Update: Nimbuzz 2.4 for Symbian

Symbian Nokia-5800-2.4

Good news for all the Symbian users out there: we have a new Nimbuzz update ready to download!

As always we have worked hard and developed some great new features that will make your life so much easier. Here is what’s new:

  • Online presence to your phonebook – see which of your phonebook contacts are online with Nimbuzz
  • Free SMS invites – Invite all your friends for free to Nimbuzz via SMS !
  • Faster and more responsive kinetic scrolling – for touch screen devices
  • More options for Twitter refresh frequency
  • Control Nimbuzz connectivity while in roaming

Now let’s take a closer look and learn a little bit more about them.

Online presence to your phonebook detects which of your phonebook contacts also have a Nimbuzz account and gives you the option to add them as Nimbuzz friends. Why is this awesome? Because:

  1. it allows you to discover friends and call them for free (also chat and share files)
  2. it’s the first step to a smarter and more intuitive phonebook – you see which of your phonebook contacts are online ;)

Free SMS invites. Do you want more of your friends to join Nimbuzz? Now you can invite them for free via SMS, just go to the phonebook tab->select one of your contacts-> Invite-> Send Free SMS invites and it’s done.  Simple right :) !

Twitter refresh frequency just got better. Now you can set it to 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 45 minutes or set it on manual, to always get up to date info. Default is set to 15 minutes – for a balanced battery life ;).

Controlling Nimbuzz connectivity while roaming let’s you choose whether you want to connect on Nimbuzz while using data roaming. By default we set it to Off  to prevent crazy data charges and save you money.To enable it simply follow these steps: Options->Settings->Connection->Data roaming and choose On. However, if this is off you can still connect via Wi-Fi if available :).

On top all these improvements we have also fixed minor bugs and various performance improvements so you can enjoy a better overall experience.

The new Nimbuzz 2.4 is available  for Symbian mobiles like  Nokia 5800, N97,  E71, E51 and many many (many) more :D! Download Nimbuzz now!

PS: The app will available for download  in OVI and Getjar sometime in the next 2 weeks.

260 thoughts on “Update: Nimbuzz 2.4 for Symbian

  1. You need tu improve 2 things:
    1) Performance is really poor… Nokia’s hardware is very limited, so you need to build nimbuzz with that in mind.
    2) Nimbuzz needs to be able to run like system aplication, so it wont close even when system go out of ram.

  2. It still holds a bug that mixes up the yahoo contact status messages. As I saw, this doesnt happen to the same contacts all the time, it seems to be random. I hope that there is a solution for this, beside using other mobile client. Thanks

  3. thanks for the update but I cant see the avatars of my wlmessenger contacts yet, and my contacts cant se mine neither, what can I do?

  4. “Online presence to your phonebook”

    This feature – how does it work in practice?
    I don’t see any menu points neither I see any indications next to my contact names in nimbuzz’s phonebook tab.

    What should I look for? Where? How?



  5. my buzz 2.3 was restarting on all my devices (e51,e63,n73,e52) hope this version will be stable

  6. I upgraded frm 2.3 to 2.4 2day, and i thought nimbuzz will solve freeze problem while typing and msg appears at the same time in rooms or private chat

  7. Strange, when i online, it doesn’t give any update notifications… I only knew there’s an update when checking this blog. But normally when an update comes out, shouldn’t nimbuzz give an update notification to download??

  8. Always have a problem with facebook. Even if my pals are online, am sent an offline message when chatting. Hope the 2.4 doesn’t work like dat

  9. @Bambsng Rudi
    In order to gather your comment and feedback could you please write in English?

  10. @Prapanch
    Glad you enjoy this feature :)
    Could you plese be more specific on your query?
    Does the application get stuck when calling or when using any other feature? If yes, which one?
    We are aware of Facebok connectivity issues, and we are working on Facebook Connect to solve these problems.
    Thanks for your suggestion, indeed we aim to suport video calling in the future.

  11. @bagoes_wijaksono
    In order to gather your feedback and comments, please do write in English.
    Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider it.
    Could you be more specific?
    Which kind of issue are you facing with the friends status?
    As mentioned previously on the Blog we will keep the advertisement but we will resize it for some devices which have smaller screen.
    Do you experience any issue with the ads?
    Let us know!

  12. @MR. Kevinz
    The pop-up notification will appear in a few days, at the moment the latest update is just available on get.nimbuzz.com and at our website
    Could you please describe when does that happen?
    Please let us know how to reproduce this issue, include also the device and version you are using.
    @Mohsen d
    Thanks for your suggestion, we will consider it.
    Let us know if you still experience this issue after trying the latest update.
    Thanks all for your comments! :)

  13. @Marcelo
    Thanks for your feedback.
    We will consider your suggestion (2) in regards of your comment (1), what do you exactly mean bby improving the performnace? could you be a bit more specific?

  14. @adrian
    Thanks for reporting, our team has already identified the issue and is working n a fix for that.
    Kind Regards

  15. @pipe
    We are aware of this, our team has its hands n it and we expect to have it fixed soon.

  16. hm… when i see my friend statuses in yahoo messenger, i found discrepancies with what they set in their statuses.

  17. Why not contact inside the blacklist feature? Information which can increase the Inbox screen functionality? Why is not my friends also could be forced to talk to me? My mailbox can receive a second two spam. They send spam attacks on our computer. . I hope you can improve the above problems. More than one language with Google Translate.

  18. @itafatma
    Thanks, we are aware of this and our team has identified and they are working to have it fixed.

  19. @5201314
    Do you want a black list for your contact list?
    Or are you referring to a contact list within Nimbuzz where you can report bad behavior?
    In regards of the Google translate, could you please be more specific on this suggestion, it is not very clear.

  20. hi,
    just a couple of suggestions:

    1.- Why don’t make group messages sent by one of the parties until the other party replies? Some of my contacts like to send one sentence each time, and I have to scroll all over just to read all of them…

    2.- I don’t like advertisements, what about an option to disable them? By the way, how can I do that with the current version?

    3.- What about a facebook status and news feed tab? Just like the one you’ve got for twitter

  21. @Viktor
    This feature etects which of your phonebook contacts also have a Nimbuzz account and gives you the option to add them as Nimbuzz friends.
    If you go to the call tab and scroll down you can see your phonebook contacts, and if they are already Nimbuzz users you will see a small icon next to them, so you could add them as your friends.
    Let us know if you have more questions.

