New low-cost messaging phones – Nokia C3, C6 and E5

nokia c3-c6-e5

Following Nokia C5, which we covered a few weeks ago on the blog, the giant mobile manufacturer comes back with 3 new mobiles that have the same style and concept as the first one:  Simple, Social, Affordable.

The three new phones focus on maintaining social connections with a low price point. C3, C6 and E5 are each equipped with a full  QWERTY keyboard which will enable the users to email and chat faster than on any other S40 device.  Also all the devices have the ability to support up to ten email accounts and download thousands of  applications from Nokia’s Ovi store. The new mobiles are designed to fit the needs of the growing economies and to raise Ovi’s download rate from 1.6 Million apps per day to point where it can compete with the App Store.

Below you can see the specs of each mobile and the presentation clip:

Nokia C3 Specs

  • Symbian S40 OS
  • 2.4″ QVGA display
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • 2MP camera
  • WIFI connectivity
  • FM radio
  • supports up to 8GB of external storage
  • supports Nimbuzz - for chat and file sharing [download link]
  • available in golden white, slate grey and hot pink in Q2 for 90€ ($122 USD)
YouTube Preview Image

Nokia C6 Specs

  • 3.2″ 360×640 touchscreen
  • full slide-out keyboard
  • 5MP autofocus camera with flash
  • front-facing camera
  • GPS
  • Ovi Maps support
  • supports Nimbuzz – for free chating and file sharing [download link]
  • upto 16GB of external storage
  • available in black and white varieties in Q2 for220€ ($299 USD)
YouTube Preview Image

Nokia E5 Specs – the business phone

  • S60 3rd Edition
  • 2.4″ QVGA display
  • 5 megapixel camera with flash
  • GPS
  • Wi-FI
  • supports Nimbuzz - for free calling, chating and file sharing [download link]
  • support for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes
  • available Carbon Black, Chalk White, Sky Blue, Copper Brown and Silver Grey in Q3 for 180€ ($224 USD)
YouTube Preview Image

118 thoughts on “New low-cost messaging phones – Nokia C3, C6 and E5

  1. Nokia is killing the blackberry ,
    New cheap social networking & Messaging smartphones with push mail & side-sliding with QWERTY keyboard at an affordable price

  2. I was wondering why in C6 and E5 there were a word “for FREE chating…. “, but in C3, there were no “FREE”, only “for chat and file sharing”???

    I know that C3 is not symbian! but i don’t know the difference as I don’t have S40 device. In fact I don’t know if Nimbuzz for iphone is different as the one for blackbery or for nokia or for generic java phone. please enlighten me. or maybe nimbuzz need to create a matrix comparison table for this.

    as the word “killing blackbery”. I think it’s not really appropriate. because in year 2009 Nokia E72 alone sell more than all type of blackbery combined together. FYI, nokia sold around 160 million E+N series, where’s blackbery only sold around 30 million beries.

    What appropriate is the word “chalanging samsung”, as samsung sold more qwerty based phone corby than blackbery.

  3. My Sony Ericsson C510 is not functioning well with nimbuzz. I post my problem a couple of times but not yet solved. Does my unit compatible with nimbuzz? Thank you.

  4. @Loriene
    Yes, your device does support Nimbuzz.
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which kind of issue are you facing?
    Do you get any error message? When? Which one?
    Let us know!

  5. Hello! This is the issue im facing: everytime i type in the chat screen it disappear when a message is coming.Always like that so i cnt enter a chatroom because when i open d chatscreen it’s closing or when i start typing it will close so the one im typing disappear.i have not receive any error message…can you pls fix my problem so i can enjoy chatting esp on group chat.thank you!

  6. After 1 week enjoying the the Nokia messenger sevice on this device. YM,GTalk,MSN Messenger are disappear from the device. Its totally waste and not going to recommen to anybody.This phone sucks.

  7. @Bala
    What do you mean by disappear?Are you not able to register those accounts anymore?
    Let us know which version do you use, and when was the last time you faced this issue (approx. date & time)

  8. What the different between
    a) for chat and file sharing (C3)
    b) for free calling, chating and file sharing (E5)

    If I used C3 and connected the internet through wifi, can I call(free) people on my MSN or Skype contact list?

  9. @Jom
    The Nokia C3 uses a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature, so receiving or placing calls won’t be possible.

