VOIP over 3G on iPhone: check!

Nimbuzz on iPhone - calls over 3G

Good news for iPhone users:  now you can make free VOIP calls over 3G on iPhone with Nimbuzz!

Yes, after months of waiting it’s finally happened: the Wi-Fi hunt is over. Now you can call all your friends from Nimbuzz, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger or Gtalk for free, using just your 3G internet connection and Nimbuzz!

You will also cut down your international calling costs with NimbuzzOut (NimbuzzOut rates). Now you can use your NimbuzzOut credits to call your family and friends from abroad really(really) cheap from wherever you are.

Calling over 3G is available for the latest version of Nimbuzz for iPhone, available as a free download here: Nimbuzz for iPhone.

The new feature is available in all the countries for all the iPhone. However, before using it please make sure your mobile operator allows it.

Have you tried Nimbuzz calling over 3G on the iPhone? Feedback is always welcome, just leave a comment below!

68 thoughts on “VOIP over 3G on iPhone: check!

  1. Still worries me that we can’t get the basic Buzz functionality on the iPhone, and we can’t Buzz others. What is so different about the iPhone? I can’t think that Buzz has anything to do with the iPhone hardware at all.

  2. @Danie The goal of the buzz was to get Nimbuzz users online for a chat. This feature is now available through push notification on Nimbuzz. In the next iPhone release push notification will be available for Nimbuzz users 24/7!

  3. Calls from GTalk didn’t work for me… If I try to call anyone from Nimbuzz or they try to call me nothing happens.
    Skype works good, but not GTalk (

  4. @Niellune
    Are you calling friends who are logged on Gtalk or Gmail? Note that you can just call your contacts that are on Gmail.
    Which device (model and brand) are you using? Which Nimbuzz version?
    Which status are you and your contacts displaying?
    Let us know!
    We are aware of some issues with Skype registrations.
    Our Team is working in order to have this fixed.

  5. yup! it does work.. but at the sacrifice of unupadated avatar pics.. and i think the chatroom is still a better option…

  6. @-jex-
    We are aware of the issues with the avatars not showing.
    We expect to have this issue solved as soon as possible.

  7. @Carlos
    Due to technical reasons and limited usage we have disabled the XMPP/Jabber gateways. We will continue to focus on providing Nimbuzz users access to the highest quality gateways and networks. We do not plan to re-enable the XMPP/Jabber gateways in the future.

    As always, we’re keen to hear feedback and please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.


  8. if you use your data plan or over 3g connection meaning it won’t charge you right? and even if you call from different country as long as they were using nimbuzz account they will not charge you? iphone to iphone with nimbuzz are no charge over 3g to 3g, 3g to wifi, and wifi to wifi?

  9. @carla
    using your data plan you won’t have any extra cost.
    If you are located in a different country (abroad) please check with your network provider if the usage of internet and data transfer will have an extra charge.
    Let us know if you have more questions
    The calling functionality on BlackBerry devices is not supported.

  10. Hi Gurus
    I want to know that whether i will be able to use Nimbuzz to make SIP calls using third party SIP services provider on Iphone (ATT US) over 3G. A nimbuzz response will surely ease my dilemma.As on Apple site it clearly says that Nimbuzz is allowed to call over wifi but not on 3G

  11. @Ravi
    If Calling over 3G is allowed by your provider, yes it will be possible.
    Currently, VoIP calls over 3G are not allowed in: Poland, Hungary & Greece. If you are not in those countries, you should be able to place a call on 3G while using the latest Nimbuzz version for iPhone.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  12. I can’t get calls from my skype friends or my calls won’t go through either, Im in Puerto Rico and they are in the USA, is that the problem?

  13. @Jeniffer
    Could you let us know which device and Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Are you not able to call them or when you do you receive an error message?
    If yes, which one?
    Let us know!

  14. I would leave feedback but I haven’t been able to make a call! And I can’t find anywhere on the net where it’s explained how to make a call. Guess they really don’t want you to make calls on Nimbuzz!

  15. @Bill
    To make a call you just have to select the contact you want to call and select the call option.
    If you want to call landlines or mobile phone numbers you will need to purchase NimbuzzOut credits.
    For more info about NimbuzzOut check our site: http://www.nimbuzzout.com

  16. I have Nimbuzz on my iPhone 3GS. When I try to call (CALL, not chat – the chat function is fine) my Gmail contacts, it rings on their end, they pick up…..but it still keeps endlessly ringing on my end and the conversation never can begin. Any ideas how to fix this?

