Nimbuzz wins: Best Mobile IM, Best Im Design and IM developers of the year awards!

Top IM client of 2010First and foremost: Thank you all for voting Nimbuzz for the Best IM Clients of 2010 awards hosted by!

Your vote counted and your voice was heard: Nimbuzz dominated the awards winning 3 of the 5 categories in which we were nominated:

  • Best Mobile IM
  • Best Im Design
  • IM developers of the year

These awards are a great recognition for us and it shows that  all our efforts to deliver the Best Mobile IM around paid off :D . Our design team and all our developers are reallly happy to receive these awards and to see that all the creativity and innovation that they put into Nimbuzz is much appreciated by our you!

This is a great boost for our energy levels :D which will definitely work into perfecting Nimbuzz and adding even more cool features!

So if you want to try the best mobile messenger of 2010, to chat,call,share files  and a lot more for free with all your friends from your mobile be sure you download Nimbuzz and of course recommend Nimbuzz to your friends (you can start by tweeting or sharing on Facebook this post :P ). Or you could try Nimbuzz for PC or Mac ;) .

As always feedback is always welcome so please let us know your thoughts in the comment section bellow.

97 thoughts on “Nimbuzz wins: Best Mobile IM, Best Im Design and IM developers of the year awards!

  1. @Thoufik
    In order to gather your feedback and comments, we request you to write in English.

  2. @Oleg Scherbackov
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    Are you not able to login into Nimbuzz?
    Do you get any error message when you try to do so? If yes, which one?
    Have you tried to login from a different client?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you currently running?
    Let us know

  3. I love nimbuzz to chat with my friends,but why it’s too long to open/close this application?and i want nimbuzz in signed version.could you help me?

  4. @ahmad h
    In order to fix this issue, could you let us know the following?
    Which Nimbuz version are you running?
    Which type of connection are you using?
    When you say it takes long to open/close could you be more specific? does it take more than 20 seconds?
    Let us know

  5. Congrats!!! Hope u will promote nimbuzz in more new countries so that we could connect to more new friends:)

  6. @anurag
    Due to shifting priorities and more focus on improving the voice and IM (non-chatroom) experience we don’t have any plans on the short or mid term for chatrooms on the PC client.

    We will review the possibilities this year but for now there are no plans.


  7. wow,,
    good news then,,
    our lovely nimbuzz win that 3 awards,,
    but i really want to see nimbuzz get the 5 awards,,

  8. Congrats!!! Nimbuzz deserves this award and lot more in future. Many of Nimbuzz users are facing problem in using buzz setting, kindly work on it. And also enable feature that supports to block IMs from anonymous or from particular ID.

  9. Its all votes of you members which help us to nimbuzz win :) i would like to thanks from whole of my heart who gave vote. Kind regards cc

  10. @Oleg
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running at the moment?
    From which site did you downloaded?
    Which device (brand and model) are you using?
    Since when are you experiencing this issue?
    Do you get any error message when trying to login? Which one?
    Are you able to login with the same account using another client like PC or Webchat?
    Let us know!

  11. @Anurag
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Are you having trouble sending messages to your contacts? From which community?
    Let us know!

  12. If version 1.6 is too high for my mobile. Is there any way i can dwnload version 1.5 again? Thanks

  13. I so love this app.and it’s really useful esp.that my husband is in another country. But when i updated to version 1.6 it won’t work anymore. This also happened when i last updated to version 1.5, and after about a few weeks it already worked

  14. @Janice
    Due to technical reasons we do not provide older versions.
    Could you please specify which kind of issue are you experiencing with the new version?

  15. It says “the app.uses too much memory”. Hope this prob.can be fixed soon just like b4. My mobile is S.E.k550i.. Thanks!

  16. @Janice
    Some devices do not have enough heap memory to run the application that’s why we have a lite version for them.
    We recommend you to use the wap version directly from your phone browser going to

  17. @Anurag
    There are users from US but for privacy reasons it is not possible to let you know if they are all using chatrooms or not.

  18. excuse me. all could i ask you one question?
    why my phone can’t install nimbuzz v1.6?
    so please provide me more information :(
    my phone is Z610i.
    i’ll waiting for all for comment

  19. @sokphorn
    Your device is listed and supported on our site.
    Which error are you experiencing while installing/downloading?
    Let us know!

  20. Do you get charged for internet minutes if you use Nimbuzz to chat from a Blackberry to and Iphone? When I use Blackberry Messenger – it’s free. Is Nimbuzz the same or do you use the phones internet connection and therefore get charged?

  21. @click
    Nimbuzz uses a data connection, and operator data costs will apply. We recommend that you use an unlimited (flat rate) data plan, which you can get from your operator.
    If you are using Wi-Fi or have a data plan you won’t have any extra charge from your provider.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  22. there are some missing features in nimbuzz,, like the “send nudge” feature in msn and yahoo!,, also the conference chat,, i cant start or participate in any conference with my friends so i have to switch to ebuddy WHICH I HATE i order to do that

  23. @Ahmed Atef
    Thanks for your comment and feedback.
    Indeed we did not implement those feature, we will consider integrate them in the future.
    Kind Regards

  24. @heehee
    Are you having trouble connecting to Nimbuzz?
    If yes, please be more specific and let us know the following:
    -which device & nimbuzz version are you using?
    -Which type of connection are you using?
    -Where are you located, which is your network provider?
    -do you face this issue when using a different Nimbuzz client?
    Let us know!

