@Nimbuzz Loves @Twitter!

Nimbuzz with Twitter

All of us at Nimbuzz are delighted to announce the launch of the new Nimbuzz for Symbian client with Twitter!!

This update makes our Symbian client the most comprehensive that we’ve ever offered – it’s a must have app for all our real-time, über-demanding Symbian users!! :) [Download Link]

New Nimbuzz for Symbian offers a centralized messaging client with the most comprehensive all-in one feature set available – VoIP calls, Instant Messaging and file-sharing with the world’s most popular social networks, plus presence, profiles, location and now Twitter! Video after the jump:

YouTube Preview Image

The fully integrated Twitter function is better than any standalone Twitter client for Symbian, plus you get all that extra Nimbuzz goodness!

You can Tweet, ReTweet, Follow, Unfollow, Direct Message, visualize Timeline, Search, view Trends, view Profiles… you name it!

Here is a list of the new features and improvements:

  • Full Twitter client - Timelines, Tweet, DM, Searches, Trends, Profiles and much more!!
  • Kinetic scroll – available for Symbian 5th edition touch screen phones  (e.g. Nokia 5800, Nokia N97, N97 mini, Nokia 5730, Nokia  X6 )
  • Chat History –see all your past conversations
  • Pop-Up notification - for new chats and other events whenever Nimbuzz runs in the background
  • DTMF tones in calls – now you can press 1 in a call , when the robot tells you so ;)
  • NimbuzzOut rate calculator – see the rates for calling to different countries
  • Upgraded UI –  new chat screen layout & contact list layout

Nimbuzz on Symbian Pop-up  notification

And a few reasons why you should install Nimbuzz on your Symbian mobile now:

  • Twitter! The best Twitter client available on Symbian!
  • More battery life – only one app for chatting, calling, tweeting and more
  • Centralized communication – no need to switch between apps with Nimbuzz :)
  • Über-slick design and integration – upgraded look and feel

Get the free download of Nimbuzz 2.2 for Symbian now from Nimbuzz.com.

symbian-twitter-profileLet us know what you think in the comment section below. As always feedback is always welcome!

150 thoughts on “@Nimbuzz Loves @Twitter!

  1. Hi! i find a little bug in nimbuzz 2.02 in french version

    Pposter tweet > Poster Tweet
    Dernier message 5d parxxxx > Dernier message 5j par xxxx
    Dernier tweet 9m par (two blank) yyyyy > Dernier tweet 9min par yyyy

    564 suivre > 564 abonnements
    564 fidele > 564 abonnés

    Nouveau post tweet > Poster Tweet

    Thx to fix a language problem.

  2. Congratulations!!!! now I won’t use another Twitter client, more battery power, I would suggest to have the update time for tweets configurable

  3. I love Nimbuzz and recommend my friends as much as possible..
    and am an ardent fan of twitter and i dont want any other application to tweet now..
    Nimbuzz on the way to TOP!!
    facebook chat is not working properly for past 1 day.. help me in this

  4. Fantastic job! :D The next step being video chat, I hope! But its still too nice for me to turn to any of your competitors!
    Just one thing to bring to notice. Somehow, after I used the version for sometime, new chat window would not open. Everything else from twitter to the favourites count worked. (could see the contact move up on list after repeated attempts to open window.) Really glad nimbuzz remembered previous favourites settings! A great product, I hope there’s an explanation for the glitch. I tried installing an older version and then this back again, to no avail. Uninstalled and re-installed and no problems thus far!

  5. Wow.. I had been lookin forward to this and also posted a request on twitter @nimbuzz. Now this update will totally make nimbuzz the only app i will ever need on phone other than music player and skyfire webbrowser..

  6. Great addition!

    But when starting the application, I need three clicks to reach the twitter tab by clicking on the most right tab icon till I reach the right one.

    Is there no faster way? Probably horizontal swipe gesture or menu shortcut?

  7. I now have the new version. I am impressed with the new Twitter client. Seems almost (but not quite) as good as Gravity for symbian and I am very happy with that. However the overhaul in the home screen is a bit baffling. The new Skype icon is fine but why have you reverted to the boring old Yahoo icon of years ago? Also nearly all of the avatars are missing from my contacts so putting new emphasis on the avatars is pointless unless they can be loaded correctly and reliably. Also IM icons are still missing from the actual chat screens. Why? Several of my contacts have exactly the same username on several different IM’s so how am I supposed to know which one they are using if no icon appears? The new chat history is a good move but there appears no option to delete permanently. The ability to chose whether or not to have pop-up notices of messages is also a good move. Good work but seems it needs refining.

