New: Nimbuzz Webchat 2.5

Nimbuzz webclient

Although not as well known as the Nimbuzz Mobile or Nimbuzz for PC/Mac, Nimbuzz Webchat is a great communication tool for when you are away from your personal computer but still want to connect and chat with all your friends for free. To try the new Webchat you have to login with our Nimbuzz id on (on the right side).

Here is the full feature list:

  • Send Files
  • Chat behind firewalls
  • Connect with all friends from: Facebook, Windows Live Messenger (MSN), Yahoo IM, ICQ / AIM / MobileMe, Google Talk and many more …
  • Webchat opens in a pop-out window – so you can keep on browsing and chatting without losing your conversations
  • Tabbed chat – so you keep everything organized
  • Support for the MSN animated emoticons
  • Improved Chat UI – with easy to use icons
  • Clickable links in personal messages – to stay up to date with your friend’s activities

Nimbuzz Webchat useful for our Linux fans ;) .

As always your feedback much appreciated so if you already tried the new version please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

258 thoughts on “New: Nimbuzz Webchat 2.5

  1. Hi Guys,

    I’m a hardcore lover of Linux.I’m really awaiting nimbuzz chat client for Linux desks.I don’t think its a big hurdle for you guys to make nimbuzz chat client for Linux.

    Keep rocking guys.

  2. @Subin hutton
    We do not officially support Linux, but we are aware that some users have tried Nimbuzz successfully on Ubuntu and Wine.
    We will inform you in case there are any changes on this.

  3. Where can i get a trusted version of nimbuzz that works on my lg kg290? the version i have is untrusted and does not even open. i downloaded it thrice and stil no luck

  4. why does nimbuzz threw out the chat room fiture???
    though that it’ll be the greatfull when nimbuzz had it, coz i can find new friends there…

    thats why i love the old version.

  5. @ixyak
    We are aware that lot of our users enjoy using the Chatrooms; however this feature was disabled on the Desktop version a while ago due to technical reasons.
    Due to shifting of priorities and focus on other feature we do not have plans to enable it back in the near future.

  6. @Remy
    We are aware that some Mobile Operators are blocking Nimbuzz and similar services in Egypt.
    We recommend you to check directly with your provider for more information.

  7. @Mafatshe
    You can also allow to download third party application on your device settings.

  8. @aamir maaz
    We aim to have video chat in the future, however due to shifting of priorities we are not working in order to implement this in the near future.
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which type of guidance/help do you need?
    Let us know

  9. Hi guys, nimbuzz staff, today i went to Online Gallery and i decided to Delete All Files, after which an Error Message Appeared and says *Internal Server Error, please contact*
    So guys, please see to it.
    From now on everytime i go to Online Gallery, same error message appear. Its strange… Anyway take care of it, many hugs.

  10. The new webchat fails to connect from the WinXP today. It was working all right till Friday 9 April. The new pop does not load connect.

    Pls help.

  11. @Anonymz03* – Kevin
    Could you please send us a screen shot of this error message to
    Also include the information: browser in use, time & date when this happened for the last time
    Thanks for your time!
    In order to investigate this issue, could you let us know the following:
    Which browser were you using?
    Which exact error message did you receive?
    Are you able to login with your account into another Nimbuzz client, like PC or Mobile?
    Are you in a restricted network, like work or university?
    Let us know!

  12. i m not able to connect my new nimbuzz 2 in my nokia E71. Please help me. Or which sw can performe the similar fuctions. Pl tell me.

  13. @Me
    Thanks for reporting this.
    We are currently aware of some issues while using the search chatroom option.
    Our team is working in order to have this fixed as soon as possible.

  14. @idola
    In order to get your feedback and comments, please write to us in English.

  15. @anil
    Could you let us know which exact error message do you receive when trying to login to Nimbuzz?
    Which type of connection do you have?
    Which internet provider do you use?
    Where are you located?
    Since when are you experiencing this issue?
    Let us know!

  16. i would like2 thx alot nimbuzz team about all good job, there is problem shown from 2days when to try searching in chat rooms about some error, i am turasting to slove this problem in near future
    my regards

  17. i m using aircel ISP in Dwarka sec 2 in new delhi, india. It is the service provider blocking nombuzz to connect with server. When i contact customer support, they denied any blocking. Tell what to do.
    With regards.

