New Nimbuzz for Android: swipe between chats, faster login and 9 new languages!

Nimbuzz chat optionsHappy day for all  the Android users: a new Nimbuzz version is ready to download in the Android Market.

Curious what’s new? Here are the highlights of  Nimbuzz for Android 1.4:

  • Swipe between chats – a new useful way to view all your open chats, just move you finger across the chat window to see the other open windows
  • Auto-start option – never miss a chat, now you can choose to open Nimbuzz automatically every time you start up you mobile :D
  • Flashing LED light – will notify you of every new chat message or missed call. Pretty useful when your mobile is in the silent mode
  • Faster sign in -  this should be noticeable from the 3rd login – and it will!!
  • UI optimization for Nexus One & Motorola Droid/Milestone
  • 9 new languages – Chinese Simplified, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Italian, German, French, Dutch and Spanish

Nimbuzz will change the language of the application to match the default language of your mobile phone. So if you want to have the application in Italian, German, Dutch or any other of the 9 languages available be sure to have that language as default on your Android mobile.

Also we have improved the connection and the  stability of the application. And again, thank you for all you feedback on blog, Twitter and support email, this helped us fix a lot of bugs :D , so keep that coming! You can start in the comment section bellow :P.

You can download Nimbuzz for Android via our website or via Android Market by searching for “Nimbuzz”. If you prefer to use your QR code scanner application just scan the image below to find Nimbuzz in the Android Market:


222 thoughts on “New Nimbuzz for Android: swipe between chats, faster login and 9 new languages!

  1. Amazing update. Don’t sell yourself short guys. This update fixes all the problems I had with Nimbuzz. The disconnect problems seems to be gone. It dont stop the phone from sleeping and the sound works perfectly on the Milestone with skype and everything.

    There hasn’t been one decent IM app for Android to date. This update makes Nimbuzz the first and the only.

    Thank you!

  2. Hi, translation at last ;-) A great release except I cannot access the Notification parameters under Donut on Samsung Galaxy : Black screen and the only way out is to kill Nimbuzz. Strange.

  3. can I call using third party sip account or it is not in the android version. as I do have it on my pc and as well on my nokia phone but not in my android phone. That is why i switched to fring as they have the sip support which I use the most.

  4. When will “sip setting” be built in Nimbuzz for Android. I’m expecting to set up my preferred voip provider’s configuration manually. I’ve just downloaded the latest release. Still, not available. I’m using Android “1.6′

  5. @Larte
    We are working in order to add the SIP functionality in the upcoming releases.
    We are investigating if there is a work around to the blocking of Nimbuzz in Egypt.
    Thanks for your feedback, as mentioned previously we are planning to implement SIP on Android in the future.
    Could you please be more specific?
    Are you not able to access the notification options? Do you get any error or does the application crash?
    Could you indicate us how to reproduce this issue?

  6. Hey,. I cannot buzz any body… It says “he/she has disable” ? Even though i asked em.. They say its same wit em when they try ta buzz me ….. But the buzz is switched to ‘on’.. Yu gotta fix this out..

  7. So to be more specific :-)
    When I try to access the notification options, they don’t appear, I’m stuck on a black screen. After some seconds, I’ve got the dialog saying “Nimbuzz doesn’t reply” with the choice to force close or to wait.
    I try with the previous release and I’ve got the same result.
    The phone I’m using is a Samsung Galaxy with JC4 firmware (ie. Android 1.6 Donut).

    Hope it helps.

  8. Great update. This is the only good skype app for the android. All of the other stuff just makes it better.

    I would really love it though if ya’ll incorporated some type of dialer for skype. It would make us prepaid or random number dialing customers very happy. After that this would be one of the best aps for android hands down.

  9. In the previous versions skype voice-calls haven’t worked on my Huawei U8220/T-mobile pulse. With 1.4 I can’t even start nimbuzz, the screen turns white and when I press the back-button it shows an error-reporting screen for a split-second before it dissappears.

  10. @Rizzly
    Could you please let us know which is the exact error message do you receive when you try to open the application?
    Thanks & Regards

  11. @doug
    Thanks for your comment and feedback
    We are planning to implement SIP and a dialer in future versions for Android.

  12. Odd, odd, odd, I tried several times to reinstall it before with no success. When I reinstalled Nimbuzz today it worked. Anyway, as I and some other have already mentioned in another blog-post: Skype calls still don’t work. You just hear the connection tone and when the call is established, everything just goes quiet after that.

