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Just a week ago we talked about VoIP in 2013: trends and predictions and how mobile VoIP users will be reach 288 million by the end of 2013. Today we come back with another interesting story about mobile world: trends and prediction in worldwide smart phone application market.

Getjar published an industry study which looks at the evolution of this market in the next 3 years. Here we found some really interesting key-points we would like to share with you:

  • App economy will increase 7 times in the next 3 years
  • 7 billion app downloads globally in 2009, Asia accounting for 37%
  • 50 billion app downloads are expected  in 2012, representing a YOY growth of 92%
  • Revenues will grow from 4b $ in 2009 to 17,5b $ in 2012
  • Middle East & Africa will overtake North America to become the world’s largest market for mobile app revenues by 2012

For us this means good news, with more people downloading and using mobile applications in the next 3 years  we expect that the Nimbuzz community will grow as well . We also have a list with a few  key indicators that can confirm that :D :

  1. Every 2 seconds a new user joins Nimbuzz
  2. 10 Million downloads already on Getjar
  3. over 1 Million downloads on OVI store
  4. One of the most used app on iPhone and BlackBerry
  5. Best Mobile IM app of 2010
  6. Present in the most popular app stores: Apple App Store, Getjar, OVI store Android Market, BB App World and others
  7. and lots of new features coming soooooon :D

You can find more information about this report here.

What do you think about this trends? Is Nimbuzz already a part of your daily life?

8 thoughts on “Trends and predictions – Worldwide smartphone application market

  1. please can you tell me how to get voip or skype activated on my handset and what it will cost me.I am currently using a Nokia 5800.

  2. @jusii_dj
    You do not have to pay to connect your Skype or SIP account into Nimbuzz.
    you can register them as if they were other IM accounts, under your communities.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  3. this application is awesome . I’m using it by more than a yr nd its already part of my life. I have a question. Is there a way 4me to use nimbuzz via wap access point . The current internet contract i’m havin now is pretty expensive nd not convenient due the data traffic limit while the wap contract is alot more cheaper nd unlimited data traffic , except that i can’t connect nimbuzz. I stick wit it only because i can stil use internet aware applications. I’m sure many users would be delighted if nimbuzz would be able to connect via apn wap. I know there r applications that can connect like this. Hopefully nimbuzz wil release a new update that can solve this problem :-) thx in advance

  4. @Xavier
    You cannot connect using Wap connection since it i probably limited to Http connections and Nimbuzz requires Socket.
    We will consider getting Http connection in the future.
    But you can still use Wap connection if you use the Wap version directly on your phone browser to

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