Symbian^3: meet the future!

Symbian 3 screenshots

At Mobile World Congress 2010  in Barcelona,  Microsoft wasn’t the only one showing it’s new pretty Windows Mobile 7 O.S. . The guys from Symbian Foundation were also there and they were happy to unveil the future of Symbian: Symbian^3.

As they say on their wiki page, the main highlights of Symbian 3 are:

Out first impression: Looks great! The upgraded user interface is a lot easier to use and customizable as you can see it in the  short video below.

YouTube Preview Image

Last week Micky from wrote that “the first devices running the new platform are expected to ship as early as Q3 this year“. However things might move faster and we could get the new Symbian 3 phones earlier. just posted a short video, with  NokiaX10 specifications, that could be the first mobile to be powered by the new Symbian platform.

One of the things i like most about the current Symbian version is the battery life. This is simply amazing, I can surf the internet, run Nimbuzz in the background,  take pictures, go on Facebook and still my E72 could could go for 2 days without extra power.  I reallly hope that this will stay unchanged in the new Symbian 3 :) .

Would be a pity to lose a few days of extra battery life for a few extra visual effects … What do you think  is more important: battery life or upgraded UI? Let us know in the comment section below.

As we are looking into the possibility of getting Nimbuzz for Symbian 3, we would like to remind you that Nimbuzz works great on the current Symbian versions. The latest addition of the full Twitter functionality, next to free calling and chatting made our OVI downloads to rocket way over 1million downloads!!

Here is a short video demo:

YouTube Preview Image

13 thoughts on “Symbian^3: meet the future!

  1. When im using the browser, Nimbuzz, call and text on my e72 I could hardly make it to te end of the they. I want you’re phone :P

  2. Looks all fine but Symbian need to improve their streaming video codec. I always get short interuptions when viewing streaming media regardless of data connection, which is really annoying. On my iPod Touch I get perfect playback.

  3. Hi Andi,

    The battery is more important than UI, but more important are the features.
    N900 comes with native VideoCall,VoIP and Chat over XMPP / Jabber / gTalk, So we can communicate between domains without troubles. Same as a simple eMail.

    If SymbianX cant do a simple native voIP call over XMPP, I will never recommend it.
    Its a shame to pay 450€, the double of a netbook and cant do a simple call over Internet.

    Also is glad to see a HighTech operating system caped, thanks to unfair telecos and poor mind consumer. Software developers will have their market share there.

    Sorry to be so sincery, but the reality hurts.
    Best regards.

  4. Hi all I’m a N96-3 user here. Through out my day I run Nimbuzz and sometimes Gravity. I average about 5 to 10 calls per day. Battery performs just fine through out the day.
    I wouldn’t use Gravity so much if Nimbuzz could alert me when new tweets are a available. UI are important which explains why Nimbuzz rocks Fring! Fring doesn’t look as good, just my own opinion.

  5. I keep get some ananymos message talking about ecoblue and any time i get dat message de my nimbuzz starts behaiving fun. It goes off any time i try to deleat de message.

  6. @Nanaflex
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Could you describe your issue with some more detail?
    Are you getting any error message? Which one?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Let us know

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