  8. Amazing! is what he needed to Nimbuzz
    But it would be good to also have the Nimbuzz Twitter for iPhone / iPod Touch.
    You should also go for Java platform (J2ME) and Symbian S60 V3 phones (without touch screen)
    I love Twitter, Twitteo from my mobile phone (Motorola w5) from the browser and is very good: D
    Picked as Ambassador Nimbuzz Nimbuzz but not work on my mobile: (
    Nimbuzz greetings and continue to improve. ;)

    @ LeandroStereo

  9. Great new funcionality! Nimbuzz would be all I need if it supported more than one Twitter account as I have four of them (private|business)x(English|German). Until then I use it alongside Gravity.

  10. Hats off!!
    The new UI looks great. The twitter tab as well. And best of all….twitter is fast!!! So u r absolutely right..i dont need my other twitter client anymore.
    Thanks Nimbuzz Team for the chat pop-up feature and keep the good work going!!!!
    U did a great job with 2.2 on my E71.

  11. Not working for me. it says “connecting to twitter” but never connects. I can connect via twitter web site with the same account name and password. However nimbuzz does not working.
    It applies to nimbuzz pc too. What’s going on ?

  12. Hi guys..Nimbuzz is great alone and now with full twitter control…It ROCKS even more..But 1 thing is not better is the chat screen layout…Was better b4….I’m the biggest nimbuzz fan in egypt.Love u guys and keep it up.

  13. great move! I saw lots improments in latest release, but one thing goes worse: compatibility with 3rd party ime, I have to type a space first or I can’t type chinese in chat box, this issue also happens while swtich chat tab using left-right arrow key, ime will lose focus. Hope next release will fix this defect.

  14. great!!! wonderful! thanks for the great app..i really wanted the popup notification and chat history and it is granted, so soon…thanx! keep up the good job

  15. hey i updated to the latest version yesterday.. I found it great.. But today i’m having one problem.. When i talk on facebook chat or google talk, everything’s alright.. But on yahoo ids, wat happens is i can get messages from people but when i send , they’re not getting it.. They just think i’m not replying at all.. My messenger shows i’ve sent, but no1’s getting any messages.. Only on yahoo client.. Please help.. Thanks.

  16. Hello all,
    Thanks for your support and comments!
    We are glad you are enjoying the new Twitter feature!
    We aim to fully support Twitter in more clients and Operating Systems, we will announce it as soon as there is more information about it!
    @Marc Hermann
    We will consider supporting multiple accounts per protocol in the future.
    Thanks for the suggestion!
    Do you have a big amount of following people on your Twitter account? It could take longer if the list is big.
    After waiting for loading/connecting, do you get any error message?
    Could your password contain non alphanumeric characters?
    Let us know
    Could you please send us a screenshot of the Chinese characters not displayed?

  17. @anubhav
    Thanks for reporting this.
    Could you let us know which type of connection are you using?

  18. @Ichigo
    Thanks for reporting this!
    We will forward this to our translation Team and fix this issue as soon as possible.

  19. thanks a lot for the swift reply.. I’m using mobile office connection by airtel.. I live in surat, gujarat, india..
    Everything was alright when i updated yesterday, so dun seem to be any prob with update.. Problem has been since last 5-6 hours only.. Also during this time my gprs hasn’t been working great.. Customer care guy says that there is network congestion , and it’d be solved soon.. But i still can surf, post here, or talk on other clients.. Only not on yahoo.. That too with outgoing messages only..

  20. @Nikhil
    Thanks for your comment.
    We are researching the possibility of adding Video Chat in the future!
    We will keep you posted about it.
    @Saravana Pradeesh
    We are looking into the Facebook gateway in order to fix some issues.
    @Max Odendahl
    There is currently no faster way to get to the Twitter feature, we will take that into account.
    Thanks for your feedback! :)
    We will forward your suggestions to our Development Team in order to add some of them in upcoming releases.

