New Nimbuzz for Symbian: New call screen, DTMF for touch screen mobiles and more!

And again good news for the Symbian users: we have a hot new Nimbuzz update ready for download :D!

Here are brand new features in the Nimbuzz for Symbian 2.3 :

  • New call screen – with the display picture of your contact and with more information about the call
  • Mute the microphone during calls
  • In the twitter tab the “#hashtag” is a link - this will 0pen a Twitter search about that term directly by clicking on the #hashtag
  • DTMF for touch screen mobiles – touch-keypad to dial a number and keypad for in-call DTMF tones
  • Disable display pictures in chatrooms
  • Support for WAP access points and other limited access points

As usual, in the Symbian 2.3  we also fixed a lot of bugs thanks to your constant feedback on Blog, Twitter and support email ! Thanks a lot and keep it coming, we are happy to receive every bug, issue or feature request!

Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

140 thoughts on “New Nimbuzz for Symbian: New call screen, DTMF for touch screen mobiles and more!

  1. This is the same version that has been available to ambassadors (closed beta?).
    Does that mean that everything worked great and the glitches could be solved on the server side and there hadn’t been any need to change the client ?
    BTW, the adverts aren’t that bad, really. I mean there’s one link in the chat window. The product is still free, and it’s not an ad-fest.
    I’ve also noticed, that with this version the latency when speaking with skype users is a lot greater than with previous one. Don’t know if the code changed or just the userbase has grown.

  2. I haven’t saw any changes but it’s good to know that there’s an update…
    but even more the disappointed about this ad banner!
    the usability is really restricted then…
    Disappointment² Maybe I can get 2.2 back…

  3. After the 2.3 update i can not use MSN Messenger anymore,
    it will sign in for a long time and come up with an error.
    Going back to 2.2 fixed it for me, so there is ap roblem in 2.3 with the MSN protocol,
    Skype and other social networks do work on 2.3, MSN doesnt.

    On a more positive side, the app responds much faster in 2.3, and i can finally use the big internal screen, which would make nimbuzz crash in 2.2
    I still miss an option to select a picture to upload to twitpic for twitter. I need to use an external app to share pictures on twitter.

    As soon as Nimbuzz fixes the MSN problem in 2.3 and lets you upload pictures to twitpic it would make me the perfect social network app.

  4. The new thing is that when you go to the settings you can see about the connection to check to which connection are you connected, nothing else :( still msn pictures doesnt appear properly, we didn’t see the msn default emoticon as in the online new version.
    also still we can’t copy past within chat
    I can’t receive files via msn messenger.
    Maybe we can see somethings new in the next versions ;) I’m sure there will be more from nimbuzz!

  5. Version 2.1.0 is the best version of the client… I tested 2.2 – was disappointed from the layout changes and lack of fine customization. 2.2 was very heavy for the phone. I will not test 2.3.0 since adds have been embeded. Anyway I’m sticked with Nimbuzz and will continue to use 2.1.0. I’ll say only one thing: wrong direction, Nimbuzz team!

  6. Thx for everything I’m new user but I like it so much and I already 3 of my friends use it now keep going with your work

  7. The phone gets extremely hot while using 2.3,
    i had no problems with 2.2,

    yet i dont see any changes that can relate to the heat in the changelog.
    But its definitly nimbuzz 2.3

  8. this is a joke? Do you listen to peoples requests or u just add what u want/what u can in order to release new version with ads..

  9. i would like too be able to upload pictures to twitter with twitpic in nimbuzz!
    would definitly be worth a donation

  10. Disable display pictures in chatrooms

    This is bad idea to disable the pictures in chatrooms :(
    I think there is no clear reasons for the disable ..
    also I think I will leave nimbuzz for this option only ,,

  11. hi. i have a samsung i550w mobile phone having symbian s60 operating system and ofcourse it supperts nimbuzz but iam unable to make calls to my nimbuzz friendz and also they are unable to make a call to me. can anyone please help me.

  12. its true
    we can’t copy past within chat
    I can’t receive files via msn messenger.
    My picture don’t show to my friends in MSN

    Note: I hate the adds in the chat U.U

  13. Nimbuzz is one of the best :) but…

    – please please add this most important features – alert or option for Audio notification when any chat friend comes online.

