????????????

  108. @namarata – A picture or message once sent can not be retrieved back even if your remove your account. It works just like your SMS service does, once a SMS is sent from your number you can not remove it.

  109. @sulaimanmeeran – Thanks for reporting this issue. This error occurs when Facebook server is not able to identify the credentials entered by you and redirects you to Nimbuzz with this error. There is nothing much we can do about the same. However, we have been working constantly with Facebook to resolve this issue at the earliest. Stay tuned for related info on

  110. i want to recover my old files which i sent or recived through my nimbuzz id how can i get it i m using nokia e71.

  111. @SKANT – The files are saved on your account. However, if you delete the files from your account you cannot retrieve the same. Thanks!!

  112. i can’t access facebook chat in mobile. if i try to connect facebook chat through nimbuzz, ebuddy or yahoo messenger. it shows
    ” your account in temporarily unavailable in mobile. please log in into the computer to regain the access”. please help me….. Only myaccount is not accessible.

  113. @solomon – This error occurs when Facebook server is not able to identify the credentials entered by you and redirects you to Nimbuzz with this error. There is nothing much we can do about the same. However, we have been working constantly with Facebook to resolve this issue at the earliest.

  114. i have name nimbuzz account shakeelahmad27 and now i disconnect the facebook comunites from my nimbuzz id but facebook contact are now not removing from my nimbuzz contact and the facebook id are disconected but contact not removing

  115. @shakeel ahmad – We suggest you to signout and sign in your nimbuzz account again. Hopefully, it should work fine.

  116. hi nimbuzz,
    I can’t get my photos in my I’d which I received from my friend. how can I get these photos?

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