Nimbuzz Webchat 2.7 [updated]

After a complete redesign of the Nimbuzz Webchat, we are happy to let you know that we are back with another update. Here are the highlights of the new 2.7 version:

  • See if your friends are online via mobile – next to your Nimbuzz contacts you will see a small black mobile icon whenever your friends are using Nimbuzz on their mobile.
  • Play mp3 files inside the webchat – no  need to download the file from your online gallery, you can play it directly from your browser.
  • Chat with iPhone users that use push notification – a gray mobile phone will appear next to their name, meaning that they will receive a message on their home screen (Push notification) when you send them a chat message to let them know you are trying to get in contact with them.

To use the new Nimbuzz Webchat you have to go to and login on the Webchat box on the right side.

As always we are happy to hear your feedback and suggestions in the comment section below.


80 thoughts on “Nimbuzz Webchat 2.7 [updated]

  1. ab initio im the gret fan of nimbuzz.i started with nimbuzz 1.96v and nw im using 2.03v…bt i egar to download this bt how and which site is best?

  2. i hope you can incorporate a mobile webcam to work for video call, like fring,they already have it to work w/ the skype network if ur logged-in and with good coverage. Thanksü

  3. knapa ga ada aplikasi nimbz bwt samsung corbyku? Gt-B3210 egde dual band…ak jd g bs krm2an fto or video…pliz donk..bwt’in aplikasinya bwt ak…thanks nimbz

  4. Nice interface update but make sure the network doest got stuck according sign in nimbuzz…most of the new version suffer…

  5. calling to nimbuzz , gtalk , yahoo , buddies are working verygood , we want to make video chat with our gtalk, yahoo , nimbuzz buddies ,by using this ultimate nimbuzz aplication, kindly improve, also we need back the buzz facility , it was rocking…

  6. Waw…! The nimbuzz symbian need to play MP3 also, by reading media library or using media plugin…. Somehow great interface for webchat
    Thumps up!

  7. @Ansaf
    We do not have plans to include Chatrooms on Webchat but we will consider it
    We aim to support videocalling in the future, we will inform you as soon we have more information about it.
    In order to gather your feedback and comments, could you please write in English?
    Did you have any trouble connecting to Nimbuzz?
    Please give us some more information about that?
    We will consider adding this feature.
    Thanks for your comment!

  8. @prince
    We are aware of issues with FB connection and we are working on Facebook Connect to solve these problems.
    We do not encrypt chat messages, we do encrypt the username & password.
    Could you please be more specific on your query?
    Are you doubting were to download the application from?
    We recommend you to do it directly from the phone browser going to
    We will consider your suggestion, thanks for your comment!

  9. I have question. Why cant my se w850 make a nimbuzz call. Se w850 is 3g phone and can make video call. Why cant it make nimbuzz call

  10. i have a problem with my nimbuzz on my htc tytn, when i try loggin in it brings the sighnin in pop up message then the application closes itself. please assist me coz am stuck. thou it works well on my nokia 3250, but i wanted the calling features and this recent webchat update. ad be humbled

  11. kok nimbuzz nggak bisa di instal di handphone D-One DG 628.?
    tolong bantu donk….

  12. @rovan
    In order to get your feedback and comments, could you please write to us in English?

  13. @mani el-darreiny
    Thanks for reporting, could you let us know if there is any error message when this happen?
    Since when are you experiencing this issue?
    Which Nimbuzz version did you download?
    Which type of connection do you use?
    Let us know!

  14. @~moh.ridwan~
    In order to get your comments & feedback, please do write to us in English

  15. @robin
    could you please be more specific on your query?
    When and where (chat inbox, chatroom) are you experiencing this issues?
    Let us know!

  16. @aaditya
    We are aware of issues with FB connection and we are working on Facebook Connect to solve these problems

  17. My phone is nokia 5310 i haven trying to sign up but my ghone can not connect please advice

  18. @Tamira
    Please inform us which exact error do you receive and when does it appear?
    Since when do you face this issue?
    Which Nimbuzz version do you use?
    Which network provider and type of connection do you use?

    Let us know

  19. Thanx 4 the service. Why whenever I add my phone number the software tell me that nimbuzz doesn’t recognise my number while I have bn using it for 4 years now! My network Provider is Vodacom Tanzania.

    Again you always disconets me to fetch my contacts from facebook! Any specific reason?

    I would like to use gtalk but no any icon to direct me? I am getting bored on those three matters.

    Help pls!
    my phone is Nokia 5000d-2 mybe you should suggest the best version for that 4n.

    Thankyou n nice community work!

  20. @Boniface
    We are aware of this issue and we are working to have it fixed as soon as we can.

    In fact at the moment the phone number unregistered does not impact directly on the usage of the application. The only use of the phone number is while retrieving your password from the phone via SMS.

    Kind regards.