    – sorry dont like advertz @ allllllllll

    – still cant enter own phone – whateva u try gives u format errors.

    – facebook not working for me – message saying – we are fixing it and annoying cant delete the facebook account, even if you do when you restart it still remembers it and gives you error message about not working and they are working on it. We should be able to delete it.

    – would be good if we can have option to save chat history locally ourselves.

    – add or integrate mxit chat, that will be really nice.


  14. Wow this is wat i was waitin from nimbuzz . New support for wap access points. This is the most usefull update that nimbuzz made. Ppl should look nd appreciate also wats “inside the box”, nt only new looks for the application. Keep up the good work nimbuzz team. Great update :-)

  15. @Ahmed
    Disable pics is an Option you can enable back if you wish:
    Inside a Chatroom> Options> Display Pictures > Choose Yes or no
    We do not support VoIp calling on Samsung Symbian based devices because we require the use of a Nokia library which is not available on your device.
    Thanks for the understanding.
    @Ckrapz Tester
    It is possible to send and receive files from Nimbuzz contacts.
    From MSN contacts is possible to send but not receive files.
    The avatar you will be showing to your MSN contacts is not your Nimbuzz avatar (since we do not re-write your avatar in other communities) you will be showing the avatar you have on MSN itself.
    In regards of your comments:
    We are aware of the issues with the phone number registration and we will fix them as soon as possible.
    In regards of Facebook we are investigating this issue.
    We will consider your suggestions in regards of: sound notification and adding Mxit.
    Thanks for your feedback, we are glad you enjoy the new release :)

  16. @erik
    Thanks for your suggestion we will research the technical possibilities of implementing this
    We do consider the suggestion from our users, and we implement some of them as long as it is technically possible.
    In order to investigate this issue could you let us know which device (brand and model) are you using?
    Also, does this happen when you are in a call or just while using the application normally?
    Let us know!
    @ike yazılım
    The Buzz feature has been disabled as mentioned previously please check this Blogpost for more info:
    It is your choice to stay using an older version, however we highly recommend you to upgrade and download the latest version available.
    In case you experience any issue please upgrade.

  17. @ahunor
    Indeed, This is the ambassadors version with some improvements.

    What exactly you don’t like or does not work properly with the new version?
    Or its just the advertisement that bothers you?
    Thanks for your comment.
    We will investigate if there has been an issue with MSN lately.
    In regards of twitpic, we will forward your suggestion to our Development Team and they will study if it is possible to be implemented.
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Indeed we will keep working in order to provide new releases and improvements.
    We will consider adding copy/paste fucntionality.
    In regards of file sharing, you can send/receive files from Nimbuzz contacts.
    You can send but not receive files with MSN contacts.

  18. @Pat
    The advertisement are showed in the chat screen in some devices.
    We will research the possibilities of adding this type of notifications

  19. @Stipe
    We do not support VoIp calling on Samsung Symbian devices because we require the use of a Nokia library which is not available on your device.

    Thanks for the understanding.

  20. @saltyna
    Sending and receiving files up to $MB is possible with Nimbuzz contacts.
    Are you having any trouble while sending files?

  21. Not sure if this info is useful but I must say everything is perfect on Nokia N95 8Gb in the latest release, everything. Excellent!!! Thanks!!! Hope it will be so in the future updates too. Well done!!!

  22. Hey
    I’ve been reporting bugs in the blog of Spain, but I think it will be better here, this is a video where I show several errors, this same applies to the Nimbuzz application (symbian nokia), please check it
    video: http://www.

  23. @roawa
    In order to investigate this issue could you let us know which device (brand and model) are you using?
    Also, does this happen when you are in a call or just while using the application normally?


    It’s a Nokia E90 and with nimbuzz 2.3 on it gets very hot even when idle, in the meanwhile i have also found out that nimbuzz 2.3 drains my battery within 30 minutes.

    The phone is using a new official battery and there have been no changes to the phone next to the nimbuzz 2.2 to 2.3 upgrade.

  24. Great improvements – now I can finally use DTMF! And it seems not to crash after 24 hours like the old version.

    EDIT: I spoke too soon. DTMF doesn’t work! :(

    It still doesn’t make full use of the proximity sensor though, because the standby menu on Nokia’s comes up (during calling!).