  22. Nimbuzz still not providing ability to change your password manually it only generates a randomly generated password…

  23. Hi there

    Nimbuzz is good but not perfect, I get many basic problems where the call set-up/release for VOIP does not seem to go though – I release the call and dial another number and theres a message that existing call is already registered.. For VOIP, what about call history register so that recent calls can be re-dialled?

  24. @cymbi
    Thanks for reporting this, could you send us a screenshot of this issue?

  25. HEY commenter’s cheer up …..its all free …hun…..BE HAPPY WITH WHAT EVER U HAVE GUYS

  26. I will pay for a MULTI-XMPP client with voice capabilities.

    Its very hard to deploy jabber networks if all developers are concentrated in msn/skype/Y!.

    Imagine the same in the health care community, Making pills for each day instead of solving the issue or even a pill per month.

    Money should not be the first goal.

  27. About the new v2.4., I like the time option for twitter feed reloading, it’s not available on the previous version.

    But I hate it that the new-tweet notification rings every time new tweets appear on the timeline. On the previous version (2.3), it only rings if there are tweets that MENTION me, not to any new feeds on the time line… Therefore, I’m back to the previous v2.3… I hope you make it better on the next version…. Thanks.


  28. i hv a nokia n78…n i hv over 500 friends on facebook.
    But on nimbuzz, my contact list for facebook is only 400….what should i do?
    Does nimbuzz not support facebook account with more than 400 contacts??
    Please help me….:(

  29. Hi,

    I have nimbuzz symbian 2,4. I have problem with facebook users. I see in my list only 400 FB contacts, but i have around 500. Where is the problem?


  30. believe it or not i’m online on facebook like 25/7 even though i have closed the app and it’s the green light all the time, not even the moon that show you are away :))) when i log in i receive messages sent by my friends while i was suppose to be offline :) they ask me if i got a job at facebook.com :))) it’s a nice feature but not without at least minimum control over it… Video call is the second thing you have to consider… Also it would be great if i had the control over a double-tab on a contact, it always opens a menu to choose what to do from, and in like 95% of the cases i want to chat, so it would be nice to have control over it
    Call quality is excellent, speed is great, it’s battery friendly and i love it… Just the things i mentioned… And the fact that it sometimes failes to connect to skype

  31. I cannot start a chat message with the letter ‘j’ on my E72. It turns out to be a ‘#’ instead. It is very irritating, and it should be fixed. Just updated to v2.4, still having this problem.

  32. @Nomesh Ramkurrun
    Currently there is a limitation and we just show the first 400Facebook contacts.
    Our Team is working in order to improve this.
    Kind regards

  33. @Guillermo Lo Coco
    Due to technical reasons and limited usage we permanently disabled the XMPP/Jabber Gateway. We will continue to focus on providing Nimbuzz users access to the highest quality gateways and networks.
    Thanks for your feedback and comment, we will take it into account for future improvements.
    @Hejhalo2 @Lj
    There is a limitation of 400 Facebook contacts to be seen via Nimbuzz.
    Our Team is working in order to improve this.
    Which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    It is currently not possible stay that long online on the background, please check if you are not logged on another device with your Facebook account.
    In regards of videocalling, we aim to support it in the future.
    Thanks for reporting, we will try to reproduce this issue.
    You can call to other Nimbuzz users if they are Online not if they are “Busy” or “Offline”
    We are constantly working on new releases, stay tuned to our Blog we will announce it as soon as it is available!

  34. @Marco
    Thanks for your suggestions:
    1.We will consider it, sounds reasonable.
    2. There is not possibility to disable them, but we will think about adding a similar option.
    3. We do not support those features for Facebook, we will investigate if it is possible to be added.

  35. @Ali Jamal
    We do send you a link which will send you to another site that will provide you a new password.
    Afterwards you will be able to change it to another one of your choice, more easy to remember.
    You can change your password online. Go to http://web.nimbuzz.com:
    Sign In > scroll down > select Settings > Change Password.

    On PC client, you can change your password by choosing:
    File > Accounts Settings > Change Password.

  36. @David Lam
    Could you please let us know which exact error message do you receive and when doe sit appear?
    An additional screenshot will help.
    Which device and Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Let us know!

  37. @Ali Jamal
    You can change your password online. Go to http://web.nimbuzz.com:
    Sign In > scroll down > select Settings > Change Password.

    On PC client, you can change your password by choosing:
    File > Accounts Settings > Change Password.

  38. what happen with facebook?? Months have been since i cant get connected to this social network from nimbuzz.

  39. AT Queralt or Nimbuzz Staff
    Right now, I am at a Friend place. My Mate try to online at this blog and he noticed something which caught my attention…
    The Article Headline says Update: Nimbuzz for Symbian 2.4
    Now people will think “Update for Symbian Operating System Version 2.4″ or “Nimbuzz 2.4 itself”
    According to me the headline sbould be:
    Update: Nimbuzz 2.4 for Symbian OS

  40. @Nomesh
    Thanks for your comment, this is a limitation we are aware of.
    Our Team will research the possibilities of increasing the number of Facebook contacts able to be seen via Nimbuzz.

  41. @jorge
    We are aware of issues with FB connection and we are working on Facebook Connect to solve these problems.

  42. Dear admin,
    there is a problem with changing mobile number in nimbuzz. I’m using 2.4 ver.
    Im from india. When ever i try to change my no. and fill, for eg., 94xyxxxyxx but after updating no. it show +914xxxxxxxx instead of +9194xxxxxxxx
    plz try to debug this bug in nimbuzz
    second, nimbuzz must do something so that other person can’t be register someone others mobile no.
    It must send sms to that no. as soon as it registerd to verify that user registring wth his/her own number. Hope u will pay attention towards these issues
    thnx, regards.

  43. For couple of weeks skype is showing ‘no capacity’ not able to sign in…How to solve it?

  44. i’m using nimbuzz 2.4 on nokia 5800 v50. I’m wondering, if i was logged in on another app, and if i make a conversation will it be shown on nimbuzz later?
    And do you consider giving us control over the double-tap on a contact? I would like it to get me to the chat screen directly, not showing me the pop-up menu. Let’s say somebody wants to call a contact… He double taps on the contact and he chooses the call option. So that’s a double tap and a tap. If he was brought straight to the chat screen, on the side he can tap on the call button, which means the same number of taps. So i think it would be better if it gets you to the chat screen directly, or atleast let me choose what a double tap would do in the settings.
    By the way i have no problems with facebook :S

  45. Nimbuzz is at its best.:) its a freeware and still its amazing.:-)even if there’s problem with facebook contacts , doesn’t matter ;) its so cool.!!

