Nimbuzz releases VoIP calling for Android!


New Nimbuzz for Android is OUT! [download link]

The brand new Nimbuzz update delivers high quality VoIP calls to all Android users!  Now you can call your friends for free on Nimbuzz, Google, Yahoo! and Windows Live Messenger (MSN) direct from your Android-powered mobile!

Here is the complete list of new features and improvements:

  • Free VoIP calls – enjoy the best call quality available!
  • In-call new options – Mute and Speaker
  • Faster login – we have reduced the time taken to start the application and load all your contacts

We also improved Android 2.0 support and “smashed” a few bugs (thanks to your feedback) !

Please remember that the quality of the calls and the time of the login are influenced by your internet connection. In order to fully enjoy the best mobile messenger for Android, we recommend you use a fast mobile internet connection.

You can download Nimbuzz for Android via or via Android Market by searching for “Nimbuzz”. If you prefer to use your QR code scanner application just scan the image below to find Nimbuzz in the Android Market:

nimbuzz-bar-code-for-android-marketAs always, feedback is always welcome and feel free to contact us via TwitterFacebook or in the comment section below :D !

251 thoughts on “Nimbuzz releases VoIP calling for Android!

  1. great, I just asked for this 2 days ago and now it is here. will try it as soon as possible.

    Thanks Nimbuzz team.

  2. @marcoc2 I have a s60 phone and I love it too but my wife has an android and it is amazing. I would definitely go for android for my next phone. It is much smoother and easier to work with plus lots of free app for it.

  3. Nice work people! Love the app.
    But one minor thing: voice calling to skype-accounts doesn’t seem to work on my Motorola Milestone (Droid)…

  4. Good.
    But I can’t call the skype offline contacts. Some of my contacts are always offline, but actually is online.(Like the contact of my company, its always offline but I can call if using skype on my PC).
    Does any plan to enable the “call” function when the contact is offline? That will be great.

  5. Congratulations to Nimbuzz Team for releasing voip version. Working very well with 3 UK ( network.
    I know you were in lots of pressure from users demanding voip. When you update for SIP feature please also consider allocating voip-in numbers for Nimbuzz sip users.
    Great application, highly recommended.
    (Installed on HTC Hero with latest radio)
    B L

  6. On a Motorola DROID, Nimbuzz still fails to ever login to Skype. Using high-speed WiFi, Nimbuzz has no trouble logging into Nimbuzz, but Skype tries over and over again with no joy. As far as I can tell, Skype on Nimbuzz on DROID is a myth.

  7. Hi

    is it possible to make a skype out call? so far i can not find this option on my android phone.

    i am using Acer Liquid android os 1.6

    Thank you & BR

  8. i’m an android user, and i’d like to have the choice of chosing my default status (online, offline, busy…etc) before i log in.

    thanks for the voip, great work.

  9. i’m new with Nimbuzz.., i’m using Samsung SGH U700, i can download Nimbuzz and use it for chatting on Skype, but i can not find any option to make a call with……

    Please help…?

  10. @William
    @Yngve W. Bergheim
    The current Android version does support calling to your IM contacts from: Yahoo, Skype, Nimbuzz, Gtalk and MSN.
    It is our ambition to support SIP calling in the future.

  11. @Ojon
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  12. @Adiabel
    In order to get your feedback and comment, could you please write in English?
    Thanks for your suggestion, we will take this into account.
    If you have those phone numbers saved as your skype contacst you will be able to call them.
    Let us know if you have more questions!
    @Ted Pavlic
    Do you get any error message when trying to register your Skype account and it is not possible?
    If yes, which one?
    When was the last time you experienced that issue?
    Let usk now!
    @B L
    Thanks for your suggestion, is our ambition to add SIP support in the future.

  13. @Joe
    Thanks for your comment. We will research this possibility
    Thanks for your comments and support :)

  14. Hi

    I tried on acer liquid,still no luck with skype out, if i make a normal skype call,the receiver will not be able to hear my voice and my phone will restart after i hang up.

    my phone>acer liquid google android 1.6
    Nimbuzz version>1.2.0 build 454.4183

  15. @Johnson
    Could you let us know which type of connection are you using?
    Are you able to perform the echo test when calling Jimmy or echo123?
    Are you in a restricted network?
    Let us know!

  16. Hi
    i tested by using wi-fi and i tried with echo123 and same problem still happens. my network connection is not restricted and i tested @ home and @ office.
    i think the most critical issue is that after i hang up the skype call, my phone will reboot.

  17. Please, it is possible to reduce the battery consumption?
    I know it could be hard, because of the complexiy of the application, but it would be great.

    Another thing i miss is the presence of a notification icon while the app is running, and maybe a color change when receive a message.

    Resuming, the app is really amazing, and the first that allows file sending, just wonderful!

    Thanks a lot for this.

  18. The newest Nimbuzz app is great, but a few remarks and ideas:
    – when using Wifi, the connection is lost when the phone is going into sleep-mode, and not switching to the GPRS mode. However, when you are in the GPRS mode this seems not to be happening that offen.
    – if you use skype on your PC, is there a possibillity it will check your status(online,away etc.) on both devices and sync this status? (which will lead?)so people (and I) know which is the right status.
    – a search function for contacts
    – a group message function

  19. I am having issues with Nimbuzz on my HTC G1, I cant hear any sound from other side, even call on echo 123 doesnt make any sound, how ever other party can hear my sound.