  25. Am new to nimbuzz so does anyone know why we cant call nimbuzz buddy for free, we can call skype users for free but why not other nimbuzz users?

    Apart from this i wanna say a big thank you to the developers for nimbuzz, excellent app and its free!!!

  26. an update?? and it still supports only 400 facebook contacts.. I like nimbuzz.. i really like it.. but i won’t use it until it supports the whole 5000 contacts (i don’t have that much but that’s the limit)..

    will download it again when it supports them all.

  27. Nimbuzz fail to sign in
    this problem we face since 10th of march,
    me and my frind’s here in egypt

  28. @Ckrapz Tester
    From which community is the contact you see with a pixelated image?
    Nimbuzz or another IM community?
    What exactly does not work on the DTMF option? Or are you just referring to the proximity sensor?
    Let us know!
    It is possible to call Nimbuzz contacts for free.
    Could you let us know which issues have you experienced when trying to make a call to a Nimbuzz contact?
    @Gerard Armando
    Thanks for your comment.
    We are working in order to increase the number of Facebook contacts to be displayed, but we cannot fix a date for it to be implemented.
    Mobile Operators are blocking Nimbuzz in egypt.
    However you can still use Nimbuzz on your PC.

  29. Thank you for replay ,how can i acces my nimbuzz account from my mobile,as you tell me that mobile operator block nimbuzz here in egypt ,How can i over come this problem
    please find asolution.

  30. The links is: http://www. (remove the space after http://www. <-)

    The community that im using is Messenger, when I want to see your profile out pixelated image, and when I call to contact the iamgen Nimbuzz not resize ((looks pixelated)
    Im using nokia 5800 ver. 40.2

  31. As mentioned by me before Nimbuzz works great on Nokia N95 8GB, but there IS a bug found (a minor one). When calling via the cell operator one can see only just a piece of icon flashing green and yellow at the top of screen which is supposed to be a phone reciever picture, the rest won’t open – just mixed in black background. That’s all. Nothing else found. Perfect!!!

  32. @queralt escrich – thanx for your quick response :) re not being able to call a nimbuzz contact or buddy. I just cant call my nimbuzz contact at all, when i click on a nimbuzz contact the options that comes up are only – Continue chat, Send, Profile and Buzz. There is no option to call that contact :( Even when i click on the send the only options there are only – Text message, File, Take photo, Voice message and Contact. Whilst if i click on one of my skype contact the option ‘Call (free)’ is available and i can call them ok. Actually my skype contacts are the only ones i am given the option to call, no option to call nimbuzz or windows live or google talk contacts or buddies. Is that right, is that how its supposed to be???

  33. hey, i really like nimbuzz, is the best app, and i still like it, but why de add?? in the connecting screen was great. another thing is that in this version when a i’m chatting with more than one friend and i lock my phone (in a conversation) and unlock, all the chats dissapear and i have to go back and see who write me, in the last version this doesn’t happen. thanks a lot for this app..

  34. Ihave an e-71 phone and i have been using nimbuzz for a year now,the prob;em is with the new update ever since i downloaded it the call icon in the options menu disappeared and even when i press the call button on my phone to my online contact a msg pops up telling me this contact doesn have the capability to call which is rediculous becuz the other contact is my brother logged in to msn through nimbuzz from his iphone and i tried with all of my friends later on the same msg keep showing up,i dunno what is wrong with this new update and how can i go back to the old working one????

  35. Hi, I love the new version of nimbuzz , it’s bug free until now and it’s working perfectly.
    but there is one minor issue that bugged me lol, it’s the display picture, no matter which one i use it doesn’t show to my friends, not the one i use in nimbuzz nor the one i use in msn, how can I overcome this problem?
    thank you guys for this awesome application, my most used one :)

  36. Nimbuzz 2.3:
    Facebook not working,
    StudiVZ not working,
    Orkut not working!
    Any solution except installing the older version?

  37. studivz meinvz doesn’t work on the se satio, it takes a long time to connect, came up with an error..