  13. Hello,

    Thanks for the updates! Russian works fine except for offline messages (ICQ). When offline message is sent the cyrillic does not work anymore :(( can you fix it please, guys? will have to buy IM+ to be able to read this otherwise :(

  14. @Krysya
    Thanks for the update.
    We will keep an eye on those messages that are not displayed correctly.
    If possible, please send a screenshot image to with the characters that are not well displayed.

  15. @Hahpgp
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which kind of issue are you experiencing?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Let us know

  16. @sephiroth
    There are no updates in regards of a version for N900.
    As soon as there are we will announce it.

  17. @armada
    We do not have plans to add Chatrooms to other platforms in the near future.

  18. Great, but it will be even better when you eventually inegrate it into the contacts on android 2.1 so that the “Char using X” buttons actually work.

  19. @jixor
    Thanks for your suggestion, we will try to implement this in the future.

  20. I can send files but I cannot recive them. It tells me that the person sent the file but I can’t do anything with it. Its just text and no link.

  21. I have used Nimbuzz for some time on my Android Motorola Milestone (Droid) and I came to like it very much.
    Unfortunately it is crashing too often (once or twice a day) and it apears to be bringing down my wifi conection with it :(
    I am eager for a new version, more stable… For the time being, I had to go back to Fring which works but which I dont’t like…

  22. @Alain Mouette
    Could you please let us know which exact version are you running?
    Which type of connection do you use when the app crashes?
    When there is a crash is it always when using an specific feature or just suddenly?
    Let us know!
    Thanks for your time

  23. @Sasha
    You can receive and send files to Nimbuzz contacts
    To non Nimbuzz contacts you can send files but not receive, from which community are the contacts you are trying to receive a file?
    Let us know

  24. Thanks for doing all of this for free..
    If you had a paypal donation button I would glagly donate..
    btw has the Motorola Droid/Milestone Skype audio issue been fixed yet ?

    Thanks for your work.

  25. @Slash
    Thanks for your suggestion, we will take it into account.
    In regards of the droid skype audio issues, they must be solved, if you still experience this issue please inform us.

  26. Hello, i updated to latest version in the market but nimbuzz still disconnect skype every 2-3 hours, it’s also stuck the phone and i’ve to restart it. i use nexus one and ver. 1.4.1 of nimbuzz. please release a new fixed version i can’t use it like this.
    thank you for your effort.:-)

  27. @kfir
    Thanks for reporting.
    We are aware of this issues with your Skype account getting disconnected.
    We are working on it and we expect that you see an improvement on this starting net week

  28. Yes its crashing every time i select the sound and notification settings in your settings ,the screen turns black and a few minutes later ,it says program is not responding .I have to force quit nimbuzz and reopen it again
    it’s crashing both with wifi or 3g connection .I’m using the latest version downloaded from android market version 1.4.1build 5520.5519

  29. @oglop
    Thanks for reporting this, could you let us know which device (brand and model) are you using?
    We will try to reproduce this issue at our offices.
    Kind Regards

  30. Current version of Nimbuzz has a huge negative impact on performance of system (HTC Desire).

  31. @de_Mark
    Thanks for your comment, in order to help you solve your issue, coul dyou be more specific?
    What do you mean by a “negative impact on performance”?
    Are you having trouble while using the app.?
    Let us know, so we can improve.

  32. @queralt escrich
    Thanks for your reply.
    The OS slows down terrible when Nimbuzz is running. Only switching the phone off and on can help.

  33. I have a problem with this version. If I go to Settings and notifications the programm chrashes :-( I get a black screen. I am using the Samsung Spica with Android 2.1. Also i dont see all online contacts. on my PC with nimbuzz I see some online google Talk contacts and with my phone they are offline…

    And the HTC Desire does not connect with the most Accounts. but if I change my password of this accounts to an “easy” one it connects.

  34. @Sascha
    When the Samsung Spica crashes, does it always happen when you want to change your notification settings?
    when your other device does not connect to some accounts, do those accounts contain non alphanumerical characters?
    Which accounts are those?
    Let us know!

  35. If I chose notification settings it ALWAYS crashes. This is a bug :-( And I found one more. If I try a call with a buddy the sound does not come out of the ear-speaker. It comes out of the sound-speaker at the back of the mobile. Do you know what I mean?

