Nexus One – the long awaited Google phone

nexus one - google phone

Everybody seems to be pretty hyped about the new “Google phone” , Nexus One, and while most of the users salute the initiative and of course consider general competition  a great thing , some of the most relevant IT blogs around are questioning the effect of the new Android powered phone among the other mobile manufactures.  Whether this new phone will alienate some of the competitors I guess we will discover in the following months .

Let’s see what can we expect from it! Android influencers tell us the new mobile phone brings its A Game and here are just a few things the Nexus One is good at:

  • Crisp and Clear display
  • Responsiveness to touch that you can compare to the iPhone
  • Great speed –  browsing the internet , installing apps and navigate through the phone
  • Live wallpapers

One of the must have apps for any Android power mobile and of course for the Nexsus One as well is ….  Nimbuzz .  Why? Well you can read all about that here.

To install it just search for Nimbuzz in the Android Market or if you prefer to use your QR code scanner application just scan the image below to find Nimbuzz in the Android Market:

nimbuzz-bar-code-for-android-marketDon’t forget to let us know your opinion on the new Google phone. Also suggestions and comments about Nimbuzz Android app are always welcome.

5 thoughts on “Nexus One – the long awaited Google phone

  1. When can we expect a new release which fixes the reconnection problems, which will not prevent the phone from entering sleep mode and which does not get killed everytime another app is started due to low memory?

    These are pretty essential for an IM app I’d think?

  2. I’m glad the Nexus One is out too and got to try Nimbuzz, looks good there. Really hoping the VOIP Services get in on the next build.

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