  38. dear nimbuzz administrators…… i am facing this problem recently,,,,even if i log off it keeps showing me online on nimbuzz and its a big problem,,, and i dont get any messages or chat messages sent in that time,,,, not only me some of my friend also facing this problem,,,and this is the problem i face with this one account on which i have been flooded recently,,,please look in the matter..and besides in ur reply to don u said we can call nimbuzz users for free,,,,but from where,,,i dnt even have an option to call any user…i am using nokia n73 and the contact i tried to call is having sony ericcson…is it again the nokia library problem that i cant call them??? thanks in advance

  39. Hi good upgrade
    but i have this thing theat when i am connected with wifi and lose connection it close by it self or even when i recieve calls it close
    and a suggestion that if it will be integrated with the phone like ovi contacts near the contact so we can access it fast

  40. @Roawa
    thanks for reporting this.
    We will contact you directly by mail to the address you have provided on this comment.

  41. @Ckrapz Tester
    Thanks for the video, we have forwarded to our developers and they will investigate those issues.
    We will try to reproduce this issue and investigate it.
    Which Client are your Nimbuzz buddies using?
    note if they are using the Java version of Nimbuzz they are not able to send or receive calls.
    Which status are your Nimbuzz contacts displaying?
    Note that if they have the status “Busy’ they won’t be able to receive calls.

  42. @walter
    Could you please be more specific on your issue?
    Which device (brand and model) are you using?
    Are you leaving the tabs with your conversations open and the lock your device and when you re-open the app they are not there?
    Let us know
    Due to changes on the MSN protocol itself calling to MSN buddies is currently not available.
    We are working in order to adapt to those changes, as soon as this gets implemented the calling MSN contacts will be available again.
    The Nimbuzz avatar does not rewrite the one you show on MSN, your MSN contacts should not see the same pic you upload on Nimbuzz but the one you are displaying on MSN client itself.
    Do you get any error message while uploading your picture on Nimbuzz?
    Which client are your contacts that are not able to see your avatar using?
    Let us know!
    Thanks for your feedback :)
    Thanks for reporting, could you please let us know what is exactly not working for your in regards of Facebook and Orkut?
    Which client and Nimbuz version are you running?
    Do you get any error message? If yes, which one?
    In regards of StudiVZ, due to StudiVZ changes on their chat platform implemented on their side, we have the this gateway unavailable.
    We are still considering the possibility to adapt to these new changes, but we have no fixed plans about it yet.
    You can find more information about it on our German blog:

  43. @Carlos
    For technical reasons we no longer support XMPP/Jabber Gateways, but we are still focused on providing the best quality gateways.
    We do not intend to re enable the Jabber Gateway.
    Please feel free to contact us for any comments or questions directly via mail to
    Due to StudiVZ changes on their chat platform implemented on their side, we have the this gateway unavailable.
    We are still considering the possibility to adapt to these new changes, but we have no fixed plans about it yet.
    You can find more information about it on our German blog:
    Please make sure you are not logged in another location.
    Could you let us know if you are seen as online on Nimbuzz or another community?
    In regards the contact you are trying to call, note that if he is using a Java version he won’t be able to receive or make calls.
    Could you let us know which device (brand and model) are you using?
    Which type of connection are you using when this happen?
    Doe sit always close when you receive a call? a call from a Nimbuzz contact or a call to your device (GSM call)?
    Let us know!

  44. @rico_marbun
    In order to get your feedback and comments, please do write in English.

  45. “your MSN contacts should not see the same pic you upload on Nimbuzz but the one you are displaying on MSN client itself.”

    my friends use msn pc and i use nimbuzz, they see no pic.
    shouldn’t the one i use when I am on pc appear for them when i use nimbuzz too? I am using n97 and a wifi connection.

  46. Are you going to make group chat/conference chat available? It’s the only reason why I stopped using this app.

  47. @hitas
    Groupchat is currently available within Nimbuzz contacts, not with contacts from other communities.

  48. @khaled
    Indeed they should see the pic you use on MSN itself when you use it on the PC or other MSN client.
    We are investigating some issues related to avatar problems, we will take into account your testimonial for further investigation.
    Kind Regards

  49. thanks a lot, I am happy with the app and the customer service hehe, best of luck nimbuzz staff :)

  50. @hitas
    Due to technical limitations we are not planning to implement this feature.
    However you can use groupchat for Nimbuzz contacts.

