Nimbuzz for BlackBerry 5.0: Fixed!

Nimbuzz for BlackBerry

If last week we had good news for Nimbuzz Java users, when we announced our latest update optimized for Java touchscreens, this week we come back with more good news: We fixed the BlackBerry connection issue! Yey! [Download link]

Last year in December we announced our first native application for Blackberry’s . Unfortunately a few weeks after the new BB 5.0 O.S. upgrade went live and some pieces of our code didn’t worked with the new O.S., we had to go back to the “drawing board”  :( .

Although it took longer than expected, we did it and now all of you can enjoy running Nimbuzz on Blackberry.

And just to refresh your memory :P , here are the key features for the current version:

  • runs in background
  • connects you to all your friends
  • brings home screen notification
  • auto-reconnects
  • Clickable” URL’s

You can download the new Nimbuzz for Blackberry from [Download link] or via Blackberry App World [Download link].

As always your feedback is welcome and if you find any bug or you have any suggestion for us please let us know in the comment section bellow.

251 thoughts on “Nimbuzz for BlackBerry 5.0: Fixed!

  1. What about Nimbuzz for Sony Ericsson UIQ. You have completely neglected this platform leaving a majority of us stranded. please reconsider.

  2. hmm symbian version has also reconnecting issue, and Nimbuzz Team claims on forum that it has been fixed, but still no version for symbian to let us use the fixed one..

  3. @lapin
    Which kind of issue are you experiencing with the Symbian version?
    Please be more specific, indicate your device (model and brand) the version in use and a brief explanation of the issue , and if possible how to reproduce it.
    @Manyeki Alex
    Indeed we do not support that Platform, but we will consider doing it in the future.

  4. The Sign in as failed.
    Please check the device network settings and the network connection and try again.

  5. What about the problem when we are using facebook? Will you fix it? When I chat, I see only numbers of the senders, not a names or nicknames these facebook users

  6. @matt
    Could you let u know which BlackBerry Os are you running?
    Could you try to change the connection settings to use HTTP and TCP (you need the carrier APN settings for that)
    Let us know!
    Indeed we are working on that as well.
    We expect to have it solved in the upcoming days.

  7. My friends dont receive my message i sent to them using nimbuzz. Hope you can clear this thing out.

    Device: BB 8520
    OS: 4.6

  8. @shafiq
    Could you please be more specific?
    Which community are your contacts from? Are they using Nimbuzz or another IM community?
    Which one?
    Since when are you experiencing this issue?
    Let us know

  9. the contacts are from my IM community. I experiencing this issue when i downloaded the latest nimbuzz 1.1.1. I can receive their message but when i sent my message to them, it just dont appear on their IM window/ phone.

  10. i’m still muddy around the nimbuzzout/skypeout situation. if i currently have skypeout credit will it work with nimbuzz or am i required to purchase actual nimbuzzout credits for this to work on my blackberry bold 9700? (running OS 5.0.545)…and will i be able to sms internationally with the same credits?

  11. I have installed nimbuzz on my blackberry curve 8330. When I go to set up my facebook settings, it isn’t uploading my contacts. Either that or is suppose to take an hour (I’m guessing it is not the latter). Yes, I signed into the facebook portion of nimbuzz with my facebook username and password. Please help.

  12. MSN and yahoo IM community… I dont know what the problem… I download and reinstall back but the problem still the same… hope you can help me… =(

  13. Download from App World yesterday, rebooted 9500, but still have unexpected error. Very lag, sometime see MSN client, others dissapear, vice versa, not consistant.

  14. Is there a sound notifier during a live chat? I get the notifier when a user sends me a message for the very first time, after that I get nothing. If I’m doing something else I have to constantly check to see if the other user typed a new message…is there a fix for this?

  15. @jimi
    Which exact error message do you receive?
    When does it appear?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Could you please be more specific?
    Are you having issues registering this communities or just loading contacts?
    Do you get any error message?
    Let us know!
    The BlackBerry version of Nimbuzz does not include the calling feature.
    @Julie Rindt
    You can try to unregister and register again your Facebook credentials.
    Contact our Support Team on if you still experience issues with it.

  16. @Floydboy
    If the chat window is open, there won’t be a sound notification.
    We will consider this as a suggestion for a future improvement.

  17. like i stated previously… My problem is, my contacts in IM community cannot receive any message that i sent them using nimbuzz.. i retrieve all the contacts in the nimbuzz perfectly, my contacts can sent me their message and i receive it well… the only problem is, my message that i sent to them using nimbuzz, none of them receive it. i sent to yahoo messenger but none of them can receive it, i sent to msn messenger, the same problem occurred… i tried uninstall and reinstall back but the situation remain the same.

  18. Just cos I ain’t a biased person… I’m giving the new Nimbuzz a try and so far so good. Been logged on for about 20 or so mins but not yet had the reconnecting problem. Also i noticed u can now select connect preferences i.e BIS, BES etc… which is great as i believe this should sort it out. Just hoping ya’ll sort out the notification of messages when in live chat as closing the app all the time once u send a message aint that great. Sometimes u just wanna drop ur phone while chat is still open but would like it to beep or vibrate once ur buddies have reponded.

    Good work guys.. keep it up. If any bugs are found I will let you know. Only want u guys to be the best you can be so dont get mad at my last critique.