  18. hai guys,i dnt wht happen evrytime i wnt to go 2 any chatr0om its alwys error.could u help pls. tnx

  19. why its hard to go to the chat room, my location is in Riyadh and since last week im experiencing the same problem. I feel so upset, please fix the internal error of your system…

  20. @Noona
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Is there any feature you would like to see implemented?
    Do you have any suggestion?
    We are aware of some issues in regards of the Search functionality for the chatrooms.
    Our Team is working in order to have this fixed as soon as possible.
    Excuses for the inconveniences.
    Thanks for your support guys! :)

  21. @Ahmed
    Do you mean the right to left writing is not well displayed?
    Let us know, and if possible send a screenshot to
    Please check with your network provider if you are allowed to use applications that require the use of socket connection or just Http.
    If you are just allowed to browse sites that use Http connection you won’t be able to use Nimbuzz.

  22. any chances to have an alternative interface for the web version of nimbuzz, that does not require adobe flash?

  23. @ilberto
    If you cannot use adobe flash, you can also use the wap version of Nimbuzz going to:
    Thanks for reporting.
    Our team will have a look into it.

  24. hiii i was using nimbuzz software from last two yrs. bt now a days i cant connect it. from this month my nimbuzz is nt connecting properly. whn i connect nimbuzz, it shows reconnecting.. it doesnt connect.. i’m using aircel operator service. is this my operator problem or its from u?? plzz help me.. i need very much nimbuzz.. thnxx

  25. @prashant
    Where are you located (Country)?
    Since when are you facing this issue?
    Which type of connection/data plan do you have?
    Which device and Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Let us know

  26. @Missiey-lil
    The webchat version does not require installation. Are you maybe using Nimbuzz version for desktop?
    Which kind of issue are you facing? Do you get any error message? If yes, which one?


  27. Pls help i olso have lg mobile and i dont have nimbuzz pleeeeeeease make it download in my mobile

  28. Am facing a connection problem in nimbuzz .I was using nimbuzz for past 1yrs but from last month wen ever i try to login it gives an error message ‘reconnecting connection lost’ .Am located in India,mumbai and am using aircel gprs provided by Aircel which is a socket connection. Even checked with my servies provider there is no problem from their side !
    Plz help me out !

  29. @Shank
    Could you let us know which device and Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Since when do you face this issue?
    Are you able to connect to other applications that require Internet connection?
    Let us know

  30. hiiiee i’m Prashant from Mumbai India. i was using nimbuzz last 2-3 yrs. bt from the april’s 1st week there r problems in connecting nimbuzz to me & all my frnds who r using nimbuzz. we r using aircel gprs & this is running good for any other net softwares.. only nimbuzz cant connect it. i used new version of nimbuzz for my nokia e62. bt from last month we cant connect nimbuzz & my frnds too. & one thing nimbuzz is connect by airtel gprs bt not aircel gprs. so I call my service provider.. bt there is no any changes done from them. have u made any changes for running nimbuzz?? plzz help me out.i’m repeating my problem whn i connect nimbuz the proble comes “connection lost reconnecting..” some time nimbuz open bt only for a minute or only for few seconds.. i request u plz do something.. we need nimbuzz.. we r waiting 4 ur good & successfull reply..

  31. My sony ericsson mobile doesnt have the ‘call’ option. It’s sony ericsson w995i. What’s the problem? The old version didn’t too. Another problem is that if I was typing something in chat and somebody else inserted a text, mine will be gone!!!

  32. @sanu_kt
    The Chatroom feature has been disabled from the Desktop client due to technical reasons, Unfortunately we do not have plans in the near future to enable them back.

  33. @Hanaa
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature.

  34. I am certain aircel gprs or nimbuzz either of them have blocked us. Aircel gprs plan of Rs.98 for a month is a total fake, You can open nimbuzz when it expires but nimbuzz wont open the moment you renew your gprs plan. These morons…. I always knew it was them.

  35. @watingna namchoom
    We do not have information to say that Aircell has blocked our services.
    We are expecting to have a solution for this issue in the upcoming release.

  36. I am not able to open voice chat in my W350i mobile in aircel kerala-india through nimbuzz. why?

  37. @vincent
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature.