  10. my phone nokia E5 is supposed to be compatible with free calls but there are no instructions on how to do this. i have downloaded Nimbuzz 3 times and none of the downloads match the pretty little web images I’m supposed to get from the home page.
    I am also experiencing messages I receive disappearing before I get a chance to read them and messages I send disappear before the next message I receive appears. It is terribly frustrating!!

  11. @Anis
    Yes, your device does support calling via Nimbuzz.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  12. @Solly
    Yes the Nimbuzz version for your device does provide callingg.
    You can call your Nimbuzz, MSN, Yahoo and Gtalk for free.
    To call mobile lines and landlines you will need NimbuzzOut credits, more info can be found here:

  13. hello
    i get used to voice chat with nimbuzz on my old mobile phone
    but i bought a new nokia C3 and am not able to use this fearture anymore!!!
    is there any posibility to solve this provblem so i can use voice chatting?
    is there any alternative program where i can voice chat from my phone ?
    thanks a lot

  14. @sam
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling fetaure.

  15. Hiya…
    i have a doubt that is does Nokia E5 support Voip call … i mean the free call ( Nimbuzz to Nimbuzz ) through the device ? …

    Waiting for the Reply Curiously …

    Best Regards
    Mohsin Hassan Nizami

  16. @hassan
    Yes, your device uses does support calling via Nimbuzz.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  17. I got a nokia c3 and want to be able to hide my nimbuzz chats without having to logg on and off al the time what do i do? the nokia E 63 is able to do this am i able to do the same or im doomed.its such a hussle wanting to chat but logging off everytm u want to call. Please help

  18. does nokia c6-00 support nimbuzz voice calling from nimbuzz to nimbuzz or nimbuzz to gtalk etc.pls help me.i beg u help me.thanks

  19. Yes, we do support VoIP calling on the Nimbuzz version for this device.
    Select the contact you wish to call and press options > call.

  20. Hi! I am running nimbuzz on my nokia E5 and all of a sudden the call option is gone!!My gf uses nimbuzz as well and I cant hell her anymore on my nokia E5.I signed in with my details in my brother’s Nokia E71 and the call option is where it should be! Could you please help me out here!!!!

  21. the nokia c3 is the worst phone having alot of problems with mine.i had to take it back and exchange it 3 times already and centennial wireless wont give me a different the way anyone that is wanting centennial service,i dont reccomend it they dont help you out in anyway they just keep giving you the same phone and they dont care if u have to come in 3-4 times a week because you r having problems with their phones.i live 30 miles from the a waste of time and gas.

  22. @sayan
    Which Nimbuzz version are you running?
    Which Nimbuzz version is your girlfriend using? Note if she is using a Java or BlackBerry version of Nimbuzz she wont be able to receive or make calls.
    Let us know if the issue persist.

  23. Hello,

    Hello, do you have a list which contains the Phones/Model that are supported for Nimbuzz Voice Calls not only Chating. is it also possible to have a list of recommneded and fully supported phone for nimbuzz?


  24. @Dory
    Calling is support on Nimbuzz Mobile for Nokia Symbian S60 3rd and 5th generation, Android and iPhone devices.

  25. Hi..iam using the new lava B8…I want to know whether it has calling(nimbuzz to email ids) function…plz reply soon

  26. @Armar
    Your device is using a Java version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature.

  27. ok fine…but in their official website they have weitten about the calling feature of nimbuzz in their Lava B8 Model…

  28. @pia
    Do you mean a group call?
    we do not support this fetaure, but we will consider it :)

  29. am using nokia E5 and am installed latest version of nimbuzz.but i can my friends in yahoo,msn,gtalk…..wat can i do ! Is thr any settings!!? Plz reply me

  30. Hello everyone I am rohail. I am a nimbuzzer I just wanted to know that does nokia X302 touch and type supports nimbuzz ? and Does c3 01 touch and type supports nimbuzz ? and do they both support nimbuzz for free calling or not ? please help me because i am confused in buying these two mobile phones and also suggest me that which mobile phone should i buy ?

  31. @ rohail
    We do support the device Nokia X3-00 and X3-02.
    They are both Java based devices, they do not support calling. Calling is not supported on Java, Non-Nokia Symbian and BlackBerry devices.
    If you would like to know which devices we do support, you can go here and check it out :

  32. I have problems installing nimbuzz on my nokia E5.00. Certificate erro or expired certificate, invalid date and/or incorrect date.

    I have back dated my phone to 2010 yet same problem still arises. I also checked my application setting to see if it was only sign, thus, making sure “All” is selected, the “Online checking” is turned off yet same problem. Please what will I do to get it (nimbuzz) installed on nokia e5.00?