  20. Hi,
    Amazing program… It’s my favorite one. I’ve just migrated from an E71 (Symbian) to an Milestone (Droid) with Android and the first thing I did was to look for and install the application…. the thing is that I’ve been having the same issue as everyone. My Milestone (Droid) connects perfectly, but when I call anyone or echo123 I hear but I’m not heard. What’s going on? It doesn’t matter if I’m using the 3G connection or WiFi… the problem persists. Wish to have it solved cause me and my friends use the program all the time to communicate.

  21. @queralt escrich
    No, I do not receive any error message. I use the same Skype username and password with fring, and it logs in without any trouble. Nimbuzz just spins its “beach ball” over and over again until I quit Nimbuzz. It never times out nor gives any error message.

  22. @queralt escrich
    I should also mention that my Skype password includes letters, numbers, and an ampersand (&). Is it possible that Nimbuzz is confused by non-alphanumeric characters in a password?

  23. @mart434u
    You can call to your Skype contacts.
    If you have SKypeOut numbers saved as contacts on SKype you will be able to call them via Nimbuzz.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  24. @Daniel Diaz
    Thanks for your comment and feedback.
    We are already working in order to minimize the battery consumption.

  25. @Fabris123
    Could you let us know to which community were you calling when you experienced this issue?
    Are you not able to place a call to the test bot?
    Which type of connection are you using?
    Are you using Wi-Fi or are you in a restricted network?
    Let us know!

  26. @queralt escrich

    I am having the same issue with all communities, more specifically I cant even hear voice when calling to skype echo123. I test this with both wifi and gprs connections. Other voice app are running fine on my enviroment.

  27. Hi, quick question. How can I add a jabber account (nlon gtalk)? I cannot find such option. Is it possible on android?

  28. @adameq
    Due to technical reasons and limited usage we have disabled the XMPP/Jabber gateways. We will continue to focus on providing Nimbuzz users access to the highest quality gateways and networks. We do not plan to re-enable the XMPP/Jabber gateways in the future.

  29. @bharath
    Could you let us know more about your issue?
    Did you have trouble calling to a Nimbuzz contact or from another IM community? If yes, which one?
    Did you had issues with the sound? or connecting the call?
    Let us know and we will come back to you as soon as we can.

  30. Hi queralt,

    Over a week ago, I mentioned the same problem that bharath has (see 4th comment of this post).
    If I call to a skype user, I hear them but they can’t hear me. Haven’t tested calling with other services.

  31. @hans
    Thanks for your feedback and comments.
    In regard of the Skype Status, it is not possible to sync it, if you are logged on both places you should be able to receive the chat messages in your mobile.
    In regards of search and group message, we will consider to implement them in the future.

  32. @queralt

    The calls gets established. But no sound can be heard. I can’t hear the calling person and the caller cannot hear me. This happens with all IMs . I tried with Gtalk and Skype. Even calling echo on Skype does not work(i.e. could not hear my own voice on Echo call).

  33. Reading all the issues;
    Why not have a pilot group of users to establish test calls, syncing info, etc. in order to eliminate certain platform issues, or networks issues etc. This makes it easier to detect where the problem/solution might be?
    by the way, I’m volunteering…..

    pls. keep up the good work Nimbuzz!

  34. @hans
    We have Ambassadors which help us test beta versions and provide feedback.
    If you would like to help us with that and join the Ambassador Program please send a mail to and the Ambassador Team will contact you.

  35. @Sujesh
    The calling feature is available for Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone devices.
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not support calling.

  36. I can confirm the issue with Motorola Milestone (aka Droid).
    Chat to Skype works fine.
    Voice calls SkypeIn and SkypeOut connect, but no sound can be heard either end.
    I am testing at home with both connected to Netgear DG834G – Skype client on MacOS and latest Nimbuzz from the Android market.

  37. So if I’m reading right here, using a Motorola Droid, I can only call people using SkypeOut if they are in my contact list? I can’t just dial a number or edit a contact?

  38. Skype to skype ins’t working in motorola milestone (droid)
    i haven’t tried to the others communities, cause all my contacts who are able to talk are in skype
    i haven’t tried skypeout
    tried with echo123, it plays a dialing tone (dtmf) and the nothing more, i can’t hear and they can’t hear me
    i hope you guys can fix it, cause it looks good

  39. @adameq

    On Dec 27th you said….
    We do not plan to re-enable the XMPP/Jabber gateways in the future.

    This is disappointing, I am afraid this is a deal breaker for me. I will have to use another Jabber capable client and use SkypeLite for VOIP.

  40. @Matthew Hunt
    Thanks for your feedback.
    It is important for us to know how you feel about this decision so we can make future decisions, although at the moment we do not have plans to enable back the Jabber Gateway.
    Please feel free to contact us for any feedback or questions!
    Kind regards.

  41. @SBrill
    You can call on your Droid to SkypeOut numbers as long as they are saved as contacts on your Skype list.
    Kind regards.

  42. If you plan on using Nimbuzz with Skype, be sure to change your Skype password to not include any ampersands. If your Skype password has an ampersand (&) in it, it will try forever to login and never timeout.

    This is a bug in Skype. Evidently someone forgot to sanity check a string somewhere.