  38. Hey.. Hi Nimbuzz group..! I am from India and i am using,this great app,from past 5 years.. Recently (couple of months ago) my nimbuzz stopped connecting.. My network operator iz Aircel and i using APN aircelgprs.. I also tried aircelwap.. Both are not working..! Nimbuzz used to work fine before,with aircelgprs and on same handsets.. There is no problem in my Gprs,as m able to use other apps with same APN..!! Nimbuzz Support is not replying in this issue.. Let me add one statical point that all Aircel Indian users are not able to use nimbuzz.. I am looking for a stable nimbuzz version which could atleast provide me the service to connect my all IMs..!!
    – Farah Ali..

  39. how come Aircel and nimbuzz both of them does nothing abt the connection problem after repeated complaints? They both need to sort this fraustrating problem soon. ‘connection lost reconnecting’?Reconnecting since 4 months…. Plz do something fast.

  40. nimbuz team, pls help us fast. I am shijo and m using airtel mobile internet plan at rs.96. Once i m installed nimbuzz and it shows great performance than ebuddy. For three days it worked well and when i renewed my plan then shows connection lost problem. I m using nokia N70. My problem occurs till 7 june.
    Find a solution to get this stuff work back. Because i m addicted to it

  41. Dear Team,

    I’m Subin I m also from India.I’m actually having the same issue like shijo said.I just talked to Airtel India customer care and they says the issue is with nimbuzz.

    Please check the forum you can see the different posts from people complaining about the same issue.Please do something for us…..Pleaseeeee



  42. Hello Subin,

    Thanks for informing us.

    Could you please inform which device model and Nimbuzz version you use?

    Which Airtel plan you have?

    Could you please inform us with your IMEI number (via email ) so we can send you a test build? (You can check the IMEI by entering *# 06 # on your mobile)

    Kind regards.

  43. Hello ALI,

    Could you inform the device model and Nimbuzz version you use?

    When you started experiencing this issue?

    Could you please inform us with your IMEI number (by email) so we can send you a test build specific for this issue? ( you can check your IMEI by typing *#06# on your phone)


  44. It seems like most of the indian users are having the issues and the issue reported in all ISP’s (Airtel,Aircel,vodaphone and Idea).This issue started two days back.I experienced session error messages first now connection to the server lost error message.I hope nimbuzz guys will sort it out very soon.

  45. Hey Queralt Escrich..

    I am using Nokia N81 at present.. I have latest nimbuzz version! Point to note is that, nimbuzz is not working on any handset and none of its versions are working,including java..!! So issue is not with handset model or with nimbuzz version.. I will send you email on support@nimbuzz,same as above, (though i have sent one earlier,still not replied by Nimbuzz Team) including my imei number..!!

    Latest Problem- its not working even with airtel 98rs/2 GB plan..!! Pliz sort it out..

    Farah Ali..

  46. Still I’m not able to access nimbuzz.But yesterday night I got connected to nimbuzz for 30 minutes.But I noticed a strange thing.All the new messages got lost and the message box was containing older messages like 6 months back.It was already deleted from my account.Don’t know when this issue gonna fix :(

  47. I just found something for you.When I tried to access in my mobile browser to download nimbuzz,its showing timeout error message.Something like a fire-walled access.I don’t know whether it will help u to track down the issue.Hope it will be fixed soon.

  48. @Ali I’ve reported the same to Airtel and they are saying this issue is not related to Airtel.Which connection are you using?Nimbuzz support keeps silence :(Its gonna be one week.I feel like its time for me to move on

  49. I moved to Docomo.. Giving superb speed.. 35 kpbs in day and 45+ kpbs at night.. lol.. I never reached this peak.. N Nimb is working fine with docomo..

  50. not geting nimbuz for 10 days..i am frm kerala,india ..using w880 se….connection is airtel mobile ofice….my frnds are also sufering same prblm..,i am using 1.7 version

  51. hai, its watingna again, I m still having the same connection problem. I have noticed the nimbuzz guys asking the same questions like’ what is ur location, what connection r u using? What make is ur phone? blah.. blah. What u need to understand is nimbuzz was functioning well with all the users in the first place and then the connection problem started. We want answers from the nimbuzz team not questions. Aircel claim s the problem is wid nimbuzz and vice versa. Why did u make nimbuzz so as to make us so addicted and then deprive us of our daily dose? Plz find a solution soon or atleast tell us who is the peddler here so that we nimbuzz addicts can knock his door.

