Nominate Nimbuzz for Gettie Awards!

Gettie Awards

Hey Nimbuzzers, we need your vote yet again, this time for Gettie Awards and … you could win a brand new iPad 3G!!.

What to do? Really simple :

  1. go on the nomination page
  2. fill in all required fields on that page
  3. Done!

Here is an example :DSNAG-0350The finalists will be announced today 2nd of July, 6 hours from now so we need to hurry up.
The winners will be announced on 12 of July at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco, where you catch up with Daniel if you are around.

Thanks a lot for your help ;)

8 thoughts on “Nominate Nimbuzz for Gettie Awards!

  1. Why the hell whenever i try to connect it says connection failed many times. When my connection is perfectly working with other application. Its so irritating. Please check this…

  2. @jhon_qthink
    In order to get your feedback and comment, could you please write to us in English?

  3. @Mr.Kevinz
    Could you let us know if this just happened once, or is it a recurrent issue?
    Is it working properly at the moment?
    Let us know

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