  43. @queralt escrich
    From your responses here, I’m not sure you know what people mean when they say “SkypeOut”. Nimbuzz clearly supports calling Skype contacts, but that’s not what people want. People want to dial phone numbers using Nimbuzz as a soft phone that interfaces with their Skype account. For example, in fring (a competing product), all Android contacts are listed and fring shows you several ways to contact them — including “SkypeOut” and “SIPout”. Selecting “SkypeOut” causes their PHONE number (not Skype account) to be dialed over Skype’s VoIP-to-POTS gateway. As far as I can tell, there is no way to do anything similar to this within Nimbuzz.

  44. I have the same problem that Bharath ,@Fabris123 and
    @Owais.The calls gets established, but no sound can be heard. I can’t hear the calling person and the caller cannot hear me.
    I’m using a motorola milestone ( model a853 )
    Please, help me !


  45. @Roberto
    Could you please let us know which internet connection type you use?
    If you use wifi, please check your router configuration and make sure you have UDP ports opened in the range: 15000 until 6500. Making sure these ports are opened should solve the issue on your audio.
    Kind regards.

  46. I think you guys aren’t understanding. This isn’t about using Skype, it’s about using “SkypeOut”. That’s where you use Skype to call a landline phone, instead of calling another computer. There is not even a place to enter a phone # in your software. And if you enter a phone # in Skype from a computer, it shows as “off line” in your software, and you can’t contact it. This has NOTHING to so router configurations. It happens on ALL connections with ALL routers. You should get Skype and give it a try, it will be obvious to you.

  47. @ando2040: How are you managing to do SkypeOut from the phone? I have added phone numbers to Skype contacts, and Nimbuzz (on the DROID) gives me no way to connect to those numbers. Hitting “call” just contacts their Skype account and not their phone. Can you outline the steps you use to actually initiate a SkypeOut call?

    (on a different note, I have no trouble doing Nimbuzz-to-Skype calls — they work fine from the DROID for me)

  48. @Ted Pavlic
    We recommend you to register the phone numbers as contacts instead of adding phone numbers to existing Skype buddies. If you only add the phone numbers to existing buddies, when you dial you will actually call the Skype buddy instead of the number.
    Hope it is clear.
    Kind regards.

  49. @SBrill
    Thanks for your feedback and explanation.
    Indeed there is an issue while calling to the SkypeOut numbers. We are releasing soon another Android version with the fix in which the option “call” will be enabled.
    Please let us know if you have more questions!
    Kind regards.

  50. @queralt escrich
    I have done that too, and those phone number contacts do not show up in my Nimbuzz contact list. When I start Skype, it shows me all of my contacts (Skype and phone number). However, when I start Nimbuzz, it only shows me the Skype account Skype contacts.

  51. Making calls to Skype-In contacts works great with my Android 1.6 HTC Eris. I’m unable to call any of my Skype-Out contacts on my list regardless of using Verizon’s 3G or Wi-Fi. The call tab just seems to be deactivated.

    I’m really looking forward to the Skype-Out Android update. It will be great to have while out of the country (roaming on cell) or in areas with lousy coverage but with decent Wi-Fi.

    Thank you Nimbuzz. Great job, keep it coming!

  52. I have mobile nokia n95
    I am using nimbuzz for chat that time my mobile were hang.
    Every time my mobile hang
    What can i do?
    Next, my brother also download in nokia n73 mobile
    But we both havnt free call option why
    Pls. Send me mail
    My mail address:-

    Note: we are already check all setting for free call.
    We make a free call other friends.

  53. Dear, queralt escrich

    I’m trying, but no sound can be heard, yet.
    I have a US Robotics Router, model USR8054.
    Thks for your attention !

    I’m speaking very well about Nimbuzz for my frieds in Brazil.

  54. @queralt escrich
    Same problem as Roberto (I have posted the problem earlier). I tried releasing the UDP ports, but still no sound.

    FYI: the skype/gtalk voice calling works on Fring. It does not work with Nimbuzz. So I guess the problem is with Nimbuzz.

    It would be great if this problem is solved, bcoz I like using Nimbuzz more than Fring.

  55. I added several phone numbers to my Skype contacts, and they are now showing up in Nimbuzz Mobile (on DROID). However, they are always showing up as offline, and so Nimbuzz won’t let me SkypeOut to them.

    How do I convince Nimbuzz that my phone numbers are “on-line” contacts that can be SkypeOut’d?

  56. Aww, Really really looking forward to the VOIP support for Nexus One Over 3G.. But much appreciate your release. Cheers and Keep the good times rolling

  57. @Kevin Snow
    Thanks for reporting this.
    We are aware of this issue and we are working in order to make SkypeOut calls available in upcoming releases.

  58. @Mahesh
    Thanks for reporting.
    Could you please be more specific on your issue?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Are you using any other application in the background when this happens?
    Could you let us know the steps to reproduce this issue?
    Thanks & Regards

  59. Me:
    Latest nimbuzz from marketplace
    HTC Magic (G2)
    Always online (permanent internet with SFR) and access to lots of WiFi (home, SFR network, work etc.)
    Skype subscriber with online numbers, free calling to
    worldwide landlines, etc.
    Paris, France

    I already received a response (with a ticket number) regarding the SkypeOut issue (which makes nimbuzz much
    less useful to me), but I want to add my confirmation of the problems with loss of connection when the phone

    Worse yet, regaining the connection after a loss is not at all guaranteed.