  51. Can’t i disable photos in private chat? It makes my mobile work so slow. I can disable it in chatrooms but not it private chat. I am using nimbuzz 2.3 on my nokia 3230.

  52. Hi, I’m using the 2.2 Nokia5800-Version for my SE-Satio and everything is working like a charm. EVEN THE SKYPE-VOIP-CALLS

    When installing the Satio Version this function is missing. Why? The Story with the missing Nokia libaries must be Bulls*** because it works with the 5800xm-sis

    Now after i’ve tried to install 2.3, your 5800XM-SIS-file keeps telling me that I’m using the wrong Phone-Model. Now the same crap that Skype uses for its own symbian version?

    That’s why I’m back on 2.2. without annoying ads and with working skype-voip-calls.

  53. Hi,
    I’m using Sony Ericsson Vivaz. I need to use Nimbuzz to make calls. I read from the comments that it requires Nokia Library. Is there any way to use Nimbuzz to make call from my mobile. Pls help i really need it badly :(

  54. @Mohan
    We do not offer this possibility yet.
    We do provide calling feature to Nokia Symbian devices, but not to other Symbian based devices, however we we are aware that some devices can work and use the call feature if they use another version (which is from a Nokia based device, for example Nokia 5800)
    For the latest version 2.3 we had to restrict this option for non Nokia Symbian devices, since we cannot guarantee a good quality of the calling service.
    Thanks for the understanding.

  55. Hello nimbuzz administrator!I have observed that I could anymore make voice calls to ym account!Gtalk free call is not working well.I’m here in KSA and Im using E52 device.Before ym free calling worked great. Now with the newest version, has not been as it used to be.I reinstalled the previous version prior to this latest one but still with the same problem. The skype free voice call has been working fine. Is this really now the problem?Or that it has something to do with my device or the software I have installed.I need your advice on this matter. Many thanks!

  56. It’s great!Nimbuzz to nimbuzz really hot!its sounds is great! But making a call to gtalk native could really work in my nokia E52 device. Skype call to skype native is ok but has too many bugs!Ym call before was very ok…now it cannot make call nor receive calls.

    However I enjoy very much with its nimbuzz to nimbuzz call. Indeed it’s great! But I tried to buy nimbuzz out through my mobile but there is a notice that my account is suspended then when I continued I have to reinstall the nimbuzz once more. Please give me some tips how I could buy nimbuzzout. Thanks!

  57. @Randy
    Thanks for your comments and feedback.
    In regards of the Skype bugs mentioned, could you be more specific?
    Did you have any audio problem, or lag receiving sound?
    About Yahoo calling, is currently not available, you can find more info about it here:

  58. Thank you so much nimbuzz team for your immediate response!I am using the latest version of nimbuzz for symbian 9.3 devices. Mine is Nokia E52 and I’m using a 3G connection here in KSA. With regards to nimbuzz freecall to gtalk native,since the later version prior to this latest one, there is already a problem with the audio which is that I could not hear the voice of my called party but they could hear me by the way.Skype call to skype native has too many noises!The reception is not really good compared to calling via the skype version for symbian devices to the skype native. But in terms of calling nimbuzz to nimbuzz it is really working very great and indeed it’s excellent! I enjoy the reception via this mode of calling. I know that your team has been working all the time to make this so great! Thank you so much nimbuzz team. I am looking forward for your continued pursuit for excellence. keep it up!

  59. Hi Nimbuzz team

    Great work with the app – I’ve twittered this before but would like to again suggest:

    1. an option to make the nimbuzz app appear as a “system application”, so phones like the N97 (which has memory issues and likes to shut down applications all the time) won’t be able to do so. I think this is an incredibly useful option that other chat apps implement as the user isn’t disconnected from the IM world unknowingly.

    2. Skype-out/other IM SMS – this would separate Nimbuzz from a lot of the other IM apps out there.

    3. Video calls from Skype – a great feature that I’m sure you’re looking into.

    Keep up the good work.

  60. Please use google maps as it has much more details and better view about location than yahoo maps,
    another important note that nimbuzz is still not working here in egypt,i hope you more progress,thank you

  61. Hello nimbuzz team! There are a lot of noises during conversation with the called party. However the called party can greatly hear my voice. I am eagerly waiting for the ym call upgrades! It’s an excellent pursuit for excellence indeed! With regard to gtalk calling via the gtalk native, most of the time, it’s only the called party who could hear the voice. The same is true also when I use the nimbuzz via my laptap.