    I found the mistake with the accounts. It was a problem with the passwort it contained non alphanumerical characters. I changed the password of this accounts and now it works with connecting.

    But please fix this too bugs! Thx

  36. @Sascha
    We will try to reproduce the crash issue at our offices, could you let us know which Nimbuzz version are you currently using?
    Thanks for your time :)

  37. @queralt escrich
    Just a reminder : Same problem with the notification setting on Samsung Galaxy with Donut firmware (See my reply on March 23rd, 2010) with latest version 1.4.1 build 5520.5519

  38. @Emmanuel
    Thanks for the reminder! I have forwarded the issue to our dev team, they will investigate it and try to reproduce it.
    Kind Regards

  39. I have Samsung Spica running on Android 1.5. Nimbuzz works fine except that the sound for the call is coming from the speaker rather than the ear piece. I have tried turning the speaker phone option on and off, that has no effect. Please share a work around if possible

  40. @Noor
    Thanks for reporting this.
    Our development team is already looking into this issue.
    Kind Regards

  41. @Hesky
    Could you be more specific?
    We did not remove this function from a version which already support that.
    We do support SIP calling on symbian, Windows Mobile and iPhone devices.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  42. @queralt escrich
    I just switched from S60 to Android. Got surprised that my fav app doesn’t have my fav feature SIP on Android.

  43. @Hesky
    Don’t worry we will ad this feature in future releases to the Android version.

  44. Hello, i still have a lot of trubble with the skype login.
    nimbuzz log skype off every 2 hours it’s immpossiable to use it like this, it’s also stuck the phone so i have to pull out the battery and restart the phone. i use google nexus one with android 2.1. the problems are for 2 mounth now, when will you solve it? thank you for the effort.

  45. @kfir
    Thanks for reporting.
    Could you let us know if the applications disconnects you every 2 hours exactly?
    Which exact error message do you receive when this happen?
    Do you also get disconnected from other communities at the same time?
    When was the last time (date & approximate time) you experienced this issue?
    Thanks for your time.

  46. I have a big problem with the cpu on my HTC Desire..Sometimes using nimbuzz I see that the cpu is working on 100%..If I close nimbuzz (and/or also if i kill it) the cpu still working 100%..The process that keep busy the cpu seems something like “Media Server” process..Sometimes after his behavior my SD card is like unmounted..I cant open my images or my mp3 saved on the SD card..To solve this problems (cpu busy and/or sd unmounted) i have just to switch off switch on my phone. This problems are not appearing if I dont use Nimbuzz..Please fix it as soon as possible..Lot of people have this problem on HTC Desire..I will like to use nimbuzz without problems..Thank you so much.

  47. Hi,I’ve Nimbuzz installed on my HTC Desire. It works great but after 20 sec. the connection is closed. Is this a know problem? What should I do?

  48. @queralt escrich
    thank you for your replay.
    it’s not exactly 2 hours it somthing like 2 hours. it’s disconnect only my skype acount. the nimbuzz acount stays online.
    i’m not reciving any message when its happen it’s just logoff skype when i go to accounts and to skype it say ”dissconnected”.
    this problem is for long time now from the time you had the problem skype tried to login non stop and you updated the version with the ”remove account” button.

  49. @kfir
    Could you please inform us when was the last time (date & time approximate) when you experienced this issue?
    Also we need your Nimbuzz & Skype Id, so we will have a look into our database to see if something went wrong during that moment.

  50. @Cristian
    We will forward your message to our developers, and they will investigate this issue.
    Thanks for reporting, we will inform you if we have new information about it
    Kind Regards

  51. @marcel
    This is a known issue in which our team is already working on.
    We expect to have it solved in the upcoming releases.

  52. my nimbuzz id : kfir.ginel
    my skype id : kfir_ginel
    it’s happend a few hours ago, but it’s also happend all the time so i think you’ll have no problem seeing it in your database.
    the next time it’ll happen i’ll write you exect time.

  53. I found that when I uninstalled my task killer, NimBuzz no longer hog the cpu.

    Could it be that the task killer is unable to kill NimBuzz completely, causing it to behave abnormally.

  54. When will be released the new version that will solve the problems on my HTC Desire?

  55. @kfir
    Thanks for the info provided.
    We are aware of some issues that are being worked on and you might experience some difficulties on the login in the last hours of the day.