  19. @kg.idowu
    Thanks for your feedback, we are glad you enjoy using the application.
    We will consider adding this notification in the future

  20. I don get any sound alerts nor does my phone vibrate when i get a message.. even if the chat window is closed. However i do get a homescreen notification. I have BB 8520. Please tell me what i should do to get sound alerts.

  21. @SS
    On your BlackBerry, go to Menu> Sounds > set Ringtones Alerts> IM > Other> Nimbuzz
    And then select when you want to receive sound alerts.

  22. I installed the new version of nimbuzz 1.1.1 and when i try to connect it says “the sign in has failed. Please check the device network settings and the network connection and try again”

    What do i have to configure in order to use nimbuz?

    I´m using a Blackberry 8900 v (Platform

    Any help?


  23. My Facebook contacts only go to the letter “M”. I have offline contacts hidden. It shows all my contacts for MSN, Yahoo, MySpace, and Google Talk. Doesn’t seem to have a max number for facebook, it just always shows nothing after the letter “M” and after the same contact.

    I have a Blackberry 8900 with OS

  24. @Chad
    Due to technical reasons we have a limit of 400 Facebook contacts per account.
    We are working in order to increase the number allowed.

  25. @Esteban
    Could you try to change your connection to Http (note for that you will need to include your TCP carrier settings) and try again?
    Let us know if it works.

  26. @queralt escrich

    Because I have my offline contacts hidden, I’m not even close to 400. I may have 20-30 online at any given time and it still only goes to the letter “M”.

  27. @Chad
    If you enable the option “show my offline contacts” you will see we are displaying 400 contacts.
    We know that currently we display the first 400 contacts in alphabetical order, we are working in order to change that.
    Kind Regards

  28. not allowed at china on blackberry packed
    we must use wifi,and cannot be download at blackberry appworld

  29. @jin xiang
    You can try to download Nimbuzz directly from on your phone browser.

  30. no option is showing for call in blackberry bold 9700, but in iphone its showing, I can chat only using numbuzz. any solution??

  31. @syberpriend
    The calling feature is not supported on BlackBerry and Java devices.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  32. Hi,
    My nimbuzz is only showing 36 of my facebook contacts and 6 online it also doesn’t seem to want to show anything past the letter ‘A’
    I have tried both connection settings, doesn’t seem to make any difference.

  33. @Rob
    For technical reasons there is a limitation of showing 400 Facebook contacts.
    This 400 are the first 400 on your list in alphabetical order, not the first 400 online.
    We are working in order to improve this.

  34. @queralt escrich
    I only have 36 contacts showing even when ‘showing all’ I know for a fact I have over 400 but would at least expect it to say ‘All 400′

  35. Hi,

    I would like to know when or if you will be adding the calling feature for blackberry nimbuzz users?

  36. @amusa85
    We currently do not have the BlackBerry API to implement this feature.
    We do not have plans o implement it in the near future.

  37. Hi, i have a blackberry bold 9700 and i dont get alerts or any sound when i receive a message. I tried this direction: On your BlackBerry, go to Menu> Sounds > set Ringtones Alerts> IM > Other> Nimbuzz

    But didnt work.Please help. Thanks

  38. Nimbuzz Team, Great tool and great job! but your link does not work for blackberry BOLD 9700 for BOLD 2!! please rectify and notify!! Please make the link avaiable for download through PC and not only through blackberry. This is very important as some places bar like applications

  39. no option is showing for call in blackberry bold 9700, but in iphone its showing, I can chat only using numbuzz. any solution??
    I also have the same question to the Nimbuzz Team. Please respond!!

  40. @Xianne00
    Could you let us know which device (include model) are you using?
    Which Options are you able to see when checking the Sounds Menu?
    Let us know!
    Could you please be more specific?
    Are you not able to download the application on BB Bold?
    Do you get any error message when downloading the app? Let us know!
    As mentioned previously the calling feature is NOT available on BlackBerry devices due to some technical limitations.

  41. i have downloaded nimbuzz for my blackberry curve 8900
    when i sign in it says check netwrok settings
    but mi web browser is working im using vodafone prepaid in india please help
    thank you

  42. @gurjotmasco
    which type of connection do you use?
    Please check if you can change to Http and try again.

  43. I have installed version Nimbuzz 1.1.1 for BB8700 OS I’ve logged into my accounts for Yahoo, Facebook, but I can not go in the Nimbuzz menu and can not chat with anyone in my listings. I try all the buttons.
    I do not find old versions on

  44. @Ha Linh
    Once you have registered your Yahoo, Facebook… accounts, you can press Back and this will bring you to the Main Menu Screen
    Let us know if you have more questions

  45. hi .
    am located in united arab emirates .(dubai) .
    i cannot access from here , because its been blocked by etisalat .
    right now iam using proxy to access this site also.
    ok here is my question.
    i tried to download nimbuzz on my blackberry bold 9000 . but the site is blocked in here . , so i tried downloading to my desktop , but on your download page in for blackberry it not available .
    can u please tell me how can i install nimbuzz on my blackberry
    thank you in advace

  46. @max
    Have you tried to dowload Nimbuzz from the Getjar site?
    Try going to from your phone browser.
    Let us know.

