VoIP over 4g?


Yes, that definitely  sounds good.

With the announcement of the new HTC EVO 4G we can only think of how great it will be to make free VoIP calls over 4G :D. The new Evo will be available in the US stores from June 4th at only 199$, with a monthly subscription from Sprint. This comes just a few days before Apple’s WWDC 2010 on 7 June, where they will (hopefully) unveil the official iPhone 4G. So in just a matter of weeks we will have 2 handsets capable of making VoIP calls over 4G. Pretty cool, right?

Well, sort of. Although the handsets will be available, this does not necessarily mean that the operators will allow it. If we think of how long we had to wait for VoIP over 3G on the iPhone, the situation could easily turn out to be frustrating:  so close and still so far!

On the other hand, for now 4G is only available in US, so here in Europe even if we had the new devices we could not use them with a 4G connection.

More details on the HTC EVO

10 thoughts on “VoIP over 4g?

  1. @fika
    your device uses a Java based version of Nimbuzz which does not include the calling feature.

  2. Of course network operators dont like VOIP, they dont get $$ from their normal mobile carrier service, but the time will come. 4G architecture has QOS feature that should make VOIP much more reliable than the 3G best effort internet expereince which can be very unreliable on a busy 3G network.

  3. @DavidLam hey That’s true, I mean 4G should definitely be more reliable and way faster that what we are used to at the moment. Also I think that carriers will realize that data is the future and will try to leverage that by selling more comprehensive data packages to users, thus making more money, thus not caring that much if they VoIP as long as they have a unlimited data plan with a nice monthly fee. Still hoping for the best :D

  4. iPhone 4G will not be a true 4G phone. It’s the fourth generation of iPhone and will only have 3G capabilities. This is because AT&T will not have an immediately available 4G LTE network for the customers. AT&T does not plan on deploying LTE until mid to late 2011.

    USA Nimbuzz users who’re not on Sprint’s WiMax network will get 3G alternative best results from T-Mobile. This is because T-Mobile uses an HSDPA+ network capable of 21 Mb/s and more. The theoretical max speed for HSDPA+ is 54 Mb/s which happens to be faster than the current best speed from Comcast :) So basically if you’re in 12 markets you’ll get 4G which is currently slower than T-Mobile 3G or if you’re in any major T-Mobile market you’re already lit up with connections ranging from 7.2 – 21 Mb/s.

    Not to mention that if you’re on T-Mobile or AT&T you can talk and use data concurrently. A feature not available on inferior Sprint and Verizon CDMA networks.

    On another interesting note it looks like T-Mobile may be using a satellite network to deploy their 4G LTE network :) Can we say super cheap Nimbuzz voice calls while in the middle of Yellowstone (an area where only satellite and AM Radio signals seem to exist)

  5. Hey Jason, thanks for the details. Interesting facts i wasn’t aware of. Also good news about T-Mobile’s 4G LTE :D.

    If you would like to put up a blog post up on the Nimbuzz Blog drop me a line andrei at nimbuzz.nl, I am sure our visitors will appreciate your pro opinion on the mobile industry.


  6. @Kerstin Morgenstein
    You can call your friends in US for free if you call to their IM id when they are connected.
    If you want to call to phone numbers or landlines, you will need to purchase NimbuzzOut credits.
    For more information about NimbuzzOut, please visit our site: http://www.nimbuzzout.com

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