  33. @kaycii
    On your phone go to MENU- TOOLS – APPLICATION MANAGER. Check your setting by going to OPTIONS – SETTINGS and your will see Software Certification, set this to ALL if it isn’t already set. And if you also see the option ONLINE CERT CHECK set it to off.
    Now make sure your phone date is correct. As the latest Nimbuzz was released about 2-3 weeks ago if your phone date is earlier then 3weeks ago you will get a certification error telling you to check your phone date or something like that.
    So just be sure your phone date is correct and that you downloaded the most recent version of Nimbuzz.

  34. I m using nokia 5320 xpress music.kindly tel me whether nimbuzz calling facility will work in my handset or nt.Where can i download a active smart movie player ?Last many time i hv tried bt certificate me plz

  35. @daya
    Yes, calling is available on your device via Nimbuzz.
    If you have problems with the certificate:
    On your phone go to MENU- TOOLS – APPLICATION MANAGER. Check your setting by going to OPTIONS – SETTINGS and your will see Software Certification, set this to ALL if it isn’t already set. And if you also see the option ONLINE CERT CHECK set it to off.
    Now make sure your phone date is correct. As the latest Nimbuzz was released about 2-3 weeks ago if your phone date is earlier then 3weeks ago you will get a certification error telling you to check your phone date or something like that.
    So just be sure your phone date is correct and that you downloaded the most recent version of Nimbuzz.

  36. Hi,i want to ask that does nimbuzz work on nokia c3 or not???is their any problems using the nimbuzz software on nokia c3?if so then plz tell me and if not then yahoo…plz reply quickly plz…


  37. @danial
    Yes, Nimbuzz does work on Nokia C3
    You can download the app directly from

  38. @gaurav
    If you get “not enough memory” as an error, this might be cause some devices like yours sometimes do not have enough memory to run or support Nimbuzz application.
    we recommend you to use the Wap version directly on your phone browser going to

  39. Can’t I use Nokia E66 and Nokia E5 to call for connecting using Nimbuzz free calls? Service providers are Etisalat Dubai and STC Saudi. Appreciate your comments on this.

  40. @Mohammed
    The mentioned devices should support calling via Nimbuzz.
    We recommend you to check directly with your Network provider and ask if voIp might be blocked in their side.

  41. I bought new Nokia E-5 and when i tried to install nimbus, it shows “update error”. i tried downloading the versions from nimbuzz site and nokia store. with all installation files, the same error is happening.pls help me. regards.Vj.

  42. @Vigil
    In which country are you located?
    Which exact error message do you receive?
    When does it appear?
    Let us know and we will investigate this further.

  43. i am living in oman…my connection is nawras….
    the error message is “update error”….
    message is appearing after downloading complete and while installation….
    i tried with different setups…same result is getting…

  44. upto last week, I was using nimbuzz using my nokia 5800 with the same SIM. At that time i was not experienced any problems and with e5 only i am getting these kind of issues. Other voip softwares are working in my phone very well.

  45. @Vigil
    This error message normally occurs when you press the download button
    twice. Please press ‘download’ once and wait for the download to

    Does the error persist?

  46. does samsung galaxy or samsung wave support nimbuzz to nimbuzz free calls?? can you tell me if any samsung handsets supports nimbuzz calls or only nokia handsets support?

  47. @riya
    We do support calling on Android devices (Samsung Galaxy) but we do not support calling on Java based devices (Samsung Wave).
    We do support calling on Nokia symbian S60 3rd and 5th generation devices.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  48. nokia E5 does support nimbuzz to nimbuzz free calls right? do all android handsets support nimbuzz calling?

  49. i cant install nimbuzz on my nokia c6. can u suggest something. just yesterday i ve updated my device and from then i cant use my nimbuzz. then i deleted my installed nimbuzz. afterthat i tried to install it but all the time a message is being displayed “no access”
    plz help me

  50. Hi, still the same error persists. I tried installation via my mobile wap browser and thru nokia pc suite. This happens for version 3.02. When tried with earlier versions, like, version 2, installation getting completed with a warning message that this is not compatible with your device. And after completing this installation, while trying to login,it is not connecting to the server. I am using all other internet applications in my phone without any difficulties. Pls help me im this matter.