  47. Hi thanks for your quick reply.

    I tried on getjar, but when am trying to download i got message like… “We’ve got good news and bad news: We’ve figured out that you have a BlackBerry 9000 Bold mobile phone, but unfortunately Nimbuzz FREE won’t work on that phone”

    please let me know if there another solution

  48. @max
    This is a message you receive when? Doe sit come from the Getjar site?
    Could you send us a screenshot of it?
    We do support your device, please check again with the Getjar site.
    Kind regards

  49. I installed Nimbuzz in my Blackberry 8800, it all work well with MSN and Skype, the only problem is there is no sound when there is message come in, may i know what is the problem and how to solve it?

  50. Hey there,
    “the sign in has failed. Please check the device network settings and the network connection and try again”

    What do i have to configure in order to use nimbuz?
    i’m using bb9700 and my browser configuration says WAP, can’t change to http =/ please help.

    thank you, regards.b

  51. i have nimbuzz, on my Bold 9000 4.x
    msn works great but facebook wont log in, it takes too much time and eventually just cancells. how doi use facebook with nimbuzz, i typed in my account an password but no progress. please help

  52. hello, i am using blackberry curve8900, i have installed nimbuzz already but i couldn’t many voice chatting with nimbuzz , plz can u give me soulation best regards

  53. have a blackberry tour, os v 5.0, cannot log into facebook. I have latest Nimbuzz 1.1.2. after trying to login on phone, I have to login to facebook on computer to verify my account again,and again, and again. sick of captchas. also myspace contacts show as only numbers.

  54. @BBBOLD
    We are aware of some issues with Facebook connectivity. We are looking into it.
    Thanks for your patience & understanding.

  55. @Sabin
    The current version of Nimbuzz for BlackBerry does not not include the calling feature.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  56. @Mike B
    This message appears due to the way Nimbuzz operates your Facebook login and because Facebook is acting more restrict with your account privacy, you can get this error while connecting from Opera mini also for example.

    We can guarantee that Nimbuzz operates your account safely.

    All you need to do to unblock your Facebook account is:

    1)Login on the Facebook from the PC (
    2)Accept the captcha
    3)Check activity details and choose “yes, recognize it”

    Once this is done you will not experience more issues while connecting from Nimbuzz.

    Please let us know if you have more questions!

    Kind regards.

  57. @Patrick
    Are you trying to connect to Nimbuzz using the Wap application? Or have you already downloaded Nimbuzz on your device?
    Check on your device: Options> Advanced Options> TCP settings if they are correct.
    Let us know!

  58. @Grace
    try to activate the following:
    On your BB MEnu:
    Go to Sounds> Set Ringtones Alert> Other> Nimbuzz New Message>
    there you can change the volume and sound
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  59. hi i have just purchased my blackberry bold 9000 and want to download nimbuzz but i wanted to do it from my computer and not from the phone it self as my servises are limited on the phone so please help me as when i tried to download it from the site it tells me that it is not possible to do so and that i wll have to do it only through ur phone
    thank u

  60. I have created and account, logged in and tried the download through the mobile site to my bold 9700, and it keeps rotating between the “select from download” option screen and does not allow me to download to my phone from my phone browser

  61. @glen
    Downloading Nimbuzz for a Blackberry is possible via:
    -Going to
    -Searching for nimbuzz on the BlackBerry app World
    -Going to
    Let us know if you have more questions

  62. @David
    From which site are you trying to download the app?
    Have you tried from the BlackBerry app world already? Or from
    Let us know!

  63. HI I’ve downloaded Nimbuzz for my blackberry curve 8900, however i couldnt find SIP providers pls. update how to do that thru blackberry,

  64. @Rajeev
    The Blackberry version of Nimbuzz does not include the calling feature.

  65. @David
    From which site are you trying to download the app?
    Have you tried from the BlackBerry app world already? Or from
    Let us know

    I am connecting through

    It keeps rotating me through the same pages. I have tried through my device and pc. Pc says that I can only download bold 9700 through phone, and still no luck.

  66. @david
    We will have a look into this.
    In the meanwhile, could you try to download the application from the BlackBerry App World? Or from Getjar?
    Kind Regards

  67. Hello,

    I have tried the site, it allowed me to download the .cod and ALX files, but DTM says that it is not compatible with my device or the files are corrupt. I made sure i downloaded the copy for my 9700. I tried to dl through their mobile site and it would not recognize my device selection and kept cycling me through the phone option.

    I cant use bb app world as it is not accessible in Mozambique.

    I have read great reviews about your product and would greatly appreciate any help to have this working on my 9700.

    Thanks again for all your help. Hopefully we can find a solution, as I have several people in Mozambique who also wish to use this program.

    Kind Regards,

    We will have a look into this.
    In the meanwhile, could you try to download the application from the BlackBerry App World? Or from Getjar?
    Kind Regards

  68. @David,
    We are gonna look into this and investigate if the issue.
    We will come back to you as soon as we have some more information.

  69. Hello,
    I love Nimbuzz but my facebook isn’t logging in but my aim, and yahoo are.

    I tried to log in from my (user) name but it said its invaild. Then I tried it with my email and it said “unsuccessful sign-in” I don’t know what I am doing wrong.

    Device: T-Mobile Blackberry Bold 9700

    OS: 5.0

    Thanks in advance

  70. @Toine
    Thanks for letting us know.
    We are currently aware of some issues with the Facbook connectivity.
    Our Team is already looking into it, we recommend you to try again later.