  46. I hav to say few things,

    1. Nimbuzz in my S60 V3 FP1, still giving facebook error frequently, that it cant just connect (E buddy is very good in this case n almost never give FB error)

    2. Calling to Skype/gmail contacts via nimbuzz is really disappointing as the sound quality is very poor, call is not connecting and voice is very much delayed (I called from Sri Lanka to Russia & my service provider is Dialog GSM); well u cant say this is due to my service provider problem because call quality to nimbuzz contacts itself is very very good and sound is Cristal clear as well as in Skype for S60 v3

    3. I wonder why u hav removed the online backup feature of the phone’s contacts in new version ?????????

    4.Nimbuzz for PC (not the latest version) in my Vista ultimate SP2 give problem that it just log in in log off in few min

    5.Finally, I’d still say thanks for this grate mobile/PC app…..Thank you very much nimbuzz!!!!!!!

  47. Dear admin, nt happy at all with ur responese i post a issue yesterday bt whn i c it today it not there hope in future u care ur customers. Regards.

  48. Hi admin,
    i found that someone register a id using my mobile number.
    Plz do something so that no one can make id by using others mobile number
    i came to knw it whn i use new nimbuzz 2.4 and watch it in my contact list of mobile number in it
    it must send a confirmation password whnever register a mobile number or email id
    hope u will pay attention toward it.

  49. @Cutiepie
    Thanks for reporting, we will research the possibility of a way to verify your phone number.

  50. @Alexis
    Thanks for reporting, this issue should have been solved in version 2.4 but we have forwarded again to our developers and they will have a second look at it.

  51. @Helpme
    Thanks for reporting, our team is working on a fix for this type of issues.
    Kind Regards

  52. hi admin
    I jus want to ask how come the facebook doesnt work anymore, it doesnt appear on the chat list.. Please help. Hope to hear from you soon.

  53. kan you tell, unless aproximately, when nimbuzz will support videocall? Unfortunately, till then, I’ll use fring

  54. Hi nimbuzz team,thanks for your efforts to develop your so smart application.
    Please add nudge notification,provide the recieved offline messeges with date&time it was receved.Whene upgrading to anew version please takecare not to increase its size.You promise to make push email notification service,what about it!
    Good luck&thank you!

  55. @Dexter
    Could you please check if you are still experiencing this issue?
    If yes, please inform us which client and Nimbuzz version are you using and when exactly did you experience this issue (Date & time)

  56. @piton
    We aim to support this feature in the future, but we cannot provide you with any exact or estimation date for it.
    Stay tuned to our Blog all new features and releases will be announced here!

  57. @leonard
    Could you please be more specific?
    Would you like to make some nimbuzz friends?
    Or use the Nimbuzz application?
    Let us know

  58. @Hanysalah_2010
    Thanks for your suggestions and feedback.
    In regards of mail notification, we will consider it to be implemented.

  59. @ice
    by ” i make a conversation will it be shown on nimbuzz later?” do you mean if you chat on another app and then go back to Nimbuzz, if the previous conversation will show up on Nimbuzz?
    If this is what you meant, then No.
    If you meant another thing, please let me know.
    About the double tap, it sounds like a good suggestion, we will consider it.
    Kind Regards

  60. @Subhash
    Thanks for your feedback, in regards of the issues reported:
    1. We are aware of issues with FB connection and we are working on Facebook Connect to solve these problems.
    2. please inform us if the sound has poor quality of if it has delay.
    In order to check this we will need to know which type of connection do you use.
    3. You do not need the backup feature, since you can just see your contacts phonebook directly inside the app (on the call tab)
    4. Have you installed /run the application in administrator mode?
    5. Thanks you too :)

  61. @queralt escrich

    Sorry, the enable/disable T9 in 5800 is now working fine, the first bug I reported is solved. But, now I found something like that. Example, when you start tiping: “hello, wh”.. then you start deleting the text with type. then you delete the first letter (h), the chat window is closed. I’ll report that on the forum.

  62. @Alexis
    Sorry, i do not understand pretty good the new issue, could you specify it a bit?
    Thanks for your time

  63. @queralt escrich
    Sorry, my english is very poor.
    to reproduce the issue you can do this: (with a Nokia 5800 XM)
    1. open a chat window.
    2. start typing some text.
    3. delete all the text you wrote.
    4. when you delete the last character in the chat window. I.e.: if you wrote “hello”, then start to delete the “hello”: “hell” “hel” “he” “h” . When you delete the “h” the window chat is close.

  64. Cheers nimbuzz team! It’s really great that you keep on updating your magnificent software. I’ve been using this for quite long time now. Although, there are some problems with voice call but it’s most of the time connecting well. Before the nimbuzz mobile to nimbuzz PC was excellent but now its voice quality has become poor to fair..Anyway the gtalk has always been ok. But the ym voice calls now are not yet fixed. Many times calling through it fails in terms of reception where both parties could not be heard. But over-all nimbuzz is great. It keeps me connected to my friends and most especially to my family! Thnks nimbuzz team and keep it up incessantly!

  65. havin trouble with FB account..dnt show nobody online..↲why dnt u enable video chat on it? Im usin nimbuzz on E52..i think that many,many,many(many) users would love to be able to video chat..KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK !!!

  66. @djomla
    Are you still facing issues with the Facebook community?
    Please be more descriptive about this issue.
    In regards of video calling, we aim to support it in the future

  67. just waiting for the fb problem to b solved…n video call b supported on nimbuzz…please make it fast, nimbuzz team…i’m getting impatient now….:(

  68. @Randolf
    Thanks for your comment and feedback!
    In regards of the Yahoo calling not working properly could you let us know when was the last time you experienced this issue (approx. date & time)
    Thanks & Regards

  69. why can’t i see photos on my nokia E71?:(…in setting my options are ok,but i cant see nimbuzz pictures.i only can se facebook pictures.please help me

  70. Nice application for mobile for last few days facebook chat is not working on this.. what is the reason.. cant we the webcam thru nimbuzz

  71. why if i access yahoo onlne on nimbuzz it appears online but a few seconds, WAITING FOR RESPONSE FROM THE SERVER apperaing on the screan ang it takes long time.

  72. @Vikas
    We are experiencing some connectivity issues with Facebook.
    In regards of Video calling, we don’t support this feature.

  73. @lin
    Thanks for your suggestion, we are considering implementing this feature.