  21. @queralt escrich, Actually i have only 2 people following me and i follow afew people (less than 10).
    I do not have any alphanumeric characters in my password.
    In nimbuzz pc, it stucks a long time in “validating user…” then without any error,it asks user name and password again.
    In numbuzz s60v3, it just stucks in “Connecting to Twitter”. No error messages.
    I am sure i do not have a connection problem (nimbuzz display my other contacts in msn/gtalk/facebook etc).
    I am using a wi-fi connection. In the same network at my pc i can connect to my twitter account with official twitter page. I tried 3G too but same result. My phone is Nokia N96.

  22. @queralt escrich
    I have discovered that it does not matter which username and password i write. It always stucks there.

  23. Wah! MAD LOVE 2 THE NEW NIMBUZZ TWEET-ING!lol made my life way way better! Cant say much bt nimbuzz, am stuck to u like glue!lol
    thou stil, just coz i have a nokia 3250 makes it less intresting, cant nimbuzzout, dont like that at all! :s

  24. @hnkaraca
    Thanks for the info.
    I will forward your case to the Support Team, they will contact you directly via mail.

  25. I logged in on my n82 and as it’s loading the contacts, I see the message telling me error connecting to facebook contacts, then the application shuts off. unable to load nimbuzz since i updated to v2.02. super sad now.

  26. @queralt escrich
    thanks for concers. Actually, bug I mentioned was not some chars cant display, it is conflict between chat box of nimbuzz and chinese IME, I am using e71 with official IME. If screen-shot could help nimbuzz team to figure out the bug, I’d like to send you some, could you leave me a email address or something?

  27. This application is so great that months ago I even switched from chatting on my pc to using my N95 and a little later my N97. And with this latest update the program becomes even greater. Only downturn: sometimes when I turn my n97 the program suddenly quits

  28. hi.
    thanks for the updated version of nimbuzz ! i love it !
    i’d totally recommend this to my friends :)
    I have a few questions though.
    About the facebook chat, since a few weeks ago, like half of my online friends list are not showing and usually their ‘name’ become numbers.
    And one more. if i added a friend, sometimes it shows a question mark on the bottom right of their pic . and their status says ‘unavailable’
    why is that?
    Please let me know what happen and what should i do?
    thank u so muchoo!! ^^

  29. There seem to be a bug for the touchscreen version for n97/5800 xpress music. Running on s60v5. Both updated to latest firmware. It crashes most of the time when im trying to chat on msn messenger. When i hit enter, The message wont go through and the whole application just shuts off. =(

  30. You could put in settings an update frequency option! How can I upload pics to Twitter (Twittpic,tinyurl and that kind of thing)?

    I guess the next logical step is Facebook right? (pleeeeeease!) Already have Facebook chat, but no status reading – this would definitely put Nimbuzz as the most feature packed social networking app all around.

  31. DTMF not still working even in this version. Not able to enter the participant code in any of the conference calls (+1 888 nos) I make. I am slightly disappointed in that front.

  32. great app, i am using it with twitter and have some sugestion

    When i click on a tweet that have a hashtag there should be an option to search using the hashtags on the tweet.

    I would like to be able to switch from chat to twitter and viceversa faster.

    I would like to be able to assign different tones notifications for mentions, dm’s and tweets

    In the timeline there should be an option to send a new tweet, and i would appreciate it in searchs too…

    Thanks for your work!

  33. another sugestion, I would like to see in the DM section of the twitter client, the DM’s i had sent.

    And in the timeline, when i hit the refresh button, the focus should stay on the last tweet i read, so i could scroll up and read the new tweets from there on…

  34. I’m using nimbuzz for the past two years. I couldn’t find any other applet to compete nimbuzz yet. It’s a great applet in the planet. Sure!
    I’ve updated to the new nimbuzz version and i could see some bugs in new version. It’s really nice that we can see the chat history. But there’s no option to switch on/off chat history. It’s preset to on. So we have to delete the chat history manually. Also this makes the phone perform slowly. While in chat,unable to go back sometimes without typing a world. The message instead of back is showing as previous. So it’ll come as back only after we enter a word and send it.. It’s also good that we can see the pictures of chat members while chatting..
    I’ve some suggestions also. Earlier we had an option to search profiles. When i contacted nimbuzz they replied it’s been disabled tempernsily. Please enable it soon. I hope new symbian version will release soon after fixing the above said bugs. I’m now planning to switch to older version as new version is really performing well. :(

  35. Wow so many bugs reports! I would request only one thing in the upcoming version please provide an option to disable those display picture in chat room. Thanx you
    By the way, great update for symbian. Hope for facebook client also.