  71. Hello guys, I wanted to touch base and see if you were able top come up with a solution for me to use Nimbuzz.

    pp world is not available in Mozambique

  72. @David
    Thanks for reporting, as mentioned previously we will have a look into this issue.

  73. Hi, cool app.
    My problem is I have no sound either. I saw your suggestion about “go to Menu> Sounds >
    set Ringtones Alerts> IM > Other> Nimbuzz” but I have no such menu/sound menu. I’m using a blackberry curve 8520. If I could set a sound and volume for all messages and auto save chat logs to a text file this app would be perfect.

    Camera and microphone integration would be an amazing bonus as well as p2p file transfers. Any plans for any of this? I know that’s a lot of coding, but perhaps for a paid pro version… Just a thought.

    Thanks for this app. I’m looking forward to future versions.

  74. Hello,

    Not on IM but as following:

    Menu> Sounds > set Ringtones Alerts > Other > Nimbuzz new message

    We will consider your suggestions for the future improvements.

    Kind regards.

  75. My facebook isn’t connecting. It says “Unsucessful Log-in” and – know my e-mail and password are correct. I have a Blackberry 8900 and am running Nimbuzz 1.1.2. What am I doing wrong?

  76. I am using blackberry curve 8520 and nimbuzz version 1.1.2. i can chat easily at all community skype ,gtalk ,facebook but i can’t make voice call to skype or in gtalk ?

  77. @Mohit
    The Nimbuzz version for BlackBerry devices does not include the calling feature.

  78. @lucy
    We are aware of issues with FB connection and we are working on Facebook Connect to solve these problems.
    Thanks for your understanding.

  79. im in DUBAI and the website is blocked in this region, I can connect thru a proxy on my computer but not on thru my mobile, I need to download nimbuzz on my blackberry 8520 and the nimbuzz site says you can download directly from your mobile, when I browse thru my mobile it says this site is Forbidden to see.. PLEASE HELLLLLLLPP !!!

  80. @Ahmed Khan
    Have you tried downloading directly from the BalckBerry App World? Or from
    Point your phone browser to
    If this does not work, we do not have other alternative websites.

  81. but there is no nimbuzz talk available in this app,for blackberry bold,for all other mobiles its working except for this

  82. @rajeev
    As mentioned previously on this Blog, we do not support calling feature on BlackBerry devices.

  83. i have installed nimbuzz on my blackberry 9000 but i cant use the sip service as i am using for nokia E71

    how can i make sip setting or use the sip server

  84. @munaf
    As mentioned previously, we do not support calling on the Nimbuzz version for BlackBerry devices

  85. Which means permanently we can’t use SIP account in Black Berry device (BB Bold 9700) at all !!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Hello, I wana ask, when Nimbuzz will make Nimbuzz voice calls possible to work for blackberry bold 9700? The device is perfect but due to lack of voice services for BB it looks like Nokia 3310? Pls reply and update on your work toward this issue.

  87. @medxb
    Thanks for your comment.
    Indeed we do not support the calling feature for blackBerry devices.
    We will research the possibilities of adding it in the future.
    Kind Regards

  88. will soon be possible for me to send photos and files from my blackberry?
    this is the only feature which is missing…

  89. @lovenimbuzz
    We will implement sending file feature in upcoming releases.
    Thanks for your interest

  90. I’m using a BB9000. I can no more log to nimbuzz. I’m getting something like: Application not responding. Nimbuzz must close

  91. @Narcisse
    When do you exactly receive that error message?
    Could you give us some more details about it, so we can try to reproduce the issue?

  92. I have just installed nimbuzz on my blackberry bold 9000,but all my facebook contacts are showing offline.I cnt chat wit my frends cos its obvious they wudnt get my message please help.

  93. @steph
    Have you already follow the steps mentioned in previous comments?
    Login to your FB page and go into Account Settings -> on Account Security -> “be informed of new devices accessing FB” tick ‘No’. Still on your Facebook page enable your Facebook chat then close the page without hitting the option “go offline”on the chat. Then log in Nimbuzz go to accounts and select Facebook, disconnect and reconnect your Facebook account in order to refresh the data.
    Please let us know the results.
    Kind regards.

  94. i think its a great software!! and i thank you for developing it and releasing it for free!! but there are a couple of things i find quite annoying.
    first, it keeps freezing, for some reason (no error message) every once in a while it looks like its working, but when i start a chat there are two boxes, one looks like the one used for writing, but theres another one like twice as big under that one… so, closing and restarting is the only solution. and this happens quite often, sometimes 2 or 3 times a day. and since it doesn’t show an error message at all, sometimes i dont even know that it has been frozen for hours, of course going offline. and sometimes for me its VERY important to be available online.

    then, when im scrolling down thru my list of contacts, it keeps getting back to the top, it also goes back to the top every time i get out of a conversation, or when i get out of the “contact info” window. it would be nice if it could stay on the contact previously selected. sometimes there are 2 or 3 “john”‘s and to find out which one’s which, you have to go to the “contact info”, but when you get out, the contact selection is lost..

    and also, sometimes it only shows the facebook ID when a facebook contact sends me a message, this doesn’t happen with all the contacts, only sometimes. and those contacts whose name is not shown, wont appear as online either.

    i use Nimbuzz 1.1.2 on a BB 8530(CDMA) with software, over 3G with IUSACELL (mexican carrier)

    i wrote this not as a demand for you to fix it, but as a feedback of what i’ve seen as a everyday nimbuzz user.

    keep up the good work fixing and implementing more features on nimbuzz for BB!!! thanks again!!