    If for instance, I got my initial connection at home on WIFI, I am often screwed if my phone sleeps with wifi connection. I have to exit and restart completely to use cellular internet.

    This is wholly independent of the ‘battery saver’ parameter on the phone. In short, if there isn’t any other network traffic and or the phone sleeps, I lose nimbuzz connectivity (and thus no one can call me either.)

    I could tell my phone to never sleep but I think that gives me a battery life of about 1.2 hours. :)

    Maybe we could have an option to send empty packets to nimbuzz for those of us who pay the same amount regardless of usage ? Probably, this would solve the connectivity during sleep issue.

    Charles Ewen Mac Millan

  60. Skype does NOT work @ Milestone (at least the brazilian version, till now – Android 2.0). Does anyone know how to fix it?

  61. @Marcus DT
    We are aware of this issue and we are working in order to have it fixed as soon as possible.
    Kind Regards

  62. Hooray, latest update to Nimbuzz fixed my Skype to Skype and WinMessenger voice calling issues with Motorola Milestone (Android 2.0). Thanks!

    I did some more testing and Nimbuzz to Google Talk (and vice versa) seems to attempt to connect a voice call but does not succeed. That’s perhaps not surprising, as the native Android app for Google talk does not support voice yet…

  63. Marcus DT and queralt escrich

    Skype, now is ok in my Milestone (the brazilian version Android 2.0).
    The new version 1.3.0 is working well.


  64. @queralt escrich

    Yeah I know… Hope it won’t be to long as I’m using another app just because of SIP feature…


  65. Hi Nimbuzz team, thanks for fixing the skype calling bug.
    And thanks for ignoring my 2 posts above (not).

  66. Update is nice, but latency (delay) is still far too much with SkypeOut on DROID (sound quality is good though).

    For SkypeOut, Nimbuzz has an edge over fring because it has a dial pad (making it possible to use phone trees). However, fring has an edge over Nimbuzz because it allows you to dial any number (and lets you interface with your phone’s contact list). Nimbuzz forces you to load all phone numbers into the Skype account.

  67. good day…more power to your latest concern is i couldn’t call thru’ nimbuzz to skype.right now am using sony ericsson satio. Pls help me even for sip setting so that i can call in less amount. Thanks!

  68. Het guys, I love nimbuzz on my Hero but I was wondering: why is the contact list so space hungry? Can you add the possibility to change font size in contact list? I’d love to be able to see more than 4-5 contacts at the time because, with a lot of people there, scrolling all the contacts takes ages…:) thank you for your work, nimbuzz is the best IM app!

  69. @birimbao
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    We will forward this to our Tech Team and they will consider adding this in the future.

  70. @rij902
    At the moment we support the VOIP engine for Nokia Symbian devices, but for technical limitations it doesn’t work on on the Samsung Symbian devices like yours.

    We do not have expectations of supporting VOIP on the Samsung Symbian devices in the near future.

    Kind regards.

  71. I have installed the latest Version of Nimbuzz, I can connect to my skype account, but all my contacts are shown as offline even when they are online. Milestone (Droid) Android 2.0.1

    Are you working on this issue?

  72. @Tobi
    Sometimes the Skype contacts take longer to show presence (show the right status).
    Could you check if you select one of the Skype contacts and send them a chat message if their status changes?
    Take in account we are already looking into it as well.
    Let us know

  73. I expect my skype contacts precence status to be shown the right status within a minute or less. This works well with Fring (Internet connection is excellent).

    Please let me know, when you have solved this issue, I might change back to Nimbuzz, because Fring has other disadvantages that I don’t like (chat message lags).

  74. Voice is not working on my T Mobile plus mobile phone. It has got android 1.5 version.. All other features work great. Only when I call, i hear nothing..

    Can you check?

    Many Thanks.

  75. @Ravi
    Could you let us know if you are calling to an specific community? If yes, which one?
    Have you experienced problems calling to Nimbuzz contacts?
    Let us know

  76. @queralt escrich

    I have problems calling to Nimbuzz contacts and all contacts in fact. Its not a problem with handset as some other software is working. But I want to use Nimbuzz only. As I have very good experience with Nimbuzz on my Nokia..

    Please fix my problem. Many Thanks.

  77. Hi, I can’t see how to make voip call with my android. I already had the nimbuzz app installed and when I go to the Market there’s no new version :/

  78. @Jox
    The current Android version allows you to call your IM contacts via your internet connection.
    Just select the Im contact you want to call and click on the clicking option.
    Let us know if you still have questions.

  79. I’m sorry but I can’t find any option to call. I select one of my contacts and I have 3 options: Chat, Send Message and Send photo. :/ Am I missing something?…

  80. Nimbuzz is working well on Nexus One, thanks! However, the Skype contact list update does not work perfectly (I’ve deleted a contact within Skype, but this contact still remains in the Nimbuzz contact list and the ‘delete contact’ option in Nimbuzz is greyed out)
    Is there a way to force Nimbuzz to ‘reload’ the entire contact list from Skye?

  81. @Rob
    Have you tried unregistering and registering again your Skype account from Nimbuzz?
    Let us know!