  51. @omar
    Which exact issue do you face when trying to download/install the app?
    Do you get any error message?Which one? When does it appear?
    Let us know

  52. Hi guys .i have bought new mobile. Nokia c3.on the hope that i can make free calls .but it is very sad to hear this.there is no option of free calls.plz do some thing to make calls by nokia c3.

  53. @sajid
    Due to current technical limitations we do not support VOIP calling on Blackberry and MIDP/Java based devices like yours.

  54. hello,
    I recently downloaded Nimbuzz, but I can’t message neither can I call. Is it because the reciepent has to have the app too? Please reply soon, thanks! :)

  55. @shikin
    Thanks for your comment, we do support your device and calling is available on it.
    Indeed the contact you want to call to needs to have Nimbuzz installed and have a version does support calling as well.

  56. i have nokia E5 mobile but when i am trying to install nimbuzz the installation process began and suddenly there is a message update error and its stopped can anyone please help in this matter, i have tried to install nimbuzz from nokia ovi store and even from nimbuzz website directly but the same error is appearig.

  57. @Ashfaq
    Thanks for reporting, our team is looking into it, have you tried to download a different version, like the one for Sony Ericsson Satio? Does that work?
    Let us know!

  58. @
    Thanks queralt escrich for your reply. but i have solved the problem before the problem was occurring as fring was installed on my mobile and i uninstalled fring from my mobile and tried to install nimbuzz its working fine thanks for your reply.

  59. Dear Ashfaq, i also tried to install nimbuzz after uninstalling fring. But, it is not happening with my E5. which version of nimbuzz do you installed??pls send me the link.

  60. Dear Vigil
    I have installed nimbuzz version 3.2.0. Directly from the nimbuzz website its working fine with me what is the error can u explain it clearly.

  61. @Ashfaq,

    I also tried to install the same version, the error mesg i am getting is “Update error” and then installation breaks off.

  62. @vigil,
    if you r using any voip application on your mobile just uninstall it and then try to install nimbuzz i hope it will not give an error.

  63. @ashfaq
    thanks dear. I removed all VOIP items and now nimbuzz is working. So, the problem may be because of the conflict between voip drivers of nimbuzz and other caller softwares. Anyway thanks ashfaq.

  64. @Vigil,
    i knew this error is occurring only when u have voip application installed.
    After installing nimbuzz u can install the voip applications too try to install the voip application u used before.
    Nimbuzz should look in this matter seriously.

  65. I have a nokia C3-00. I am able to send photos using nimbuzz application however not able to receive any photo.How to receive it? I am in India

  66. im using e5 and i used to chat and call wid my friends daily…but since last one day i hv lost the option of calling..and also my friend who is android user…she has been calling me but instead of ringtone im getting only msg tone … Can you help me out of this.iam using edition 3rd smthng.plz rep me asap

  67. then how much it will take to solve that issue. iam regular user of nimbuzz call and chat. still i didnot get any option of call. please solve this issue asap

  68. @somya – Nimbuzz supports calling on Android, iPhone and Nokia Symbian S60 3rd and 5th generation devices. Due to some technical limitations we do not provide calling on Java and BlackBerry based devices.

  69. @Sajid – You do need to perform any action to receive a photo. If someone sends you a file, you will get a notification. You can select the file and from the options select download file. In case you still face any issue, please reach out to

  70. I am using Nokia C3 (S40 based Phone). I am using Nimbuzz for Chatting / Texting.

    Can I use Nimbuzz out for Calling to Pakistan numbers, from Saudi Arabia.

    I have unlimited 3G Data plan

  71. @chalaku – Calling is currently supported on Android, iPhone and Nokia Symbian S60 3rd &5th generation devices. Due to technical limitations we do not support calling on Java & BlackBerry based devices. Thanks!!

  72. Sir ,
    My friend have Nokia c3 , she download nimbuz , but can’t open … say’s validty finished … why like so ?? will u please help me in this matter ????


  73. @sam – In order to help you to solve this issue, can you please be more specific and reach out

    – What device model and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    – What type of connection are you using?
    – What is the provider/operator?
    – Do you get any error message?
    – When does this error message exactly appear?
    – Are you using an specific feature?
    – From which site did you download the application?
    – In which country are you located?

  74. Sir,
    whenever i am installing the nimbuzz software it is showing internet connection err. my rest things like surfing is quite OK with same handset. i am having Nokia E5 with me. kindly guide me in this matter.size of installable software is 2.17mb

  75. @naim – We request you to send your query directly to with your account and device details since, this issue requires further follow ups. We will respond back to your query within 48 business hours.

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