  21. When I selected India as the country and provide my mobile number, Nimbuzz takes only 9 digits. It should take the full 10 digits.
    e.g. My no: +91-98880XXXXX

    Nimbuzz takes it as: +91-8880XXXXX
    (“-” dash added for illustration)
    Due to this I could not get SMS message on my phone when I did a lost password from my phone.
    Is this issue seen only by me or others too? If this is an issue, can this be resolved or let me know how to make Nimbuzz take my correct mobile number.


  22. hi, im using nimbuz from 2 years, its a gud apps and have a all instant messenger, sir plz help nimbuz users, bombus user are hacking the rums, now these days every chatroom is hacking by the users using hacking tricks, plz do something for it. thanx

  23. @Ranjit Hoshiarpuria
    Thanks for your comment.
    Our Team is already working in order to improve the chatroom feature.

  24. @dev sharma
    Which device and Nimbuzz version you use?
    This option is available depending on the Nimbuzz client you use.

  25. i want to know why the phone number is required and if i should only give the number of the phone im using nimbuzz on or any alternative mobile number i have..

    please reply

  26. @ali
    The phone number you register should be the one you use to connect to Nimbuzz, it will be very useful in case you forget your password, then you an receive an SMS with it.

  27. @anna marine royola
    In order to gather your feedback and comments, please do write to us in English.

  28. @sreedravid
    You can add your contacts from your other IM communities, registering your account credentials under the community section.
    Once you have done this your contact list will load after a few seconds.

  29. @sahand
    Coudl you be more specific on your query?
    Which exact issue are you facing?
    Do you get any error message? Which one? When does it appear?
    Let us know

  30. Hello,9ice powerful application.Great in Cameroon,i read a forum on the net about nimbuzz with editable server for mobiles.i dont know about it.was it part of the creation too?

  31. @Leekson
    Could you be more specific on your query?
    What do you mean by “editable server”?

  32. @bihag
    Sorry we do not offer Video calling yet.
    We aim to do support it in the future, stay tuned to our Blog for more info related to it.

  33. when adding my phone number on my iphone4 I get ” An error has occured when saving the phone number, please try again”.
    Please advise.

  34. @ Ahmad
    Could you please try again. If it doesn’t work out, could you mails us about this and refer to this comment ?

  35. @ GINALYN
    What device, type of connection and Nimbuzz version are you using ? In which country are you located ?
    Chatrooms are currently available on the Nimbuzz Symbian and Java versions. Do you want to add communities to your Nimbuzz or do you mean something else ?

  36. @ lala
    Thanks for your suggestion, however, we have disabled the chatroom feature from the PC version due to technical reasons.
    We do not have certain plans about implementing it back.

  37. hello i have nokia e 63, where is the chatroom function in my nimbuz i cant find it, i search all functions bt not there is any thing to do for that, i update software also bt it shows ur software up to date.

  38. hi, I have iphone 4 and in nimbuzz its not accepting my phone number.. It says “an error has occured when saving the phone number, please try again” I have re-installed it 4 times and tried again a lot of times still the same error.. I have read the comment above too but u haven’t given any appropriate answer so I am commenting again.. I have mailed you guys also on ur support address but I havn’t received any answer… Please help me on this issue… I really like this app…

  39. @stuti
    Currently we use a system where we verify the phone number based on criteria for that country. We check this using area codes and number length.

    We are changing and improving that often, so we suggest you to try again to register your phone number in case you get an error and verify as well the country you choose.

    We are aware that there are some troubles with some countries, and we are working in order to solve this issue.

    If you continue having problems with this option, please let us know (via email to: which your country and provider do you have is.

    Your phone number will be also useful to test if we can register it.

  40. @Adi
    Currently we do support Videocalling on Nimbuzz for PC (version 2.0 and above) we are working in order to provide this feature in other platforms (like Mobile) soon.

  41. hi dear i have a nokia 7610 but i have problem in my nimbuz do not run ping in my mobile and do not call anybudy my mobile is symbian so what is that problem please tell me sloution.

  42. @abdul*wahid
    Calling is supported on Nokia symbian S60 3rd and 5th generation, your device does not fulfill the requirements, hence the calling feature is not supported.
    Regarding Nimbuzz Ping, it depends on your network provider, check here the supported providers:

  43. Hi, I am using Nimbuzz last one year its too good. in my nimuzzz (latest version) video call & call is not enable. Im using nimbuzz on PC and i am trying to call my IPhone 4G. please let me know how can i use.

  44. Hello ,

    I am not able to see my friend list after sucessfull login to web client ,Is there any prob. going on ? It says login ok but not displaying friend list …what could be the cause …Till day before yesterday i was able to see

  45. @Pankaj – Please remove the application once from your device completely and re-install the application from after a few minutes. In case you still face any issues please reach out to Thanks!!

  46. @purnima : I am using web client ,through web browser ,i am not using application in my pc .

  47. @niks – Currently the chatroom feature is available only on PC, Nimbuzz Mobile for Symbian and Java devices. We are already working on launching this feature for android in our future releases. Stay tuned for related new and updates on

  48. i cannot add my phone number to my account , i am from egypt it appear error massage *failed to normalize number * so i need help .

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