Nimbuzz Wrap-up: Highlights of 2009!


2009 was a great year for us here at Nimbuzz and before its gone we would like stop for a second and look back to all the amazing achievements we had in the last 12 months.  Below we have gathered the most important moments of this year.  So let’s take a look together at the list, shall we?

The first pay-as-you-go Nimbuzz product: NimbuzzOut

One of the biggest achievements for 2009 was without a doubt the launch of NimbuzzOut. This is the first pay-as-you-go product that we’ve ever offered, and it transforms your mobile into the cheapest way to make international calls. To check how much you can save with Nimbuzz out you can check the NimbuzzOut Rate calculator.


We had a great start in 2009! In the first days of the year Nimbuzz won the prestigious Red Herring Global 100 award :D … and this was only the beginning . The awards list continues with:

  • Best Mobile Converged Solution
  • Red Herring Europe 100
  • TopMobile20 Awards in 4 categories
  • 2nd at Smartphone Biz-News’ “Product of the Year 2008”
  • Nimbuzz winner of the AlwaysOn Global 250
  • Best Mobile Startup  at TechCrunch Europe Awards
  • Connect On BlackBerry award at the BlackBerry EMEA Alliance Summit 2009

New features for all the Nimbuzz versions:

  • Android- time sensitive UI, home-screen notifications, clickable URLs, free MMS sending, chat history, 24×7 connectivity and off course VoIP calling!
  • Symbian – NimbuzzOut calling, Pop up notification and full twitter support. Also we released brad new versions for Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97.
  • BlackBerry - we launched our first native application for Blackberry Smartphones that runs in the background, has home screen notification and native UI .
  • Java  – UI improvements, chat previews in the buddylist and direct access to active chats and chat rooms from the top of  your buddylist.
  • Windows Mobile – location sharing,  dial-pad and NimbuzzOut calling
  • iPhone – NimbuzzOut calling, chat history, push notifications,  improved user interface, share photos, music and videos, location sharing and more … :D .
  • Mac -This year we launched our first Nimbuzz for Mac application
  • PC – New UI, dial-pad, NimbuzzOut calling and phonebook integration

Download Nimbuzz for your: Mobile PC Mac

We were present at events around the world

This year we participated at lots of events around the world, from France to UK and from Spain to US:

  • MWC in Barcelona
  • Global Tech Showcase in France
  • Mobile 2.0 Web Summit in London!
  • Buzz Worthy Meetup in San Francisico
  • BlackBerry EMEA Alliance Summit 2009 in Rome
  • LeWeb 2009 in Paris

New Offices in UK and US

2009 was a great year for expanding our presence across the world  and besides the existent office in  Rotterdam – The Netherlands,  São Paulo – Brazil, Córdoba – Argentina and New Delhi – India now we are present as well in San Francisco – US and London – UK :D .

If at the end of last year we were growing with 20,000 new users per day this year we are really happy to let you know that Nimbuzz gets 1 Million new users every month :D.

Great positive coverage all around the web

Nimbuzz has made it on to the Times Online list for Best mobile apps for iPhone and Androids and our product updates  were  covered by the world’s biggest tech blogs out there: GigaOm, TechCrunch, SymbianGuru , GomoNews and many more!

We also got a new forum where you can interact with us and the other Nimbuzz users, to get tips and tricks and more technical support from our developers team ;) !

Now, at the end of the year we are looking for a bright 2010 with plenty achievements and many new features to come :D !

We want to thank you all for your support, feedback, ideas and understanding!  Good luck and a new 2010 with great accomplishments!

38 thoughts on “Nimbuzz Wrap-up: Highlights of 2009!

  1. hey, i use nimbuzz on my n97, the lastest version, but i cant find the option for delete contacts and it will great if exist the option to not store the history of the conversations, thanks!!!

  2. Symbian – NimbuzzOut calling, Pop up notification and full twitter support. Also we released brad new versions for Nokia 5800 and Nokia N97.

    is not version 2.02 latest? or there is newer version?

  3. Hey guys..i want to buy a new handset but the thing i wanna know if a native nimbuzz version is in the works for Plam Pre or Nokia N900? Both dont have any java support which kndof makes nimbuzz completely un-useable on either of them. :(

  4. @Raffay
    We currently do not have a compatible version for any of those devices.
    We are considering building it, but we do not have plans for it yet.
    You can still use Nimbuzz directly on the browser of your device going to

  5. @louis
    Currently is not possible to delete contacts from other IM communities via Nimbuzz.
    We will take this suggestion into consideration.

