Nimbuzz wins Nokia’s “Must Have Social Networking app of the year” Ovi award!


We are really excited to let you know that Nimbuzz won the “Must Have Social Networking app of the year” award in the “OVI Daily App” awards!

This is a very important achievement for us and a great recognition from all the OVI users! Thank you all for voting and believing in us.

We and all the OVI users recommend you to download Nimbuzz on your mobile :D  to enjoy the best Social Networking experience you can get on your Nokia device!!

71 thoughts on “Nimbuzz wins Nokia’s “Must Have Social Networking app of the year” Ovi award!

  1. Hell yeah! I voted for you guys! FANTASTIC! :D
    The only thing i would really really like to see.. and my friends agree on this one.. a wiget, in your startscreen (my case N97)
    You guys rule!

  2. Congrats Nimbuzz is truely a great social application! Please bring it to Nokia’s N900 next!!!

  3. Congratulations! Now the rest of the world knows what we already knew. Go on World make chatting easier. Download Nimbuzz!

  4. You really deserved it, Nimbuzz for S60 V3 actually replaced my _desktop_ clients thanks to full feature set and low battery usage. (lets not forget E71)
    Don’t forget a very important thing: You guys also prove that anything can be coded on Symbian, even the S60 V3 which everyone whines about for some reason.

  5. @Evert
    Thanks for your interest.
    We are considering implementing our application for your device, which has an operating system which we do not support yet.

  6. Voted for you! I’ve compared Nimbuzz with mig33,ebuddy,rockettalk,fring etc. You are way ahead of the competition! Hope to join your translators team after i fine-tune my french skills.Congrats to us all!

  7. Great news. As it should be!

    All the NimBuzz users out there: NimBuzz works great on our system and as OFFICIAL NimBuzz partner you will find XeloQ in the SIP Wizard as SIP Provider.

    Just create an account at our website ( ) and install NimBuzz on your Nokia, configure it and of you go! It rocks !

    Good luck!
    XeloQ Communications Sales Team

  8. I loved Nimbuzz on Nokia. It’s the greatest app ever. All the messengers plus ability to make skype calls and send files. Didn’t have any problems with it ever. However I always have issues with it on my Blackberry phone. It disconnects often, there is no way to call somebody or to send a file, no chat-rooms… Not the same at all… Hopefully it will get better soon.

  9. @Helen
    the BlackBerry version does not offer the calling feature due to some limitations.
    We are considering alternatives for that.

  10. @Riyaz
    Thanks for your interest.
    Currently we do not have plans to release a Nimbuzz version for Maemo Operating System in the near future.
    We will inform you as soon as this changes.

  11. @Nokia Queen
    We do not support this device.
    We will inform you as soon as we do.

  12. @Fahad
    Thanks for your comment.
    We will consider supporting this device in the future.
    Kind Regards

  13. Congrats team nibuzz !!
    We need nimbuzz support for nokia n900 badly, kindly see in to it please !

  14. we send u our reqst frm january nd nw running april nd u still tell that we inform soon so whts tht

  15. We need this for n900 badly. N97 is end-of life device, many users now have nokia n900! Please hear the needs of your consumers nimbuzz team, we would even pay small fee to have this on our device!

  16. @soheb

    Thanks for your comments and feedback.
    We are aware of your concerns, but as mentioned previously due to shifting of priorities we are not developing an application for your device N900.
    We will take it into account and consider your suggestion.

  17. I found Nimbuzz to be good in the beginning when had small amount of friends on facebook, but now…i dont get all of my contacts on the list and today…I have no facebook contacts listed even though the account is connected as I received a message.

    Cannot find anything better at the moment, so I have to put up with it

  18. @nicole
    We currently have a limitations of 400 contacts per account.
    We are considering increasing this number in the future.

  19. @joseph
    Thanks for your comment, unfortunately we due to shifting of priorities we do not have plans to implement a version for Maemo devices in the near future.

  20. when do we get our hands on nimbuzz ??????????;( used it on my e71 n e72… but now missing it on my nokia n900. y arent u guyz considering it for maemo when the whole world is waiting for it ?? need the exact date of its release.or let us know if u have no plans for v stop waiting atleast !! thx!

  21. @Adil
    Thanks for your comment and interest.
    We will research the possibilities of developing a compatible version.
    Stay tuned to our Blog form more related news!

  22. @sirwan
    Thanks for your interest.
    We will consider to create a compatible version for it in the future.

  23. @rhed tolentino
    We don’t have the N900 yet on our roadmap therefore, we have no plans for N900 in near future.

  24. why arent you guys supporting maemo?? Its high time someone came up with an all in one -social- network meesenger for the n900.

  25. @serj
    We do not support Maemo OS, there are no plans in short term to develop a compatible version.
    We will consider it .
    Kind Regards

  26. @emmanuel
    Thanks for your suggestion, we do not have plans to build a Maemo version in the near future,but we are cosnidering it.

  27. nimbuzz on n900 be great. please do it ! we n900 users want it badly.. i’ve been waiting for nimbuzz on n900 even before i bought it. i thought nimbuzz will be out soon for it. but till now there isnt any nimbuzz ! please take us out of this misery ! we want nimbuzz for n900 real bad.

  28. @mrealcrazee
    Thanks for your feedback & suggestion.
    We will consider developing a compatible Maemo version in the future.

  29. When will Nimbuzz be out for the N900 ? Please do it soon ! We all look forward for this :D I have used Nimbuzz on all my last Nokia phones – and miss it so much !

  30. @philip
    Unfortunately we cannot provide an estimate date for it, our team will start developing a compatible version in the future.

  31. “our team will start developing a compatible version in the future” – that’s music to my ears – Thanks Nimbuzz team. Don’t forget a status widget for the homescreen too …

  32. @sam
    As mentioned previously we will announce it as soon as there are news regarding supporting this Operating System.

  33. @boudi
    Thanks for yoru comment, however we do not have plans to for a Maemo OS version in the near future.

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