  52. @Salman
    Thanks for your interest.
    The chatroom feature has been disabled from the Nimbuzz PC client version.
    You can still use the chatrooms on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and/or Java devices.

  53. @watingna namchoom
    We need to ask the same questions, since this information is not provided.
    With this information we can detect if the issue is localized in the client or the network.
    We are currently looking into the issues reported.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  54. Guys,Its me subin again.I’ve already updated my findings to the nimbuzz team.Customers of all ISP’s india except docomo reported the same issue and they are not able to access nimbuzz still.I just moved to docomo and nimbuzz is working fine when I use docomo connection.I tried airtel,vodafone,idea and the issue still persists.I talked to the airtel customer service multiple times and they say they are not blocking nimbuzz.hmmm don’t know whats the reason.Maybe nimbuzz server is blocking all the connections from India or Indian ISP’s blocking nimbuzz.

  55. My phone is n70. . .I love nimbuzz. .Now a day airtel mobile office is not working in nimbuzz. What wil i do. Help me. . Help me. . .Waiting 4 ur reply

  56. Nimbuzz is a great application! I have been using it for a long time. But now it doesnt work with my “airtel mobile office”. Any way i cant leave airtel. Any solution for this?? Pliz help :(

  57. @Remo
    Thanks for reporting.
    Our Team is already looking into those connectivity issues.

  58. @Subin
    Thanks for the information provided.
    We have identified the issue and our team is working on it.
    Please be patient.

  59. @Fibin
    Thanks for reporting, we are currently aware of the issue and our team is working on it.

  60. Hi….
    Im using nokia n82 with airtel connection in kerala….I was satisfied with nimbuzz til the end of MAY….But I cant use nimbuzz on june.then I talked with airtel c care.they said dat… is only avilable thru airtel live settings.not tru mobile office.I dont knw why they block dis service…?

  61. @Lalu
    Thanks for reporting, we are currently investigating this.
    In order to help us find out more about it, could you let us know which Circle are you using?

  62. @fibin and lalu im also having same problem. Any one help please
    @queralt escrich i hope u will solve it soon im from kerala, thrissur

  63. Why now skype is not work i chear only beep . What is this :server is coruptet, no longer avalible skype on nimbuzz ??? Please anserwer my question THX

  64. @maciex
    Skype is available on Nimbuzz.
    Could you please describe which kind of issue are you facing?

  65. i am not satisfied wd nimbuzz desktop version its like we ae been fool by the company as the feature of vthe chatrooms was disabled in the latest version

  66. @xaid
    You can use Nimbuzz Chatrooms on Nimbuzz for Symbian and Java mobile devices.
    We will consider adding this feature to other platforms.

  67. Once a time I used to use Nimbuzz madly using nokia n95. But then faced a year break! Recently I’ve bought S.E. X10i, and have installed my old friend Nimbuzz but where is Chat room? Cant find it, man! Need emergency help, Please!

  68. @Jan
    The chatroom feature is supported on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices, not for Android devices like yours.

  69. @sadegh
    Could you be more specific?
    Which Nimbuzz version do you use?
    Are you not able to find the Chatroom feature? or do you get any error when trying to use this fetaure?
    Let us know!

  70. @Salman
    The chatroom feature has been disabled on the PC client.

    Due to shifting priorities and more focus on improving the voice and IM (non-chatroom) experience we don’t have any plans on the short or mid term for chatrooms on the PC client.

    We will review the possibilities this year but for now there are no plans.

  71. Now-a-days,using applications like NIMBUZZ we r being able to make friends worldwide….there is no doubt that “NIMBUZZ TEAM” is always trying their best to provide their users with the best fecilities available to them.But we want much more from u “NIMBUZZ TEAM”!

  72. @subrata
    thanks for your comment and feedback.
    Do you have any suggestions? Let us know so we can improve.

  73. @Shah
    The Chatroom feature is available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices, not on webchat.

  74. i just downloaded latest version of numbuzz and cannot connect to facebook if i try facebook page opens and i click on i agree and then it says error accoured try again tried over and over again same error tried reinstalling is there a fix or can i degrade it if yes then how and what date to set .