  36. nice update, but please have an option to disable the display pictures in chat,it slows down my nokia 5800 and makes my keyboard very unresponsive. the lighter the better :D keep it nice and tidy boys :D

  37. Hello, I updated to new nimbuzz 22 at 11th dec 2009, 3 days ago, and since then, I cannot reply any messages come to me from Yahoo Messanger.
    Skype & Gtalk work fine, I can chat normally, only YM can receive, can’t reply.
    What’s wrong? What should I do?

    yesterdsay I already un install Nimbuzz ver 22, and re install version 21, but now I also cant chat using YM, some problem, can only receive, cant send…

    I’m using Nimbuzz in Jakarta (Indonesia), I’ve been using nimbuzz for 6 month now, and this is the only problem occured. I use Nokia E71.

    Please Advice. (or at least when the new fix ready?)

    Best Regards.

  38. I installed the new version on my e51 and must say I’m a bit disappointed. 2.2 is lot heavier. I liked the old chat and contacts list interface. The pop-up windows is quite annoying, especially when many people chat intensively with you… My suggestions are as follow:

    – give us more options to customize Nimbuzz (e.g. turn off/on pop-up notifications, chat history etc.
    – revert to the old chat layout (orange and blue)
    – leave the old contacts list – the skype, icq icons on the left and the avatars on the right

    I updated Nimbuzz on the phones of two friends of mine and they wanted to put back the previous 2.1 version.

  39. I’ve already reported the bugs. I’m feeling disappointed while using nimbuzz. I’m subscribad to internet for monthly nearly 500 indian rupees. I am using net for naily nimbuzz. But now i’m not able to use it well. After chatting sometime nimbuzz is getting closed due to memory clash. It demands the updated version should come soon. Also i doubt the security of the nimbuzz. I’ve recently faced hacking into my account. Someone is sending messages to me who’s not in my contact list. How it’s possible for someone to send messages without any approval. I’ve got hundred number of plain messages which caused my nimbuzz hang. Please provide a solution for this too. Sorry last time i didn’t mention my mobile. I’m using s60v2 platform mobile. Nokia 6681

  40. I was wating for the DTMF tones in calls feature, but I can’t make it work in Nokia 5800, somebody can help me???

  41. @Eva King
    Thanks for letting us know.
    We are trying to reproduce this issue at our offices.
    Could you check if it is possible to register your Facebook account on a different Nimbuzz client?
    Thanks for your interest and understanding.
    Due to technical reasons and limited usage we permanently disabled the XMPP/Jabber Gateway. We will continue to focus on providing Nimbuzz users access to the highest quality gateways and networks.

  42. @SJ
    Thanks for your feedback,
    Could you let us know if the friend you have added is a Nimbuzz contact or from another community?
    If yes, from which one?
    We are currently trying to reproduce this issue.
    We will come back to you as soon as we can.

  43. @queralt escrich
    It feels good to read responses from the team! I wondered, where does one post the tiny insignificant but not quite right stuff? If its in here, I might as well post it.
    Firstly, wonderful experience using the latest version! I’ve never had the problem I mentioned earlier after uninstalling and re-installing, so it was probably some memory issue on my side.
    Okay, onto business. Fine details which could be corrected: (phone Nokia 5800 XM)
    1. Using the phone dictionary, I notice the fullscreen editing area disappears when the first letter of word is made small, i.e., changing dictionary option from Abc to abc. Its somewhat annoying when having to type email addresses. Have to type something, and then come back and edit the first letter.
    2. Notifications, great going! Just one thing, I had a lag on network recently, (network at fault), and received messages all together. They appeared in pop pop pop pop pop pop, one after the other, making it quite a sight. :P I’d request you to group messages from the same user in notifications, if that is possible.
    3. Another tiny thing, if I click on text edit field in chat box, then delete whatever I was writing and do nothing after that, the person on the opposite end (atleast on Google talk, not sure about others) thinks I’m still typing.
    Will tell them as I find them! Either in here or another place if suggested.
    Keep up the good work! :D

  44. @kcwoo
    Could you let us know if those contacts might have a long Nickname (display name)?
    Are you able to chat normally with other MSN contacts?
    Let us know!

  45. @Bernadi Artayudianto
    Thanks for your suggestion, we will take this suggestion into account.