  95. @alvaro
    Thanks for your comment and feedback.
    We wil try to reproduce this issue, could you let us know if when the device freezes is always when using an specific feature or happends randomly?
    In regards of Facebook we are aware of this issue and we expect to have it solved as soon as we implement Facebook connect on the BlackBerry version.

  96. hi, bb device service blocked some countries.(uae,etc).So the device we can use either the rim support to voice chat or the third party application like nuimbuzz.Nimbuzz & Rim Please make the voice support as soon as possible.Otherways bb devices sales will falling down in these countries.Nimbuzz team appreciated your supporting the software innovations.Only to add voice chat, there is not a big deal.if its possible thousands of users thanks full to you.Especially everything(nimbuzz,bb appl,sip,etc) blocked countrys.
    Thanks and waiting your positive reply.

  97. @Ajith
    Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider researching the possibilities of adding this feature in the future.

  98. hi.
    i have successfully downloaded the nimbuzz app on my blackberry 8520 and the chats seem 2 be working fine too
    except,i would like to know how to me skype to skype calls using this app
    the call option doesnt seem to b there on my phone
    i am using this app on wi fi
    thanking you

  99. @dosa
    Thanks for your comment,
    The current version of Nimbuzz for BlackBerry does not provide the calling feature.

  100. Hi,

    I downloaded NimBuzz for my BB 9700. I did all of the procedures in this forum on how to change the alerts, but to no avail I still cannot do not hear any sound when IMs arrives.

    What do you recommend? Everything in here seems not to work.


  101. I first used nimbuzz on nokia 95 8GB I could send and get pictures and use nimbuzz call and call skype but I see that’s its not working on my BlackBerry 8520 is it from nimbuzz itself or my phone is bugged.

  102. hi, queralt escrich!! look.. i found this company that claims to have a voip full duplex solution for blackberry and they have it as a library, i think its worthy to check it out and maybe nimbuzz will be the first app with true VoIP for blackberry… that would be awesome!!

    the website is

    check it out

  103. @hammam
    We don’t support VOIP calling and send files on the Blackberry client yet but we will consider it for the future client releases. Regards.

  104. @Eya
    Did you follow these steps?
    Sounds > Set ringtones/ alerts> Instant Messages> Other > Nimbuzz new message > set the ring tone and make sure the volume is set high and on the option “play sound” set to “always”

  105. Hi nimbuzz.I downloaded nimuzz and was using it for fb chat
    (Great app by d way),until someone else tried to log.After that, anytime I try to log in my fb contacts show as numbers, and they are always offline.I’ve uninstalled and reinstaLled d app several times wit the same problem.I hav a bold 9700.pls help.

  106. @eb
    Could you please try to unregister and register your FB account again?
    Let us know if still does not work.

  107. i have blackberry curve 8520 and i install numbuzz , but i can’t call antone of my contacts , untill i can do it on my second mobile nokia , i wanna konw if service call for nimbuzz not support for balckberry or not ?

  108. i have downloaded nimbuzz to my blackberry bold 9700, it works fine but can’t do voice chat. would like to know if voice chat is possible through nimbuzz in the blackberry bold 9700. any help would be greatly appreciated.

  109. Hey, and what about skype-to-skype calls for blackberry? No? What makes it so impossible… Even my old nokia e51 could do it great! :( there is huge amount of people praying for skype-to-skype calls via wifi…

  110. latest version of nimbuzz has a bug that keeps you from editing your sound profiles on blackberry os 5… not good… you click on edit and nothing happens. uninstall nimbuzz and the problem is resolved…

  111. @Marcus
    Thanks for reporting, we will try to reproduce this and fix it, could you let us know which BlackBerry model are you using?

  112. @aj9604
    Thanks for reporting, we have been able to identify the issue and we are working in order to have it solved.

  113. @Mario
    Thanks for reporting.
    Try to unregister and register your SKype account again on Nimbuzz and let us know if you still cannot see all your Skype friends listed.
    We do not support calling on BB but we will research the possibilities of implementing it.

  114. I am still having problems accessing my profiles. How can I keep Nimbuzz, and still change my profiles?

  115. @hotgrl
    As mentioned previously, we are aware of the issue and our team is working in order to have it solved in the upcoming release.

  116. I’ve installed it on my BB bold 9000 os 5 and I have the same problems with the alert sounds, with no possibility to edit it in my profiles. Any idea to fix it? Best regards

  117. I’m using Blackberry 8520 With OS 5
    when I installed numbuzz 1.3.1 I can’t edit my sound or create my sound….

    Thanks :)

  118. @Indra
    Thanks for your comment.
    We are currently aware of this issue and our team is working in order to have it fixed as soon as possible.

  119. @giovanni
    As mentioned previously, our team is looking into it and will provide a solution for it in the upcoming release.