  75. @lester
    We are aware of some Facebook connectivity issues.
    Our team has been working on a fix for that, could you try to
    re-register your FB account on Nimbuzz and inform us if the issue
    If it does, could you let us know which device and Nimbuzz version are
    you using?
    Note if you are using a Nimbuzz Java version older than 1.9 the FB
    community won’t show, we strongly recommend you to update to the
    latest version available and try again.
    Kind Regards

  76. Nimbuzz is great and top level chatting software. Im appreatiating.. I like nimbuzz always. And im inviting my friends to nimbuzz. Its 75% perfect working. Other 25% is imperfect. I mean nimbuzz server. Connecting and logging are very slow. Connection between me and server are poor. Many people have same problem. So i cannot changing profile photo, sending file to enyone…. Im reqsted please check nimbuzz server capability and improve it.. Thanks nimbuzz….

  77. nimbuzz is a great messenger but it not having chat room option….plz tell me from where can i get the nimbuzz with chat room option….plz reply me…

  78. @tushar
    Chatrooms are just available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Java and Symbian devices.

  79. hi, i am from iran. I use nimbuzz on my phone, and it’s perfect! But my country is filtering the nimbuzz site and i can’t use my online galery by the program, how can i access my online galery by nimbuzz wap? Please answer me:-) tnx a lot

  80. @lida
    Thanks for reporting; we are aware of those filtering issues n Iran. Our team is trying to have this solved as soon as possible.

  81. some one has blocked my nimbuzz id .. he he told me he is blocking it from server.. how nimbuzz made this so easy for a user to block anyone.. i cant access any chatroom now.. on mobile and on any client…
    please tell me the way so that i can unblock my id back.. and search chatroom

  82. please guide me how to buy credits in nimbuzz i dont know how to buy credits,, please call me back and tell me the informations,,

  83. @janani
    You can buy credits from our website or within the Nimbuzz application:
    Go to the “Call” tab > Click on the top bar on the “Call” tab > Select NimbuzzOut as your VoIP provider> Click on Buy Credit > Follow the instructions on screen
    To buy credits using NimbuzzOut for PC, click on your NimbuzzOut balance in the top right corner of the client and select the “Buy NimbuzzOut Credit”. You will automatically be taken to the NimbuzzOut buying page.
    You can buy directly from our site:

  84. I m using motorola milestone which is an android based phone..I m unable to access nimbuzz chatroom on my mobile..can u plz help me with that???

  85. @ranjeev
    We do not support chatrooms on Android just on Nimbuzz Mobile on Java and symbian devices.

  86. Using Nimbuzz version 1.7 i used to send large files like mp3, now i have version 1.9 and it dont have this. Add it to version 1.9 Or help me get version 1.7 please.i’ll be waiting Thank you a lot.

  87. @Bisremen
    Due to technical reasons we do not provide older versions to users.
    Coudl you be more specific on the issue you are facing? Do you get any error message when trying to send a file? Which one?
    Let us know

  88. Hi,
    I am from India. Could you please provide me a link to download Nimbuzz old version which is having chat room feature.

  89. Hi

    I am using galaxy s but since no chat rooms are available for android i am not using it..plz guide if in future we will get chat rooms for android phones???


  90. @Syed
    We do not offer Chatrooms on Nimbuzz for Android.
    we currently do not have plans to implement them in the near future.

  91. iam using nimbuzz p.c. ; but i cant use chatrooms in nimbuzz p.c. . is there possible to enter chat rooms through nimbuzz p.c.???

  92. @pupz
    Due to shifting priorities and more focus on improving the voice and IM (non-chatroom) experience we don’t have any plans on the short or mid term for chatrooms on the PC client.

  93. @zia
    we do not support chatrooms on Nimbuzz Desktop client.
    We do not have plans to implement them in the near future.

  94. hi i updated nimbuzz in my symbian phone, i got the favourites … But there is no template option and templates ..
    I m having so difficulty , we need templates back.

  95. am unable to access nimbuzz… when i open nimbuzz he said… connection failed… i tiresd many times… but same response… but i can use web page by long pressing 0 key… i ask to customer care… she said that nimbuzz is 3rd s/w… we doesnt support nimbuzz and opera… plzz help me…
    and one more question how can i enter in desired room of nimbuzz chat..from my pc… waiting for reply…

  96. @ Mehrose
    Due to technical reasons we do not support chatrooms on PC. What exact error message do you get and when does it appear ?
    Which device, Nimbuzz version and type of connection are you using ?

