VoIP in 2013: trends and predictions

Mobile VoIP predictions

Here is an interesting news,  a recent report from market research firm In-Stat estimates the total number of mobile VoIP users will be reach 288 million by the end of 2013.  They also divide the subscriber in 3 big categories:

  • more than 50% will use Mobile VoIP via their mobile VoIP providers (like Nimbuzz)
  • under one-third will utilize mobile VoIP with 3G MVNOs or mobile operators
  • 11% with WiMAX/LTE operators

Another great prediction in my opinion is that by 2013 will be well over 400 million dual-mode handsets (Wi-Fi + Cellular). This will enable a lot of people to use VoIP over WiFi which will guarantee a great audio quality and a faster connection.

All the technological improvements will make it more and more natural for everybody to use mobile VoIP rather than a carrier call. In the near future it will probably become a reflex to open your Nimbuzz application instead of you Phonebook app, and instead of a regular call  make free call with Nimbuzz or a cheap international call to regular phones and landlines with NimbuzzOut. What do you think about it?

The report also states that while the EMEA region has more mobile VoIP related revenue currently, Asia Pacific will be the largest regional market in revenue terms by 2013.

Via GigaOm

27 thoughts on “VoIP in 2013: trends and predictions

  1. Ok fine but it would be better if you could provide unlimited calls to a country for a flatt rate per month like skype !

  2. @vanhelsing1260
    Thanks for your comment.
    We will research other market opportunities and provide different offers in the future.

  3. Hi! Not working nimbuzz on nokia e51 when intalled voip mobile dialer. Plz solve it.

  4. @Azmal Hussain
    Could you please be more specific?
    What exactly is not working?
    Do you get any error while using the application?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Let us know

  5. What is the proxy server of mobile nimbuzz so I can speed up my connection? My internet provider is asking me for server address to be able me to send proper settings for nimbuzz. I use an s60v3 phone. thanx.

  6. @chauser
    We currently do not support Proxy connection.
    We are considering adding this in future versions.

  7. @nazia
    We do not support third party applications to connect to Nimbuzz.
    If you are using Bombus or a similar software and having troubles with it we cannot help you out.
    We recommend you to contact directly with the Bombus team.

  8. @Joseph Sieler
    You can call your friends in US for free if you call to their IM id when they are connected.
    If you want to call to phone numbers or landlines, you will need to purchase NimbuzzOut credits.
    For more information about NimbuzzOut, please visit our site: http://www.nimbuzzout.com

  9. i have nokia n96. I used to have nimbuzz on it but because the software is not compatible with fring i had to delete it. I want to use my nimbuzz account thru fring but need a proxy address. Where can i get this?

  10. @originalcountryman
    Which exact issue are you encountering?
    Should be possible to have both applications installed in the same device.

  11. Why isn’t there an opportunity to ignore people? That would be very helpful against those flooders that sometimes make it impossible to use nimbuzz.

  12. @Tatina
    We do not offer a block/ignore button yet.
    We are considering implementing it in the future.

  13. I want to use my nimbuzz account thru fring but need a proxy address. Where can i get this. I like nimbuzz app..now a days it won’t working with our carrier.

  14. That would be great. Another question: I founded a new room but suddenly I’m not the owner anymore. Why can that happen?

  15. @tatiana
    If a room is inactive for 24hour it gets automatically removed.
    Probably someone created a new room with the same name after yours was removed and now you do not have those ownership rights anymore.

  16. i had nimbuzz on my n96 but when i got fring it would not work. It only got as far as loading contacts then closed back down. I had to remove fring and nimbuzz then reinstall nimbuzz for it to work. But being as i make more video calls i have kept fring but world like to use both. Why was this happening?

  17. @originalcountryman
    Thanks for your feedback.
    we are not aware of incompatibility of both applications, you can have them both installed on your device.
    we recommend you to check with Fring directly.

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