  120. One problem is:
    I tried to intsall ninmbuzz on my phone.
    with the firmware version 4 or 5 of my blackberry 8520 I found that I could no longer access to the profiles of my phone to manage ringtones etc..
    removing ninmbuzz I solved the problem.


  121. @agbandini
    Thanks for reporting.
    Our team is aware of the issue and we are working in order to have this fixed in the upcoming release.

  122. Hi guys,i still got the problem with this thing after upgrade it to ver 1.3.1,i still cannot go trough to my sound setting..its like cannot push the edit button anyway..nimbuzz is a good app,i can get all in 1 from that..hope can fix the issue.



  123. @ffitri
    Thanks for reporting, we are currently aware of the issue and our team is working in order to have it fixed in the next version.

  124. I have a blackberry bold 9000 andd this new version of nimbuZz won’t open up once it downloads fine it wont open up giving me an error meSsage

  125. @kelly
    Which exact error do you receive? When does it appear?
    Please make sure you are using the latest version available (1.3.2)

  126. I have a BB 9700.

    I was using Nimbuzz 1.3.1 and had exactly the same issues with sound profiles as other users. I deleted it and the problems disappeared.

    A few days later I saw that Nimbuzz had updated their version to 1.3.2. I downloaded and installed it and had no issue with editing sound profiles


    I found that with Nimbuzz installed all alert tones (phone, messages, calendar alerts etc) were being routed to the ear speaker rather than to the phone’s loudspeaker. This made all alerts effectively inaudible.

    Once I re-deleted Nimbuzz, normal functionality was restored.

    Any comments Nibuzz developers? You are in danger of losing a user to IM+!!

  127. @leighdav
    Can you check if when you edit your Sound profiles> Set Ringtongtones/alerts> Other> Nimbuzz
    On Play sound> ChooseOut of holster
    Save changes
    Let us know if the issue persist.

  128. @zainab
    Could you be more specific?
    Do you have any issue/feedback or comment you would like to share?
    Let us know

  129. Am using bb 9630 and I have installed nimbuzz I discovered that whenever message comes in it sound why please help me I love nimbuzz thanks

  130. @adex
    You can check your sound notifications profiles directly on your Sound profiles on the device settings itself.

  131. Hi,

    I just installed the application, and I think need some feature like chat room on nimbuzz.
    Why on blackberry and nokia has different menu.
    As my understanding if user installed that application menu will be completed than nokia.

    And,skype chat not exist anymore on nimbuzz isn’t it.
    Many thx for fixing the bugs on previous version.

  132. pls am using bb bold 9780 i am using nimbuzz and it is working well but the only problem is that i can’t add my facebook contact to chat. each time i try it will just be showing white screen but my yahoo and msn is working perfect pls what can i do to start using facebook chat?

  133. @Chika Ig
    have you already tried registering your FB account on and later on going to Nimbuzz on Mobile?
    Let us know

  134. just wanna ask, i’m using blackberry torch and im here in macau. so far the nimbuzz works fine with the facebook community and gmail but i’m having trouble singing in to my yahoo messenger. everything i try to connect they also tell me that username or password is incorrect.

    my friend is using blackberry 9700 and everything works fine but when she tries to fix mine it really doesnt work.

    i tried to use my other yahoo account but still not luck.
    can you help me?

  135. Good job with nimbuzz, I love this app. It has 2 flaw though,
    1: its slow when opening a chat session with someone you had a session before with. It freezes for a while the starts responding.
    2: I changed my password and nimbuzz on my bb was set to automatic log in. Ever since then I haven’t manage to login nimbuzz on th bb just says offline, tries reconnecting but still gives the same offline msg. Its not giving me the sign out or user name and password section. I can afford to delet it and reinstall it coz am in namibia now and there is no wifi so my internal bb browser (hotspots) will only work with wifi. Any ideas on how to fix this?

    Thanks for the good work again.


  136. @cliff_cyk
    Thanks for reporting, Could you let us know if your Yahoo account is .com or has a different domain?
    Does your Yahoo username/password combination contain non alphanumerical characters?
    Let us know

  137. @steneo
    Are you referring to the BB version 1.3.4 ?
    In regards of your password change, don’t you get an error message saying that the password is incorrect and afterwards the option to try to introduce your new username/password combination?
    If not, please remove the app and download it again to try to introduce your new credentials.
    Let us know if the issue persist.

  138. Thanks for replying,

    @queralt escrich

    BlackBerry® 8900
    v5.0.0.900, And no it doesn’t let me know that the password is incorrect.

    I can’t afford to uninstall it coz am not in a wifi area and the internal browser(hotspot) that would download the new one only works with wifi, which I don’t have. Is it possible to make the browser use wap?

  139. HOW do I disable autologin feature on my nokia E71 ,kindly help me out as i want to login with different accounts.

  140. @alimansur
    Do you mean forget your account credentials? or your Nimbuzz password?
    You just have to remove your account credentials from the community settings.

  141. Hi,

    I am using blackberry curve, i have downloaded nimbuzz,but in settings, i cant find sip provider.
    how can i use jumblo in blackberry by nimbuzz.
    please help me.

  142. @Sanjith K
    We currently do not support calling on BB devices like yours, hence the SIP feature is not available.