  74. @Ani
    By pictures you mean you contact’s avatar?
    From which community are those contacts that you are not able to see their avatars?
    Let us know

  75. @queralt escrich FB account seems to be conected when i go to the account settings,bt nobody seems to be online,thats how it show on nimbuzz app,i checkd FB on my laptop and therz contacts online,but in nimbuzz nobody is..sorry 4 my English. So i think therz something wrong with nimbuzz app

  76. hi i love you nimbuzz and the one who make this application :)…. its working with my E71 all the tym fine :) just minor problems like msn display pictha and facebook connectivity etc but thats not a big deal for me. thanks for your r0o0ox services and now i have relation with nimbuzz more then 2 yearz :)

  77. @mani
    thanks for your comment and feedback.
    We are aware of both issues you have reported and our team is already looking into them

  78. The Facebook feature has not been working on my nimbuzz for a few weeks now. When will it get fixed? I am using a nokia E71 but the pc version also wont load my facebook contacts. I reported it before and hoped something would be done about it by now but nothing has been…

  79. @evosin
    Please be patient, our team is working on Facebook Connect to solve these problems.

  80. Porfa!! Actualizen Los Blackberrys que las desconexiones son fuertes, se desconecta uno cada dos minutos automaticamente hasta que despues de un periodo de tiempo de 10 minuto mas o menos NO RECONECTA MAS!! y ya es por problema de ustedes xq ya contacte con servicio nimbuzz

  81. Thanks very much Nimbuzz for replying my post..
    Talking about the sound problem when calling from Gmail/Skype, sometimes sound quality is poor n sometimes sound is delayed very much n sometime both happens. Everytime i used HSDPA activated(UMTS only). At the same time if i called to a Nimbuzz buddy the quality is very very good . A word on Nimbuzz for pc, I ll try da latest version n let u know. At last PLEASE FIX THE FACEBOOK PROBLEM ASAP (Even at this moment it aint workin). Thanks nimbuzz

  82. Hi admin!

    I tried calling to yahoo via nimbuzz about 1 or two weeks ago. By now, I am always using the nimbuzz to gtalk, and it works great now. Before, about 3 months ago, I used to call the yahoo since that time it was really good and working and while the gtalk could able to give a clear voice quality. Now it’s the other way around. Anyway, I’ll calling to yahoo by tomorrow. Thank you so much nimbuzz team… Your company is simply great and amazing!

  83. @nasa382
    Thanks for your comment, we do ask you to write in english in the upcoming comments.
    We do have 2 local Blogs in spanish where you can leave your comments in Spanish.

  84. hi. why in this version when we or that person exit from chat room we cant continue private chat? its very very bad very bad!!!! plz solve this!! plz:(!

  85. @Vahooli
    It is not a bug it is the expected behavior, if you leave a chatroom, you should not be able to chat (in a private chatroom) with another user which is not on your contact list.

  86. @Randolf
    Could you please be more specific on the issue you are reporting?
    Which exact issue did you experience?
    Were you not able to hear the other part while in a call? Did the call never went trough?
    Were you unable to place a call to your Yahoo contacts?
    WHen did this exactly happen (please include approximate date and time)
    If you give us more specific information, we can investigate the issue and solve it, without information, we can just guess and it will be more difficult for our team to solve issues.
    Thanks for the understanding.
    Kind Regards

  87. @max
    Sometimes it takes a bit longer to log you in.
    do you always face this issue, or it was just a few times?
    When was the last time you faced this issue? (please include approximate date and time)
    Kind Regards

  88. @djomla
    Thanks for reporting.
    We are aware of issues with FB connection and we are working on Facebook Connect to solve these problems

  89. @subhash
    Could you please be more specific on the issue you are reporting?
    Which exact issue did you experience?
    Were you not able to hear the other part while in a call? Did the call never went trough?
    Were you unable to place a call to your contacts?
    WHen did this exactly happen (please include approximate date and time)
    If you give us more specific information, we can investigate the issue and solve it, without information, we can just guess and it will be more difficult for our team to solve issues.
    In regards of the Facebook connectivity issue, our Team is already working on a more stable fix for it.
    Thanks for the understanding.
    Kind Regards

  90. Well, Truley speaking.. Most of da time the voice wasnt so clear it has been nearly two weeks back around 10pm local time(GMT+5.30). Most of da time the call was connected though it takes quit long time to b connected. The other thing is dat the facebook issue is mostly happening during night time in locat time only very very rarely happen in day time.(at this moment facebook n gtalk both aint working.. Time is 9.30pm locat time). One more thing..yesterday i changed the twitter’s refresh time from default 15min to 45min since then my Nimbuzz began to restart n i had to reinstall it. (then again i checked..the same happened. I.m using nokia 6120c with latest firmwear). PLEASE FIX THE FACEBOOK ISSUE.. Many thanks to Nimbuzz

  91. hello,i have a prblm in nimbuzz when i install fring in my cell than need to install vo-ip server for fring nd if i install vo-ip server than after install my nimbuzz nt working nd if i reinstall nimbuzz nd nimbuzz vo-ip server than nimbuzz is working but cant hear fring call voice can u pls tell me how i solve this

  92. Hi nimbuzz team! I have just tried both the gtalk and yahoo native: They are excellent now indeed!Pardon me if I commented about the yahoo voice issues which, actually, have already been fixed recently! However, there are some problems that I have noticed ever since I upgraded to ver 2.4, once is that when there is incoming call, the ring is absent! Another is I have noticed that when we are using IM chat, doing back buttons and opening to other options seems sluggish compared to the older version. But in terms of its voice issues…..what I have observed is that now, it is truly great!Thank you nimbuzz team…..Thank you for listening to our comments.. It is such a pleasure for us fans!

  93. @Randolf
    Thanks for your comments and feedback.
    Feel free to provide feedback and suggestions any time :)
    We are aware of this issue, we recommend you to use the voip-ip server compatible with Nimbuzz.
    Thanks for the information, we will keep an eye on the issues reported.

  94. I use Nokia E71, and recently upgraded my Nimbuzz to latest version 2.4.0 bld 3092 (russian) Now I cannot receive and send messages in Russian language (I tried Skype and MSN), i receive only ????. Also when i try to send the message to somebody, they receive ???? also. How to fix this? Looking forward to your reply. Kind regards

  95. @Vahooli
    It is not a bug it is the expected behavior, if you leave a chatroom, you should not be able to chat (in a private chatroom) with another user which is not on your contact list.
    me: but why in other version we can continue chat after exit room? its very bad behavior!! u know its negative point for nimbuzz…

  96. @Vahooli
    You should not be able to keep a private chat after leaving a chatroom, if you do, let us know the version and device you use in order to reproduce and fix the issue.

  97. @johmox
    The MSN avatars take longer to load than other Im communities, please be patient.
    The time that takes, also depend on your network connection.