  46. @Mani
    Could you please let us know which one was the non answered question?
    We cannot find any other of your comments on the Blog.

  47. @Vivek
    Thanks for your feedback.
    We will take into account your comments about the chat history.
    That the application slows a bit the device can be caused due to the processes that the application does in the background to keep you online.

  48. @Anonymz03*
    Avatars in Nimnbuzz can be disabled by going to Settings -> Connection -> Download new photos and choose for ‘never’.
    This disabled all avatars within Nimbuzz.
    Let us know if you have more questions

  49. @Nikhil
    Thanks for your comments and feedback!
    We are already having a look into number 1 and 2.
    Also the number 3 will be forwarded to our Developers so they can reproduce and test that.

  50. @Vivek
    Thanks for your comment.
    We are currently working in order to improve our security systems.
    In regards of the memory clash, do you get any error message before the applications closes? If yes, which one?
    Please be a bit more descriptive, so we can test and reproduce this issue at our offices.

  51. @Alexander
    Thanks for your feedback!
    We will consider the layout comments.
    In regards of the chat history, it gets removed when you log out, it just keeps it for that session.

  52. @David Ramos
    It should be working, could you please be more descriptive on your query?
    Does de menu do not appear for you?
    Were did you download the application from?
    Let us know!

  53. @Ahmed
    Avatars in Nimnbuzz can be disabled by going to Settings -> Connection -> Download new photos and choose ‘never’.
    This disabled all avatars within Nimbuzz.
    Thanks for reporting this, we are trying to reproduce this issue at our offices, could you let us know since when are you experiencing this issue?

  54. @Varatha
    Could you let us know which device (brand and model) are you using?
    Does the DTMF tone menu not appear to you when in a call?
    Let us know!

  55. @richard
    Thanks for your comments and suggestions.
    In regards of them:
    We are not planning for the moment to add Search option, but we will consider it.
    Different tones for notifications are not possible at the moment.
    To send a DM you just have to add DM at the beginning of your tweet, it will work!

  56. @h3lder
    Thanks for your comment.
    We are researching the possibility of adding tools like twittpic and tinyurl to our application.

  57. @hichkas
    Can you please be more specific?
    Which kind of bug are you referring to?
    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

  58. I can launch Nimbuzz without problem on my O2 running Windows Mobile 6.5. Facebook is fine too. It only quits when it’s loading the contacts on my N82.

  59. Thanks for the reply!
    It is from another community. MSN and Yahoo messenger.
    Please let me know what to do.
    Thank you!

  60. @queralt escrich

    Thank you for reading me

    I downloaded the app from the nimbuzz web page, the knektic scroll works awesome, I love it, also I can see the option to add my twitter account, but when I’m calling a 1 888 number in the option it doesnt appear something about DTMF, only appears mute and activate or desactivate louderspeakers.

    Thank you and I like Nimbuzz a lot

  61. Bring back Jabber/XMPP, it makes no sense you took it away. Twitter is great, I really like it but I would prefer jabber back. I need it for my google apps domain and ovi contacts, I really dont see a reason for you to remove this support.
    Also the ability to be offline from a particular network without unlinking it from my nimbuzz account, lets say i want to be online on Google talk but not on MSN messenger, get it?

  62. @David
    Thanks for letting us know!
    At the moment, it works for Symbian S60 3rd edition, we are working in order to implement it in other versions.

  63. @Alfredo Alejandro
    Thanks for your feedback.
    We have removed Jabber due to technical reasons and limited usage we have disabled the XMPP/Jabber gateways. We will continue to focus on providing Nimbuzz users access to the highest quality gateways and networks. We do not plan to re-enable the XMPP/Jabber gateways in the future.
    In regards of the status to be shown, Unfortunately not all communities are created equal, so the invisible status will not create the same effect on each community. Your status will be “offline/invisible” on Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo, Google Talk, Gadu-Gadu and MySpace; and “away” on Nimbuzz, and all other communities (Facebook, Hyves, StudiVZ, Skype, AIM, ICQ, etc.)
    Let us know if you have more questions

  64. @queralt escrich: nope. normal contact names. Its a bug which occurs once in awhile. So far until now, my mini and tube works fine. But it happened 3times last week and a “server connection error” kept popping up for every contact that failed to appear ONLINE on my list. i had to force shut the device. =/ BUT up until now it works fine. i’ll get a screenie if it happens anymore.=)

  65. Hai all Nimbuzz users, and congrats to Nimbuzz Team for another great apps.

    The new version works great on my phone (Symbian S60v2). There are one thing I dislike in the new version, that is the chat screen. I like the chat screen on the previous version better. I mean, sometimes it gets confusing reading the chat text, especially when the avatar’s colour is nearly the same. My suggestion is bring back the “colour-code” style of the previous version, with the avatars, of course.