  17. @Sharon
    Your Gtalk contacts logged on Gmail won’t be able to answering the phone call.
    They need to be logged on the Gtalk application.

  18. Hi,
    I cannot make calls using this application. I select my friends on Skype and it only allows me to send chat messages. There is no call function. My phone is the LG Viewty (Ku990). I am in Ireland. Is it not possible to call skype contacts on this? I have free internet usage on 3G.
    (I have registered my phone number).

  19. @Tony
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not support the calling feature.

  20. Hi,
    I’ve been trying for days now to figure out why can’t I placea or receive a call in Skype and gmail when using nimbuzz.
    I can hear the ringing tone but once answered I can’t hear a thing and so can’t the one I am calling.
    It works just fine using wifi but not when using 3g.
    I chacked with my network provider, Orange Israel and they insisted there is no bluck on there end for VOIP calls using nimbuzz.
    It’s getting me crazy I can’t find an instructions or explanation anywhere on the web.
    I am using Nexus one (android 2.2), kernal version 2.6.34 cyanogenmod#7, mod version 6.0.0-N1-RC1
    can anyone please explain it to me or even instruct me how can I activate it???

    Thanks, ShookI

  21. @Shooki
    Could you let us know if you also face this audio issue when calling to a Nimbuzz contact?
    In both cases, on Wi-Fi and on 3g network?
    Thanks for your time & collaboration.

  22. @Queralt escrich

    I am facing the same problem with the nimbuzz contacts on iPhone4. It rings but once answered cant hear a thing. Please have a look at it.

  23. @Asim
    Could you please send a mail to support directly supp ort@nimbuzz.com
    To inform about this issue, please include the following info:
    -Nimbuzz version in use
    -Type of connection you use when this happen
    -Does it happen when calling IM contacts or phone numbers?

  24. Hi
    I am from UAE and using Iphone4.I have latest nimbuzz on my mobile. I cannot call anybody even nimbuzz contact. There ringtone when I am calling and also I am receiving ringtone when somebody calls me but chatting is working normally

  25. @shehnas
    We are aware of VoIP blocking in UAE, which is an initiative from the
    government together with the Telecommunications Authorities.
    Unfortunately due to these reasons we cannot guarantee that VoIP
    calling will work for you. We recommend you to try to call using other
    network to test if it helps.

    Thanks & Regards.

  26. I cant call anyone on my friend list.the call icon is disabled.i am using sony ericsson vivaz u5i.i need a solution to call.my nimbuzz version is 3.0.0 rev. 3859.Built for S60 5th edition NV

    I use broadband at home and the speed is quite high.i connect to the internet through wifi.Pls give me a solution if my phone is using a java version of nimbuzz that does not support calling.which version should i use then

  27. I cant call anyone on my friend list using nimbuzz.The call icon is disabled.I use broadband at home and connect to the internet through wifi.I am in Saudi Arabia.My cell phone is Sony Ericsson Vivaz U5i.The version of nimbuzz that I am using is 3.0.0 3859.Built for S60 5th edition NV.

    If my phone is using a java version of nimbuzz that does not support calling,then please suggest me an alternate by which I can call my friends.PLEASE I NEED A SOLUTION URGENTLY SO THAT NIMBUZZ ALLOWS ME TO CALL THROUGH THE SAME PHONE THAT I USE.


  28. @good
    De to technical reasons we currently support VoIP calling only on Symbian Nokia phones.

  29. Is the buzz option available on version 2.0.4 yet on iphone? and can we start up conversations or leave msgs for offline contacts?

  30. I buy credit to test nimbuzz in my xperia x10 mini pro, over 3g net, when i try to make my first call to local number (my house) stablish comunication only for a while and a very long delay, after that i can not call again. i try evething, change 3g net to wi-fi but the same also i install nimbuzz in my laptop but the same again, dialing but never stablish connection, after a minute bring menssage “fail in call”.
    Please help me.

  31. @mpardo
    We are aware of the problem on Xperia Mini and Xperia Mini Pro devices running OS older than 2.2, hence the reason why we suspect this is an issue with the OS. In these conditions VoIP does not work properly because the microphone is deactivated during the call.
    We normally recommend an OS update to solve the problem but unfortunately, the Froyo update is not yet available for your device. In these conditions we don’t have a solution for your case at the moment, but we are focused on finding alternatives.
    Could you inform your internet connection type and provider/ carrier?