  82. @quweralt escrich
    Yes, I did; should have been more precise in my question: Is there a way to force Nimbuzz to ‘reload’ the entire contact list from Skye … without unregistering and re-registering?

  83. Why can’t Nimbuzz just show me a dialpad which I can enter some number and make a SkypeOut call? Seems quite convoluted to have to create a Skype contact first, if I just want to make an ad-hoc call.

  84. @Rodrigo
    We are working in order to implement a DialPad solution for Android devices in the upcoming releases.
    Kind regards

  85. Again: I’m sorry but I can’t find any option to call. I select one of my contacts and I have 3 options: Chat, Send Message and Send photo. :/ Am I missing something?…

  86. @Stefan
    We are planning to include NimbuzzOut on android in future releases.
    Stay tuned to our blog, we will announce it as soon as it is available!

  87. I can’t find any option to call. I select one of my contacts and I have 3 options: Chat, Send Message and Send photo. :/ Am I missing something?…

  88. @Jox
    Which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Are you trying to call a Nimbuzz contact or a contact from another IM community? If yes, which one?
    Let us know

  89. Hi queralt, thanks for your help. I’m runing Nimbuzz 1.4.0 on a Nexus One. I’m trying to call a MSN contact but I’ve tried others like Gtalk for example…

  90. @jox
    MSN calling is temporarily unavailable due to some changes on the MSN protocol itself.
    We are working in order to adapt our service to the changes, as soon as it its done calling MSN contacts will work properly.
    In regards of the Gtalk contacts, please make sure they are using Gtalk and they are not logged in the Gmail client.

  91. Oh Ok, but it’s IM contacts talking. What about my phone list contacts? I thought that Nimbuzz was able to call my contacts through their phone numbers (like Fring does) :/

  92. Somehow my Nimbuzz has an incorrect email address in it and it will not let me validate it through my email. I can’t seem to get it to change…Can someone please tell me how to delete it or get the email address fixed so i can use it…I have a HTC Hero…

  93. @Jox
    To call landlines or mobile phone numbers you need Nimbuzzout credits or use a SIP provider.
    This options are not available yet on Nimbuzz for android but we will include them in future versions.
    You can change your mail address:
    Mobile Phone – Go to: Menu > Settings > Account Settings > E-mail address
    PC – Go to: File > Account Settings > E-mail address > write the new one > press save account settings

  94. I still am having problems..I downloaded nimbuzz to my HTC Hero..I set up the account for Facebook. I received an email telling me to validate the account by clicking on the link. When I do, it tells me that it is an invalid email address and doesn’t match. When I go to the Facebook link it shows a red exclamation point and says there is a problem and it is being worked on…Can someone please tell me how to fix this. I would like very much to be able to chat on Facebook..

  95. Hi, is it normal that, even though i have unticked the option to start on phone boot, and i have not run nimbuzz, sometimes when i lose my connection a pop-up comes up and says “nimbuzz closed unexpectedly, send report?”… but why did it close if it was not supposed to be open? :)

  96. @birimbao
    This is not a normal behavior.
    Could you let us know which device and Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Since when are you experiencing this issue?
    Do you maybe have the application running in the background?
    Let us know

  97. Hi, i have the latest version on market 1.4.0 build 5304.5308 on a htc hero.. i think it started to happen after the last upgrade, actually the first one with start-on-boot option.. and yes, i checked again that that option is unticked..
    I also looked for background processes with several task managers but there is nothing running related to nimbuzz

  98. Hi just wanted to say so much easier to use than Fring on android, and quicker too; but would it be possible to add contact information such as phone numbers in skype account? Also I’m presuming that all calls are made using IP and never the phone sim network right?

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

  99. @eric
    Thanks for your feedback.
    In regards of your question, no its currently not possible to add this kind of information on user’s profile.
    The calling option is indeed made using IP and not SIM network.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  100. when will you fix the issue with T mobile pulse. There is no sound coming on both sides.

    Many Thanks.

  101. @Ravi
    Could you let us know which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Since when are you experiencing this issue?
    When does it happen? When calling a Nimbuzz contact or when calling a contact from another IM community? If yes, which one?
    Which type of connection are you using?
    Let us know!

  102. I can see this issue of not actually being able to call numbers with a dial pad has been going on since the beginning of the year. I was really confused to not see a call/phone tab when installing on my HTC Eris Droid 1.6.

    I am running build 1.4.1 build 5520.5519.

    Is there still no way to dial out using skypeout and a dialpad with nimbuzz?

    Will there be an update to this soon so we can have the call/phone tab too?


  103. @Michael McCarthy
    We will include the Dial Pad on android in future versions.
    Kind Regards

  104. Great news.. any progress on this. I love Nimbuzz UI and workflow much better but am forced to use Fring at the moment. Please let us know when this update might be out?


  105. @Michael
    Please be patient, we will announce it on our Blog as soon as there is a new update :)
    Kind Regards

  106. I have HTC Hero and installed Nimbuzz. I used to have Nimbuzz on E72. I used to be able to make VOIP calls.

    Nimbuzz Android does not seem to allow me to make VOIP calls. There is no option available.

    I version i am able to install is 1.4.1 from Android Market.

    Whats wrong? I see so much publicity about Nimbuzz VOIP, but not available for download? Such a let down??