  98. @Max_C
    Thanks for reporting.
    Could you please let us know when does it exactly happen?
    Just when chatting with contacts from SMN and Skype? Or it also happens when chatting with Nimbuzz friends?
    If possible, could you send us a screenshot of it to support@nimbuzz.com
    Kind Regards

  99. I dont know if this ques is worth to ask. It has been few years since nimbuzz had been developed but since early in the up to now we are facing that facebook problem. By far i dont c any improvement with regard to fb connectivity. Can we hav any idea of wat type problem nimbuzz is having with fb. It is very sad to c almost every time we see some connectivity problem with at least one chat clint. Truly speakin now nimbuzz is only good for nimbuzz to nimbuzz chat/call. WE WANNA C TRUE IMPROVEMENT WHERE WE CAN FEEL THAT. That is, nimbuzz is havin problem with facebook n i dont c any point in releasing new version without fixing that major problem. My thumbs down. We wanna c really really good one. Hope u would do this. I.m still with nimbuzz anyway.

  100. i must first say here that nimbuzz is a great app. Nice job guys but still more work to be done like; supporting sending of other files apart from pictures. For the new update, i updated as soon as i saw d update posted on this blog but soon reverted to d older version cos of connection issues. On my e63, the new update disconnects all the time. Hardly 10minutes passesby without me disconnected. So, i reverted to d older version & d problem disappeared. My friends complain of the same problem too on their various nokia devices. Pls, work on dis issue & provide a way to choose between versions of your application on your download site.

  101. @ani
    The Msn avatars take longer to load in comparison with other Im communities.
    We are aware of this and looking into it.

  102. @ace
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Which type of issue do you experience?
    Which device & nimbuzz version are you running?
    When did you face this issue for the last time? (please include approx. date & time)

  103. @subhash
    Thanks for your feedback and comment.
    We are currently (as mentioned previously) working on Facebook connect which will provide a more stable Facebook connectivity.
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Could you let us know which type of connection do you use when this happen?
    Thanks & Regards

  104. what about nimbuzz avatars please?i had seen them before without problem but now i cant see.thnx very much if u help

  105. Hi
    The poor quality sound on skype is ongoing i have had the same problem with Nokia N95, N96, now with the N97. its not the phones its Nimbuzz,i am using the latest version of Nimbuzz,and i had the same problem even yesterday 4th July 2010.

  106. Thanks for replying my post.. Nimbuzz plz keep it up ur good work. Many thanks again..

  107. Hello to the new version 2.4.0 where the problem is 1: non-rapid 2: I have friends in skype to appear in the offline mode of the program skype or hotmail or yahoo special reasons, claims that version 2.4.0 does not support free calls only in a Connected state only Note: the old version was supported by the fast should avoid this thing demand first and last and most importantly in the eyes of users of video communications service nimbuzz caller video please answer as soon as possible and thank you

  108. @ace
    Thanks for reporting, we will investigate and try to reproduce this issue.
    Kind Regards

  109. @ani
    Do you have problems loading your nimbuzz contact’s avatars?
    Which type of connection are you using?
    Which device and nimbuzz version do you have?

  110. @najm
    Please check with your operator if VoIP over 3G is allowed, if yes calling will be possible.
    If not, calling won’t be possible.

  111. @nekky2
    We do have a Nimbuzz app for iPhone/iPod check and search on the iTunes Store for Nimbuzz!

  112. Nimbuzz needs to be able to run like system aplication, so it wont close even when system go out of ram. This is the only reason I use Fring over Nimbuzz!

  113. hi there,
    Where can I find the release notes to v2.4 ? And I know that in java-version 1.7 http-connectivity is enabled, is it in 2.4 enabled, too? In 2.3 it wasn’t thus i couldn’t connect by 3G (Only http connections are allowed with my phone)
    Thanks. Best regards X

  114. Hi everybody, as soon as the new Symbian version of Numbuzz I updated my NOKIA N98 8GB. But it doesn’t work anymore. As soon as I started Nimbuzz it crashed.
    I have a lot of accounts on it: Facebook; Skype; GTalk; MSN; Yahoo; ICQ; AIM and Twitter.
    And it seems to me that waiting the logon to Twitter it still works but suddenly (in this case Twitter is the last logon), it crashes… I guess it’s related to the logon to Twitter, isn’t?
    Any idea on the new version or something about it?

  115. @xwire
    The information about the improvements for this version is available on the above blogpost.
    Http connection is enabled on both Java and Symbian versions of Nimbuzz.

  116. @Tymoteusz
    Thanks for reporting, could you let us know if you get any error message when the app crashes?

  117. my device is 6720 c s60v3 and using nimbuzz 2.4 arabic version my problem is that twitter dosent show the complete twitts part of sentences dont appear and look like the words shifted out of screen so i cant understan

  118. @queralt escrich
    Thanks for reporting, could you let us know if you get any error message when the app crashes?
    It just disappears,I don’t have any report. Sometimes it takes 5 seconds, other times some minutes, waiting (I see) to logon to Twitter.
    I have to say that former version I had, of Nimbuzz, worked very well and I changed nothing in the meantime…
    Many thanks.

  119. @queralt escrich
    I catchted some screenshots just before of the crash. There is any way to send you?

  120. Hi nimbuzz team!I’ve noticed since from the time I’ve upgraded my nimbuzz to 2.4, I’ve noticed that I could not hear the ring of the incoming calls! Although, the quality of the voice are great, but one thing I am concerned most now which is unable to hear the ring of its incoming calls! has this something to do with its newest software or any other causes? Do you have the same problem as this?

  121. Hello! Since I have upgraded my nimbuzz to 2.4, I’ve found out that I could not hear the ring tones of the incoming calls! Do you have this same problem guys? I am using a Nokia E52! Pls…advise me on this! Thanks!

  122. @Randolf
    Could you let us know if the no-sound when incoming calls happens when a contact from which Im community is calling you?
    We will try to reproduce the issue here at the offices,

  123. @huseinmk
    Thanks we will check and contact you as soon as we have some more information about this issue.

  124. Hi everybody.
    It’s not blocking my Nimbuzz but I’d like to fix the mobile number on my profile because it’s wrong and I guess other Nimbuzzer can’t find me and buzz me too.
    If I change my Account Nimbuzz with the rught mobile number I see +3980xxxxxxxx but my correct number is +39380xxxxxxx. And if I fix it to +39380xxxxxxx system says: Error, inserted phone number isn’t correct.

  125. It seemed that the Nimbuzz is still not fully support Chinese Input. Whenever multiple chat window is opened, and when the Chinese word list appears, pressing left/right will change to another chat window. I’ve been waiting for this fix for ages. I love every single bit of Nimbuzz except the inconvenience for Chinese users.