  32. i have a problem using nimbuzz, as i have a cridet and i am trying to call through it but when i press the dial button nothing happened.

    i need your advise regarding this matter.

  33. @LSMS
    When did you face this issue for the last time? Did you already contacted our SUpport Team?
    If yes, let us know which ticket number did you receive so we can speed up the answer.
    We have experienced some technical difficulties yesterday but the issue is solved now, try it again and let us know if the issue persist.

  34. I have just downloaded Nimbuzz on my iPhone 4 and set up an account. My friend in Indonesia also has downloaded Nimbuzz on his Blackberry Bold 9700 and set up his account… Now when I tried calling him it didn’t go through and keeps on displaying ‘Nimbuzz Out Buy Credit’. The whole point for us both to download this app was so we can call free using Wifi Internet….
    Please solve my problem….

  35. I have just downloaded Nimbuzz on my iPhone 4 and set up an account. My friend in Indonesia also has downloaded Nimbuzz on his Blackberry Bold 9700 and set up his account… Now when I tried calling him it didn’t go through and keeps on displaying ‘Nimbuzz Out Buy Credit’. The whole point for us both to download this app was so we can call free using Wifi Internet….
    Please solve my problem….

  36. @Saadia
    we do not provide calling on BB devices yet.
    so if you want to call your friend in Indonesia you will have to call him/her directly to his/her phone number, for that you need NimbuzzOut credits.
    more infor here: http://www.nimbuzzout.com

  37. I tried to use nimbuzz in my xperia x10 mini, over 3g wifi, when i try to make my first call it can establish comunication only for a while and a very long delay, after that i can not call again.
    Please help me.

  38. @vd
    Did this happen when calling a Nimbuzz contact? or a contact from another community? if yes, which one?
    Do you still face this issue?
    Let us know

  39. I am using sony ericsson vivaz u5i and i cant call any one can you help me and the call button disabled when i click on the any contant

  40. @monil patel
    We do not provide calling on Non Nokia symbian devices.
    We use a Nokia library/component to develop this feature which is not available on your device, so we cannot provide calling.

  41. I am bijo, my Mobil nokia N8 now I upgrade os symbian belle. Then installed nimbuzz. I called through nimbuzz, after I cannot END tha call (END tab automatically hide )

  42. @bijo
    Thanks for informing us, we are aware of the issue, our team will have this issue fixed in upcoming release.
    Meanwhile you can use the physical end call button to hang up.

  43. I am using iphone 4s from saudi arabia. I am facing calling my (nimbuzz) friends. the call option is disbaled! if i am using a java version, what is the alternative solution?

  44. @Mahdi H Miraz – Calling is currently supported on Android, iPhone and Nokia Symbian S60 3rd &5th generation devices. Due to technical limitations we do not support calling on Java & BlackBerry based devices. However, we have received inputs from Saudi Arabia about VoIP blocking. Please get in touch with your network provider if they allow the VoIP on their network.

  45. @Purnima – thank you for your reply. your answer was very generalised. May be in my previous post i couldnt make you understand well. However, as I mentioned I use iphone 4s, so there shouldnt be any problem, right? I can use other voip on both my 3g and wifi networks, but cant only use nimbuzz. whats your suggestion now?

  46. Hi
    I have an iPhone 3GS with the latest nimbuzz version installed from App Store. I have unlimited 3G internet connection. Am also using different VOIP apps like skype and Bria for my calls.
    However, Nimbuzz does not work (voice calls) when I am connected to the internet through my 3G connection, but works through WiFi.
    Skype and Bria works fine on both 3G and WiFi

  47. I need some alternate of Nimbuzz as I am in saudi arabia. I Tried Mobile Voip but it needs windows 8 for PC while i m on win 7. Actually I want to configure my sip acc on nimbuzz to make cheap calls to india.

  48. @Isha – You can easily configure your SIP account on various devices in order to place a call.

    Symbian- Options>>Settings>>Calling>>Call Phone no. via>Add Account
    Select your provider and update the required fields (If your provider is not listed, select others).

    Android – Settings>>Call Settings>>Set VoIP provider>>SIP Provider>>Use the SIP provider from the list provided.
    In case you do not find the desired operator please select other and update the details.

    iPhone – More>>Settings>>VOIP Provider>>Other VOIP Account

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