  6. I have a question about NimbuzzOut. Is Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz free over the 3G network? I wanted to know because my friend has an iPhone overseas and so if she has Nimbuzz on her iPhone could I make calls to her over the 3G network for free?

  7. Using nimbuzz on wap kindof makes the whole experiance of having a uber phone useless :S. Anyways by plans u mean of N900 or a WVGA version of Nimbuzz? All the new Windows Mobiles are mostly WVGA and nimbuzz being a VGA app is slow due to scaling.

  8. Love the new nimbuzz. The chat history thingy is cool but could we also have an option for deleting ALL chat history as opposed to doing it one at a time. The chat history slows down the application for me so deleting them all at once would be cool. Ditto on deleting other IM contacts…what else? We should get rewards for referring ppl to nimbuzz coz i do it all the time. Hehe. Its the best application EVER!

  9. @Kenzomano
    We currently do not support your device.

    We recommend you to use the Wap version of Nimbuzz on your phone browser going directly to

    We will consider adding this phone to our supported devices list

    Thanks & Regards

  10. hi, anyone please tell me, How To Update Nimbuzz in “Mircromax Q3″ Mobile, When I tried to Update it is giving an error “Default Game Cannot be Updated”, Nimbuzz is pre-installed on Micromax’s Q3.
    And also i wanna know. Why Micromax Q3 Model is not listed in Nibuzz site?, Nimbuzz is pre-intalled in Mircromax Q3.
    What is the procedure to Update Nimbuzz in Mircromax-Q3?

  11. Hi there,
    I think Nimbuzz is great on the mobile (using it on my N97) but needs some improvements for the PC..
    History is a must and Invisible status for all Networks which support it are just a few of the details that I’m missing

  12. @Daxten
    Thanks for your comment.
    We are considering adding Chat history in the PC client in the future.
    In regards of the invisible status for all networks, note that not all communities are build in the same way, so it is difficult to implement.
    Kind Regards

  13. hi nimbuzz team
    1st hppy new year guys u rly ROCK
    2ND i have a request would u plz consider the option to notify us when some1 has singed in or out
    rly it will differ alot u will be more perfect
    another request when a nimbuzz acount add me i suggest that u make it’s pbligatory they add their other acounts too
    thanks for u guys again

  14. @mehad ahmed
    Thanks for the great feedback and suggestion!
    We will consider the highlights you’ve made for the future improvements.
    Please let us know if you have more suggestions or questions!
    Kind regards.

  15. i’ve installed 1.3.0 windows mobile beta on my wm5 pocket pc. my problem is I can’t access or enter the chatrooms. can u help on this. thanks

  16. @edmen
    We currently don’t support chatrooms on the Windows Mobile version.
    Please let us know if you have more questions!
    Kind regards.

  17. why my NIMBUZZ is not working , whenever i open it always displayed “testing your connection” i am vodafone user bearing no. please kindly inform me on my e-mail ID. i have alrady connected GPRS. connection. thanking you.

  18. Hi i’m from india. First i wish to congratulate the Nimbuzz team for winning best IM design n developers award. I’m a very big fan of Nimbuzz. I’d been using Nimbuzz in nokia 3110c since september 2009. Recently i’d changed my phone to sony ericsson w610i. I downloaded Nimbuzz in my new phone n tried opening the application it shows an error ‘this application uses too much memory’ n the only option shown is to click ‘ok’ n it gets closed. I request you to kindly help me in using Nimbuzz again on my new phone.

  19. @Jasmine
    If you get: “not enough memory” as an error, this might be cause some devices like yours sometimes do not have enough heap memory to run or support Nimbuzz application.

    That’s why we have a lite version for some devices, in the lite version you can chat with your buddies but the chatroom feature is not available and the call feature also not.
    If the lite application is not available on our site, we recommend you to use the Wap version of Nimbuzz directly on your phone browser going to

  20. Hello,

    If you are on a Symbian device:
    You can go to options > settings >Nimbuzz account > location sharing > choose between buddies or everyone.

    This feature is only available for Nimbuzz buddies which means only Nimbuzz buddies will be able to retrieve your location.

    Kind regards.

  21. hey can some1 tell me how to move into chat rooms from nimbuzz for android 1.6 phone.. plz plz help me

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