  126. Hello nimbuzz team…regarding the no sound incoming calls, I’ve noticed that it is the default ringtone which produces no sounds. When I changed the ringtone with my available music and sounds stored in my phone, it just simply works! But in terms of sound quality….sometimes it is working great in so many communities.. But just recently… the cp nimbuzz to PC nimbuzz’s sounds have some bugs like the voice of the called party is delayed of few seconds…another is that making a call to the same nimbuzz from cp to PC sometimes it’s hard to connect. Many times it failed to connect. But good that there are some communities that work well like gtalk,ym and skype. However, sometimes on some occassions, there were cases that the being connected to other communities are also delayed! and that sometimes the other party’s voice could not be heard! But in general, I could keep up with these issues! thanks!

  127. @brian
    Could you please describe how to reproduce the issue?
    Which device and nimbuzz version do you use?
    If possible could you send us a screenshot to see that the characters are not well displayed? You can send the screenshot to support@nimbuzz.com
    Thanks for your time

  128. @randolf
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Could you please describe when exactly do you experience issues connecting a call?
    Please indicate the approximate time and date of when did you face this issue for last time.
    thanks & Regards

  129. That happened about 2 days ago. It was not only during that day. Most of the time this month, it happens like that, where we could hardly connect from CP nimbuzz to PC nimbuzz and or vice-versa. Many times there is this problem of delayed voice from both parties and other reception issues like not clear voice. I also experience hearing other voices from other countries like India that may interrupt during the conversation. The unit I am using is Nokia E52 amd I am staying here in Jeddah, KSA

  130. Hi,
    I see, pretty often in the last days, Skype is disconected automatically. And I’m not sure Nimbuzz reconnect to Skype automatically as well.
    There is any reason of it and, moreover, will it be fixed soon? I have SkypeIN and I’d like to be always on.

  131. @tymoteusz
    If your Skype account gets disconnected, probably it won’t try to reconnect itself and you will have to manually go to Menu> Communities> Skype and introduce your account credentials again.

  132. @wiramaswara
    Thanks for reporting, could you let us know which device and nimbuzz version are you using?
    Thanks for your time.

  133. @Randolf
    Thanks for reporting, we are gonna try to reproduce this issue and fix it as soon as possible.

  134. Good afternoon to all the blogger here.
    I’ve to report a problem w/Skype account.
    This morning I changed Skype password on the windows client while Nimbuzz on my N95 8GB was running.
    After that I closed Nimbuzz and I restarted, but Skype says: connection running. I tryed to force the close of the Skype account but any succesd raised.
    How should I manage this situation of hold since 4-5 hours?

  135. Hi Admin,
    I m using nimbuzz 2.04(0) latest version in my Nokia N73 and the problem is i cant see any facebook contact in contanct list and if someone want to chat with i cant see their name there just show user id number of facebook and the photo of facebook contact come to late while chating It is very much difficult to chat wid facebook friend frend plz fix it in next version thanks i love nimbuzz forever

  136. @Tymoteusz
    From your last comment I understand that the issue got solved.
    If not please let us know.

  137. @Ramji
    Thanks for reporting.
    We are aware of some issues with the Facebook gateway.
    Our team is already looking into it in order to have this fix asap.

  138. I already reported on July 18th, 2010 that connection to Skype crashes time to time. I guess that after X minutes of inactivity Skype shutdown. I don’t like at all but… and Nimbuzz answered that so it works.
    But I’d like to inform of a related issue: after disconnection Numbuzz continue to be in a status of waiting to reconnect and Watt absorption reise 0,08 Watt instead of the normal absorption of 0,015-0,018 Watt. About 5-6 times more.
    Because I keep my mobile in my pocket I don’t detect what happens on Nimbuzz and so much absorption kills my battery.

  139. @Tymoteusz
    Thanks for the reminder, we will look into those Skype issues.
    Kind Regards

  140. Hi everybody.
    My Nimbuzz 2.4 runs well on a NOKIA N95 8GB but
    I’m not so sure that syncronization works well. I add and remove contacts with MSN and Skype but, particularly when I remove contacts, I don’t see the right syncronization on Nimbuzz because removed contacts remain on its directory.
    I solved this bug (I think it is) cancelling MSN and Skype accounts and I registering again. I don’t like this way because I have, moreover, to update the names of contacts.
    Any chance to increase priority of this bug?
    Thanks and regards to the Team.

  141. Hi,
    I use Nimbuzz 2.4 on Nokia 5800XM phone.
    Two issues:
    1) The status message is common for all groups, so if i go online on for ex: google, i automatically go online on other groups too, which i don’t desire. Can’t this be changed so that every group status is exclusive from other group.
    2) There is quite a bit of delay in calls between hearing voice at opposite ends.(with skypout or even nimbuzz to nimbuzz). I think Fring is better than Nimbuzz in this case.I was using Fring before Nimbuzz and migrated to Nimbuzz, after Fring stopped Skype support. But i find that call quality is not as good as Fring. This 2nd point is a major problem for me and for many users i am sure.
    The other person with whom i talk on opposite end has Nokia E71 and has Nimbuzz 2.4.
    Hope the Nimbuzz team takes notice of these points and works on them.

  142. @Hary
    In regards of issue1, it is not very clear what you do not like.
    You do not want your personal message to be updated when in Nimbuzz?
    About issue 2, which type of connection are you using?
    Which network provider do you use?
    In which country are you located?
    Let us know

  143. @ queralt
    1) Regarding issue 1, I do not want a single status message for every group. I.e if my status in Gtalk is invisible, my status in nimbuzz or msn should not be invisible, unless i select it to be. So i want to be able to set different status messages on different groups, like busy on msn,invisible on gtlak, online on nimbuzz, etc. Also i have noticed in gtalk that if i change my status in gtalk in nimbuzz and am also logged in gtalk via gmail at the same time, gtalk status gets
    changed at both places, which is good, but then, if i log out of Nimbuzz and change the status on gmail’s gtalk to invisible for example, and then log back sometime later in Nimbuzz, it does not use the new status msg that i set on gtalk, but uses the last status which i set in Nimbuzz gtalk.
    2) I am in USA.
    The other person on other end who uses E71, generally calls my cell phone number using skypeout. He/She uses operator’s connection, i will find out the name later today.(He/she is located in the same country as Nokia HQ).
    But i have also tried skype-out calls to/from Nokia 5800(USA) to/from Nokia 5800(India) on wi-fi connection on both ends, but still i have observed similar delay.
    As i said, fring did not have any such delay issues in both the above cases when i was using it before Nimbuzz.