    Anyway, thanks for providing us all with a very nice apps. I am still hoping for a video call support on future versions of Nimbuzz.

    Kind regards.

  66. @Smoke
    Thanks for your feedback.
    We will take this comments into account.
    In regards of the video call, we are investigating the technical possibilities of implementing this feature.

  67. All good and well, but I still receive about 10 unwanted chats per day. Now I have to put in extra time to delete them all from history.
    Even worse, the popup feature puts them right on the front screen every time.

    Nice new features, but anti-spam-wise, Nimbuzz is still way below par.

  68. Since this version 2.2 have a lot of bug, when will the newer version or updated bug version available?
    (Please give estimation date)

    I cant chat using YM now (I can read what other ppl are writting, but they can’t receive what I write). Only YM.

    its been like this since 11 Dec 2009.

  69. @jbre
    Thanks for reporting this.
    We are currently working in order to fix this glitch in regards of chats from users that are not in your contact list.
    Could you let us know from which community are they?
    Thanks & Regards

  70. @Stevanus
    We cannot provide you with an estimated date for a new release, since it is still underdevelopment.
    We will keep you posted.

  71. Hi Queralt escrich, Thanks for replying to my comments. I am using Nokia 6681. I am narrating the problems that I face after installing new version.
    1. Slow Down performance: The first issue I was faced is that while chatting with 4 or more individual contacts, nearly after half an hour, Nimbuzz becoming slow. It is showing poor response to the scrolling between tabs, i.e. Contacts, chat, messages, etc,
    2. Unable to delete chat history: after Nimbuzz is becoming slow, if we try to delete the chat history, the usual confirmation message will be pop up as, “Do you want to delete the chat from chat history?” Even after pressing yes, it is not getting delete from system.
    3. Nimbuzz getting hang while deleting messages in bulk from inbox: This issue was there in older versions also. Messages will be deleted if we delete by using delete all instruction in inbox. But Nimbuzz will be non-responsive. Then we have to close it manually using task manager.
    4. Phone book presence: Sometimes I could see an option like Phone book in settings page. But this option does nothing with phone book in Nimbuzz. The most interesting thing is that, this option is not available in settings all time!

    1. There should be an option to switch on/off chat history
    2. Chatting while using VOIP is to be enabled
    3. There should be an option to switch on/off phone book
    4. An option to show/ hide images in chat/ chat room will be nice.

    I have faced these issues in an S60v2 phone. If you could reproduce the issue in such a phone you can understand more on these issues. Please let me know for more information on bugs if any. Thanks!

  72. Dear team of Nimbuzz
    Your app is really great, works perfectly and smoothly on my Nokia N95 8GB, but allow me to point out on some lacks. First of all it’s of lay out. For instance, the previous version of Nimbuzz was more prestigious in its appearance, I’d say, more adult, business like. In conception, for sure, the last one is in the vanguard of progress. …..And there is one thing on technical aspect: the app is a bit energy voracious… Really sorry to say all that; I like Nimbuzz. Well, why not look over Mobile Agent by Mail.Ru? Try and understand me right (I’m for you), but maybe you could find there something interesting for yourself, that is, for us. Now then, my best regards and 10,000 thanks for your great work!!!

  73. Thanks for the new version. I think it’s great. Although I immediately ran into three bugs (using nokia 5730 XM):
    1. I can not write a chat line starting with a non english letter sym+letter doesn’t work, it just prints the english letter. If I go in through edit first it works fine.
    2. Can’t upload my contact picture (although I’m not sure if that ever worked :) )
    3. Can’t DM in twitter. I get the “unable to send DM” error.

  74. So, where exactly is kinetic scrolling possible? For me, it only works in the contact list. So it’s practically useless.