  97. @ Maqbool ahmad
    If you mean Nimbuzz webchat ; you can go to our main page ; and login there.
    If you mean chatrooms ; they are supported on Java and Symbian devices.

  98. @meysam @میثم رحمان زاده
    We do not support Chatrooms on Nimbuzz for PC.
    There are not plans to enable this feature in the near future.

  99. hi…can u plz tel me when nimbuzz is going to launch chatrooms for pc?i really want dis…or in which version i can get the chat rooms?

  100. I have a problem with the new version for mobile phones, pictures of other users aren’t viewed, even my picture isn’t :S. Also I have a problem uploading and downloading pictures, so my problem is generally with pictures. I tried re-installing the program but all in vain. Regards


  101. @ satya
    Due to technical reasone we have disabled the chatrooms from PC. We do not have certain plains implementing them back.

  102. @ ESSO1994
    Could you tell us which device, type of connection and the number of Nimbuzz version are you using ? Do you receive an error message ? If so, what does this error message say?

  103. The device is NOKIA N73 with WAP connection. And no, I don’t receive error messages. My version is 3.2.0
    Regards :)

  104. iam using android and I miss the chatroom I hope nimbuzz will support chatroom on android device….

  105. @ kebb, maulik
    Thanks for your request, chatrooms are on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices.
    We don’t have any plans on the short or mid term on other platforms, because of shifting priorities and more focus on improving the voice and IM (non-chatroom) experience.

  106. @ ESSO1994
    Thanks for the update.
    Are you not able to view the avatars of all your contacts, or just Nimbuzz contacts ? Or is it just with sending and receiving files? Or both?
    Let us know.

  107. i use nimbuzz on my nokia n70, there all is going ok but my tweeter direct msgs are not sohwn there for this i singn in to tweeter wt i can do to recive them at nimbuzz it is always showing empty. Thanks

  108. @ naeem
    We are aware that there is an issue and we are working in order to find a solution.

  109. @Yasmin
    Thanks for your reply. I am not able to view avatars of Nimbuzz contacts and sending/receiving pics operations. But I can view avatars of Yahoo! and Facebook contacts very normally.

  110. Using nimbuzz 4 past 6 mounths… Am using 1.9 vrn on my nokiya 7230..idea conection. But nw when i try to conect it shows nimbuz server is failed to conect u.. Plce help me.. I try to download new vertions but they can’t download easy like my old version.. What can i do.. Plce help me.. Hope i should get a apt remedy from u.. And i can use my nimbuz again..

  111. I’am using nimbuz1 .9 version on my nokiya 7230 for past 6 mth.. But now when i tried to connect it shows ‘connection attempt to the nimbuz server is faild’ what can i do.. Can i use my nimbuz again..

  112. @Shikka
    Which type of connection do you use?
    Which Nimbuzz version do you use?
    Since when are you facing this issue?
    Did you try to use Wi-Fi connection?
    In which country are you located?
    Let us know.

  113. @salma
    Chatrooms are not supported on Nimbuzz for PC; they are available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices.

  114. U can’t able to go chat room in samsung galaxy pop(s5570) .pls help for this……… If any body know for this pls mail me..

  115. @senthil kumar
    Chatrooms are currently not available on Android devices like yours, just on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices.

  116. @ gertrudessarol
    Could you please be more specific about your issue ?
    Could you tell us which device, type of connection and the number of Nimbuzz version are you using ? Do you receive an error message ? If so, what does this error message say?
    In which country are you located ?

  117. hey guys,
    when u people going to upload a trusted version for LG GW300..??i’m now using another version and i can’t send files and also can’t download the recieved files…it says unsupported files while i’m downloading the recieved images from online gallery.i donno whats the problem…plz help me guys..i’m hardcore lover of this nimbuzz…

  118. @ SESSO, Ghanshyam Poudel
    Thanks for your request, but we have disabled chatrooms for Nimbuzz PC due to technical reasons.
    We do not have certain plans to implement them back in the near future.

    @ Midhun
    For the next time we suggest you to try to use the WAP-version of Nimbuzz to do this.

