How to hold your Nokia?


Yesterday the guys from over at Nokia Conversations posted the How to hold you Nokia?” article, and the web was divided in 2: Nokia fans and iPhone fans.

This blog was a reaction to Steve Jobs responding about the iPhone 4 antenna issue: (if you lose your signal) “Hold It Different Or Use A Case“. Nokia used this opportunity to remind everybody that no matter how you hold your Nokia mobile you won’t have to deal with a reception issue :).

The funny article is a mini guide to the 4 ways you can hold a Nokia phone without loosing reception : thumb and finger, the cup, the balance and the four edge grip.

While I agree that the reception of a mobile is vital for a proper use I also think that that’s not all. In my opinion that is only one of the must haves.  A mobile phone should also be simple to use, with a intuitive interface and  have a rich application market all in which Apple shines.

These are also values that we share here at Nimbuzz. We deliver you a simple way to connect with all your friends with just one intuitive and feature rich application.

So no matter what mobile phone you have Nokia or iPhone you can use Nimbuzz to see who is online,  call and chat with all your friends for free no matter phone they use :P.

If you are curios about it check out our latest updates:

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25 thoughts on “How to hold your Nokia?

  1. Amazing! At first i thought there was really something to do specially for Nokias. But truly they keep their signal however they are held, well at least the one I have: E63.
    Thanks for the article and the marketting ad ;)
    Love from PTY.

  2. thank u smch nimbuzz.d best and amazing ever!u helped me a lot and make me ez to conect with my friends and so cool using free call.

  3. who can be so stupid to said something like this…?, ahh I see an Iphone user…
    Nokia´s phones have the best quality of signal and fabric. I work in Telecom for 20 years and had use manyyyyy cell phones and brands and after use a Nokia you realize why they rule the market. Thanks Nimbuzz Team for making this amazing tool !!!

  4. @A NHA
    Nimbuzz supports the calling feature on Nokia Symbian S60 3rd & 5th generation, Android and iPhone/iPod devices.
    We do not offer the calling feature on Java based devices, BlackBerry.
    Probably your device does not fulfill the technical requirements above to support the calling feature.

  5. who ever first thought of making an application like nimbuzz should be given Noble prize. Wonderful software for chatting on symbian mobiles . And smart phones . Can login into four different accounts at a time . Who is the mastermind . Please reply

  6. @hussainsony
    Thanks for your comment and feedback.
    All the Nimbuzz team is very thrilled and happy you enjoy using our application :)
    Kind Regards

  7. Breaking News : Last night i have chat on my mobile nimbuzz symbian for 1hr 49mins 45seconds without any single disconnection.
    When normally i get disconnected every 20mins. I find that amazing that last night it could hold up to one hour without any disconnection. And thank god, the chat also was amazing, lol :D

  8. I am using nimbuzz everyday to connect with my family and friends! It’s simply amazing! You can connect to anywhere in the world wherever you are so as long as there is a good reception network signal! What is much more thrilling is that you do it through a mobile where as if doing it like you’re using the available network with so much budget call promo! Where in this world where you can make calls for more than 1 hour a day for 1 month and that you’re charged with which is very affordable! It happened because of Nimbuzz. Thank you nimbuzz team!

  9. Hi to all nimbuzz team, i really thanking u for having such a wonderful apps, this is a heaven’s sent. I love nimbuzz very much,interface are user friendly. I’m just w0ndering why their is no article about nimbuzz in wikipedia?
    Thanks guys & more power.

  10. @orlantus
    Thanks guys for such good testimonial comments!
    We are glad you enjoy using our app :)

  11. Hi, Nimbuzz. You have created the most wanted app on any phone. Kudos to you all. Unfortunately nimbvzz doesn’t works on my n-gage qd. Not even the java version please help me not

  12. Nimbuzz is a wonderful tool to av on a phone. I enjoy using it to connect with all my family and friends. Even though its very expensive to use data plan in Nigeria, I still stay connected with my Nimbuzz. Kudos to you guys.

  13. @Bolaji
    Thanks for your feedback, we are glad you enjoy using our app :)

  14. with Nimbuzz on my E63, what a delicious combo. Step up people & buzz ur world.
    Tanx Nimbuzz.

  15. nimbuzz it works exellent whit my nokia E72 but i would like that nimbuzz had video calling opcion, would be perfect!!!!! thanks

  16. @fhercho
    Thanks for your suggestion, we aim to support this feature in the future.


  17. Nimbuzz is one of the best apps to have been created for mobile phones…
    While using nimbuzz i don’t bother about interferance or difficulty in getting & making calls…
    It works perfectly, very easy to use & very fast…however, I wish it could support video calling.
    Thumbs up guyz…

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