  75. Wao, Nimbuzz es Espectacular, yo tengo un Nokia N97 y el Nimbuzz me funciona a la perfección, pero no todas las personas que conozco tienen uno, tienen muchos y muy variados tipos de celulares y en muchos casos no funcionan todas las Virtudes que posee el Nimbuzz y seria un sueño hecho realidad que cualquier celular pudiera disponer de todas las funciones de Nimbuzz que en definitiva, creo que es el sistema de comunicación VoIP mas espectacular que yo haya Conocido, estoy seguro que con estos avances y si sigue así se podría convertir en la forma de comunicación de un futuro próximo, pero tan próximo que ya casi lo podemos tocar con la punta de los dedos.
    Entra en mi Web es IMPRESIONANTE
    Atentamente y Agradecido.
    Wisdom Briceño A.
    Desde Caracas – Venezuela.

  76. It’s waisting too many KBs during GPRS connection, It was really interesting that there was an option to choose if the client is using GPRS or WiFi, To save the costs on GPRS

  77. Great stuff. Im hooked to Nimbuzz for G. Still think Nimbuzz out calls can be way cheaper. I use Sip with provider 4 times cheaper. Big Kuddoz tho!!!

  78. I prefer Gravity as my N82’s Twitter client. Has better interface and usability. But then of course it’s not free.

    Nimbuzz remain as my preferred IM though, like chat interface better than any other IM. Keep up the good work :)

  79. Firstly must compliment the nimbuzz team for most excellent improvement on the symbian application with the addition of twitter and call out “most cheapest rates in the world”.
    When is nimbuzz bringing out video chat, i see that fring(www.fring.com), has free video chat with 3G and Wi-Fi.
    I wish that nimbuzz can bring out a video chat equivalent to the site “www.imichat.com”.
    Nimbuzz is truly doing well so keep it up ;-)

  80. @queralt escrich
    Thanks for your reply.

    @Vivek S Panicker
    I aggred with some of your suggestions. There should be a settings to turn on/off the phonebook contacts tab, just like the twitter tab in the new version of Nimbuzz. (I don’t have a twitter account, so I turned it off..Hehe).

    I think there is a way to reproduce those issues you are experiencing. I reckon it is caused by the phone itself. Phones tend to ‘slow down’ if it has low memory, and I mean the phone memory, not the memory card. Just my 2 cents.

    To Nimbuzz team, keep up with the excellent work. Kind regards.

  81. Same here about sending yahoo message: i can receive, but other people never receive my respond. Although the message is successfully sent by nimbuzz. I am using both wifi and gprs connection.

  82. i am from bangladesh,using nimbzz for 1 and 1/2 years….on the previous versions,everything was ok,but in 2.2,i and my friends facing the same promlem on facebook chat….nimbuzz 2.2 not showing online facebook contacts,even cant chat…….its only possible to chat on fb if anyone stay online for long time on nimbuzz…..after a long time suddenly it shows the fb online contacts….what can be the solution……????

  83. Nimbuzz support any client to upload images or videos like twitpic,yfrog,twitvideo, or gps coordinates???

    I’ll be very glad to listen about your answer

    Thank you.

  84. @Ivan M
    We do not support this tools yet but we are considering this to be added in the future.
    Could you please be more specific on this?
    Are you able to login but your contacts do not show up or are you not able to login at all?
    Let us know!
    We are investigating this issue, we will come back to you as soon as we have some more information.
    It is our ambition to be support the Video feature in the future.
    Kind Regards

  85. @Persisch Musik
    Could you please be more specific?
    What exactly would you like to see implemented?
    Let us know!
    @Wisdom Briceño
    Thanks for your comment and feedback.
    Which device and Operating system are you using?
    Are you having issues with the kinetic scroling?
    Let us know.

  86. @Vytautas
    Thanks for your comment.
    We will have a look at the issue (1) reported.
    Could you please be more specific on issue 2?
    Which type of file were you uploading?
    Did you get any error message when doing it?
    Which one?
    In regards of Direct messages, you just have to type DM before the name of the user you want it to be sent.
    Are you having issues with that?
    Let us know!

  87. @queralt escrich,thank you for your response……I am able to log in to facebook and nimbuzz shows all of my fb contacts…..but though they are online,nimbuzz show them offline..even they can’t get me online…

  88. I’m using a Nokia 5800 (S60 5th). It works in the contact list, but I think it is a liiittle overzealous. However there’s no other location where kinetic scrolling is working. If it’s supposed to do that anyway. I think it would fit the chat history perfectly.