  119. hi,,,i cannot see my friend’s Current Profile Display Picture on my PC. When i click on the display Pic. in my PC. to enlarge…it enlarges and displays a different picture(which was previously used as display pic. of the same person).. Please help me out in this issue..Regards

  120. dear nimbuzz adim, Is nimbuzz for  curve 3g available to chat?if it is,please tell me the way.thx

  121. @Rasputin
    Thanks for informing us, could you let us know if this happen with Nimbuzz contacts or contacts from other IM communities?
    In which country are you located?
    Which Nimbuzz version are you using?

  122. @unknown
    Yes, check directly on BB App World to download Nimbuzz into your device.

  123. Dear Queralt escrich,
    this is in response to the query sent by me regarding..the display pic..i have only Nimbuzz contacts in my id….i don’t have contacts from other i couldn’t check other contacts from other Communities (Display Pic)..sorry for that..location is India.. and version is Nimbuzz 1.6 Version…but now i’m trying to install a newer version. 2.0..i will check..the problem let u know in near futrue,,,..thank you..

  124. @Rasputin
    We strongly recommend you install the latest version available and try again, avatars should be available then.

  125. hi
    i am nimbuzz fan i am using samsung galaxi fit and there is no chat rooms are showing in my device what can i do.??????????????

  126. @gopal
    Chatrooms are just available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java based devices, not Android.

  127. I’m using nimbuzz for last 3 years. This application is very user friendly. Chat room feature is the highlite of this application but it is disabled now. We want this feature back. And also try to include the notification and status updates from facebook and google+. Thanx guys for this wonderful application. Keep going.

  128. 1st i enjoyed lot with the help of nimbuzz templates, now i upload new version here there is no templates option, please say how can i download nimbuzz with templates option :(

  129. @Harif
    Thanks for your comment.
    Chatrooms are available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices.
    Regarding Google+ and FB do you mean you would like to see News feed implemented on nimbuzz? if so, how would you add that feature?

  130. @imtiaz
    Chatrooms are available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices, not on Android.

  131. i was use nimbuz in sony ericssion w595 phne.nw i use it in galaxy can’t log chat do i.log chat rooms in galaxy.plz help me…

  132. @Thiwanka Maduranga
    Chatrooms are available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices, not on Android based devices (like the galaxy)


  133. Nimbuzz is really a useful app. BUT are there any JAVA EMULATORS for windows pc using which i can access the chatroomS???????………if yes then can u plz give me the link to download it?

  134. When Nimbuzz will open chat room for iPhone and android Plz gyz do it fast. All android and iPhone users are waiting

  135. I m using iphone4 after update its ios 5.0.1 ihave nimbuz messnger but i dont have room in this plz help me wht i do

  136. @Fayaz
    Thanks for your interest, however we do not have plans to implement this feature in the near future.

  137. @Zoby
    Chatrooms are currently available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices; not on iPhone.

  138. Iam Shaik Anwar last night i log in nimbuzz and join a chat room then One guy sending flooder then i tell him stop it then I cm out…the chat room, when i re lo-gin the room they showed: Error Uh oh, looks like you are banned from this room…..!

    what should i do

  139. @Shaik anwar
    Just the moderator/owner of the room can ban and unban a user from a room.
    We cannot give you those privileges.

  140. we all are asking for chat rooms enabled pc version please team nimbuzz think about it…
    once i had symbian device and that was great expirence to use nimbuzz with chat rooms, but everthing’s gone now.
    sorry for my bad english..

  141. Hi, i use nimbuzz version 3.3.1 on my nokia n70 but it dozn’t show my direct messeges in twitter account.

  142. @manish
    Thanks for your interest, currently we do not have plans to implement this in the near future. But we will consider it

  143. Hi,
    Nimbuzz is fraud I have recharge my account with $10. but I am not able to make any call. I have send numorous mail regarding this but whenever I get reply (once after 4-5 mail) from their support team they just what is problem. I stated my problem many time. No response from nimbuzz team. I have forgot my 500 rupees. Suggest other don’t waste your money in this.

  144. @ajay
    Your account koderma1 was able to place calls successfully yesterday, please confirm your issue was solved.

  145. @faramarz
    Due to technical reasons we have disabled the chatroom feature from the PC version and we do not have certain plans about implementing it back.