  107. Hi Laks,

    We do support VOIP calling on the HTC Hero.

    Could you please inform if the calling option is disabled or if you call and don’t have audio?

    Which Nimbuzz version you have?

    Are you trying to call buddies or are you trying to call landline numbers via SIP?

    Please let us know.

  108. Please, provide us with SIP settings on Android !
    My Skype yearly account is just expiring… and I want to jump off !

  109. @Fabio
    Thanks for you interest.
    We will implement this feature in future Android releases, stay tuned to our Blog, we will announce it there.

  110. Thanks for your reply ?
    Any estimated release date ?

    Also, would you consider contact’s multiple account merging ?
    That would be VERY convenient, and shorten the contact list very much.

  111. Just started using nimbuzz on SE Xperia X10 (Android OS 1.6)

    Skype calling does not work. This is the only reason I want the app, especially now that fring have removed skype. and skype don’t make an app for the android.

    Issue 1: When I call a skype contact – it just hangs up immediately saying ‘call ended’

    Issue 2: When I am logged into Nimbuzz on my Xperia. when I try to call ‘me’ from my friends skype account it just kicks me striaght into my voice mail. Moreover, my PC is also logged into my skype account, at the time and it doesn’t even ring. It’s like Nimbuzz jumps straight in and declines the call

    Issue 3: When this does eventually get working there is no call out button. I can call contacts but what if I want to call a standard landline number?


  112. @jon
    Thanks for reporting it.
    Could you let us know when was the last time you faced this issue? (please inform about the approximate date and time)
    Are you still facing this issue?
    Thanks & Regards

  113. I tried the same thing, for the same reason (no more Fring)last night and again, just now, both on Verizon’s 3G and WiFi on my HTC Eris. I had the same issue. As soon as the “Dialing” screen pops up, the “Call Ended” appears.

    I don’t think I have ever really had any useful functionality with this app. Skype SMS seems to work though.

    Android OS 2.1

  114. @kevin
    Could you let us know if you are still facing this issue?
    If yes, please do send us a mail to with the following information:
    -Device model and brand
    -Nimbuzz version in use
    -Issue experienced when placing a call (no sound, call immediately ended… )
    -Approximate date & time you faced this issue.
    Thanks for your time

  115. @queralt

    Hi. I don’t know if you have done something but its all working now. (issue 1 and issue 2)

    I hope this isn’t an intermitteant problem. If it fails again I will let you know.

    xperia x10
    OS 1.5
    nimbuzz .4.1 build 5520.5519


  116. @jon
    Thanks for the update :)
    Please do keep us updated if you face this issue again.

  117. Hey can anybody help me in knowing that is NIMBUZZ for Android contains SIP providers??? I am using Nokia N900 and on this model Nimbuzz works superb, but I am switching to Xperia X10 that is running on Android v1.6. will Nimbuzz SIP service work there?


  118. Hi, i just recently has an account in Nimbuzz and download it to my Nokia N96, as well as i have charge it but i losing my credit since i can not hear anyone, or even anyone hear my while calling my contacts… please i need help

  119. @iltaz
    We do not offer this feature yet, but we are considering to implement it in future versions
    Are you placing NimbuzzOut calls?
    If yes and have audio issues while in a call we strongly recommend you to report this issue here:
    If you are placing calls via another SIP provider; We do not proxy SIP Voice Streams, which means that Nimbuzz just connect s you to the Sip server and the audio and voice connection is managed by your SIP provider.

    If you have this kind of issues, please contact your SIP Support Team and let them know .

    Let us know if you have more questions.


  120. hello. Just installed nimbuzz on my htc desire and my first call with skype lasted about 2 min. Now everytime I try to call I get the “call ended” instantly after trying to call. What is wrong?

  121. @Sjurdur
    Thanks for reporting, could you let us know if you are still facing this problem?
    If so, could you let us know the following?
    When was the last time you faced this issue, please indicate approximate date/time.
    Since when do you face this issue?

  122. Same issue as most of the users, can’t hear the other party whereas they can hear me quite clear and loud. Problem persists even after update.

  123. @Ron Saldanha
    Could you please make sure you are using you are using the latest update available? version 2.0
    If you still face this issue, please inform us of the following:
    -device model
    -are you calling to a Nimbuzz contact or from another IM community? which one?
    -which type of connection do you use?
    Let us know

  124. Why did you have to go and do that… I can’t believe you are not allowing skype out calls. Do you really think I’m going to pay Numbuzz to make calls out. I already have a subscription with Skype. All it means is – the minute Fring sort there ‘temporary’ issues with skype I’m going back to them!

    Plus skype to skype (or nimbuzz to nimbuzz) call quality was unusable. I gave up.

    Good try but one less customer. I’ll take it all back if you allow skype out calls though.

    Experia x10

  125. @jon
    Please make sure you are using the latest update for Android devices.
    We now support SKype Out calling; There is a new dialer tab – so you can call mobile phones and landlines via NimbuzzOut, SkypeOut or any of our SIP partners (Google/Gizmo5, Sipgate, Xeloq, T-Pad, VoIPax, Gulfsip, IPS, Badatel and more).
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  126. @Jon
    This latest update actually does allow SkypeOut calls just fine. By default, it selects NimbuzzOut for VOIP calls. Select Dialer and access the Settings page, go down to Call Settings and set VoIP provider to SkypeOut.