  143. I have a Blackberry curve 8520. I did download nimbuzz and have been usinging it mainly to communicate via skype. Its like Nubuzz doesn’t support Skype anymore, because last year it just stoped workinG. So I deleted Nimbuzz and tried to install it again several times. It is still installed on my phone, but Skype isn’t on the Applications Menu anymore. Can you please help me to fix this problem?

  144. Hi, I thought I read on your website that cheap voip calls can be made on my blackberry 8520 (Edge / Wifi) device but I cannot see to find out how to get Nimbuzzout credits. I want to make voip calls through edge/wifi.

  145. I have the BB 9700 installed Nimbuzz software but I don’t know how to make cheap viop calls through Nimbuzz Out. Even though I bought credit. Could you please assist?

  146. I am using black berry storm 2 9520 and nimbuzz is not working properly. I am downloading again and again but same problem coming.

  147. @kashif iqbal
    Please be more specific describing the type of issue you are facing.
    You can contact directly our support team via and indicate the device, Nimbuzz version in use and other useful information to identify the issue such us: error message.

  148. Heyy i have BlackBerry curve 8520 i installed nimbuzz but it doesnt give me call option, like doesnt allow me to call other nimbuzz user wot shud i do plz help

  149. I’m using bb 8520 os 5.0, download nimbuzz 1.3.5 from nimbuzz official website then succesfully installed in my bb, but when I try to launch nimbuzz it won’t launch anything?

  150. i have a question,i’m using blackberry curve 8520 and i have latest nimbuzz my question is if my friend have msn on his mobile phone,connected via msn not via some other software and i’m connected via nimbuzz,why cant i see him on my list? like i dont have him added at all.i cant see none of my friends who are using real msn on they phone.any info about that would be great.thanks :)

  151. @vototo
    Did you register your MSN account on your communities inside Nimbuzz?
    Are you not able to see that contact or any contact?
    Let us know

  152. @sweeheart
    We do not support this fetaure, however we are working n a Beta version for BB9700 and BB8520 which includes calling, if you wish to try it out submitt here:

  153. Heyy queralt i submitted the form and now going to spread it by sending it to all my friends thank u so much :D regards.

  154. This is terrific news and a great start but when will 3/4g be available. That’s where the real win will be!!!

  155. @queralt escrich
    Did you register your MSN account on your communities inside Nimbuzz?
    Are you not able to see that contact or any contact?
    Let us know

    i’m affraid that i didnt do that.would you be kind and tell me how could i do that? :)

  156. @ Queralt :
    I filled the form for beta version but havent received the download link as it was mentioned there that the link will be sent on 21st march 2011…

  157. @vototo
    Go to settings> Communities> MSN and register your account credentials there
    We will send the link in order of registration to the people who has submitted, please be patient.
    Note this beta test version is just for BB 9700 and BB 8520 if you are using a different device, you won’t receive it.

  158. i hav a bold3 os6….i hav instald nimbuzz 5 nd whn i click d facebuk icon it does nt shw d fb chat…it directly takes me to d facebook site…need sum help

  159. @shrey93
    The app will open a new browser which directs you to FB there you have to introduce your credentials and allow the access of nimbuzz to your FB page.
    The browser will close and in a few seconds your FB contacts will load on nimbuzz.

  160. Havent received the “VOIP for bb” link yet…..speed up nimbuzz PLEASE i request….!

  161. @Foqee
    check your inbox and your Spam folder.
    We have sent the email to the email address you have submitted on the form.
    Note the test is closed and we won’t send more links this week.

  162. @queralt escrich
    I am regulary checking my Emails,my inbox as well as my Junk Folder but i haven’t received any email with download link,if the test is closed so now what about the launch of the Voip for BB? I request to do it soon please.

  163. @PTW
    Sorry, we have reached the number of testers necessary, stay tuned to our Blog we will inform you as soon as there is a new release to be tested.

  164. i got a blackberry Bold and i downloaded nimbuzz for the blackberry however my girlfriend has a blackberry curve and also downloaded nimbuzz i do get a call option but when i press the call button it comes up with the regular view of when i phone somebody this scares me because i’m affraid when i call her that it wil go of my call minutes

  165. @denzel
    We do not support calling on BB devices yet, hence you cannot call or be called using Nimbuzz.
    Stay tuned to our Blog form more related news about implementing VoIP on BB devices.

  166. Hi,
    I got the upgraded Nimbuzz for the blackberry. I still dont understand why i cant make voice calls to contacts on yahoo. What should be done here?

  167. @Adonisip
    We do not support calling on BB devices yet.
    Last week we had a beta version for some users to try out the call feature on BB devices.
    Unfortunately you are late for the test and will have to wait for future test rounds or the official launch of the feature.
    Stay tuned to our blog for more news.

  168. Hello!! How i can do call`s in my blackberry 8520?? I installed nimbuzz but just can send messenger chat…

  169. when we will be able to call from blackberry curve??!!!! its not fair all other phones can and the balckberry cant!!! the application must be for all phone types!!!! thank you !

  170. @ amar
    Due to technical limitations it is not possible. We are looking into it.

  171. Please add a note on your main page informing users that the calling feature is not available in BB. LOTS of users gets confused about this, even buying credit they won’t be able to use. OR please implement calls for the BB app!! Thanks!

  172. @ Jonathan
    When you want to buy credits for NimbuzzOut, there is a device-check.
    If you select BlackBerry it will inform you that it’s not possible to buy credits to make calls.