    Let us know if you have more questions,

  146. @liezel
    We do not support this feature on android devices but we are considering implementing it in the future,

  147. how to recover my nimbuzz.. someone use my acc and chnge the password. but i didnt put my email & phone num when register. help me

  148. Hi
    I cannot find chatroom on my mob I have samsung ace s5830 mobile fone I am using nimbuzz bt I cannot find chat room kindly tell me abt it thanx

  149. @Nafees
    Chatrooms are just available on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices, not on Android.

  150. cannot open nimbuzz in my nokia c3 since last one week,all other sites like fb,google ,everything is working smoothly,only problem in opening nimbuzz

  151. Before downloading nimbuzz for my andoid phone i thought chatrooms will be super awsome but unfortunately its not even there. I seriously think its th chatroom facility u provided gave the fame n exposure to nimbuzz users. Now all the nimbuzz users are asking for it and why isnt there any serious consideration about it ? when is th chatrooms going to be put back ?(like in an year or 2?)

  152. @gladwin – We are already working on launching the chatroom feature for Android in our future releases. However, we can not fix a particular date when it will be implemented.

  153. @biju – You can try to remove the Nimbuzz application from your device and re-install the latest version of 1.9.5 from In case you still face any issues please reach out to

  154. good day. i would just like to voice out my concern regarding opening may yahoo account in nimbuzz. until now, i am not able to open my yahoo account through nimbuzz. it’s always giving me a message “user blocked” even though i’m entering the correct yahoo account name and password. the first time i got this message, i surfed through the net that i might have entered the wrong password for a couple of times and i have to wait for sometime before the system can reset my account. but after 4 months of not using nimbuzz, i tried opening it and still it gave me the same message. hope someone can enlighten me. thank you.

  155. I just put 10$ on my account to call out and the call ends everytime I dial.. my account is suspended after I pay my money what scam are ysll running

  156. @Jeffrey – We request you to sign in directly in to yahoo website, sign out and sign in back in the chat option on the left hand side of the screen under contacts. Then, try to add your yahoo account back in Nimbuzz it should work perfectly fine. In case of any questions reach out to Regards!!

  157. Hi I would like to know about does iPhone has chat room ? If is got what version is that could you help me pls

  158. @Shoaib – Currently the chatroom feature is available only on PC, Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices. We are already working on launching this feature for iphone in our future releases. Stay tuned for related new and updates on

  159. @mahmoud, @hana, @Max – Due to technical limitations we have removed the chatroom feature from the PC version. Chatroom feature will be back in the future releases. Thanks for your support.

  160. @Justin – Currently the chatroom feature is available only on Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices. We are already working on launching this feature for iphone in our future releases. Stay tuned for related new and updates on

  161. Y not the nimbuzz voice call not perfect since 2 weeks, when it will be ok?. My mobil is galexy s2.

  162. @saleem – Please remove the application once from your device and re-install the application from Thanks!!

  163. I wanna use the nimbuzz chat rooms as in case of mobiles we can use chat in the chat rooms! Can any 1 tell me about this?

  164. @adam – Chat room is available only on Java and Symbian device. We are working on introducing this feature in other devices as well. Stay tuned for related info on Thanks!!

  165. @prince jazzy – Chatrooms are currently not available on iphone. We only support this feature on Java, Symbian and Android. We are working on introducing this feature on other platforms in the near future. Also we only support messenger service for Facebook on Nimbuzz. We do not provide the full support of Facebook on Nimbuzz. Thanks!!

  166. @Najla – Nimbuzz chatrooms are only available on Java, Symbian and Android. We are already working on coming up with this feature in other platforms in near future. Stay tuned for related info on Thanks!!

  167. @medo – Unfortunately you cannot access the online gallery through web version of Nimbuzz. Thanks!!

  168. can any one please tell me how to open chat rooms in nimbuzz????…i don’t know how to open it???? plz plz plz someone tell me!!!

  169. @hadia – In order to access chat rooms via PC, please click on Settings>>Go to Chatrooms. Thanks!!

  170. Pls pls help me how can I use chatroom on my qmobilea900 cos there r no chat room on nimbuzz plz help me

  171. @Shazia – We apologize for the inconvenience which you may have faced. The issue you’re facing requires further follow ups. We request you to please send us an email at for assistance.

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