    Works really well over WiFi and Verizon 3G on my HTC Eris. Thank you queralt escrich! Nimbuzz is finally a usable application to make SkypeOut calls to numbers not on the Skype contact list! Yay!

  127. Just got the 2.0 update and I now have the dialer on my Droid Eris.

    I set it to use skype out however and there is no audio :(!! I can place the call, they pick up on the other end, but I don’t here them and they cant hear me. The funny thing is that if I get a call on my skype number into the phone using Nimbuzz I can hear them etc. So I can get calls in but cant make calls out. Any ideas on how to fix this??

    It is not the network or something blocked here because I make skype out calls on the same network from my PC and as I said I get the calls into the phone with Nimbuzz.

    Michael (still hoping I can use this thing)

  128. I take it all back, as promised :) One Nimbuzz customer saved. I’m not getting the quality issues as before either now.

  129. @Michael
    Thanks for reporting, could you let us know if you have the same audio issues when calling to a Nimbuzz IM contact?
    Thanks & Regards

  130. Ok it was working ok for a bit (for at least one or two calls) every time I try now I can’t make calls. The reason it fails its not the same every time: Sometimes it just doesn’t connect, sometimes it doesn’t like the number I am calling, just now it gave me ‘oops the service is not currently working right now we are looking into the problem’ or something like that…… Mostly I am trying skype out calls
    xperia x10
    Android 1.6


  131. Just downloaded it, I wanted to be able to use Skype on my SE XPeria X10.
    Perfect wifi signal, but Nimbuzz does not connect with my skype account at all.
    Please help,
    thank you, Dan

  132. hi, the call option for online buddies does not exist on Satio.. is there a way to activate it? pls help.. thanks.

  133. @s1mply
    We do not support VoIP on non Nokia Symbian devices like yours.
    We use a Nokia library to develop the VoIP functionality, which is missing on your device, for this reason you cannot find the calling functionality.

  134. Hi..
    Im using htc magic.. already downloaded Nimbuzz but i can’t set sip settings.. my voip provider is smartvoip.. aybody can help me??
    Domain ??
    Proxy ??

  135. @Shibu
    On Username and password you can add there your Smartvoip credentials.
    If you do not know the domain and proxy we recommend you to ask directly to Smartvoip, they will be able to provide you this info.

  136. HI….my phone xperia x10 is installed with nimbuzz SIP was working fine.But now for the past few days when trying to make calls it shows SIP service is not provided and also shows its not connected. Dude my Wifi speed is 4mbps!!! Can anyone solve this issue…

  137. @chachu
    Please try to re-register your SIP credentials on Nimbuzz and let us know if the issue persist.
    If yes, please indicate the exact error message you receive and when does it appear.

  138. @gopu
    You can add your SIP account going to Menu> Settings> Call settings> Set VoIP provider> SIP provider
    Introduce your account credentials.

  139. @vinoth
    You can add your SIP account on Nimbuzz for Android going to:
    Menu> Settings> Call Settings> SIP
    Add your account details and Save.

  140. @queralt: thank you for your reply, ive configured VoIP settings in my xperia and i face some problems while calling ,the other end person couldn’t hear the voice from my end and vice versa, but we both r connected.Is there any solution for that so i could enjoy the service from Nimbuzz.

  141. @vinoth
    Thanks for reporting, could you let us know if this happens when calling a Nimbuzz contact or another contact from an IM community? If yes, which one?
    Or does it happen when using NimbuzzOut?
    Let us know

  142. @queralt:ive been facing that problem while using action voip account to call some other contact and the same problem while calling from my Nimbuzz account to another Nimbuzz user.

    i hadn’t tried that with Nimbuzz out.

  143. @queralt:
    I face the problem while calling from my Nimbuzz account to another Nimbuzz user and the same while using ActionvoIP to call other contacts.

    I hadnt tried that with Nimbuzz out

  144. @vinoth
    We do not proxy SIP Voice Streams, which means that Nimbuzz just connects you to the SIP servers and the audio and voice portion of the call, is managed by your SIP provider.

    For assistance on this issue please contact your SIP Support Team and let them know.
    If you have sound problems while calling Nimbuzz contacts please inform our support team directly.

  145. @queralt:
    Thanks fr you support. but i face the same problem while calling to Nimbuzz. ie from Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz. why is that so?

  146. @vinoth
    We are aware of the problem on Xperia Mini and Xperia Mini Pro devices running OS older than 2.2, hence the reason why we suspect this is an issue with the OS. In these conditions VoIP does not work properly because the microphone is deactivated during the call.
    We normally recommend an OS update to solve the problem but unfortunately, the Froyo update is not yet available for your device. In these conditions we don’t have a solution for your case at the moment, but we are focused on finding alternatives.
    Could you inform your internet connection type and provider/ carrier?

  147. i’m using Sony Ericsson xperia x8. i just download nimbuzz in my android and trying to make a free call. its seem that i can received voice but outgoing is not working… please help me to solve this problem.

    my email address is

  148. @manowar
    We are aware of the problem on Xperia Mini and Xperia Mini Pro devices running OS older than 2.2, hence the reason why we suspect this is an issue with the OS. In these conditions VoIP does not work properly because the microphone is deactivated during the call.
    We normally recommend an OS update to solve the problem but unfortunately, the Froyo update is not yet available for your device. In these conditions we don’t have a solution for your case at the moment, but we are focused on finding alternatives.