  89. @Chy Wasik
    Could you check and let us know if you have set as default your status to be offline on Facebook (browser) page?

  90. IN CHAT..
    WHY ARE PRESENT icon USER IN FRONT OF THE ΤΕΧΤ? Βetter to have only the text, for better viewing of the text…

    Google Translator

  91. This is a great app and im using it on my E71. It doesnt support uploading images on to Twitgoo,Twitpic,Mobypicture,yfrog or any other sites of such nature.. Or does it?

  92. @abinesh
    We do not support such tools yet, but we are researching the technical possibilities to make this possible in the future.

  93. Merry Christmas to all at Nimbuzz! You’ve done a great job with twitter, however im still having no luck connecting to msn. Im always being asked to check that my username and password are correct. Any way around this?

  94. on 5800 xm it has many bugs.pssues.
    1. very slow performsnce.
    2.when im trying to load history (show more) it exit
    3.some photos are not loading
    4.if im chatting with some one when i change the orientation it exits

  95. hi.
    thanks for the updated version of nimbuzz ! i love it !
    i’d totally recommend this to my friends
    I have a few questions though.
    About the facebook chat, since a few weeks ago, like half of my online friends list are not showing and usually their ‘name’ become numbers.
    And one more. if i added a friend, sometimes it shows a question mark on the bottom right of their pic . and their status says ‘unavailable’
    why is that?
    The friends i’ve added are from community yahoo, msn, and aim.
    Please let me know what happen and what should i do?
    thank u so much!! ^^

  96. @kierz77
    Please check that your password is not longer than 17 characters or has non alphanumerical characters on it.

  97. @SJ
    It is possible to load a maximum of 400 facebook contacts per user, if you have more the rest won’t show up.
    Is also possible that your offline friends do not display their names but numbers.

  98. Not sure if anyone has mentioned this before but i hate hate hate that everytime someone calls me thru nimbuzz i lose what i was typing to someone else. Why? Why? Why? Also…if u take a call thru nimbuzz, it would be nice to still be able to access the chat screen…pleeeeease! Love love love nimbuzz really. Its given me the best memories and friends ever.

  99. @risma
    Currently you can delete the chat history by choosing the chat you wish to delete and clicking on options > delete.
    Please let us know if you have more questions!
    Kind regards.

  100. I have the same problem as SJ, and I understand the 400 friends issue. I’d like to know if there’s a way to reload the list with everyone online when i log on, and having the app skip my offline friends? And will the maximum number of friends increase anytime soon?

  101. @NK
    At the moment we can just display the first 400 contacts in alphabetical order.
    We are working in order to change that.
    Kind Regards

  102. I need to press 1 when retrieving my voicemail – how do i do this when using SIP. Your features say “now you can press 1 in a call , when the robot tells you so”. How?

  103. @Andy
    We do not support DTMF tones yet, but we will introduce this feature in the upcoming releases.
    Thanks for your patience and understanding.

  104. i also got a problem with yahoo messenger , can receive message but cant send back, is there anyway to fix this? thanks..

  105. @diyen
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Do you get any error message when trying to send a chat message to your Yahoo contacts?
    Since when do you face this issue?
    which device and Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Let us know!

  106. thanks for your reply,
    theres no error message when sending message to my yahoo contacts, it said already sent, but my friends didnt get it. i try with another apps like fring and ebuddy, it works normally.
    my msn and facebook chat works, but only my yahoo messenger has the problem.
    my device is nokia 5800 and my nimbuzz is the latest version i got from ovi store.
    this issues comes from beginning i use nimbuzz in my device.

  107. @diyen
    When was the last time you faced this issue?
    Are you using Nimbuzz in which client?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Which status are your contacts displaying when they do not receive your chat messages?
    Let us know!

  108. it was yesterday i use it again and still the same, i cant send to any of my yahoo messenger contact. my nimbuzz version is 2.03, i try to uninstall it and then download again from ovi store, but the issue still remain. i send it to any online contact, but they didnt get my message

  109. @diyen
    Please in order to investigate your issue further, please send us to our support team support@nimbuzz.com the following info:
    -Nimbuzz ID
    -Yahoo Id
    -When was the last time you experienced this issue
    -which contact were you chatting with
    -both status (online, offline, busy) of you and your Yahoo friend at that moment
    Thanks for your time

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