    But again, nimbuzz to nimbuzz call is great both via symbian 9.3 devices and the laptap.

  62. @Randy
    Thanks for your feedback and comments, could you let us know if this noise in the background also appears when you are in a call with a Nimbuzz contact?
    Kind Regards

  63. @Hanysalah_2010
    We are currently using yahoo Maps for technical reasons.
    If you consider that this maps are not accurate enough, please let us know the country/countries you cannot see properly using Yahoo Maps and we will consider change for those to Google Maps

  64. @mrtrevelyan
    In regards of your comments:
    1. We are not allowed to set our application as a ‘system application’ becuse then we can’t sign out application in Symbian Signed. This is clearly stated in the Symbian Signed rules
    2. We will consider this option
    3. We aim to support Video call but due to shifting of priorities we are currently not working on that

  65. hi nimbuzz team! The nimbuzz call to the same nimbuzz works excellent! There is no noise! The voice is perfect. Even calling to gtalk communities of the nimbuzz works the same. The only problem is when we call the gtalk native and the skype native: The former- only the called party could hear you most of the time, the latter- sounds quality issues like noises and poor sounds. Other than that, it is all ok. By now I am the voice calls via nimbuzz to nimbuzz. It’s IM works perfectly well, indeed. Thanks nimbuzz team. I am very happy with this such a superb social network. Keep it up!

  66. @Randy
    Thanks for your feedback.
    We are glad you can place calls without problems to your Nimbuzz friends, we will still try to reproduce the noise in the background as you mentioned.

  67. Please use google maps in egypt as it has afantastic and accurate details about location names ,streets details and great zooming power,(egypt) thank you .

  68. @dhanraj
    We aim to support videocall in the future, however due to shifting of priorities we are not working on it.


  69. “touch-keypad to dial a number and keypad for in-call DTMF tones”

    Does this new feature allow us to use Google voice’s phone screen feature now? I am using Nimbuzz/gizmo5 along with Google voice now. It seems my keypad input during the call won’t reach Google. I downloaded the Nimbuzz through phone (nokia 5800) ~3 weeks ago through phone.

    If it is supposed to work, I will double-check whether I have the latest version.

  70. Hello nimbuzz team,
    please enable buzz notification& nudge to all cantacts,also provide sms services.
    Thank you

  71. @Hanysalah_2010
    Thanks for your comment and suggestions.
    We do not have plans to implement the MSN nudge, but we will consider it.
    Kind Regards

  72. do the best to improve the application performance but please take care not to increase the size of the app. thanks

  73. @Betty
    We currently do not support Google Voice, this is probably why you are experiencing some trouble with it.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  74. Hi Queralt!! any improvements on facebook limit??

    i noticed that you’ve been supporting fb chat since a long while ago.. maybe you’re using another protocol than XMPP.. and maybe that’s the reason why you’ve couldn’t fix it..

    can u try switching to xmpp??

  75. @Gerard Armando
    We still have the same limitation on number of contacts to be displayed.
    We are considering the possibility of using a new protocol that Facebook offers to third party applications.
    Thanks for your interest.

  76. @unais
    For technical reasons we do not provide older versions of our application.
    Could you let us know if you are having any issue with the latest update?

  77. Hi,

    I am using Nimbuzz on my Nokia 5800. I am able to connect and chat function are working fine. the issue is with voice call. When i am calling any other nimbuzz account i am not hearing anything.I am able to dial but when other receives or I receives someone’s call not able to hear anything…My friend is facing same issue in his N73 mobil.e

  78. @Hasan
    Which type of connection and network provider do you use?
    In which country are you located?
    Let us know!

  79. @Patrick
    The ads were implemented in a way that they are not supposed to bother your online experience. Could you inform what is so annoying about the ads?

  80. @queralt escrich

    The ads are in the chats between the input field and the interview field. It is very annoying.

  81. I have installed nimbuzz on my nokia 3230. but it did not have call option like yahoo to yahoo or gtalk to gtalk. now i am into purchasing new phone can you please reply in details as to which type and version of phone have call option.