  149. I have one mobile with android 1.5 and Nimbuzz, but when I call other person, inmediatly hung up? Whan can I do?

  150. @juanmcharry
    First of all we recommend you to upgrade your Android OS version, Nimbuzz requires at least version 1.6 to run properly.
    About the calling issue, could you be more specific? Doe sit happen when calling to a Nimbuzz contact or to an IM contact from another community? If yes, which one?
    Let us know

  151. @anas
    Yes, Calling is supported on Android based devices like yours.


  152. What’s Nimbuzz’s own SIP setting? Would like to enter it to phone’s setting, so can choose to call via GSM or SIP from contact.

    Will Nimbuzz login support other more common ports for login? Office network blocks 5222, 5223, 993, as well as UDP 15000-65000.

  153. @Iwan
    The SIP settings vary according to the provider. For the proper SIP settings we recommend you to contact your SIP Provider and request it directly from them.

  154. I am using HTC wildfire. I installed nimbuzz 2.0.6. after installed my mobile hot stuck and also I didn’t find call option for my contact but it is displayed only for echo test

  155. @venki
    From which community is that contact?
    Which Nimbuzz version is he using?
    Let us know

  156. i can’t make nimbuzz calls on my android. all it does is ring on the other side and when someone picks up no voice goes through. All the calls work fine when i use my Nokia with the same account. Please help me this is very frustrating. running android 2.0 (HTC mytouch3g)

  157. @mweetwa
    Could you try to place a call to the echo test and let us know if you can hear the sound?

  158. Hi,
    The dialpad doesn’t recognize my key inputs, while voip call.
    i am using HTC inspire 4G android phone. plz help as soon as possible.

  159. @jitender
    Thanks for informing us, we will check and try to reproduce and fix the issue.

  160. @suhail
    The SIP settings vary according to the provider. For the proper SIP settings we recommend you to contact your SIP Provider and request it directly from them.

  161. Im using mobily .. already downloaded Nimbuzz but i can’t set sip settings.. my voip provider is smartvoip.. aybody can help me??
    Domain ??
    Proxy ??
    my mob is galaxy y gt s5360

  162. @kiran
    The SIP settings vary according to the provider.

    If you are missing some information (proxy settings, username or password) for the proper SIP settings we recommend you to contact your SIP Provider and request it directly from them.

  163. i cant make a call by lg optimus black , it is android and i download android dialer from nimbuzz, and register to nimbuzzcalls but whem i make a call it automatically terminate my call , what to do can some one help me

  164. does Samsung Galaxy Y S5360 Mobile Phone supports nimbuzz free calling feature ??? i mean the calling option appear on it or not?/ it has android 2.3.5 gingerbread os ..rep soon

  165. @muskaan – you can use Nimbuzz free calling feature for your contacts on Nimbuzz, Windows Live (MSN), Google Talk and Yahoo.

  166. @waseem – We have recently released the updated version of Nimbuzz (2.1.1) for Android devices. You can download the same from Play Store (earlier known as Android Market) and give it a try. In case of any issues please reach out to

  167. i use fb chat via nimbuzz. i already use this viop call function but i lost my lot of dollers and miniut. what is the problem . please tell me the reason….

  168. When I make call on xperia x10 mini by using nimbuz , I can hear other but they can’t..plz help me

  169. @jasar – We suspect this is an issue with the OS. In these conditions VoIP does not work properly because the microphone is deactivated during the call. You need to make a few changes under the phone settings in order update your device. Here is the path: Settings>>Call Settings>>Recording Sample Rates.
    Select the sample rate best compatible for your device.

  170. Hi, I installed Nimbuz on my HTC desire C …but when i make a call the other party cant hear my voice. However, Im able to hear what they say!!Could you plez let me know hw to resolve this issue.?

  171. @Anna – Kindly try to make few changes under the phone settings path in Nimbuzz provided below: Settings>>Call Settings>>Recording Sample Rates

  172. Hi all, it had been great experience to have been with nimbuzz since long. And thanks to the nimbuzz team for those amazing features that keep coming to us in our nimbuzz app.

  173. I have installed NIMBUZZ in my ANDROID PHONE.
    But I am not getting settings for SIP. Only Numbuzz Call option is appearing.

    Can I have screen shots for setting SIP in nimbuzz for android.

  174. @Dharmendra – In order to add/remove or change the SIP account, please follow these steps:

    Settings>>Call Settings>>Set VoIP provider>>SIP Provider. Update your login credentials provided by your SIP provider.

  175. i have an android phone samsung glaxypocket duos S5302 When i call to my any contact list in nimbuzz to nimbuzz its disconnects always what is the problem plzz Help. at my notification bar it says Ongoing call then it disconnects :'(

  176. @Najeeb – We request you to send your query directly to with account and device details since, this issue requires further follow ups. We will respond to your query within 48 business hours.

  177. Pl send me setting for Samsung S3 .how can I make calls for nimbuzz calls to others.. thanks

  178. @Basit Satti – Free Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz calling is available from your android. There are no settings required, you just need to have an active internet connection to place calls. If you wish to make calls to mobile or landline numbers please subscribe to our nimbuzzout service. For further information, please check

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