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Nokia Ovi Daily App is hosting the Must Have App of the Year Awards for 2009! The awards honor the best and most useful mobile applications in the Ovi Store, and the developers who created them.

We could really use your vote here (again :) ). It is very easy, you just click the box next to where is says Nimbuzz and you are done ;)

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12 thoughts on “Must Have Apps – Vote for Nimbuzz

  1. @peterhull
    You can download the application directly from
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which kind of issue are you experiencing?
    Let us know

  2. well its superb on my htc p3452
    heartly thanks to nimbuzz team and looking forward for beautiful appls from u guys

  3. Think this app suk. I have black berry bold 9700. Can receive no pics or music from nimbuzz. Only chat. Email support several time with no reply from them. Guess u think ur software is great. I have no main page

  4. @don
    We are not aware of any issue in regards of sending/receiving files.
    Could you please be more specific on this?
    Could you please let us know if you get any error message? If yes, which is the exact message? When does it exactly appear?
    Are you sending files to your contacts from Nimbuzz or other communities?
    Let us know!

  5. @boudi
    Thanks for yoru comment, however we do not have plans to for a Maemo OS version in the near future.

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