  56. @CF Chong
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which kind of issue are you experience with the cpu?
    Let us know

  57. @Roberto
    Thanks for your comment & feedback.
    We will probably introduce copy/paste in the future.
    In regards of the Gtalk contacts, could you let us know how many contacts do you have and how many are you able to see?
    Make sure you do not have the “do not show offline contacts” option ON.

  58. I have a big problem with the cpu on my HTC Desire..Sometimes when I start nimbuzz I see that it is slow and lookink the cpu it is working on 100%..If I close nimbuzz (and/or also if i kill it) the cpu still working 100%..The process that keep busy the cpu seems something like “Media Server” process of the android system..To solve this problem I just have to switch off switch on my phone. This problems is not appearing if I dont use Nimbuzz..So every time i open Nimbuzz i have to hope that it will work in the right way..Please fix it as soon as possible..Lot of people have this problem on HTC Desire in italy..I will like to use nimbuzz without problems..Thank you so much. When the next release for Android?

  59. @Cristian
    Thanks for reporting.
    We are currently looking into this issue.
    In regards of the new release we cannot provide you an estimate date of when will be available, since it is still underdevelopment.
    Kind Regards

  60. From last 4 days I’m trying to connect to facebook chat and it keeps giving error, please fix this a lot of other people are also facing problem connecting to facebook via nimbuzz

  61. @Gurpreet,

    We identified some issues with the Facebook connectivity and our Team is already working on the Facebook Connect feature that will be implemented soon to solve these problems.


  62. Sorry, what doest it mean “we cannot provide you an estimate date of when will be available, since it is still underdevelopment”? Isn’t there a plan for the new release? :)

  63. Hello, still have a lot of problems with the skype connectivity. always disconnect! saying:
    ”Disconnected” or ”unsucssefull login” or ”no capacity”.
    Does someone working to fix this problem???

    Google nexus one with android 2.2

  64. @@Kfir@@
    Thanks for reporting, please inform us when was the last time you received this error?
    Are you still experiencing this issue?

  65. We need chat rooms on android!!!!i used it in my nokia but when i bought an iphone i discovered there is no chat rooms for it!i sold it and bought android and STILL no chat rooms!!!i thought cuz iphone is not an open source so i bought desire without asking cuz android is full open source!

  66. @Shawesh
    Thanks for your interest and comment.
    you can currently visit Nimbuzz chatrooms while using Nimbuzz Mobile on symbian or Java devices.
    we do not have plans in the near future to add Chatrooms to other platforms like Android.

  67. Why you will not plan to implement chatrooms on Android???
    Android application is completely written in Java Language, so if you have the application with chatrooms on Nokia Java devices, is easy porting that part of code on Android…
    Please valutate this option! I will like use chatrooms on my android..

  68. “we do not have plans in the near future to add Chatrooms to other platforms like Android.”

    Would you please take a minute to inform us about what else is NOT going to be implemented on Android ?
    – More robust Skype login ?
    – SIP ?
    – Chat rooms ?

    I’m not going to buy any Nimbuzz credit (as I previously planned) before those questions get answers. I’m not going to invest on a platform which is – still – very flawed on my Android.

    BTW: sad to see the Android version lags behind the iPhone by two releases… one starts wonder…

  69. @Fabio Albieri
    Thanks for your comment.
    We are working on new improvements, like adding a dial-pad for the android version.
    We cannot provide you more information of upcoming features, since the new version is still underdevelopment
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  70. @AndroidUser
    We do not have plans to implement it does not mean we won’t do it. It is just not planned for the near future.
    Thanks for your feedback.

  71. Yes, I’ve got a question:

    is it technically possible to merge nimbuzz sip features to the phone default dialpad ? Android makes it possible ?

    I dream about a single, phone-wide dialpad with switchable “carrier” icon: SIM/SIP.

  72. @Fabio Albieri
    Well, I am not sure if that is technically possible, We will research this.

  73. Hi guys why nimbuzz in samaung galaxy s stiil cant here my voice when I call skype test ??
    2- why I cant call my freinds from my samsung galaxy s to Iphone or nokia or ..ect??
    3- Msn calling problem?
    pls any solution for this issues???
    realy I feel bad about it ..because nimbuzz is my best freind >> :(

  74. I think nimbuzz team must work on the requast users like chatrooms. many pepole wants chatrooms on the android platform.