  173. I am using Blackberry curve 8520, i downloaded Nimbuzz, but i can jst chat..but cant make calls.

    Is it not possible for BB curve 8520 or i hv downloaded the old version of Nimbuzz 1.3.

    Do let me know

  174. @Sameer
    We do not support calling on BB neither Java based devices due to some technical limitations.

  175. kenapa gak bisa download ya? somebody help me please I can’t download these fucking applications ! :(

  176. @Jozzan
    In order to gather your comment and feedback, could you write to us in English?

  177. I am using 8520 and nimbuz is working fine on wifi but not working on ordinary data bundle (gprs).

    bb v.

    can you help me in this regard

  178. I can’t create a new nimbuzz account (I’m new in this) the problem that I have is this one:the verification code could not be downloaded. And I’m connected to internet and everything..


    I have a blackberry 8310

  179. @ Muhammad Ashraf
    Could you tell us which device, type of connection and the number of Nimbuzz version are you using ? Do you receive an error message ? If so, what does this error message say?
    In which country are you located ? Would you like to test a test build version of Nimbuzz for your device ?

  180. I am using bb9700 with OS 6. Every time I try to download Nimbuzz for blackberry 5 fixed the link directs me to download version 1.3 which is not providing Skype or VOIP voic chatting with friends. Can anyone help me to download the fixed version.

  181. @Zafar
    Due to technical limitations we do not provide VoIp on BlackBerry neither Java devices.

  182. Does nimbuzz work with standard APN settings on a blackberry? I tried setting my APN from the mobile operator and yet Nimbuzz does not connect. Am I missing something in the settings?

  183. @Pradip
    Yes, it should work. Could you please change the following settings in the Nimbuzz application?

    Select Menu > Settings > Connection Type > HTTP

    In case you know your connection type select manually the Start – up Connection also.

  184. Tried, but doesnt seem to connect. At this point I dont know if its my operator isssue or the application settings:

    however Ive changed the connection type to HTTP and left the start-up as automatic.

  185. @Zafar
    We are researching th possibilities of implementing this feature.
    Stay tuned to our Blog, we will inform our users as soon as there are news related to this fetaure.

  186. It means we will be able to use SKYPE on bb9700 soon? Would appreciate if you can give us a time frame. Regards

  187. @Zafar
    No, we no longer support Skype on Nimbuzz.
    Regarding calling on BB we are researching the possibility of adding this feature, but we cannot promise that it will be implemented soon or not.

  188. i have installed nimbuzz in blackberry torch. but multimedia options are not available, and sound settings also not available. when all ths options will b fixed for blackberry models?

  189. is there any way u can pls try to fix the nimbuzz calling factor fer blackberry phones:( long distance relations rely on nimbuzz to an extent:P :)

  190. @bindu
    Which exact Nimbuzz version (indicate number) are you using?
    Let us know so we can try to reproduce the issue.
    We do not have plans in the near future to add this feature however we will keep researching the possibilities of adding it.

  191. Dear team… u r doing gr8 job… i’m using numbuzz in my pc and my smartphones as well. It will be really appreciable, if u can provide the sip service facility for blackberry mobiles. it s doing excellent job in nokia e71. i would like to get it in my bb also.


  192. @Saju
    Thanks for your comment, as mentioned previously we do not have plans in the near future to implement this feature on BB devices however we will take it into account.

  193. @matt
    Thanks for your interest, we plan to add this feature in upcoming releases, stay tune dto our Blog, we will announce it here as soon as it gets released.

  194. hi! i accidently opened this page, so i am using BB 9780, had nimbuz installed but cont find an option for configuring SIP setting in it. the version i had in nokia E71 had SIP option available but NOT in BB why ?

  195. @Junaid Khan
    Thanks for your interest, however we do not support calling on BlackBerry devices, hence SIP option is not available.

  196. Hi I am asking if you can free call to blackberry using nimbuzz, because ive been trying with my friend who has a BB but i can’t free call him, do I have to use credit for calling everyone? because if it is like that i don’t get the concept of free call.

  197. in nimbuzz i can snd messages but i cant recieve messages,i mean when iam not online or loged in my frends sends a lot of mesages but i cant get any

  198. @Rishad
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Which issue are you facing?

  199. Hi sir.
    I’m using blackberry 8900, i installed nimbuzz in my mobile but the call option is in dislable. can we make voice chat to gtalk, yahoo, etc, through nimbuzz or this is my mobile problem. because i don’t have 3G on my mobile. please conform me. thank you..


  200. @Anburaj
    Due to current technical limitations we do not support VOIP calling on Blackberry and MIDP based devices.

    Kind Regards.

  201. @Imran Khan
    We do not provide calling on BlackBerry devices, we cannot recommend you any other app.

  202. Please add an option to play notification sound even the chat window is open. I often chat with somebody and forget to click back button before put the phone on a table to do something else,that way i don’t get any notification sound.

  203. I’m not using Nimbuzz now, I was delete it because it doesn’t support public chat rooms & Nimbuzz call & there is Connection problem in my BlackBerry curve (OS 5.0). Inform me when u fix this problem

  204. @Anwar – We currently do not support chat rooms and VOIP calling on Blackberry due to technical limitations. However, we are continuously working towards the same.

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