  25. I was using nimbuzz 1.7 version on my nokia 2700 classic for last one month nimbuzz is very user friendly and features are outstanding but since yesterday when i try to login its showing connection failed and timed out. My network provider is airtel. please help me

  26. @John
    Have you changed any settings on your internet connection?
    Do you use a new provider?
    Are you able to browse the internet without any issue or use applications that require internet connection?
    Let us know

  27. i hv downloded 1.7 bt when i starts it on ma n2700 it keeps on connecting to provide languages n aftr abt 1min it just say cant connect to d site…whats d prblm it was working gud when i ws using airtel gprs den whats d prblm with aircel..plz help me…

  28. @sandy
    Thanks for reporting.
    We are aware of some issues with Aircel users in India, our team is already investigating this issue.

  29. hi, nimbuzz is no more my best chat application as now i cant open it using the same phone, same network provider and same settings. Its over 3 months now and sometimes it did open for a few minutes after trying for hours to connect. I clearly remember this problem started eversince i opted for Rs.98 gprs plan for a month from my service provider Aircel. Nimbuzz do open easily when this package expires. I strongly feel aircel is playing dirty. Plz look into this matter untill then i feel cheated.

  30. Hi watingna,

    We will check what you reported.

    Could you please inform:

    Which device model you have?

    Which Nimbuzz version you use?

    Please let us know and we will look into it.


  31. @gaurav sharma
    Could you be more specific?
    Which exact issue are you experiencing?
    Let us know if you receive any error message, and which one?

  32. @ragdezeblav29
    The Chatroom feature can be used on Nimbuzz Mobile for Java and Symbian devices, not on BlackBerry.
    We will consider adding it as well on other platforms in the future.

  33. Hey i m havng a prblm vid my nimbuz on nokia 2700 clasic.. I waz using it frm last 3 months bt sudnly al my fb contacts disappeard n it showd me d msg dat u hv been disconetd frm I got it frm ovistore…plz help me.

  34. i m also using nimbuzz on nokia 2700 classic frm last 3 months but suudenly all my fb contacts dissapeared….
    n ven i try to recconect it shows me the error nimbuzz connection timed out…..
    pls help me out……….
    i hv downloaded it frm ovi store…….. me…….

  35. @anji
    Which exact error message do you receive when trying to register your FB account?

  36. Pls help me from last 2 month when i m trying 2 login in nimbuzz the error(-20) processing data network shows n nw its not working my nimbuzz which i have download from ovi.

  37. @Paras
    Have you already tried to uninstall and install the application again but in the c drive instead of in the Sim card memory.
    Let us know if it works!

  38. @anji
    We are working in order to improve FB with the FB Connect ( a safe and more stable login) integration asap. Try registering again ur FB account.

  39. Nimbuzz for blackberry is a wonderful app however when using Nimbuzz i found that my app memory gradually reduces during the course of the day eventually making the phone unusable. I have to reboot to get the phone working.

  40. @oz
    Thanks for the info, we will check this and try to reproduce the issue at our offices.
    Kind Regards

  41. I hv nokia 2700 bt im no able 2 start nimbuzz bcz when i start it say dt the language is retrivated..plzz help me

  42. @asrajalal
    Please inform our support team directly via indictaing your device and Nimbuzz version in use as well as the exact error message you receive.

  43. I’ve been using Nimbuzz on my sony elm and love it, but notice that sometimes the alerts are intermittent ie. it doesnt always play the sound even though that is set for chat and new chat, also is there any chance of an option to change colours?

    Best Regards

  44. @John
    Thanks for reporting, in order for us to be able to reproduce and fix the issue, could you let us know which exact nimbuzz version are you running?
    Since when do you face the issue?
    When do you face the issue?
    Does it happen in an specific case? or randomly?
    Could you describe how to reproduce it?

  45. i hv downloaded sever versions n several times but when it starts it on ma n2700 it keeps on connecting to provide languages n aftr abt 1min it just say cant connect to d site…i dont undrstand whats d prblm..i’m using vodafone gprs..plz help me…i’m facing this issue for a long time..

  46. @satish
    Our team is investigating this issue, we expect it to be solved in upcoming release.
    In the meanwhile try using the wap version directly from your phone browser going to

  47. nimbuuuuuuuz
    I love U nimbuzz
    Im so happy about this winnig and iI hope just nimbuzz win every year ;)
    thank u nimbuzz *)

  48. pls am using nokia 2700 classic and airtel line wt internet connection, but am finding it difficult 2 connect 2 nimbuzz after downloading it. It kept on bringing failed connectn after some period of trying 2 retrieve language. Pls what should i do?

  49. @Wale
    Which Nimbuzz version do you use?
    Which type of connection & Network provider do you use?
    Let us know

  50. Nimbuzz is the best
    Thanks to Nimbuzz I have found many friends after long period of time

  51. @ Nimbuzz is good. How to manage hack room by admin.
    Technically it is not possible to hack a chatroom, but if you want to report someone in specific, you can send a mail to

  52. the SKYPE was there on Nimbuzz before 5 months and most of my friends are on skype.. but WHY did you remove skype? and does it support mobile videochat? or it hardly connect audio calls too..but sometimes i talked with my friends in skype through nimbuzz but now, skype is not there on NimbuZz :(…
    I really liked nimbuzz, but not now :(

    [hope you will send me reply here]

  53. could you help me please ? I am suffuring with problem with Nimbuzz . Some times nimbuzz does not connect with facebook community . Why is this problem ? And also it takes too much time to open as compared to other app on my nokia n73 (symbian). Please help me.

  54. @AMJAD IQBAL TARAR – Can you please install the latest version of Nimubuzz from for your device and add all the communities once again? In case of any questions please reach out to Thanks!!

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