  75. @Faisal
    Could you let us know which type of network are you using?
    Where are you located and which is your network provider?
    Using the same network, are you able to place a call successfully with another Nimbuzz client?
    Do you experience the same type of issue when calling to a Nimbuzz contact?
    Let us know

  76. When will be available a new working version of nimbuzz? Actually on my Desire sometimes i noticed a problem with 100% of CPU used..I would glad to know when will be available the new version..July? August? I hope soon else i just unistall it..When i was using it on symbian it was great (chatrooms, call) now i hate useless..I just unistall it if no update will come..To stay connected with other network (MSN, yahoo, gtalk, facebook) the eBuddy mobile app for android work great..THe developers should work hard on the android platform, is the future..So come on..

  77. @AndroidUser
    Thanks for your comment & feedback.
    We are constantly working on new updates, and we expect a new Android release pretty soon.
    Unfortunately we cannot provide you an estimate date for it, since it is still underdevelopment.
    Stay tuned to our blog we will announce it as soon as it is available.

  78. Please describe what ‘There is currently no capacity available’ means with regard to skype account logins?

  79. Hi,

    Any plan to use Nimbuzz account call to Nimbuzz acount on mobile? now rely on other IM that they are cannot using VOIP and also they will block Nimbizz, if you can do but they cannot do.


  80. @Andy Brook
    This is a standard error message that you receive when the application cannot log you in.
    Are you still facing this issue?
    If yes, please inform us via mail to indicating the latest time you have had this issue (approximate date and time)

  81. @Pungpon
    Your comment seems a bit confusing, could you please be more descriptive?
    Calling Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz is possible, but also to other IM clients.
    Are you experiencing any issue? Which one?
    Let us know

  82. Hi,

    Skype in Nimbuzz works great before I went on vacation. Now it only connect but none of my Skype connection is shown as online. Has there been some changes?

  83. Settings and notifications menu does not work for me also – empty black screen screen, and after some while message that application stops responding. I have to force quit nimbuzz and reopen it again. I am using latest version.
    Samsung GT-I5700, Android 2.1 (firmware JF2)

  84. @Marcin
    Thanks for reporting, our team will try to reproduce this issue and get a fix for it.
    Kind Regards

  85. @Henrik
    We had some issues with Skype last week, but it is working properly at the moment.
    Are you not able to login or just have issues loading your contact list?
    Please try to refresh the Skype connection by unregistering and registering again your Skype account on Nimbuzz.

  86. Sorry to make you confuse;
    -First is i didn’t see any icon of Nimbuzz account to be add another Nimbuzz account for chat and call

    -Second i mean for MSN, Gtalk, Yahoo they are cannot make a call in mobile version except Skype. if Nimbuzz can do it will be very nice. another meaning is regarding Fring that also can use Skype call but now no more. I concern that Nimbuzz will be the same.

  87. I have a weather widget which is able to wake up wifi connection for a moment in the background, to collect latest forecast after defined time perioid.

    Is it possible to implement similar function in Nimbuzz?

  88. My contact list showed my Skype contacts, but none were shown as online.

    I have try to unregistering and registering again. But now I’m not able to register. I get the message “Opps, the service is not fully working now. We are looking into it” I have tried yesterday and today, but still the same message.

  89. Hello, why when i start nimbuzz in HTC DESIRE the prosessor goes up to 100% ?
    Do you have any solution?
    i uninstalled nimbuzz till it’ll be fixed, it can damage the processor!!!!!
    You need to write not to use it in desire headset till you’ll solve this isue.

  90. @Henrik
    Are you still encountering this issue?
    We recommend you to try again and let us know if the issue persist.

  91. @kfri
    Thanks for your comment, we are constantly working on new updates and releases and we expect to improve this in future updates.

  92. I have tried many times but I still get the message ““Opps, the service is not fully working now. We are looking into it” I hope it will works again. It’s very useful for me:)

  93. @Henrik
    Could you please inform us when does this error message exactly appear?
    Thanks & Regards

  94. It’s when I have wrote my Skype Name/Password and press “Add account” then I get the error message.

  95. omg, the problem with notification appearing black screen & hang the app still exist after few months. just tested with 1.4.1 build 5520.5519, still fail.
    do u guys intend to fix this problem? it’s been haunting the users for the last couple of months, or have u guys able to duplicate this issue over at your lab?
    any findings? any date for a fix on this? many of us are moving over to ebuddy due to this irritating issue

  96. @jason
    Our Team has been investigating the mentioned issue and we expect to have it solved in upcoming releases.
    Thanks for checking with us.
    Kind Regards

  97. Hi I have shifted from symbian (Nokia e61) to android HTC wildfire. I was using nimbuzz out to make international calls. On my Nokia e 61. But on my HTC android 2.1 I don’t seem to have that on my nimbuzz. I would like to know what to do about this. Pls reply. Regards rakesh.. HTC wildfire 2.1 eclair update 1.