    Thanks for replying and i am optimistic that your technical team will sort these problem out asap. I will reply with the operator name soon within few hours.

  144. Hi,
    Ok, got the name. The name of the operator on other side is Saunalahti in the country where Nokia originates from
    (sorry don’t want to spell the country name here due to other personal issue).
    Btw, i and the other person both downloaded the skype standalong application today from skype.com and he/she made calls from there to me in US by skypeout and i am happy there is no delay in skypeout calls.
    So it seems there is definitely something wrong with Nimbuzz calls.

    I hope, you fix it soon.


  145. @Hary
    Thanks for the info provided, we will try to reproduce this issue and fix it as soon as possible.
    Please inform us if you encounter any other issue.

  146. Hi Everybody.
    I pressed my son for months: pls leave SMS and join Nimbuzz. He did it, and even his best friend; two new guys mobile.
    But, there is a but, they told me: it’s fine, Nim*, but,… but we see only 400 FB accounts out of 6-700 we have, each.
    So, we, three, ask to the Team: there is any chance to augment such number of 400 FB accounts? We love Nim* but if it’ll reach 800 or even 1.000 it would be number one and we’ll abandon SMS for ever.

  147. @Tymoteusz
    We are aware of this, it is a technical limitation that we just show the first 400 FB contacts.
    Our team will work on a fix for it.
    Kind Regards

  148. i just upgrade nimbuzz from 2.3 to 2.4 and unfortunatly i can’t make calls neither on skype nor on nimbuzz contacts.so plz can u help figurin out why is this happenin?the option CALL doesn’t exist.and it’s very important to me to make calls..thank you for trying to help me fixin this issue..

  149. @sny
    Could you let us know which device are you using? (model and brand).
    Are you not able to call any contact or just contacts from an specific community? Which one?
    Let us know!

  150. i lv nimbuzz da most.
    I realy very lyk it. But where z buzz option in nimbuzz? Any1 help me?

  151. @vikas
    Could you be more descriptive on your suggestion?
    What would you like to see implemented?

  152. I have 2 conferences on skype and every time I open nimbuzz I get a to many messages from conference that i already red. If i read all instant messages from that conference, why they commes every time i start nimbuzz?? I saw that problem in all previous versions and in java versions too. when will be release 2.5 for symbian? I’m waiting for serious improvements and for video option

  153. I am new to Nimbuzz, I am facing some problem, after I connect to Nimbuzz and Logged to yahoo and gmail chatting works fine, also I can do voice call to any of my contact list, but if any one of yahoo contact list does voice call to me, the Nimbizz application will disconnect and quit. Please help me

  154. where are the nimbuzz servers located?which country or region do they “conveniently serve”.just curious because here in mideast,transmission delays are way too long abt.3seconds to reach both ends,even while using nimbuzz voice.ANNOYING,irRiTAtIng are the words.any fix on this?i have to say ‘over’ after each sentence to indicate i finished talking to the other end,(like in CB,duhhh)just to maintain a decent conversation and not waste my nimbuz credit.as for the rest of complaints scroll back up.yahoo voice call DOES NOT WoRK HERE.its better to disable it from the options,just leave the IM function.thanks guys…

  155. dear nimbuzz team, you have developed a very good IM application. nice work!
    If you don’t mind, I would like to suggest something for the IM notification option.
    I love that nimbuzz have an option for IM popup notification, but it always “overtake” the screen when i’m navigating through my phone menus, which is quite annoying.. i have to push “cancel” button to get rid of it and continue doing things with my phone. can you sort this thing out so the popup notification only pops up in the main screen? (my phone is Nokia E71)

    and one more thing, instead of popup notification, can you make another way for nimbuzz to notify new IM message such as a small icon appeared at the corner of the screen? Just like Nokia native IM app notification.. It would be great if you can patch through symbian OS so nimbuzz could use the symbian default IM notification icon :)

    thanks! :)

  156. @ravi
    Which device model and Nimbuzz version you use?
    Does the same issue happen when you receive calls from Gtalk contacts for example?
    What is the reoccurrence rate? (ex. it happens 5 times out of 10)

  157. @james
    Do you have delays on chat or calls?
    If delay is on calls, could you specify what is call provider you use?

  158. @petrea_ch
    You need to go in the Skype application itself and choose to “leave that conference”. In case you have closed the Skype client and haven’t “left” that chat you will keep receiving it. This isn’t a feature from Nimbuzz but fro Skype itself.

  159. if the problem is skype, then why skype does not show me the same conversation for weeks? When will be released next version? What about video option? Don’t make us to use fring. We don’t want it! Yet

  160. @James,
    I am in US, and i am also having exactly same problems as you. I also used to resort to the same exact method you did, that is to say “Over” so that the opposite person can start his/her conversation. I also had reported this issue to Nimbuzz in one of the above comments.
    I generally used Skype out. Since then, i have now switched to skype’s own stand alone applications on Symbian phones like mine Nokia 5800. Skype’s own application works great in terms of voice quality with no delay. Before Nimbuzz, i was using fring, but since they discontinued skype out, i switched to Nimbuzz and now i am finally with skype alone.

  161. @petrea_ch
    Did you go into the Skype client and “leave” the chat in which you receive chats from? That will solve your issue. We are working to have a new version soon but we cannot fix a date for the release. We aim to have video calls in future but it won’t be implemented on the next client release.

  162. I have SIP in Nimbuzz. When someone in my phone contacts call me, Nimbuzz only shows his number, not his name eventhough it’s there in the contact info. is it a bug or do I miss something?

  163. @linhtinh08
    In order to investigate this, could you let us know which client and Nimbuzz version are you using?

  164. I’m using the last version of Nimbuzz (2.4 rev 3092)
    My SIP Provider is voip.ms
    My phone is Nokia5800Nav.
    (I don’t have this problem when using w/ fring)

  165. i think that nimbuzz call delays on ANY PROVIDER,be it nimbuzz,skype or yahoo,etc.or is there still a voice call on yahoo?just asking since ‘ringing’ takes forever,IT is a server issue right?nimbuzz “simply” can’t serve every feature /function request that the client requires.on heavy internet access,re-routing traffic takes time from your servers in holland or is it netherlands,which perhaps explains the delays in calls or im,..and unless you’re using a super comp/multiserver/satellite link facility which was invested heavily,then this ‘free’client of ours will remain the same.salud..