  82. @Rajat
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature.

  83. Could you please suggest which moble i should go and also revert as to which type and version of phone have call option.

  84. nimbuzz 2.4 version very berd …. my n70 skype did take a call my unlimited country number? what happend?????n please tel me? help me??????????

  85. @shafraz
    your comment is not clear, are you having any issue placing skype calls via nimbuzz?
    If yes, which one?
    Please be more specific.

  86. Hello Nimbuzz team,
    I have a question, when I’m having a free windows live messenger call on Nimbuzz mobile (Nokia E65, S60V3, Nimbuzz 2.4 for Symbian version) how can I go to chat screen and type messages to other contacts without hanging up call? Is that possible at all? I would really like to have that options, so if there is no that options can You please make it?

  87. @Zullian
    No, this possibility is not available, but we will consider it to be implemented.
    Kind Regards

  88. @Najeemnilambur
    we will consider making a compatible version, for the moment we do not have plans for it.

  89. i can’t see pictures of live messenger contacts.. Why? Waarom?? I want to see pictures of live messenger contacts also!!!! Dank.

  90. @kvp muro
    thanks for informing us, We currently are aware of some issues displaying the MSN avatars.
    Our team is working on it and we expect a fix pretty soon.

  91. Hi,

    I have an old version of Nimbuzz and DTMF feature was working for Nokia 5800 very goof. Now I am trying with the latest one, and I cannot use DTMF feature, When I place my call, the answer machine does not recognize any tone, and it goes directly to the operator…

    any clue? is this an intruduced bug?

    Thanks for feedback.

  92. @Carlos
    Thanks for reporting, we are not aware of any similar issue.
    Could you lease confirm you are using the version 3.0?
    Which SIP provider are you using to place a call?
    Or are you using NimbuzzOut?
    Let us know

  93. im using symbian v5 touch ……. I never go offline …thats what my friends say……plz do something about it…. See the app named ebuddy …when we sign out of ebuddy it waits for sometime .and signs out ……

  94. hi again.
    version of nimbuzz: 3.0.0 rev 3859
    S60 5Edition
    Nokia 5800
    SIP = Other (Configured by myself – AXTEL MX)

    With old version, DTMF works fine.

    With 3.0.0 DTMF stops working, I can heard the tones, but they are not recognized by the B-LEG.

    Additional information: when I place the call, with this new version, key pad is not displayed until the B-Leg is reached, then key pad appears in the screen. With old version (I don’t remeber which) the key pad was always visible.

    Is there something to debug? – I am a former troubleshooer – Tester Engineer, so I am familiar with software changes and bugs.

    I hope you can provideme a solution, or at least a link to download a preivios version of the software.

    (I had a open bug with the old one, the call only was up for 3-4 minutes, I did not reported that, and that is why I decided to upgrade the version, now with bad results, as I can not place the call any more or any longer)


  95. @absiiii
    We will consider creating a compatible version in the future.
    Stay tuned to our blog for more related news.

  96. @Carlos
    Thanks for your explanation and comment. :)
    We will contact you directly to the mail you have posted in this comment to get some more details, please inform us if you have a different mail address.

  97. i using sony ericson vivaj u5i.i downloaded ver 3.2 bt i cnt to call other user
    .only chat i can i using b4 n73 i calld bt nw it dnt show call icon.

  98. @jayed
    We do support calling on Nokia Symbian devices, your device is using Symbian OS but does not have some Nokia libraries we do use for the calling option hence this feature cannot be provided.

  99. Can you specify which nokia libraries?… I did device update usin nokia OVI and there is no updates.

    how to check the ones used by Nimbuzz are present on my device?
    Thanks & Regards

  100. @khan
    We do not support video calling yet, we aim to do so in the future.

  101. Hello
    I have zte racer n downloaded nimbuz 2.2 but I cnt make or receive call, I desperately need to have ur reply pls
    Also if u tell me thea version compatible to my mobile of nimbuz for calling.

  102. @stranger – Please reach out to with the following details:
    – What device model and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    – What type of connection are you using?
    – What is the provider/operator?
    – Do you get any error message?
    – When does this error message exactly appear?
    – Are you using an specific feature?
    – From which site did you download the application?
    – In which country are you located?

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