  98. @rakesh
    Calling to your IM contacts is possible while using android device.
    Calling out is not possible since we do not have a dial-pad feature yet.
    We expect to include this in future updates.

  99. @queralt escrich
    the latest v2 still have the notification “hang” bug.
    btw, im using htc desire

  100. Nimbuzz is great so far but the black screen when enter Notifications setting is still there and the status of Yahoo users is disordered. I’m using Samsung Spica i5700 with Android Eclair 2.1. Please take a look at these bugs. Hope that next release will fix them. Cheer!

  101. @Ryan Vo
    Coudl you please make sure you are using the latest Nimbuzz version for Android devices?
    The latest update available is version 2.0
    If you are still facing this issue after the update please inform us.

  102. Skype account still disconnect in version 2.0
    This is your biggest problem and you still didn’t solved it in this new version, why????
    what is the problem to fix it?
    in fring it never disconnected till skype blocked them.
    please try to solve it already.
    thank you.

  103. Hi, I’v just installed latest version of Nimbuzz on my Nexus one and bought credit for VOIP from nimbuzzout. when I make a phone call(VOIP), my voice goes through microphone and they can hear me but I can not hear them. I have the same problem when I make call with nimbuzz but with skype credit. I should say my connectivity to internet is through wifi. please help me.

  104. @Majid
    Thanks for reporting, could you let us know if you face the same issue when calling to a Nimbuzz contact ?
    Kind Regards
    If you get disconnected from SKype you will be required to reconnect again mannually, registering again your Skype account.
    After that you should be able to login again.

  105. @queralt escrich
    I know i’ll be able to connect again but i want to stay connected all the time not to connect again 5-10 times a day!
    I’ll thank you if you’ll be able to solve this problem .

    thank you for your effort.


  106. I am trying Nimbuzz 2.0 on HTC Wildfire (Android 2.1) but when I try to make a skype call (to test service or a skypeout call) I cannot hear anything and on the other end they don’t hear me. I tried speaker phone too but no audio… what’s wrong??

  107. @Max_ap
    Thanks for the info, could you provide us some more?
    -Which type of connection do you use?
    -Have you tried placing a call via Wi-Fi? do you also have audio issues?
    -Have your tried calling a Nimbuzz contact?
    Let us know

  108. @queralt escrich
    – I tryied using wi-fi connection
    – I cannot hear and I think they don’t hear me
    – I haven’t tried (I don’t have Nimbuzz contact so far). I was trying to do a Skypeout call. On the same wi-fi connection the skype program for Nokia S60 on another phone works perfectly

  109. Hello; great app. Except… when I want to modify the notifications, the app hangs completely in a all-black screen. It won’t exit either, except when using a taskkiller. I think it’s a bug within the program. I use version 2.0.0 build 7981.8052 on a Samsung Galaxy S running Android 2.1. Please apply a fix :)

  110. @Ralph
    Thanks for reporting, we are aware of this issue and we expect to have it solved in the upcoming release.

  111. Hi,
    Nimbuzz v2 is installed on my Nexus1. When I make a call (even with nimbuzz contact) I can not hear any thing, but they can hear me.
    I live in UAE. Network operator is Etisalat. my internet connection on the mobile is Wi-Fi.
    I should say that I can use my nimbuzz on pc with the same Wi-Fi connection without any problem.
    Please help me

  112. @Majid
    Thanks for informing us?
    Have you tried placing a call in a different network? like on 3g?
    does this happen when calling to a Nimbuzz contacts?
    Let us know!

  113. I’m having the same issue with skype out, people is not able to hear me and I can’t hear them.
    I’m on android 2.1 using nimbuzz 2.0. I tried both wifi and 3g and the same thing happened. I can, however receive calls. When people call my skype online number, communication is solid good.