  166. @linhtinh08
    We will try to reproduce this issue and come back to you as soon as we have more info.
    Kind Regards

  167. @james
    Sorry, but your comment it is a bit confusing.
    We do support Calling to conatsct from Yahoo, MSN, Skype and Nimbuzz.
    If you experience some delay could be caused by many different factors, not only pur servers, but also your connection and the gateway itself.

  168. @petrea_ch
    Please unregister and register your Skype account on Nimbuzz and wait for a few seconds.
    Let us know if the issue persist.

  169. thanks for feedback and help, it worked ) .
    – Please add the option of mass messages. It will be easy to mark the contacts and send to them a mass.
    – Make a background, because sometimes is difficult to see where’s placed the curssor and i’making misstakes while editing. A black background with a white curssor will make a plesure.
    – Many of my friends post a link as status and i can’t access it.
    – A copy/paste option will be great because i could copy a message from a friend and send to an other. If is impossible, maybe at least for the links.
    – When i came online, my friends could not see my avatar. It’s missing. It would be better if my yahoo contact could see my yahoo avatar. Also the skype and other contacts.
    – Why a local romanian blog is missing? )

  170. @petrea_ch
    Glad it worked for you.
    In regards of your suggestions:
    1. This might be considered spam for some users (mass messages) so I think it won’t be implemented.
    2. Change the background color and add different chat styles is something we are considering.
    3 and 4. We will consider this to be implemented.
    We do not have a local Romanian blog cause we do not have presence (office or PR there) but we will consider it.
    Kind Regards

  171. Hellooo Nimbuzz Team and Nimbuzzerz out there!

    Firstly thanks for a great app and i’d converted from fring because i could see my contacts’ email and status!

    1. However, as i read this whole thread, i realised that wlmessenger avatar has nt been resolved. I was quite disappointed that its taking awhie but really hope that the team is doing everything to make Nimbuzz buzzing with WLM profile pictures. My contacts are getting sick when i’d log in with a faceless pic since i went msn mobile…hahaha! So why not, when we click ‘view profile’, it automatically updates e profile picture of the contact since it’ll download the user data? im sure it’ll be easier for the software to handle instead of loading EVERYONE’S display picture.

    2. And it’s the same thing with Nimbuzz’ Fb too. Suddenly realise that i could chat in fring or uTalk but not Nimbuzz. 400 is quite sad to hear too. Why not the Fb chat load ONLY online contact if the problem lies with RAM?

    3. About loading all phone contacts, would it also be easier to load contacts with Nimbuzz? Just like WhatsApp does – maybe u guys can do a crossplatform too!

    4. Lastly, God bless the person who patiently answers everyone’s comments here. We users can be abit impatient, but we’re all behind the Nimbuzz team, if there’s constant software updates to resolve matters hehe! Hopefully, a little formal update on the homepage on what exactly u guys are working on and when it might be released, so that at least we’ll all keep our mouths shut with excitement! So c’mmon Nimbuzz, make us love u more!

  172. @womad
    Thanks for your feedback, in regards of your comments:
    1. We are aware of the MSN avatar issues and we are working in order to have it solved.
    2.As soon as FB Connect is implemented in the Symbian version (the one you are using) the 400 contacts limitation will disappear.
    3.We will consider that, but loading all your phone book contacts you can also call the ones that do not have Nimbuzz using NimbuzzOut.
    4. Thanks for your comment, it is nice to know you appreciate not only developers work (the guys that make the app) but also the Bloggers and the people behind the scenes. In regards of informing of future releases, we cannot provide expected dates of releases since we are still developing the updates and everything can change last minute.
    Kind Regards

  173. @pretrea_ch
    Thanks for the reminder, indeed our team is working on a new release which we expect to have live soon.
    Stay tuned to our Blog, we will announce it here as soon as it is available.

  174. can you mail me an aproximate date? Or give me a beta version to test and comment on the blog. Can’t wait tot try it!

  175. Not able to call directly by dialing the no. first i have to add his name to phone book.
    also it hangs if call is ended without being connected.
    Nokia N8, INDIA

  176. @Dr Amit Johari
    Which Nimbuzz version are you using?
    Are you having trouble dialing the number when calling using NimbuzzOut or another SIP provider? Which one?
    Do you get any error message or does the call not even get connected?
    Let us know

  177. Hello I m using Nokia E72.. and everytime when i connect to Nimbuzz, it displays a msg that facebook chat is not working properly.. can u please help.. this prob continues for a long time.. please help and start the service again…

  178. hi nimbuzz team pls kindly send me the software nimbuzz to my samsung i8510 send me the software to my email tnxs you so much and more power

  179. @petrea_ch
    We will provide a new release as soon as possible, our team is working on it :)
    Kind Regards

  180. Please sir. Please block room flood. Some users miss using others and blaming ppl. Please we beggn please block this room flood please :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'(:'( please we beg:'(:'(:'(:'(

  181. @shan
    We are aware of some issues on Chatrooms and our team is working in order to provide a better chatting experience.

  182. I am using Nimbuzz 3.0.2[for nokia 6600(a s60v2 device)]
    it dosn’t give me the msg of any friend as soon as they send me
    also when i goes to notifications option for chat msg and increase the volume to max. The application gets closed every time..
    Besides that Nimbuzz is a great application…
    Hope new emoticons will also b added..

  183. @Lashay
    Could you try to download the version 3.1 available on get.nimbuzz.com and let us know if the issue persists?

  184. Hello,
    a couple of suggestions (some already mentioned by somebody):
    – create the option to declare nimbuzz as a system app, or it will close as soon as the system needs memory;
    – the application doesn’t reconnect automatically to wifi when available if already connected via 3G. This absolutely needs to be fixed (I have a Nokia 5800 XM).
    – it would be cool to have video calls features in next versions;
    – why don’t you add voice calls functionalities to Sony Vivaz? Other applications have this feature on the Vivaz (like Fring), why you can’t support it?


  185. @Domenico
    Thanks for your interest and your feedback.
    We will consider and take them into account your comments in order to improve our version.

  186. @Adeeb – Yahoo blocks access to your IM account via Nimbuzz, if it detects a lot of unsuccessful login attempts in a short period of time. You can do the following in order to unlock your Yahoo account and use it via Nimbuzz: Try to login into your Yahoo account from your web browser (http://www.yahoo.com), then add the Yahoo account on Nimbuzz after sometime it should start working fine.

  187. How to backup my nimbuzz contact chat history in my nokia e52 its kind a urgent im gng to restore my mobile if i remove nimbuzz chat history will b cleared nedm help….

  188. @Reaper cloud – Unfortunately, there is no option available wherein, you can save your chat history if you have to restore your device. You can copy and email your chat history only on PC version.

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