    I Hope you can help us on this issue as I use this tool for work and you are my only hope (Great Soft by the way!)

  114. @irusconi
    Thanks for informing us.
    We are currently aware of this issue and our team is already looking into it.
    We expect to have this issue solved in upcoming releases.
    Kind Regards

  115. @queralt escrich

    Is it possible to know when the next release will be? The bug is severe for skype users. Thanks

  116. i have galaxy spica android 2.1 i am having nimbuzz v2.0 i want chat room option which is cool and it is available for out dated symbian and not for latest android.strange isnt it?also force close when changing notification setting.please reply.regards

  117. Hey man bring on the chat room functionality on Android.. was shocked to c it not available on Android.. its a great feature and other competitors may come forward like mig33.. u won’t like that, would you.. so just tell ur developer to put a single code if chat room to the app nd that wouldn’t harm him much.. if you can’t convince them, I can.. mail me their ID.. a little update could make this app flying high nd your ad revenues would sky rocket..

  118. i’ve galaxy spica android 2.1 and i downloaded the nimbuzz 2.0 but i’ve the notification problem yet. let me know when will you fix this bug ’cause i would like to use your product instead of ebuddy:)

    thanks a lot

  119. Feature Request: Could be a great feature if Nimbuzz will use push notification to get new chat messages from other users, instead of continue polling new messsages. Push notification (Google C2DM technology) will increase battery and network consumption!! And Nimbuzz could be the first Instant Messenger using push notification! That will be of course a great success for your company. I know it requires more work and time, but think to this feature. :)

  120. @AndroidUser
    Thanks for your feedback and suggestion, we are currently considering adding this feature.
    Kind Regards

  121. When will it be possible to receive files from skype?
    we get a message, but no link to download the file.
    Good app, but this is annoying

  122. hello…
    I installed the new ver of nimbuzz in my htc magic…
    Can u help me to provide the sip setting…its asking the domine…..pls help me…

  123. @Nataraaj
    If you do not know the proxy or other settings, ask your provider, they wil be able to rpovide you this information.

  124. @shravan
    We do not offer this feature on Android devices.
    There are no plans to implement it in the near future.

  125. I am using HTC wildfire, I had dowmloaded nimbuzz and added g-talk & yahoo. but when i am trying to add skype, i am getting message service unavailable. i know that skype app was available for android phone. but i don’t too many app on my phone. so i want to use nimbuzz. can you please let me know from when skype can be available on nimbuzz app.

  126. why u dont offer chatrum function for android?
    why just for symbian? i think it would be great and ur users will be explode!!

    on what is an implementing depending?


  127. @oguz
    Chatroom are available on Nimbuzz Mobile for SYmbian and Java devices, we do not have plans to implement it in other platforms.

  128. Hello we provide sip services for our customers and clients. Our sip extensions can be contacted directly from landlines/exensions.
    At the moment we will like to know the situation with android phones particularly, regarding HTC Desire and sip connection. As it does not connect but works perfectly on symbian phones.

  129. @martin
    Could you be more specific on your question?
    We do provide SIP support on our Android version, are you willing to know specific info?
    You can also contact our tema directly to

  130. nimbuzz version available for samsung galaxy pop s5570? i want to get this device but must i need nimbuzz run on that. i want to know about typing experience and interfaces in nimbuzz on that device (android 2.2 foryo) Plz reply me.. Help me. I did not use any android so i want to be sure about nimbuzz performance on t hat

  131. @sami
    You can download the application directly from Android Market, searching for Nimbuzz.

  132. I got my samsung gt5500 with Eclair android, got my nimbuzz but the problem is when i call, the other party can not hear me, on the contrary, i can hear the third party. I tried re-installing the app and getting it from your web site, but nothing changes. Is there some patch or something for a work around?

  133. @Rodolfo
    We are aware of some audio issues on Android devices which use 2.1 Os version.
    Our team is working in order to have this solved as soon as possible.

  134. hi, first i’ll definitely appreciate nimbuzz efforts to make it way better as compared to skype on android in voip calls. But there’s a small problem on my HTC wildfire with nimbuzz, as when a call comes the silder to answer is below the dialpaid extractor, so there’s no way i can accept a call in that situation, as there is no menu to accept call as well, so i have to go back on my home screen and go to notifications and from there i can accept call, otherthan that no way…..thanks for ending call you have the option in menu to end a call so that can be done from menu. Kinldy kindly fix that accept call issue graphics or add accept call option in the menu.

  135. @arunjunaikumar
    Sorry, we do not support Nimbuzz Chatrooms on android devices.

  136. but why cnt u support chatrooms when u can do it in basic level java s40 fones…. disgusting policies….

  137. @ankush
    we just support them on Symbian and Java based devices, we will consider adding them on other platforms but we do not have plans for it yet.

  138. i don’t like nimbuzz without chatroom option developer should make nimbuzz with chatroom option in any version

  139. @ranu
    Thanks for your feedback; we do not have plans to implement Chatrooms in the near future. But we will consider it.

  140. @ Hanson
    Thanks for your request. Currently chatrooms are just available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices.
    Due to shifting priorities we don’t have any plans on the short or mid term on other platforms.

  141. Its just so frustrating to see NO CHATROOMS on android with apps like mig33 freely available with full fledged chatrooms.. being so loyal to nimbuzz and having many c room friends using my old symbian I feel its a setback for android… if u cant launch full fledged final chatroom for nimbuzz, atleast a beta version should be tried for.. please dont say i have no plans, u should atleast encourage and do somethin for ur loyal users.

  142. @sohail
    Thanks for your feedback and comment, much apprecaited :)
    As mentioned previously, we do not have plans to implement chatrooms on Android in the near future, but we will conisder it.

  143. @nadine
    Thanks for your suggestion, as mentioned previously we do not have plans to add Chatrooms on Android in the near future.

  144. @zubair
    Thanks for your comment as mentioned previously we do not have plans to implement Chatrooms on Android in the near future.

  145. Hi nimbuzz tim I love nimbuzz but why my galaxy 551 haven’t got chat room? Plzzzzzzz I love nimbuzz with chat room more than this an othere q. Do u know an othere programme that have chat room? Enx a lot

  146. @amir irany
    As mentioned previously, we do not have plans to add Chatrooms on Android devices in the near future.

  147. @FaJrie
    As mentioned previously, we do not have plans to add Chatrooms on Android devices in the near future.

  148. im using android ace able to install nimbuzz in to my mobile.once i finished downloading this application i click yes to install it.but its saying ” application is not installed”whats should i do?

  149. @tiffy
    Which exact error message do you get? When does the error message appear?
    From which site are you downloading the app?

  150. As everyone knows android os is getting so widespread and many phone companeis have started to use it 4 their famous and smart phones such as HTC and Samsung. therefore i think its a pitty for us that we dont have chatrooms in our nimbuzzes. Please change ur plan to add chatrooms to nimbuzz android soon. Thankful.

  151. @Arash_kamangir641
    We understand your concern, and we will look into the possibilities of adding this feature in the future.
    However we do not have plans to add them in the near future.

  152. I feel sad. I don’t see c room option in android. My humble request is fr c room option. Im one of d fan of nimbuzz. My special thxing fr nimbuzz developers.

  153. @suresh
    Sorry to inform you we just support chatrooms on Java and Symbian devices, not on Android devices like yours.

  154. i cannot use skype video call on htc chacha will it be available after some days i mean will it be launched after some days for this phone as it is android phone.

  155. Hiii Can anyone tell me how to go in chat rooms in Nimbuzz Android ? I don’t see any option for chat rooms. Please help me

  156. @ali shah
    we do not have plans to add this feature on Android devices in the near future.

  157. hey nimbuzz
    in samsung galaxy ace gts5830
    not found chat room in nimbuzz
    its my mobile problem? plz add this function

  158. @shimul – The chatroom feature is currently available on PC, Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices.

    We are already working on launching this feature for Android in our future releases.

  159. @bita – Currently the chatroom feature is available only on PC, Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices. We are already working on launching this feature for Android in our future releases.

  160. its nt at all a prblm widout chtrums ! but i m facng prblms wid force close ! its making me angry ! fix it plz !

  161. @aravind – Please install the latest version of Nimbuzz for your Android device after removing the application completely from your device. Thanks!!

  162. Good day…..i got samsung galaxy s3.
    I have nimbuzz with out chat room.
    How to get nimbuzz chat room application.
    Plz……help me..tnx! More power….

  163. @halimuyak0429 – Currently the chatroom feature is available only on PC, Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices. We are already working on launching this feature for android in our future releases. Stay tuned for related new and updates on

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